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  1. The choice of Clare is very surprising! What she needs is a man who gets her, is crazy about her anyway, and knows how to handle her. I'm talkin' Rhett Butler here. Or John Wayne in the movie "The Quiet Man." Benoit was a nice guy, but just as emotional as she. It was destined to fail. If Chris Harrison or someone doesn't pull her aside and give her a Dutch Uncle talking to, I'll look for the racoon to win.
  2. Katie F'n wears ~*ME*~ out! It's too damn early to worry about having your tank filled. You kids should be out having fun. If I have to hear just one more time that relationships take a lot of work...listen Katie, when it's EASY you know it's right. When Des said that it was so easy with Chris, I knew they were right for each other, and here they are, still together with a growing family. There's nothing wrong with Chris B. The problem is YOU. You're SO INTENSE. And once you get going, you wind yourself up tighter and tighter, which winds Chris up. LET GO. The more you try to kee
  3. Holy cow! It looks like an age progression on a missing poster!
  4. Mrs. Abasolo did a bit of obnoxious lawyering by goading Hannah into admitting her feelings were to the effect that since Hannah was the cause of Tyler's surge in instagram followers, he was being a little disrespectful by making a show in public of his dating life. Perhaps it would be different if Tyler and Gigi were making a huge spectacle of themselves with lots of PDA on some red carpet somewhere, but in actuality, the kids were just caught by a couple of paparazzi during a little trip up at Lake George.
  5. He owes Hannah absolutely nothing. She made her choice despite both families warning her, and did whatever she damn well pleased. She wasn't a strong woman - she was a willful child, who now must face the consequences of her actions. Tyler shouldn't have to hide and sneak around while he dates Gigi. He's just living his life, and he's entitled to that. (I just heard a bit of Ali and Rachel's podcast where the opinion was expressed that Tyler wasn't handling public exposure discretely.)
  6. Demi is actually #3 on the list of people who had someone back home. Jenna was actually 1, and Jed was 2. These three happened in a very short space of time, unlike the Mesnick and Arie situations, which had a gap between them so we didn't feel as though this is what we had to look forward to from now on. Apparently, TPTB are oblivious to the fact that to some of Bachelor Nation, a cr@p sandwich with swiss on rye is pretty much tasting like a cr@p sandwich with provolone on whole wheat. There was a time when Rome was an Empire. Lest history repeat itself in the case of this franchise, it
  7. IMO *all* of the fun is gone. Harrison, and the whole bunch: holier than thou especially in light of the tolerance shown to the ever explosive Chad. Jordan would make a great Bachelor, but maybe TPTB's hearts couldn't take that level of entertainment!
  8. I would love to see Tyler as the Bachelor, but I suspect there'd be a whole lot of fan disappointment were he let loose in the candy store. A large part of his attractiveness lies in his apparent sense of responsibility, character, and right reasons persona. I'd rather remember the Tyler who impressed Hannah's father than see him star in a Juan Pablo redux.
  9. She's the same person who kicked her naked bungee jumping partner to the curb at the very next RC, isn't she? No sentimentality here.
  10. 1. There have been times that Melendez has looked tired after a long complicated surgery, but I noticed that he was looking rather seedy in this episode. I'm guessing that he's pulling extra hours at the hospital (a/k/a PBWIS = Post Breakup Work Immersion Syndrome). 2. If you mean Dr. Blondie Bouncycurlz, here's hoping that it was a one shot guest appearance. They made the character so distasteful in her nastiness towards Claire, the acknowledged virtual empath on the Starship San Jose, no redemption is possible. 3. Agreed, Claire and Melendez are not a match. Love 'em both, but n
  11. The way Andi said it, it sounded like a Bette Davis quote from All About Eve. :-)
  12. Ah, the ever be-fuchsiad Kaitlyn. That droopy butt was a pantsload in her diapers. I used to be such a fan when she was a semi virgin looking up at Prince Farming with tears in her eyes. She turned out to be so obnoxious that I had to follow the action here. She was unwatchable. It looks like the consensus is that there's a big breakup on the horizon. I can't quite see it yet, but you posters really know how to call 'em. Of course there will be the obligatory interview with Chris Harrison. I just hope that he brings the Kleenex this time.
  13. Much thanks. I tip my hat to you. :-) BTW, I saw that cut scene online in which JoJo explained the unicorn thing to Ben, and I didn't understand a thing she said. lol Something about who she really is.
  14. Thanks for the link. As it turns out, Ms. Cody gave the UrbanDictionary definition. I feel really aggrivated that yet another G - rated word has been co-opted and mutilated into an X - rated word. Somehow I doubt that the girl on TB used and repeated the word "unicorn" with anything other than a G - rated definition in mind. Is she a virgin? Only time will tell.
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