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  1. sinkwriter

    S02.E03: Episode 3

    I thought that scene with the moms was excellent. The actress who played the mom who did most of the talking (the one who initially dismissed Holden as being too young and pretty much said forget it, at first) was SO good. The way she stared Holden down and just talked so personally about what their community has gone through and how their children were being murdered.... I got chills. She was terrific. (IMDB says her name is June Carryl and her character is Camille Bell.) Powerful performance that really showed the distrust of the police and the enormous frustration they must be feeling, in wanting answers and not getting them and not seeing anyone take the cases seriously enough.
  2. sinkwriter

    S02.E01: Episode 1

    I think they kept him sedated over the weekend (or whatever time period it spanned?) and in restraints, because Holden couldn't seem to calm down on his own. When Bill was finally clued in, it was Holden himself on the phone calling Bill (because Bill responded with, "Where the fuck have you been??"), so it seemed Holden had missed work and no one had called anyone on his behalf. That was pretty strange to me. Before Holden's call to Bill, I kept waiting for someone to come down to the basement and tell Bill or Dr. Carr where Holden was or say there'd been "an incident."
  3. sinkwriter

    S02.E07: Episode 7

    I think they see Holden (and all the authorities) as untrustworthy and "too little, too late." That everything gets tied up in politics and bureaucracy, and no one gives a shit about these poor children who are going missing and getting murdered. She doesn't know Holden, she has no history with him, and so far he's only gotten involved when the Bureau let him get involved. We know that Holden is driven for answers, but that's not anything these mothers can see from their end of things. And the deaths keep happening, and no one knows what's being done. It probably feels like nothing's being done. They just keep seeing more children disappearing. So I would imagine they're pretty angry and see this as another situation where no one cares enough because it's not white kids going missing. What's really hideous is that this kind of attitude (the politicians and the cops, not the mothers) is still going on today. There are so many situations where things seem to get taken much more seriously if the victim involved is a (straight) white male. There are times when that mother was quiet and polite (as best as she could be under the circumstances); she even shook Holden's hand, even though she definitely hesitated. But I can't blame her for being angry and demanding answers. Side note: what I'm curious about is what Jim's got cooking in his brain after talking to that mother whose kid knew almost all the victims. He seemed to find that curious, which makes me wonder if it could be another situation where the kid got groomed for bringing victims to the perpetrator. Until "Pat-man" lost his usefulness, perhaps? Because he's not missing; he was killed too, right?
  4. sinkwriter

    S07.E10: The Latest Model

    No worries. It's just that people who want to watch episode by episode and then come here and read the comments might not want to read something about the next episode until they've seen it. So it's good to keep comments strictly to the specific episode thread that you're in. (And of course you can reference past episodes, because obviously they came beforehand so that information is up-to-date with the current episode thread.)
  5. sinkwriter

    S07.E10: The Latest Model

    True, but I didn't find that out until today when I watched the next episode, which revealed that plot point. So your comment probably belongs in that episode's thread. 😊 Nevertheless, with the info we were given in this episode, I stand by what I said. Sherlock's a rational guy, not a sentimental one. And the idea that it's okay to just kill someone preemptively is horrific, which is why he tried so hard to find a different solution.
  6. sinkwriter

    S07.E10: The Latest Model

    I didn't see it as a preachy or liberal attitude. I saw it as a logical one. Why on earth would or should anyone's first instinct in the situation be "Kill the guy"? If his beef with the other guy was a legal one and he hadn't found representation that could help him, why wouldn't the first option from Sherlock be, "I have contacts -- including shark lawyers who've worked for my father. If they can help my father, they can surely help this guy." If his only issue is a legal one, that would seem to solve the issue and the podcast guy would no longer be upset with him. Case closed. Based on the info Sherlock had been given, it would seem the issue was resolved without bloodshed. That's not some mushy "love solves all"; that's "let's look at this rationally and find a solution before we resort to murder." Sherlock is a rational person. If he'd known there was a further issue involving the parents, who knows? He might have been able to prevent that as well. But none of them knew about that.
  7. Thanks, blueray!
  8. sinkwriter

    S07.E05: Into the Woods

    Almost every week this season they've had Sherlock wake her up, and I love it. He's so obnoxious, but it's really entertaining to see how he'll choose to wake her up each time. He was fantastic (and fantastically creepy) as a villain on Orphan Black. He's great! But as soon as he came on screen, I said, "EVIL! HE'S EVIL!" LOL.
  9. sinkwriter

    S05. E20. Better Angels

    Side thought: I don't care if Blake and Stevie get together or not (they're cute as just friends), but I did like that Blake immediately confessed to Mike B. Blake's an honorable guy, and I really like him. I wish we saw more of his character more often. If his dating Stevie gets me that, I could live with it, I suppose. Then again, he might want to rethink that, especially after what happened with Dmitri. Guys don't last long, dating Stevie. 😉 I'd hate to see Blake exiled somewhere.
  10. sinkwriter

    S05. E20. Better Angels

    As soon as they opened the episode with him instead of someone from the main cast, I said, "Yep. He's a goner." Too bad. He was an interesting character and Skip did a good job with it. I admit I may have gotten teary when Elizabeth's secretary started crying about the "absurdity" of her crying over him when he's the one who made her cry. That was a really sweet moment, and I like that Elizabeth hugged her.
  11. Thank you so much for your thoughtful explanation, Llywela! So helpful. I really appreciate it. ❤️
  12. sinkwriter

    Killing Eve

    I'm not really sure what Eve thinks she can go back home to at this point. She doesn't yet know about what happened to Nico's colleague, but she does know that Carolyn's not going to cover for her because Eve chose Villanelle. So assuming she survives that bullet (because of course she will, just as V survived being stabbed), what does she think she can do next? Just go home and pretend nothing happened and that MI6 or Carolyn or the 12 or whoever else won't come after her or hold her responsible for everything that happened? Frankly, while I understand the logic of not having Eve run off with a potential psychopath, what alternatives do either of them have at this point, if Konstantin and Carolyn won't protect either of them anymore? Shouldn't they both be on the run? I was kind of ticked at Eve in this final episode, because she gives Villanelle such mixed messages. She touches her face all the time and obsesses about her and runs to save her (leaving poor Hugo to possibly bleed to death!), but when V actually responds to that, Eve keeps pushing her away with disgust as if V is ridiculous to even think that Eve might be attracted to her. What the hell? I'd say she's in some deep denial, or she's being an asshole. Of course she can't get romantically involved with a ruthless killer, but don't lecture Villanelle on needing to be honest and then lie to her about not having any interest or attraction, because that's such bullshit and she knows it and V knows it. Everybody knows it.
  13. Would anyone be able to tell me how the various shows mesh as far as a timeline goes? For example, I've only seen season 1 of Jessica Jones (a long time ago), and I just watched the entire Daredevil series, but I've never seen Iron Fist or Luke Cage or Defenders. I'm guessing Defenders series (only 1 season, right?), then Daredevil season 3? But what about JJ and IF and LC series. Where do each of their seasons line up with one another and with Daredevil as a whole? I'm also wondering, is it worth it for me to check out those other series? Do you like them? I loved Daredevil, but I've heard less than thrilled comments about some of the other series, and am wondering what your take is. Thanks!
  14. sinkwriter

    Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    LOL, the reaction from Tom Ellis. 😄
  15. sinkwriter

    S03.E13: A New Napkin

    I thought this was a hell of a season, and I spent the final episodes on the edge of my seat. I'll miss the show. I really enjoyed it, and loved the actors.