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  1. It's always someone else's fault. Bitch, you lost your kid. Live with it, and stop fucking whining. ETA: She also doesn't realize she's admitting to caring more about being on TV than Jace. Because she is dumb as a rock and doesn't know how to love anyone. Nice.
  2. Didn't she admit to smoking pot while she was pregnant with Jace? Yeah, I know pot is legal now, and I have no problem with that, but it was an illegal drug at the time, if I'm remembering the whole thing correctly. Anyway, my point is, Swamp Cooze has always been on something.
  3. I didn't see the show, but since I'm just old enough to remember Madonna coming out with SEX, I'm not the least bit scandalized by half a buttcheek.
  4. I don't want to hear Jenelle deny being on drugs ever again. When you look like a rough 50 at 27, drugs are usually the reason.
  5. Britney looks amazing. As far as I'm concerned, she can pose nude all she wants. Having a body like that at 39 takes some serious work. Embarrassing her teenage sons...eh, whatever. Britney's whole career has been singing suggestive songs and wearing skimpy costumes onstage. I really don't think one nude bath pic is going to change much for them.
  6. Fuck MTV for even thinking about including Jenelle. She's horrible and doesn't deserve a single moment of airtime. She needs to go away.
  7. Jenelle, those granny swimsuits aren't doing you any favors. ETA: Lurch looks bad, too. Jesus, they are looking scummier and scummier with every passing day.
  8. Such a shock that the abused and neglected child forgot his homework. This is just a warmup for what's to come, which is Jenelle never accepting any responsibility when her children make mistakes. The mistakes will get bigger and more serious, and Jenelle will wash her hands of them completely until they impregnate people in high school and then end up in jail. Of course I hope the kids don't end up that way, but sadly, they don't have much love or support, so...
  9. 'Spayded'? 'SPAYDED'??? My brain is fucking BROKEN.
  10. 1. Isn't Kaiser like, six years old? Six year olds forget things. What assholes. 2. They NEVER neuter or spay any of their pets, do they? What assholes.
  11. Is it just me, or have things been pretty quiet over at Moldy Manor, lately? No calling the cops on each other, or drinking Corona while the kids are sleeping and falling in fires? No breaking up on social media for the 1000th time or killing Frenchies? What's going on, here? Have Jenelle and Lurch turned a new leaf and learn to function as a healthy, happy couple?
  12. I had a feeling they would go with Raya. Rya is very close. I kind of like it. She's got the best name of all the kids, IMO. I don't like Rose as a middle name, though.
  13. Did C&T wait to reveal the names of their other kids, or is this a new thing?
  14. My guess is, he feels like they are unfairly maligned, just like him.
  15. Well. The first time this season aired I was ten years old, and I probably shouldn't have been watching TRW, but I did anyway. Rewatching this season as a 40 year old gave me a wildly different perspective, needless to say. I still liked everybody, for the most part. I felt a lot of sympathy for Kevin Powell, even though I know he had his own issues he had to confront and wasn't perfect. Still, he basically tried to explain systemic racism to a houseful of white people (excluding Heather, of course), and they wouldn't even entertain the fact that it existed. That had to be have been extr
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