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  1. I love Mack, I adore his friendship with Fitz most especially, but I was really annoyed by how no characters seemed to care about Deke being stuck in the 80's. It was all, "Mack's alive..." and "We'll bring him back, he'll be okay" and not one word about bringing Deke back too. Even when they showed up in the base, obviously Yo-Yo would hug Mack, but not one person asked Deke if he was okay too. The closest we got was May saying hi to him and Coulson, but even she didn't ask him how he was after almost 2 years being away. I was like, come on... I know he's supposed to be the comic relief punching bag of the team, but what makes the show is that the characters are still human and have emotions and deep down they give a shit about one another and we get to see that. So to not see anyone give a shit about Deke really bugged me. Also, when the F*** are we going to see Fitz again??? (I know the actor was off making a movie, but come on! This has to be a shortened final season, right? So, what, is he going to show up for one freaking episode and that's it? Unacceptable!) I really do miss him. Also, it makes me wonder, if Jemma was altered in order to do what she has to do, then what did they have to alter in Fitz?
  2. I'm enjoying the season, but I really do hate that they've left Fitz essentially by himself once again and we don't get to know what's going on with him. It's been 4 episodes already, and it doesn't look like he'll be in next week's either, so... *grumbles How many episodes are in this final season?
  3. I've been doing a rewatch of the series in the last month or so, and have made it to the end of season 4. Someone please remind me, are there good parts to season 5? Because when the season 5 episodes first aired, for some reason I remember thinking it wasn't a good season, that it really dragged (especially the Shinwell plot thread). It's possible I'll see it in a different light on rewatch, but I've been stalling because I remember being annoyed by a lot of that season. Is it worth it, are there specific episodes I should rewatch, or should I skip to season 6?
  4. Looks like Robin Sparkles is still writing songs. 😉 Apparently, she recently adjusted "Let's Go to the Mall" for quarantine. LOL. Thanks, Cobie!
  5. I looked back at my comments in the pilot's thread, and yep, I talked about the sister as being the one to turn monster: So I agree with Roxie - I wasn't at all surprised that Ainsley was the one to kill someone (they've been working toward this in little ways all season), but the viciousness she used to kill Endicott was brutal. She is definitely her father's daughter. I just wonder how far she'll go now that she's done this. Has she gotten a weird taste for it, and Martin just needs to push the right buttons to completely pull her into his side of things? She looked shocked once everything calmed down, but during and right after the attack she actually seemed like she enjoyed it or at the very least found it strangely invigorating. She seemed surprised by it. I actually think it could be both chilling and funny if they get a new season, because you just know that suddenly Ainsley's going to be Daddy's Favorite, and poor Malcolm's got to feel weird once he's out of the loop because he's his mother's son and doesn't have what it takes. Daddy's done with you, son, he's got a new student to nurture. Ewwwwwww... so creepy.
  6. LOL. Seriously! I actually said out loud to my TV, "Kick those heels off, lady! You need to RUN!" She didn't have time to be mincing down the stairs and around the streets after the car crash.
  7. Yep. Totally dusty during those parts.
  8. It's always so difficult to watch as Dan and Casey's relationship gets more and more strained, so I love "April is the Cruelest Month" because at last they talk and forgive and move forward. It's such a relief, it always makes me cry a little.
  9. I had an issue with it for a split second, when he opens the door and looks down at her (and his expression is kind of inscrutable in that moment) while she's looking up at him, clearly emotionally vulnerable. But then he kneels down to her level, so to me that signified the two of them being equal / on the same terms. Plus, when he first kisses her, he won't even touch her with his hands - he keeps holding them away, like he's trying to be very careful.
  10. I agree with you generally, but I also think that's a subjective thing. Because I know people who are super logical / rational / pragmatic thinkers, and they tend to be a little more 'robotic' (a friend of mine used to call her son Spock because that's just how his mind works - super smart but not particularly sociable), so I think if someone like that met Shaun, they'd feel kinship rather than put off by his demeanor. It all depends on the patient.
  11. When he was in the first scene, I thought, okay, random, what are you doing here, Jai? And then he seemed to be done, so I thought, what was the point of that, some sort of quick cameo role? I had totally forgotten about him by the time Nolan got hit in the head. Glad he wasn't just doing one scene after all, but I did wonder how he could have gotten Nolan up in those pipes, chair or no. Nathan Fillion's lost weight, but he's still taller and he's got a solid frame, he's got some muscles going on, so... love you, Jai, but come on. Especially because I assume he also had to break through the ceiling first, which is noisy and time-consuming. It was just a bit odd. (Then again, a friend of mine in high school was kind of skinny and totally offended when I said I felt like I was too heavy for him to lift me up for a show choir dance move, and he proved himself by picking me up and carrying me around the stage and wouldn't put me down until I conceded that yes, indeed, he was strong enough. LOL. Never insult a man's strength.) Nevertheless, I like Nolan helping out his partner for the evening, and then (thank goodness) she helped him right back. That duct tape part was a little creepy - reminded me of that Gianni Versace crime story they did last year? I don't like anything where you can't breathe, so I was pretty tense watching that part. I did too! I think she could have heard him out at least, before sending him on his way. It's not like she looked particularly busy. She should have made sure he was mentally competent and not using his "cat" as metaphor for someone in his life he actually needed a restraining order against.
  12. I'm finally catching up with this show, and I have to say... this was probably my favorite moment of the episode. In a previous episode, when Mack saw that FitzSimmons weren't with Daisy when she came back, his face just fell and broke my heart. In that moment, I said to myself, "When Mack finally sees Fitz, he better give him a gigantic hug or it won't be true to character. I mean it. He better pick Fitz up off the ground." I was partly joking about the Mack picking Fitz up off the ground part, I really didn't think they'd go that far, I figured they'd just fit in a manly pat on the back. So you can imagine my extraordinary delight when Mack did pick Fitz up and squeezed the heck out of him. That was the BEST. It made me so happy. 😄
  13. Yeah, I was kind of rooting for that. I liked them in scenes together.
  14. Park talking to that kid, as if he were the kid's father, broke me too. 😭 Fucking show. Well, that news makes it even worse. I'm pissed on his behalf, then. That's some bullshit. They got rid of a talented actor and an interesting character just to stir things up? 😡
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