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  1. VanillaBear85

    Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

    I received an alert that series 3 is now on Netflix in the US. Such a wonderful way to end my day.
  2. VanillaBear85

    All Episodes Talk: I'm Listening

    I am unsure why Daphne is singled out for being mean. All of them have been especially mean over the seasons.
  3. VanillaBear85

    Small Talk: Tweedy Impertinence

    'The Wire' Cast Reunites in Baltimore to Read Residents' Monologues
  4. VanillaBear85

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I have never made it through a full episode. I found it awkward, uncomfortable, and unfunny. I have watched clips that I found humorous, but SNL has never appealed to me.
  5. VanillaBear85

    Books We Never Finished

    Throw in Mindy Kaling's book and there I am. I tried, but for me, it might have to do with having zero interest in their television/media personas. I just do not find their books funny or entertaining at all. Having no interest in Amy Poehler's television show I still want to (attempt to read) read her book, although I will likely be disappointed from experience.
  6. VanillaBear85

    Authors You Used to Love, But No Longer Read

    JD Robb is the closest for me. I mostly enjoyed what she wrote, but there was entirely too much repetition that I no longer cared too much. So much repetition. The next time I read that her eyes were the color of Irish whiskey.. I read for the story and I no longer cared.
  7. VanillaBear85

    Unpopular Opinions

    I will never like Mark Wahlberg. Yes, it goes back to his teens, but I find him unremarkable regardless. I will also never like an actor, director, producer etc whose known views I disagree with. Just another movie to avoid. I have no issue with avoiding something associated with someone or something I find repugnant.
  8. VanillaBear85

    Book Recommendations

    whichbook is a fun and interesting way to find books that you may be interested in.
  9. This has to be one of the best pilot episodes. It is just so well done and such a nice introduction to the characters and the premise. Easily the most rewatchable episode for me.
  10. VanillaBear85

    Better Off Ted

    There are way too many quotes, but I have been calling people "turd hat" a lot lately.
  11. VanillaBear85

    S06.E13: Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television

    I need there to be a fucking movie. We have the six seasons..
  12. VanillaBear85

    Arrested Development

    I have been doing a bit of a rewatch and the beginning of the 2nd season has got to be one of the strongest and funniest ever. I only watched the 4th season once, but plan on watching it again sometime in the next week or two. I am thankful that there was another season though and know that it may not be the same, but I will enjoy it anyway.
  13. VanillaBear85

    Movie Tropes You Hate

    Isn't this rather new though? I could be mixing this up with television, books, or real life, but I thought the woman was generally viewed as at fault no matter which party cheated.
  14. VanillaBear85

    The Frasier Game

    I thought it was Seattle, too.
  15. VanillaBear85

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I believe it is more about those who continue to call her Bruce or use masculine pronouns intentionally rather than by mistake. Although the switch really should not be that difficult. Those who intentionally call her Bruce or use masculine pronouns are just assholes.