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  1. Such heartbreaking news. Not Mozzie. 💔 😭 Way too young. Just read this article about Willie and Hilarie Burton (who played Sara Ellis): https://people.com/style/hilarie-burton-got-a-tattoo-to-honor-willie-garson-before-his-death/ That is the sweetest. ❤️
  2. That was one of my favorite parts, especially that he was basically using a replica of Dr. Linda's office. Perfect. He's learned so much from her! (At last, lol.) I was delighted.
  3. Lucifer holding his arms out for a hug from Maze, and her staring at him like, "What are you doing? We don't do that," was hilarious. And after all their beautiful careful words, I just kept saying to my TV, "Hug him, Maze, hug him, hug himmmmmmm." :D That whole scene between them was fantastic. The evolution of their relationship -- and of each of them as characters -- is one of my favorite things on the show. Dan seeing the light was so lovely, I actually got teary-eyed for him. I've had my issues with his early-seasons character, especially how he treated Chloe back then (knowing fu
  4. "You interrupt my honeymoon, you take what you get." LOL. I love Maze. I don't like how they jumped to Ella and her investigation board this season without really showing us in the previous season that she was doubting something or finally seeing the light about who Amenadiel and Lucifer and Maze are.... but I will say, I LOVED the look on her face when she got to see Amenadiel fly off. Perfect. It was like her faith was restored and then some. She looked so happy. I was so happy for her to finally see proof.
  5. My tv must need some color correction because I thought her wings were purple. Lol. Loved Lucifer's song and dance number with Busty. And Carol and Ella are really sweet together. He better not turn evil, or I'll be pissed.
  6. Nice return to the cop from the very first episode. Sorry to see his life has been messed up ever since, though. (Lol) I feel like I need to replay the scene between Lucifer and Dan. For some reason, I thought I heard Lucifer say that he'd created a whole bunch of scenarios for Dan to play out, and the ping pong one was just the latest. So I don't think he's been stuck playing ping pong the whole time? He might have had to do other boring annoying stuff too? Unless I misheard. Like I said, I'll have to go back and rewatch the scene. Does anyone recall what Dan said?
  7. The one character I always appreciated was November from Dollhouse. That actress was beautiful but also bigger than his usual choices for female characters on his shows. I loved that she became a love interest, and that she was also a kickass sleeper agent in disguise. But now that all this stuff has come out in the media, I wonder how she was treated on set.
  8. After the shock of it, I remember thinking it was brilliant... because their "last con" was to con the audience into thinking they were dead. I was like, "Holy shit, you conned me! And I went right along with it!" LOL. Such a great series. I love it and love to rewatch it.
  9. sinkwriter


    She was so much fun as Mrs. Hudson. I think one of my favorite moments is her driving that red sports car like a mad woman, and then stopping in the middle of the street and popping the trunk to show us that she had a handcuffed Sherlock in there. Lol. She wasn't just a "caring landlady," she was hysterical, had a fascinating past, and was a bit of a badass. Heee. Rest in peace, Una Stubbs.
  10. I always figured Dan would be the prime target for going to hell, given what he did in season 1, but I guess I never figured they'd actually kill him off. Even watching this episode, I thought for sure they were going to make it to save him in time. I thought it might come down to the wire, but they were going to come busting in and save him, most likely with Lucifer giving him some sassy snarky comment as they saved him. So when they didn't... I really was surprised. Dan's not my favorite character, but it was such a horrible end for someone who tried his best to be better after season 1
  11. Absolutely. All these seasons, we've seen Lucifer rail against God, but God's never actually been there. He's just thrown things and yelled at the sky, and felt unheard. So to me, this family conversation -- especially Lucifer getting out a lot of what he'd been feeling for so long -- was a long, long time coming and needed to happen. Even if some of it is Lucifer being childish, not all of it is for that reason. He has some serious pain and it's about time God stopped with the cryptic answers and listened to his son. I was like, "FINALLY!" And totally laughed at Linda's chicken joke. So
  12. I think the brain freeze was probably my favorite part, lol. And Lucifer finally yelling at him, "Stop drinking it so fast!" Heeee. I liked the God/Trixie conversation, loved the big moment for Maze (yes!!!), and loved that Ella finally met God, even though she didn't know it. Somehow I wondered if he'd been in his full form, would she have recognized the light and almighty in him, the way she saw light and then darkness in Charlotte?
  13. She was actually pretty impressive as a kid - I mean, voice preferences are subjective, of course, so you may just not prefer what she sounds like - but what I remember was that it was pretty rare at that time for a 15 or 16-year-old kid to sing and play the piano, write all the songs and produce their entire album. I'm a musicals gal through and through, so I enjoyed most of the songs. I think the only one that really didn't grab me was the football field number. I love that song by Queen, but I just couldn't really get into it from this show. But I thought Trixie's son
  14. I got pretty irritated throughout the episode because poor Dan's day just got worse and worse and I was like, come ON. And it annoyed me that no one seemed to care. I mean, true, Lucifer wouldn't really say much or ask if Dan was okay, but Ella would! She didn't even ask him what happened to his head!? That would be one of the first things to come out of my mouth if a friend and colleague walked into my office and was all disheveled and bloody. At that point, I was annoyed. (Especially when you find out that she wasn't in on it, so she would have every reason to be worried about him. Same with
  15. My favorite line of the episode. And I loved Jessica faking being affected by the valium and then being all, "It's going to take a lot more than a couple of pills chased with alcohol to take me down." LOL. I think I finally saw it in Martin when he was tied to the bed and Vivian left the room, and Martin just RAGED (with Sheen practically looking right at the camera as it came in for a super close-up). He's always been kind of quirky insane with a level of darkness hiding underneath, but that was the moment when I said, "There he is... that's the killer in him." I thought it was i
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