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  1. That was my thinking too! I mentioned that in the pilot thread. Mainly because I don't like the sister and I feel like that would be the only way to make her more interesting. Because otherwise I find her really annoying, and the actress (while lovely) just isn't right for the role. I wonder if it would help if the actor shaved off all the scruff. I know it's probably supposed to make him look all cool, and like he's struggling, but he could carry that off without the stubble. Usually when actors shave all that off, they look younger.
  2. Right away! 🙂 And I hope they don't just use her for these little snippets of comedy where she drools over Malcolm. I want her to be a substantial part of the crew with actual character depth.
  3. Has this been pre-empted for Monday night football? I just turned on my TV to tune into the show, and there's football on. *grumbles
  4. Yeah, it's more "memorable" than "favorite" for me as well. If we're talking favorites, well, there are too many to name, but one that's up there for me is everything involving Toby with In the Shadow of Two Gunmen / The Midterms. I love what Richard Schiff does expression-wise when he finds Josh on the steps. I love how angry and defensive he is later, arguing with CJ about how mad he is and whether or not he should see a counselor, and I love when he finally goes to see the President in the Oval Office and ends up breaking down a little. Such powerful moments. CJ: You wanna lock up everybody with a white sheet? TOBY: Yes, I do! Who has a problem with that? Bring 'em to me right now! YES I DO!
  5. I like that scene between Bartlet and Toby because neither of them are particularly admirable or right. (In different ways they're both right and both wrong.) But they're both angry and stubborn and wanting the other person to understand why they're upset, but neither one will budge. It's a very human sort of scene, very honest. It's hard to watch. Reminds me also of the scene where Bartlet hasn't been sleeping and Toby pisses him off by making a comment about his father hitting him when he was a kid, and Bartlet snaps at him: "I don’t know what the hell goes on in a Brooklyn shrink’s office, but get it the hell out of my house!" Ouch, ouch ouch. But Toby was right - Bartlet often rode that line between unthreatening / too centrist "Uncle Fluffy" versus super smart, lethal, unafraid to speak his mind Bartlet, and you never knew which one he'd choose to be (which had to be really frustrating for his staff when they wanted to accomplish things but didn't know if he'd really take a stand or not).
  6. I actually grew to like that scene. That moment when he drops his cigarette butt was so startling and disrespectful in the setting, it was both shocking and remarkable, because in any other circumstance as an adult, there's no way Bartlet would do that. He's so strong in his Catholicism. But he was so angry, because of what happened to Mrs. Landingham and Josh, so he lashed out. So the cigarette butt moment felt really powerful and almost gasp-worthy to me. He was almost saying, "I'm done with you. I don't believe in you anymore. How could you do this? How could you let it happen?" After all his reverence for his faith (especially in previous episodes like Take This Sabbath Day), it was painful yet understanding to see him rail against his God in that moment.
  7. It's time for a series rewatch for me; been too long since I've watched it. But last time I did, I remember thinking that the John/Aeryn relationship development was better than anything else I'd seen. I used to point to Mulder/Scully as my favorite TV series relationship (not only for the romantic angle but also for the complexity and for the fact that neither of them were your typical character), but after seeing Farscape, I felt like there was nothing better than John/Aeryn. They both grew so much, and the writers didn't draw shit out way too long or twist it in terribly manipulative ways. Instead, it felt like a natural, understandable progression and development of the characters and their relationship. I thought it was remarkable. Time to rewatch it and remind myself! 🙂
  8. I hope it will be available at some point on Netflix or another streaming service, because I no longer have cable or U-Verse so I don't have access to Ovation. I love this show. The discussions are so fascinating! I hope that no matter who takes the hosting baton, they will continue to close out the program with the Bernard Pivot questions. That is a CLASSIC staple and should not change.
  9. Oooh, Timothy Hutton, what a manipulative character! Somehow even though he's acting like he wanted that childhood drawing saved for sentimental reasons, how much do you want to bet he also grabbed it and brought it home with him because he's got something hidden behind the picture in the frame? Maybe a flash drive of his laptop documents, or something written down. Not sure how I feel about the show, but I guess we'll see how it goes. I'm still testing the waters on this one.
