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  1. mellowjoi

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story

    If only Fred Sanford was her weight loss coach, he would only need one statement for this week's 600 pounder.
  2. mellowjoi

    S11 E22: Reunion Part 2

    Nene's behavior reminds me of an employee I used to have. If I gave everyone a $100 bill everyone would be happy until I got to her and she would complain because I didn't have five $20's. Nothing ever pleased her. If I bought lunch for the office she would complain because I didn't tell her the day before. When we did team building activities she didn't participate in a productive way. I finally asked her what would make her happy, she said not working for a crappy ass company. Three months later we were able to grant her wish and make her happy by letting her go. There was a collective sigh of relief from the entire office when she was gone. We celebrated with a complaint free lunch. I had a brother in law that passed away from cancer. He was bitchy, cranky, angry, etc. We worked with a grief counselor to help us understand what his emotional rollercoaster looked like from his view. Facing death isn't easy and we allowed him to process his emotions whatever way he needed to. We knew his words and emotions were part him, part cancer. There was no value in stating to him he was being mean. He knew it and shortly before passing he apologized to all of us for his behavior. Nene needs to understand Greg's cancer isn't about her and does not revolve around her. I almost feel like she's jealous of the attention he's receiving.
  3. mellowjoi

    S11.E19: Where does Eva Live?

    I read this entire post and I still don’t know where Eva lives and I’m guessing that was Eva’s plan.
  4. mellowjoi

    Spring Baking Championship

    I think Lorraine may take a larger bite and if she can't taste the components then she takes smaller individual bites of the filling, frosting, cake, etc. to really look for the requirements. Personally, I don't care how they bite or taste and since they don't film everything we don't know for sure if Duff and Nancy aren't taking the same small bites. Perhaps it's Lorraine's teeth that make her bites appear small. Not picking on her but it's obvious her teeth are larger than Duff's tiny teeth. As a contestant, Jason was talented and funny. He may still be talented but he is no longer funny. His performance no longer seems about baking talent but outfits and corny lines. He just needs to get back to being him. Clinton, I like and if they really want to make me happy they can have an episode with Carla and Michael as guest judges. I loved The Chew.
  5. mellowjoi

    Family By The Ton

    I give Chitoka and the entire family credit about not crying that people are looking at them. She practically crawled up those steps but I never heard her say anything about how embarrassing it was. I think she knew she wasn't ready for surgery but was hopeful. She could easily lose 50lbs if she continues healthy eating and exercise. I'm also impressed they wear real clothing and great looking clothes at that. I guess M600PL made me think everyone who can't shop in most stores just gives up and wraps a king sized sheet around them and calls it a day. This family also seems to have genuine love for each other, which is nice to see.
  6. mellowjoi

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story LIVE CHAT

    I'm late joining but she lives 21.4 miles from me. I've never been to Big Sandy but during most tornado watches it seems Big Sandy is always mentioned.
  7. mellowjoi

    S07.E05: Holly's Story LIVE CHAT

    The most amazing thing about tonights show was Lola. She looked great/different and her voice changed. I wonder if she's doing speach therapy to change her voice.
  8. mellowjoi

    S07.E05: Holly's Story LIVE CHAT

    She says moving is the hardest thing she's ever done in her life. I would think eating to the point where someone esle has to wipe your butt would be harder.
  9. Trying not to lower the tone too much, it'd have to be Tarik - he has been deprived of sex for a few weeks, so at least it'd be over in a matter of seconds. This is an easy question. I'd choose Ricky and tell him we would make love in the ocean waves and I would hold us both afloat with my huge boobies and then I would simply let him go because we all know he can't swim. I would then swim over the dock and pull myself up, high five the camera crew, and walk away.
  10. mellowjoi

    Good Morning America

    I hope it won't last long. They need to apologize and beg Carla, Clinton, and Michael to return and do The Chew. GMA Day is horrible.
  11. mellowjoi

    The Chew

    I watched the 4th hour of GMA, which they are GMA Day. It was horrible and if ABC actually believes that this show can replace They Chew, they are smoking crack. I saw Carla's segment and it was poorly produced, neither Michael or Sara indicated they had ever been in a kitchen, knew what a kitchen was, or how meals are prepared in general. Carla is better than what I saw on TV. I hate for the show to fail if this is Carla's new gig but honestly other than seeing Carla this is the worst show I've watched. I don't know if ABC knows who their target audience is, but it's obviously not the views of The Chew.
  12. http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/tlc-presents/tlc-casting/
  13. mellowjoi

    Our Wild Life

    I actually like this show. I love the relationship between NaaNaa and Jackson and the girls. When she told the daughter and boyfriend to stop cuddling the daughter got up and gave NaaNaa a hug. NaaNaa may boss them around but the entire family seems to respect her. NaaNaa also has some of the same reactions I would have about the animals. I love and respect all animals but I don't think I could have all of them living inside the house with me. There is actually a rug on the floor and I cringe every time I see the rug. I would think it would be impossible for it not to have a terrible odor.
  14. mellowjoi

    The Judges

    I've watched a lot of Chopped and I don't remember any other judges bringing part of the basket ingredients. If this is the path they are going to take then let each judge bring something. I'm over them treating Martha like royalty. If they really want to entertain me then have Martha bring 4 of her favorites from prison as a basket ingredient.
  15. mellowjoi

    S06.E18 James (K) & Cynthia 2018.06.20

    Watching James was just sad. I think back to his dad who took out a mortgage on his home in an effort to try and save James and basically James threw it all away. I yelled at the TV trying to tell the dad don't do it but he wanted his son to live and James said those words, Dr. Now is my only hope. Cynthia may be just one fast food meal way from starting her regain. The more often she goes out for fast food the closer she is to ordering her own meal. With the restriction from the surgery she has now she may not be able to eat the entire meal but as time goes on she will be able to eat more and more. I can understand how after a day of work it's time-consuming to cook but there are plenty of appliances to speed things up to make healthy meals, instant pots, crock pots, and microwave ovens. She could even buy frozen entrees that save time. I used to serve my kids' frozen pizza with a side of veggies. Initially, they had a look of horror on their faces but after a while, they accepted it as that's what is for dinner.