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  1. Loved the homage to the opening credits for 60s British spy series The Avengers, with Rita as Diana Rigg/Emma Peel and Vic as Patrick Macnee/John Steed. I would watch an Avengers reboot starring those two. Love Larry, Cliff and Jane too, but have no interest in Dorothy or her storyline. Hopefully she'll be gone by next season.
  2. The latest Tales Of The City miniseries takes the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Limited Series, winning over Mrs. Fletcher, The Red Line, When They See Us and Years & Years
  3. Congrats to Schitt's Creek for winning Outstanding Comedy Series at the GLAAD Media Awards, beating out Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Dear White People, Dickinson, One Day At A Time, The Other Two, Sex Education, Superstore, Vida and Work In Progress.
  4. Congratulations to everyone working on Schitt's Creek for their multiple Emmy nominations this morning, including Outstanding Comedy and acting nods for Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, Annie Murphy and Dan Levy, covering all 4 of the comedy acting categories. An odd note - in watching the local news covering the nominations, I noted that the list of comedy shows shown was in alphabetical order except for this show, which was moved to the bottom of the list. Then, as the anchor was reading the list of nominees, he stopped before saying "Schitt's Creek," the final name on the list. It was probably just an oversight, but I can't help wondering if there's some concern regarding actually saying the title and having viewers or watch groups write letters objecting to the language.
  5. Renewed for Season 2, per TVLine.
  6. SO pissed off that this pending crossover won't be happening due to the cancellation. I'll hope against hope they find a way to make it happen on Riverdale instead.
  7. Netflix has broken the spell - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is done after the upcoming final 8 episodes.
  8. Netflix breaks the spell and cancels Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The final 8 episodes will arrive later this year. 😞
  9. Going back several decades, gotta bring up the musical Xanadu. It was never gonna be a great or well-respected film, but it could have been a solid fun, frothy confection, with its decent concept and a very appealing soundtrack. To make that happen, though they needed the couple at the center of the fantasy to create a believable destined attraction - some reason for the audience to feel their connection and want them to wind up together. Kira and Sonny are not that couple, and I place the problem squarely on whomever made the decision to cast Michael Beck as the male lead. He's actually a decent dramatic actor based on the few things I've seen him in, including The Warriors, but there's no way he should have been the romantic lead in a musical comedy. He seems completely uncomfortable or clueless when asked to deliver comedic, romantic and emotional beats throughout the film. Olivia Newton-John, while lovely and talented, needs a strong genre performer as a partner in order to sell a pairing. Beck was clearly out of his element and entirely miscast as her love interest. If they had chosen an actor that understands what a lead role in a musical comedy requires - someone from that era like Kevin Kline, Barry Bostwick or Treat Williams - the film might have had a chance to shine as what it was meant to be, and would be held in much higher regard all these years later. It's clear from how little he actually appears in more recent promos for the film that he's not considered a selling point.:
  10. There's no bailout for Indebted - cancelled.
  11. Much to my surprise, this has been renewed for Season 2. Excerpt from the link: To whomever finds these "flawed and complex characters" engaging, enjoy your continued journey into this swirling vortex of poor choices, gloominess and despair.
  12. The curtain has dropped... cancelled.
  13. Wow - so perfect! I desperately hope we haven't seen the last of this entire cast working together as these characters. And I'm seriously heading over to do Google search, hoping that Noah Reid has other music available for download. I need to hear more of that smooth voice.
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