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  1. I worked in a call center with several very obese people and we had to order special chairs to support their weight. The chairs were very wide with special back support.
  2. Libby and Andrrreei - What is the deal with Libby and the food. Who goes to another country to eat what you have at home. The best part of international travel is trying foods you don't have home. Angela and Michael - I'm only interested in what's happening with them today and non of the pre wedding drama.
  3. Little People Big World but not big enough for them to get lost so we never see them again.
  4. Dillon used to play video games. He's sitting there waiting for his mom without even a cell phone. I feel sad for him. I hope it's just bad editing and he has life they aren't showing us.
  5. A form of child abuse that she started years ago when she had him taking care of her as she slowly destroyed her body with food. I don't know if he even know how to go about getting away from his mom. She has totally fucked up his life and she does not care.
  6. I can't. I don't want a visit from the ghost of Dr C. Edward Coop giving me the surgeon general's warning about watching this show and drinking.
  7. Yes, with a buff colored interior with a cassette deck.
  8. Hey! I had an ex-boyfriend who drove one... oh, never mind. Hey, I've owned two Monte Carlos in my life. Actually they were my two worst cars. My first car was a 1975 Monte Carlo with T-Tops.
  9. I’m so glad Jimmy left because I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. Jimmy I’m dedicating all of my 1200 calories to you tomorrow.
  10. I don’t know anything that is restrictive enough to stop Erica from eating.
  11. I don’t understand people who obsess over a relationship that has ended. She needs to take a line from Lizzo, If he don’t love you anymore then walk your fine ass out the door”. I’ve seen 16 year olds handle a breakup better.
  12. I had to pause the show and play Jimmy Mack by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas for Erica.
  13. Dr Phil should shut up right along with him.
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