  10. Oh my gosh, yes!! I was totally waiting for that to happen! I was practically yelling at my screen, "Don't you learn anything from previous paparazzi messes?? Stop hugging in the doorway where they can take pictures, and shut the damn door!" LOL. If nothing else, Stevie's always been a mess when it comes to that stuff, but Blake should know better.
  11. She grates on me even though it's only been two episodes. I feel like there's a weird tone shift when she's on screen, like she's in a different show than what it's meant to be. Like she fits in a CW fluff sort of program, not something where her father is a serial killer. She also seems too young to have put in the work and experience to be an on-camera journalist being called in for big crime scenes. I don't like the casting on this one. The writing still feels clunky to me, trying too hard. But I'll give it a few more episodes to see if it hits its stride. To me, the strongest part is still the scenes between Malcolm and his dad. For this episode, I'm with everyone else. I'm starting to suspect the mom knows more than she is telling. Though I do think it's strange that Dad gleefully cops to other murders but not this mysterious girl in the box. What makes her different than the rest? I assumed Malcolm couldn't remember because he'd been drugged with rohypnol or whatever that date rape drug is that pretty much wipes out your memory and you have no recollection of what happened the night before. It's just blank. At this point, I suspect everyone (LOL). I even have a sliver of mistrust for Malcolm's cop friend (Lou Diamond Phillips). I know Malcolm's dad could have killed him that night, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know things or isn't keeping things from Malcolm, for whatever reason. It could very well be to protect Malcolm. Or it could be for a more sinister reason. I don't know. But I am curious!
  12. I thought the writing was pretty stilted and too on-the-nose but as others have said, it is the pilot and pilots tend to try too hard and over-explain way too much, so I'll give it another few episodes and see how I feel. Michael Sheen made me laugh a few times, and he had a terrific creepy energy in all his scenes, so I did like that. What I think I'd find more interesting is if they spend all this time showing us that we should be worried about Malcolm being his father's son and descending into madness and violence... and in the end it turns out that his sister is the one who cracks. She's the one her mom referred to as "perfect" and not the one to worry about. So it would be more interesting, I think, if we worry about Malcolm but eventually start to see that he's the safe one, because he's so worried and anxious about NOT becoming his father that he goes to extremes to make sure that will never happen. Meanwhile, his sister seems pretty blasé about it, maybe because she never knew her dad? So it would be interesting if they gave her some depth and we slowly but surely start to see her shift and change and become altered. And then we wonder, just which one is the true monster and did they inherit that from their father, and can it be stopped?
  13. The car where the radio thief escaped to? There was no plate on the back of the car as it drove away. (I was wondering that too, or wondering if she could at least memorize the plate, until I saw the back of it as it drove off.)
  14. For all of 1 minute into the episode. *eyeroll Fast recovery for a dude who just had a seizure in the ambulance. WTF. I'm still ticked that Afton (Bishop) had to leave. I've read that the actor (Demetrius Grosse) who'd been accused of sexual harassment toward Afton has been cleared of all charges, but so much goes into covering up bullshit like that, that I'm doubtful her complaints were given enough credence. Especially when they say "no one acted in an unlawful manner or demonstrate[d] behavior inappropriate for the workplace." That is such a subjective thing to decide. They may have dismissed something that was indeed very inappropriate and uncomfortable to her. No one should have to put up with that. The show will be the poorer for it, without her character. And the way they had to just write her off with a dismissive one-liner was disappointing.
  15. True. It's just that they didn't show it, so what they did present made me say, "WTF are you doing, Katherine?!" I don't deny her needing to get away. I wholeheartedly agree with that. I just think they doctored up this melodrama where she leaves her son (and doesn't talk to him on the phone or anything after she's gone so he's clearly confused and waiting for her to come home again) so that it will be super dramatic when the reality of the situation would have been dramatic enough. It's like the whole thing with Delilah and that lactation nurse. That was ridiculously doctored up so Maggie could make that melodramatic speech. (And possibly to get us feeling bad for Delilah, but... that's just not going to happen, LOL.)
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