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  1. Latin is not a race, but an ethnicity. Plenty of Latin people are dark skinned black, others have blonde hair, blue eyes and are ghostly white. Some are mixed, some have a little native, some have some Asian.
  2. She doesn’t look extremely skinny anymore.
  3. Someone please explain to me how this isn’t black fishing?
  4. All kids in the family (except for Kourtney’s) are mixed race. The family is a lot of things but not racist.
  5. Magazines as a whole are a dying industry. That’s why they’re all (well, most) giving their subscriptions away for free! Didn’t see that in the 90’s.
  6. Bad lipo on her unedited picture
  7. That’s Kris, digging another well for her 10% royalty cut.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNIyzYRgmve/?igshid=1k7617dv8qcy7 Celebrating Sophia’s 25th birthday... Keep in mind Caitlyn is 71. Not inappropriate at all.
  9. I highly, highly doubt it. When he and Kourtney met, he was a broke church mouse. Yes, his parents inherited a lot of money and were once wealthy but they blew through the money and ended up with nothing. The show and the family brand are the only reasons he isn’t still broke now. I’m sure her children are delighted to see their mom walk around like that. She’s such a wholesome organic gluten free granola mother.
  10. The KarJenner kids are being raised by a team of nannies, except for photo ops. They hardly know their parents as is.
  11. If he has full coverage, they would still cover his medical costs, even if he is at fault. (They might quadruple his rates or dump him after, but they’d cover his medical treatment)
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