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  1. Orgies at elementary schools? Some of these fundies really are sick. They really are projecting their perversions and depravities onto the rest of society, aren't they? If there is a God, I hope she is watching and taking notes.
  2. OMG, he really does. @Zella, you are right on point (as usual)!
  3. I agree as well, and have the same thought every time there's national news focused on a missing person who's not nationally known. It's almost always an attractive, younger white woman (it pains me to type that, as I never want to introduce race where it's not warranted). And if it's a young mom, all the better. I, as a non-white, childless, middle-aged woman, would not merit a blip on any news channel's radar if I were to go missing!
  4. @Baltimore Betty, I have to go to the Follows tab to see some shows, including this one:
  5. I was unaware of that concept, but you nailed it! Especially the baby....
  6. @beckie, I had the same thought: where does Jonathan rest his Jill-weary head at night? Another question: what is in it for Jonathan and his family? (and Kayley) is pretty enough, I guess, but surely there have to be better matches available to him? This is no knock to her, but all of her family baggage has to outweigh (and Kayley)'s good? Nathan + Nurie made a little more sense to me because the Kellers don't seem to be too high on the food chain. But from what I've read here and on Reddit, Jonathan's family is apparently educated, includes business owners, and just seems to be
  7. I think I'd consider it hypocritical if any of the unmarried brothers had their own thread. But as it stands now, the unwritten rule seems to be that once a Duggar is married off, they "graduate" out of the Lonely J's Club. Jana has not graduated into marriage yet; she's still in the same boat as the other Lonely J's, as far as I know. But can't anyone start a topic? Or are only mods allowed to create them?
  8. @TurtlePower, remind me where you currently live, Vegas? Based on all the posts of yours that I've read over the last few years, my impression is that you have a very interesting background and life. I wish I knew you in person! 🙂
  9. LOL, I thought "gum suitor" must mean his family owned Doublemint or something! I didn't imagine it meant he gave her gum. What a romantic!
  10. The baby isn't Fern then, right? I couldn't place her, but now I'm guessing she's Kendra and Joe's youngest?
  11. Random questions, and apologies in advance for revisiting a tired topic. I know that Mariah (and others?) warned Meri about her catfish before the truth finally came out. Does that mean Mariah knew that her mother was literally having an emotional/virtual affair and was hiding it from the family at Meri's behest? I wasn't following Sister Wives during the catfish era. Was Meri openly communicating with her catfish on social media? If others were warning her, does that mean that she wasn't discreet online?
  12. This made me laugh too hard and for too long. How can 1 space fulfill so many needs??? I watched the video of their practice session, and Jonathan kept his hands clasped the entire time. It was awkward. They all looked so uncomfortable. And when the song was done, Jilldo panned around with the camera and each of the kids looked at her nervously like "now what?" There was no joy in that room.
  13. CouchTater


    Can we change the title of this thread to: "Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt" 🙄
  14. I'm listening to the announcement now. The only thing (and Kaylee) can come up with for what they have in common is that both of their families have 13 kids. But the really CRAZY part is that HIS family has 9 BOYS and (and Kaylee)'s family has 9 GIRLS!!!? Isn't that nuts???!!!/s I did watch a sweet video over the weekend that someone posted on Reddit of Jonathan doing his cousin's makeup (not as weird as it sounds). The cousin seemed to be doing a Youtube series on random family members doing her makeup. He was a good sport about it and she ultimately looked like a clown. So I have
  15. Isn't her big announcement today at 3 p.m. EST? I believe it's going to be that (and Kaylee) is a'courtin'.
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