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  1. sinkwriter

    S07.E05: Into the Woods

    Almost every week this season they've had Sherlock wake her up, and I love it. He's so obnoxious, but it's really entertaining to see how he'll choose to wake her up each time. He was fantastic (and fantastically creepy) as a villain on Orphan Black. He's great! But as soon as he came on screen, I said, "EVIL! HE'S EVIL!" LOL.
  2. sinkwriter

    S05. E20. Better Angels

    Side thought: I don't care if Blake and Stevie get together or not (they're cute as just friends), but I did like that Blake immediately confessed to Mike B. Blake's an honorable guy, and I really like him. I wish we saw more of his character more often. If his dating Stevie gets me that, I could live with it, I suppose. Then again, he might want to rethink that, especially after what happened with Dmitri. Guys don't last long, dating Stevie. 😉 I'd hate to see Blake exiled somewhere.
  3. sinkwriter

    S05. E20. Better Angels

    As soon as they opened the episode with him instead of someone from the main cast, I said, "Yep. He's a goner." Too bad. He was an interesting character and Skip did a good job with it. I admit I may have gotten teary when Elizabeth's secretary started crying about the "absurdity" of her crying over him when he's the one who made her cry. That was a really sweet moment, and I like that Elizabeth hugged her.
  4. Thank you so much for your thoughtful explanation, Llywela! So helpful. I really appreciate it. ❤️
  5. sinkwriter

    Killing Eve

    I'm not really sure what Eve thinks she can go back home to at this point. She doesn't yet know about what happened to Nico's colleague, but she does know that Carolyn's not going to cover for her because Eve chose Villanelle. So assuming she survives that bullet (because of course she will, just as V survived being stabbed), what does she think she can do next? Just go home and pretend nothing happened and that MI6 or Carolyn or the 12 or whoever else won't come after her or hold her responsible for everything that happened? Frankly, while I understand the logic of not having Eve run off with a potential psychopath, what alternatives do either of them have at this point, if Konstantin and Carolyn won't protect either of them anymore? Shouldn't they both be on the run? I was kind of ticked at Eve in this final episode, because she gives Villanelle such mixed messages. She touches her face all the time and obsesses about her and runs to save her (leaving poor Hugo to possibly bleed to death!), but when V actually responds to that, Eve keeps pushing her away with disgust as if V is ridiculous to even think that Eve might be attracted to her. What the hell? I'd say she's in some deep denial, or she's being an asshole. Of course she can't get romantically involved with a ruthless killer, but don't lecture Villanelle on needing to be honest and then lie to her about not having any interest or attraction, because that's such bullshit and she knows it and V knows it. Everybody knows it.
  6. Would anyone be able to tell me how the various shows mesh as far as a timeline goes? For example, I've only seen season 1 of Jessica Jones (a long time ago), and I just watched the entire Daredevil series, but I've never seen Iron Fist or Luke Cage or Defenders. I'm guessing Defenders series (only 1 season, right?), then Daredevil season 3? But what about JJ and IF and LC series. Where do each of their seasons line up with one another and with Daredevil as a whole? I'm also wondering, is it worth it for me to check out those other series? Do you like them? I loved Daredevil, but I've heard less than thrilled comments about some of the other series, and am wondering what your take is. Thanks!
  7. sinkwriter

    Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    LOL, the reaction from Tom Ellis. 😄
  8. sinkwriter

    S03.E13: A New Napkin

    I thought this was a hell of a season, and I spent the final episodes on the edge of my seat. I'll miss the show. I really enjoyed it, and loved the actors.
  9. sinkwriter

    S03.E13: A New Napkin

    Yeah, I wished we could have ended with the main 3 enjoying their time together and skip the Dex reveal. They just made it seem like he's going to be all Terminator now, with his metal spine or whatever, and that made me eyeroll. Matt barely beat him as it was, because Dex had his magical perfect aim every single time, so to make him pretty much a mechanical killing machine bores and annoys me. I know it's a moot point, but I wouldn't have wanted him to come back.
  10. sinkwriter

    S03.E13: A New Napkin

    No, perhaps not, but he probably would have kept stalking her. He wasn't some innocent. He was smart and calculating and knew what Fisk was. If he truly cared about Julie, he would have kept her out of it and stayed away from her after he freaked her out the first time.
  11. sinkwriter

    S03.E13: A New Napkin

    That was not the Vanessa I saw in this series. She was not clueless to me. I saw her going into that relationship with her eyes wide open. She knew exactly what Fisk was, and she decided to go out with him anyway. She decided to marry the guy, and was certainly not caught up when she pushed Fisk to have Ray killed instead of merely discredited. We should have learned more about her, yes, but she was in no way clueless or a child. She knew what she was doing. We just don't know why she made such a choice, except for her mysterious comment to Fisk that she's not innocent and hasn't been, well before he came along.
  12. sinkwriter

    S03.E12: One Last Shot

    One thought I had at the end of season 1 was that if Fisk were ever killed, or went to prison and stayed there, I definitely could have seen Vanessa taking over his enterprises. She knew what he was and still wanted to be with him, even back then, so I felt like she would be a believable new 'boss.' The way she calmly 'suggested' that Ray needed to be handled differently was stone cold, for sure.
  13. sinkwriter

    Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    James McAvoy is in the first group photo. Definitely unusual - there are a LOT of bridesmaids and only 4 men in one of the group shots (not including Tom).
  14. sinkwriter

    S03.E11: Reunion

    Yay! The team's back together. What a great episode. SO tense, but ultimately such a relief to see Matt and Foggy and Karen re-team up and Agent Nadeem do something good. And a big HELL YEAH to Brett for his awesome stare-down of Dex. The man did not even waver. It was fantastic. After so much darkness and so many episodes where the bad guys kept winning and crushing everyone in their path, it was great to see even the smallest measures of positive, from the woman (hi, Lesley!) standing up to Fisk over her family's painting, to Brett standing up to Dex and all the criminal FBI agents, to Matt's mom and the other nuns lying and hiding Matt & Karen in the church (I half expected a 'They're gone!' a la The Sound of Music, LOL), and of course, the reunion of the core 3. Just all so much good.