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  1. As for the events of this episode... FUCKING FINALLY. (LOL) And: Dan, noooooooo. As Lucifer would say: Michael, you bastard.
  2. I definitely wonder about that (Dan casualty possibility) because he keeps talking about how much he's messed up and people don't know just how much (except Maze, of course, who was part of one of his big incidents). I fear for him because he's clearly feeling such guilt, and if he's feeling that, he'll get stuck in hell because he can't let go of it. I hope Amenadiel was able to get through to him enough, that he's a good man, but... I don't know. And now that he's seen Lucifer's face... YIKES! I've got 2 more episodes to watch and I have no idea what they've got planned for anybody. All part of the fun! 😉 I know she was drunk, but it bothered me as well to hear Linda say that. Mainly because she of all people knows how much he's changed since he first started working with her. He may still be self-absorbed sometimes (oftentimes, LOL), but he's learning and changing in important ways, too.
  3. This has been my favorite episode so far from this season. Everyone got a little something to do, Amenadiel finally got some love and appreciation (from the nuns, LOL), there was a lot of funny going on, and interesting characters paired up for some terrific scenes. Linda and Maze are always so wonderful together, and I liked the unusual pairing of Chloe and Amenadiel working together (and how much that annoyed Lucifer, LOL). Of course, Lucifer and Dan are always a riot. And the end discussion between Chloe and Amenadiel was just lovely. I thought that was a good way for Chloe to move forward again. ❤️
  4. I think what annoyed me a little bit about this particular chosen "past" for Linda is that it seems to contradict her behavior about her pregnancy with Charlie. With that pregnancy, she seemed like she'd never been pregnant before and that everything was brand new and scary to her. But that wouldn't be the case if she'd already been pregnant once. You can decide to walk away from it afterward, but you really can't forget how it works. I love this show, but sometimes I think they try too hard to neatly tie together storylines (like a case that perfectly mirrors whatever Lucifer and Chloe are struggling with that week, or in this case Maze's mom tied together with Linda's past, etc.). It's not necessary. The audience will "get it" without a case or a piece of someone's past to tie it all together. And the characters can go through the struggle without a case to force them to see why their behavior is messed up. Of all the possible "sins" a show could have, it's a minor one, but it does sometimes feel like they're hitting us over the head with the message of the episode, and I don't need or want that in order to enjoy the show.
  5. I'm still watching all the episodes from this season, but I'm having a bit of trouble with the whole Michael plot. Don't get me wrong, I think Tom Ellis is awesome and I love how he differentiates between the characters with even the smallest of body language changes. But... I don't understand how Michael can be so nasty and plotting evil and getting away with it. Amenadiel did shady stuff in season 1 and lost his wings and powers because of it. How can Michael come to Earth, be messing around as he is and be so evil and not feel relatively immediate consequences from his "Father"? Angels may be dicks sometimes, but they're not supposed to be outright evil, are they?
  6. I will consider it a huge waste if the one true believer of all the characters ends up never finding out about Lucifer. I think that would be a huge thing for her character and a plot worth exploring. Especially if she goes into denial or truly cannot handle it - all the other characters so far have eventually gotten over it (for the most part). It would be more realistic if at least one of the main characters refused to believe it, or just lost their mind. Or something interesting! For some reason I was waiting for him to finally realize he'd just been scared to face his family and that -- now that he acknowledges those fears -- he doesn't have to feel guilty anymore. And then he'd disappear from Hell right in front of Lucifer (or someone would come to take him to Heaven). I figured he was going to come to realizations about himself, showing more growth and readiness to let go of those emotional struggles than Lucifer was able to do during the same conversation (with Lucifer's own baggage). That was my hope for him, anyway. Maybe they could bring him back in S6 to let him wise up at long last and leave Hell once and for all, proving Lucifer's comment that people are there because of their own internal struggles and can actually leave anytime they're ready and able.
  7. I'm doing a full series re-watch right now (currently on season 4) and Dan still bugs me in this episode. He's being such a hypocrite and doesn't even seem to notice. He has NO reason to judge, given that he shot a man (and almost killed him), conspired with Maze to have Chloe's father's murderer killed (he may not have been the one to do the killing but he set it up perfectly so that it would happen), and recently went on a fight club sort of spree with Maze, getting in a massive brawl under the guise of getting info from a suspect but really it was because he wanted to blow off steam and hurt someone. So he's completely full of shit. And I know it's because he's so angry about Charlotte's death, but that doesn't give him the right to judge or set someone up to be hurt or killed.
  8. Nice! I'm in a Lucifer re-watch as well, though I've just started so I'm only on episode 3 of season 1. So, I'm in the early fun stuff. 😊 On a side note, did you enjoy Smallville as a series? I only watched the first 5 seasons, so I'm wondering if it's worth it for me to go back and give the rest a try.
  9. Happy "National Avocado Day" to the two best avocados in Hell's Kitchen. 😉
  10. I just finished a rewatch of my Leverage DVDs, and I'm still singing that song, LOL. Just finished messaging with my sister, who (once upon a time) I got watching White Collar, which she loves and now calls her "comfort TV." So I told her today, "Well, if you liked that, you have to come visit me and I'll get you watching Leverage! It's so fun." *rubs hands together gleefully* Yessssssss... I will make it happen. 😄
  11. I could have gotten behind any of those suggestions, especially because -- as DollEyes pointed out -- they've been on the show and know what it's like, and they're engaging, fun, and/or funny. (I especially love the Aisha Tyler idea. She's fantastic, and so quick-witted.) Tyra, though? Sadly, not for me. I'm not interested. Can't believe they got rid of Tom. What a fool move, no matter what costs they needed to cut.
  12. I love Mack, I adore his friendship with Fitz most especially, but I was really annoyed by how no characters seemed to care about Deke being stuck in the 80's. It was all, "Mack's alive..." and "We'll bring him back, he'll be okay" and not one word about bringing Deke back too. Even when they showed up in the base, obviously Yo-Yo would hug Mack, but not one person asked Deke if he was okay too. The closest we got was May saying hi to him and Coulson, but even she didn't ask him how he was after almost 2 years being away. I was like, come on... I know he's supposed to be the comic relief punching bag of the team, but what makes the show is that the characters are still human and have emotions and deep down they give a shit about one another and we get to see that. So to not see anyone give a shit about Deke really bugged me. Also, when the F*** are we going to see Fitz again??? (I know the actor was off making a movie, but come on! This has to be a shortened final season, right? So, what, is he going to show up for one freaking episode and that's it? Unacceptable!) I really do miss him. Also, it makes me wonder, if Jemma was altered in order to do what she has to do, then what did they have to alter in Fitz?
  13. I'm enjoying the season, but I really do hate that they've left Fitz essentially by himself once again and we don't get to know what's going on with him. It's been 4 episodes already, and it doesn't look like he'll be in next week's either, so... *grumbles How many episodes are in this final season?
  14. I've been doing a rewatch of the series in the last month or so, and have made it to the end of season 4. Someone please remind me, are there good parts to season 5? Because when the season 5 episodes first aired, for some reason I remember thinking it wasn't a good season, that it really dragged (especially the Shinwell plot thread). It's possible I'll see it in a different light on rewatch, but I've been stalling because I remember being annoyed by a lot of that season. Is it worth it, are there specific episodes I should rewatch, or should I skip to season 6?
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