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S06.E05: Karina's Story - LIVE CHAT

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Let's avoid discussing how money is being snatched from the public's wallet for the participants unless it’s specifically revealed on the show. Anything else is pure speculation not to mention also a slippery slope toward talking politics.  

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Just now, QuinnInND said:

Got a bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce! I'm ready to go.  Dr Now wouldn't be happy with my eating habit. 

I'm being good. Vanilla protein shake, here. lol

Already annoyed by her voice.

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Did I hear her correctly?  She's 600+ pounds because her parents worked really hard and weren't home all the time??  I'm sorry maybe I'm a cold hearted bitch but their excuses get more and more nuts every week.  Yes I too am 600 pounds because my mom didn't hug me enough.

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