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  1. And why do the racks of clothing always look so jam-packed with random colors and styles? Do they only have 1 of a kind pieces, or do they not group the clothing by style/color, but by size? It's very unappealing. And another note about lack of appeal: while it seems LLR's strategy is to use their sellers as their models on social media, I don't think it's a great idea. 1/2 the women (and 2/3 of the Browns) I've seen modeling the clothes look awful in them. I always giggle at Mary and Mykelti's glam shots, but then I click on their hashtag to see how others are wearing the item, and more times than not those people look terrible, too! It's not just about the junk clothes, it's women who don't know the proper style for their body, and won't admit to themselves they are 2-3 sizes larger than what they're wearing. #shame#pathetic
  2. The funny thing about the bolded part is that it sounds like a nightmare. As a never-had-a-nester (single, no kids, never married, perfectly happy), if I thought I'd found peace and quiet, and realized my cul de sac was filled with young children riding their big wheels around the cul de sac, I'd be miserable and irritable. "Get off my lawn!!!" In fact, I bought my small condo in my small community because I didn't think large families/families with kids would want to live here. Wrong! Some of my neighbors have stacked their kids and medium-to-large-sized dogs in these little condos quite happily. Luckily I live at the end of the community with undeveloped land one 1 side, so I'm still happy. 😀
  3. @LilWharveyGal that was a most excellent recap. Thank you for adding some entertainment and humor to that dishwater dull episode!
  4. I notice they yell a lot. Maybe it's by necessity due to the size of their tribe. But I'd petition for them to leave, too, if I were their neighbor. Ugh. They are loud and obnoxious.
  5. Ok, they really are just repeating themselves tonight. What has actually happened so far tonight? Meri got "bullied," and moved into and out of a rental, then back to LV........ This is soooo boooooorrrrriiiing.
  6. Adele has gone too far, I think. She was gorgeous before. Now, she looks like a different person who needs to eat a sandwich.
  7. Who's the kid running around on the leash? Robyn's daughter?
  8. Hi everybody!!! I'm so excited! I've never live-chatted this show before!
  9. You know how in math 2 negatives multiplied equal a positive. Apparently that's the same for ugly people having babies. At least in this case.
  10. Not to make light of a heavy, dark and sad situation....but in the interview, both Jessa and Jill said "whenever this happened," or "whenever I learned this," etc. , when what they really meant was "when" something happened. It drives me nuts when (ever, hee) someone uses this misphrasing.
  11. CouchTater


    Thank you @laurakaye for making sense out of the nonsensical!!!
  12. There's a black and white photo in the slideshow of the newly betrothed that looks like it's straight out of Dust Bowl Oklahoma. I had started to dip my toe in the Duggars waters through this forum. But the Rodrigues family.......wow. I am all in. Thanks all for catching me up on these whack-a-doos!
  13. CouchTater


    I know I'm going to sound like a broken record, but what the heck is she trying to say: "Good morning and HAPPY CHRISTMAS with Flagstaff, AZ and ALL THE SNOW tilts gorgeous here enjoy the memory full day if awesomeness" The snow tilts gorgeous here? Seriously, huh?
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