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  1. giovannif7

    Shameless in the Media

    Looks like Ian won't be returning alone for Season 10....
  2. giovannif7

    Doom Patrol

    The lip-sync seemed fine to me - and I can't vouch for Alan Mingo Jr., who plays Maura Lee, but I'm fairly certain Bomer provided his own vocals. It sounded like his previous vocal work on Glee, Magic Mike 2 and White Collar:
  3. giovannif7

    S05.E13: The Hike

  4. giovannif7

    Santa Clarita Diet

    Adding to the chorus loving the new season. I enjoyed all the new characters, and was glad to see growth in all the returning series regulars. After watching her for years on It's All Relative and Psych, I got a kick out of seeing Maggie Lawson let loose with the expletives - much more effective than if they'd given those lines to Joel McHale. My only disappointment was with them bringing on Malcolm Barrett to play Jonathan Slavin's zombie-fied internet friend, and not have them share a mini-"Better Off Ted" Lem and Phil reunion scene. Otherwise, a terrific 10 episodes - and I can't wait for (hopefully) Season 4 to find out how this Joel/Mr. Ball Legs fusion storyline plays out.
  5. giovannif7

    it's 1984 And Oh My God! You broke the internet!

    Not to mention Gilda's Emily Litella character, the sweet hard-of-hearing lady who always got worked up while delivering commentaries about pop culture topics, but always got them a bit wrong: The Deaf Penalty Violins on television Saving endangered feces Youth in Asia The Presidential Erection Then, when she's corrected by the anchor (Chevy or Jane):
  6. giovannif7

    Potatoe/Potahto: Cast in other Roles

    Just caught Jake McDorman in the premiere episode of What We Do In The Shadows - The Series. I'm not sure if this is a one-off or he's a recurring character - IMDb only has him listed as appearing in one episode, but that's how they list most of the roles that aren't regulars. Either way, it's nice to see him again.
  7. giovannif7

    Will & Grace

    Yes, Veronica Cartwright plays/played Judith in the Season 2 episode Homo For The Holidays. She gets invited to Thanksgiving at Will's, which exposes the fact that Jack has never come out to her. Will & Grace goad him into coming out to her at dinner, after which she turns the tables on him and admits that the man Jack thought was his dad actually wasn't. It launched a storyline about Jack's search for his real father.
  8. giovannif7

    In The Media: Schitt Hits The Fans

    The final-season renewal is definitely bittersweet news - there are a lot of mixed emotions going on. Ultimately, I choose to celebrate the existence of such a wonderfully thought-out, written and performed sitcom, one that I will happily revisit when I'm craving characters and storylines that I find moving and relevant.
  9. giovannif7

    S05.E11: Meet the Parents

    As someone who's been through the prolonged agony of imagining all the worst scenarios when struggling with coming out to their parents, I give MAJOR kudos to Noah Reid for nailing the gamut of emotions, both visible and internal. He was definitely the MVP in an episode filled with spot-on performances by everyone involved. The writing was also especially sharp, conveying all of Patrick's emotions, anxieties and hopes, David's determination to support him and make everything OK, Patrick's parents being confused as to why he didn't tell them earlier - and his mom's subsequent over-eagerness to demonstrate her support - SO well thought out and holistically portrayed by the performers. This is my new favorite episode in a series filled with favorite episodes. Thank you to the writers and performers for creating such a realistic and heartwarming "best case scenario" storyline and outcome. Oh, and it took me a while to recognize her, but I loved seeing Linda Thorson (Mrs. Peel's replacement Tara King from 60s TV's The Avengers) as Moira's soap opera contemporary - I don't think I've seen her in anything since her short stints on St. Elsewhere, Moonlighting and Dynasty in the 80s.
  10. giovannif7

    FYI: This Just In: Murphy Brown in the Media

    Murphy Brown is currently above water in the TVLine "Keep It Or Cut It" voting poll, but could be doing better...
  11. I loved "Shaking You" too - I don't remember it ever being put out as a single, but I have a feeling it was scheduled to be released until the third single "Livin' in Desperate Times" barely cracked the Top 40. There was a video compilation sold that included the videos for "Twist of Fate," "Take A Chance" and "Livin' In Desperate Times," along with a gorgeous clip for "Shaking You," shot in Venice, Italy with a "failed romance with a married man" theme:
  12. giovannif7

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    The whole Jodie gay/trans-sexual/transgender/bi/? thing bothered me when Soap first aired, and comes across as even more ignorant and uninformed as society evolves. It always bothered me that, on the show, gay was equated with cross-dressing, then with wanting to change sexes, followed closely by becoming suicidal over being dumped. Even then, I knew those were totally separate issues from being attracted to your own sex. And then, once he moves on from Dennis, virtually all of his on-screen bonding experiences and romantic relationships are with women, including the fathering of a child (leading to "Atta boy - I knew you weren't really one of them!" congratulatory reactions by the other male characters). I don't even wanna tackle the whole "hypnosis turns Jodie into an old Jewish man" nonsense at the end of the series. All in all, the concept of "gay" Jodie was great, but in execution he was GINO - Gay In Name Only.
  13. giovannif7

    S05.E08: The Hospies

    I absolutely adored seeing Johnny and Moira go full-on supportive parent with Stevie after her romantic crash-and-burn. It's a side we don't get to see often in the Roses, and it reminded me how far they've progressed since their own life-changing loss at the start of the series.
  14. giovannif7

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Another Edie McCLurg fan from her first appearance as Lucille, long-suffering wife of WKRP in Cincinnati's smarmy sales manager Herb Tarlek. So sorry to hear of her current struggles - I hope whomever has her best interests at heart is given the decision-making power.
  15. The CW has given early renewals to most of their remaining shows for another season. I'm most pleased about the Legends pickup, and most surprised by the Dynasty renewal, considering the cast shifts and questionable storytelling.