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  1. I'm happy On the 12th Date of Christmas is on tonight. I first saw it during this past Christmas in July, but always managed to miss the first 30 minutes. I didn't realize Boyfriends of Christmas Past already aired so will have to check it out when it airs this week.
  2. I always thought it would be easier to get the answer if they showed the first letter and it's not for me 😂 Still my favorite gameshow It is somewhat rare for a team member to get the answer on their own with this new way of gameplay. Makes for low scoring games. Every day lol
  3. I was with Seoul Sausage as $200 for any food truck items is absolutely absurd. However, Lime was right when they called out how Seoul didn't have any prices listed on their menu.
  4. But Nicole doesn't put the gold baker's hat on the round 1 winners!
  5. Eriq La Salle would have been fantastic! I definitely hope Maggie and Sterling are in the new series. I would also like to see Tara.
  6. Looks like the tray table does a pretty good job of holding all of the drinks.
  7. You've done it now. You will no longer have phone privileges for 6 weeks. Adults should not pet children. They should be called out for touching and misgendering someone. Then when they are called out they should not do the same thing to other children. Be respectful. More people should be in therapy.
  8. Adults need to be encouraged to be respectful and not touch teenagers. Easily on the side of Tess and her friend. The video was not disrespectful in the slightest to me. A teacher should not pet a child.
  9. Pitch is on Hulu. I bought the series/season a couple months ago and forgot how much the show made me cry. I'm weak like that though.
  10. Sam Lloyd Passed Away
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