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  1. This has to be one of the best pilot episodes. It is just so well done and such a nice introduction to the characters and the premise. Easily the most rewatchable episode for me.
  2. There are way too many quotes, but I have been calling people "turd hat" a lot lately.
  3. I need there to be a fucking movie. We have the six seasons..
  4. I have been doing a bit of a rewatch and the beginning of the 2nd season has got to be one of the strongest and funniest ever. I only watched the 4th season once, but plan on watching it again sometime in the next week or two. I am thankful that there was another season though and know that it may not be the same, but I will enjoy it anyway.
  5. Isn't this rather new though? I could be mixing this up with television, books, or real life, but I thought the woman was generally viewed as at fault no matter which party cheated.
  6. I thought it was Seattle, too.
  7. I believe it is more about those who continue to call her Bruce or use masculine pronouns intentionally rather than by mistake. Although the switch really should not be that difficult. Those who intentionally call her Bruce or use masculine pronouns are just assholes.
  8. Phryne Fisher is one of my favorite characters ever.
  9. Lady, which she ain't. What did the residents from the nursing home call Roz after a couple people died while in her care?
  10. I will follow Community anywhere. That doesn't mean that I think there haven't been lows, but it is the only currently airing show I am watching now. There is only one other show that I watched from the very beginning. I feel the exact same way about B99. It is only okay to me and I stopped watching. Jake is my least favorite character. I felt nothing for Parks & Rec. I absolutely hated the first season and vowed to never watch another episode and then I watched part of the second, because "it was so much better" and maybe I was already biased, but I just do not like the show.
  11. I love the voiceovers on Scrubs. First show I watched that I can remember them being used. I will not watch a new-to-me show that has a laughtrack. They are beyond useless and distracting.
  12. I didn't enjoy the second season as much as the first, but I definitely wanted another season. What a bummer.
  13. This stinks! This is total BS!
  14. Dennis starting Ass Kickers United because he wanted Mac to stop eating Thin Mints. Dennis has become my favorite this season. I don’t want to know what that says about me. “Not about fun! It is about thin mints!” Don’t blow the thin mint thing. I have enjoyed Mac and Charlie’s moms. Charlie’s mom has had some pretty great lines. Rex is The Master! Always good to see him.. and shirtless. Drunk Charlie waking up and peeing the bed made me laugh too much. I had no idea that this was the season finale until the voiceover stated that before the episode. This is the show that I look
  15. I watched through the app on my iPad and had no commercials and an enjoyable experience. I wanted to watch on my laptop (larger screen), but it is rather so slow and kept buffering. I am so happy this show is back! I will follow this show anywhere. I know I missed quite a bit just from the disbelief that I was watching new episodes so watching again tomorrow. I love Frankie and think she is a great addition. Laughed way too hard at the guy in the carrot costume, because they ran out of old timey police uniforms. I enjoyed seeing so many of the secondary characters. Leonard is always a
  16. The World According to Garp. I found out about the book through this forum and decided to give it a try since so many loved it. It is just way too boring to justify the length for me.
  17. This was my least favorite episode. Snake and Maeve.
  18. I do not care about zombies. I do not care about the zombie apocalypse. I do not have a fucking zombie apocalypse plan.
  19. Turk on Scrubs was diabetic. The episode that it was discovered was season 4 episode 6 titled "My Cake", which is a pretty sad episode for me. It was mentioned at times, in an off-hand type of way (I think), throughout the series, but this was the main storyline that I could think of off the top of my head. His wife, Carla, is really supportive and fixed a "Turk's Diabetes Box".
  20. i am truly stumped. I have extremely limited knowledge about the SImpsons and Sideshow Bob is zero knowledge.
  21. Yeah, I like Dee and Charlie together. So it was fun to see them go against each other. I think the others have too much influence over them so it was nice to see them have a bit of independence. Charlie did kiss Dee. Dennis put on mascara Dennis put on mascara. Also when he talked to Dee's nurse and the hammer he would bring down totally reminded me of his bullshit against the guy. I feel like 2006 was a flashback to when Danny Devito joined the show. Also Mac dancing with Frank at the club.
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