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  1. *nodding When my grandmother was in hospice, the people providing us information and aid told us there were a number of things that could happen when the patient is nearing death, including that sort of agitation. They wanted us to be mentally prepared for any possibility. There's no guarantee how the body will behave, and each person is different, I guess. In the end, thankfully, that's not something my grandma experienced.
  2. It's not even real, but in that moment I found myself getting all geeky excited for them. Like it was actually going to happen. LOL. It was definitely a cute moment, seeing them grin and exchange a look of "Wow, cool!"
  3. I cried too. That kid actor did a remarkable job in that scene. And I kept thinking about the dad, try to smile at your son. You don't want the last image he sees to be one of you crying and sad. I was so glad that the mom smiled through her tears and told him they loved him. It was a beautiful moment and so heartbreaking. About the Debbie thing... I understood her wanting to keep Glassman to a tighter schedule, but her walking right in on him with a patient, any patient, is beyond offensive. It doesn't matter if Glassman couldn't fix that squirrel woman's issues in 5 minutes - maybe he needed the five minutes to convince her to see a therapist and give her a name or two and let her know he wasn't judging her. Next time it might be Debbie walking in on him when he's not done with examining a patient! Or when he's in the middle of consoling someone who has gotten a terrible diagnosis. Or maybe in the middle of a moment where a patient is admitting her boyfriend hits her and that she needs help. Having Debbie barge in and say, "Time's up! Your next patient has been waiting," is just so wrong. It ruins the confidential, safe environment Glassman is meant to provide as someone's doctor.
  4. Yes! (LOL) I was like, finally West is getting some action... and then they copped out. It's 2019 and it's still somehow kind of a weird rare thing to allow two men to kiss on regular network TV. How often is it shown, where it's not some coy almost-kiss, where it's truly on par with what straight characters get to do? I'm not sure. Just the other night on Stumptown the lead female character kissed another female character, but the fact that they deem that allowable to show just feels like it's feeding a straight white male fantasy of women making out, rather than actual societal growth where people will no longer think twice if they see something outside of straight sexuality. I don't know... maybe I'm making too big a deal out of it, but I definitely rolled my eyes when West and the actor character got interrupted. That was my thought as well. Which is why I was confused that she got kicked out. There's no way in hell a 12-year-old should be getting interrogated without some parental figure or social worker advocating for them. I know Wesley was supposed to, but I imagine it's never just a lawyer in the room for the kid but also a parent or guardian so that they know what's going on?
  5. That's actually a part that made no sense to me. As a social worker, she IS on the kid's side. So I'm not sure why he said that to her. She should have been in there to advocate for the kid. Especially because she already knew him, right?
  6. On a separate note, I kept waiting for them to cut to Lopez, when Wesley was having his meltdown, but they never did. It drove me a little crazy - I wanted to say, can't you see the guy is struggling? Go help him! End the interview, or at least pull him out of there and get the kid a different lawyer. Apparently I yell at the characters like they can hear me. 😉
  7. I just wanted to shout at him, "Nolan! When are you going to learn to lock your patio door and close the curtains at night!" What's with him always leaving his glass doors wide open? He did that when he lived in his friend's house and it baffled me. It's like, yes, why not just walk right in, neighbors, strangers, anyone walking by... 😄
  8. I think the big issue for the 15-year-old kid is that his life would never be his own again. In this day and age, he would never escape being in the news, being hounded, and being known as the kid whose real dad is a gay politician who once had an affair with his student. They always say, be careful what you put out there online. The media certainly wouldn't be willing to leave him alone, and even after it died down in immediate news, it would be forever viewable as info on the internet. The kid's 15. That would be pretty damn awful, and I had no problem with Dex trying to find a way to protect his identity. I did, however, think the resolution to the issue was lame. What's to stop the sleazy brother from further trying to capitalize on it with a news network or some other outlet? Just because the politician decides to step down and the other side of the aisle promised not to say anything, doesn't mean it will never get out. It could all be for nothing. Also, I think the husband's freakout about them being "off message" was ridiculous. What's more on message for "Be you, be true" than being able to say, "When I was in the closet, I did all sorts of foolish, over-the-top, over-the-line things in order to hide who I was. It was all out of fear, and no one should ever have to feel that way about themselves. It's a horrible headspace to be in. But now I can stand proudly and I'm no longer tied to that fear because I'm finally honest about who I am and can truly be myself."
  9. I think my favorite exchange of the episode was this: Mike B: None of these dogs can be a Gordon! That was only one. Elizabeth: (very compassionately) I know. I don't really have any issue with the ties or most of what Elizabeth wears. (Well, except the black bra under a white / light-colored shirt.) Her style seems to be similar to Kathryn Hepburn: mostly classic shirts and dress pants, maybe a little bit masculine in style. It seems fitting for her character's personality and "I don't give a damn about fashion" sort of attitude. (She definitely doesn't share Noodle's passion for fashion.)
  10. "I know you're a good lawyer. I'm asking you to be a good person"??? Seriously, Delilah? FUCK YOU. Do you seriously think YOU'RE being a good person? She makes me so mad. And for the record, Katherine IS being a good person. She helped you stay in your house, when she could have told you to rot in hell for sleeping with her husband. She babysat for your kid, when she had no obligation to do so, especially under the circumstances. She took Eddie back. And now she is being a good person, by having her husband's back and looking out for him because you can't be trusted. That's being a good person in so many ways. Lying for YOU is not being a good person. Delilah needs a serious slap upside the head. She is so self-centered and clueless.
  11. Yeah, I was like, "Uh, you go out there with him, Ms. 'I Have To Get the Full Story' Woman." She was awfully casual with putting someone else's life in danger.
  12. Me, too. Just the way he was saying how it's kind of his thing, how he can read people, and she looked at him and said, "I know." But I felt like she had a look on her face like, "Except you aren't reading me right, because I have ulterior motives and you don't have a clue." I don't trust her at all. Frankly, I can't believe how much Malcolm's mother keeps telling her. I'm like, lady, for someone whose husband was a serial killer, you are being way too trusting of this complete stranger with all your personal secrets and feelings and business. Don't tell her things!
  13. Can't. Wait. for next week. 🙂
  14. I can see it now... A Million Little Weekends. 😉
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