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Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

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The Small Talk topic is for:


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  • Having virtual tea with forum buddies


This is NOT a topic for actual show discussion. When you want to talk about the show:


  1. Figure out the nature of the topic you want to talk about
  2. Look for an existing topic that matches or fits
  3. If there is NOT an existing topic that fits, CREATE ONE!


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  • Favourite X topics
  • ...you get the idea


Happy trails beyond Small Talk!

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watt d fark here

was it dimbulb boyfriend who uttered the word "wroten" yesterday? As in "I had wroten a check"

Oinky, there's a "vote up" thumbs up at the bottom of each post

Yes!  I was shocked that JJ let that slide!

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Hey all.  I have moved several posts from this thread to other threads I created.  This thread is for small talk, getting to know you kind of posts (see the first post in this thread for more info).  Please use the correct threads going forward and feel free to create your own threads.  Glad to be here with you all.

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I wonder why it took them four years to figure out what we all knew when the show first aired?

It does give me pause to wonder just how authentic a lot of these cases are. Which sucks because I never thought I would have to question the integrity of this show like I would Jerry Springer and Divorce Court.

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So sad.  I work afternoons/evenings.  The morning TV lineup was perfect.  I could watch almost all the court shows before work.  Some were on different channels but one came right after the other.


They changed it!  Now the only court show I get before work is... the fake one.  "America's Court with Judge Ross."  And most of the other court shows run simultaneously on different channels so I have to choose one or the other, and that's only on my days off work.  How do you choose between Judge Milian and Judge Judy?


Boo on whoever schedules TV programs.


The thing is, I like Judge Ross.  I'd love to see him do a "real" court show where his epic smackdowns were on real people for real issues!  (I'm guessing the reason he can't is because he's disbarred?)  But it's hard to enjoy the show when I know they're all actors.



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Oinky, there's a "vote up" thumbs up at the bottom of each post

Yes!  I was shocked that JJ let that slide!


Yes!  I was shocked that JJ let that slide!



I think she's bowing to the inevitable.....


I just saw a contradiction while watching "The Babies"--JJ always tells a tenant /landlord--"Even if you leave one piece of paper in the room, that means you are there for the month and have to pay. But she gave the crazy baby lady a refund. Granted, it was small, but she contradicted herself.  Things like this are why JJ and I are breaking up.  She's so capricious and arbitrary.....

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Does anyone else spend time wondering if JJ would approve of me?

I was in my late 20s when I went to grad school, so full time student.

I moved home at 39 intending to be here for a few months but then my father got sick and died and I stayed, so I now live with my mother. The horror! A grown woman living with mothers. But we'd both be alone otherwise.

I work full time as an editor but job is wildly underpaid.

And it's possible due to my RA that I'll be on disability Ina few months, hoping not but I had pleurisy last year and feel it coming on again,

What do you think? It depresses me. Some of us try JJ! We try!

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I can beat you. .  I had my grown daughter, son-in-law and baby granddaughter all living with me for a while (they had moved back here and were having problems with their pending housing situation). I live alone so I have random family members stay with me whenever they are around. 


My daughter and son-in-law are raising some JJ eyebrow raisers. . . they are taking care of three kids who are biologically his cousin's - she had baby #1 and baby #3 with baby daddy #1 - baby #2 was with baby daddy#2, (and there's a baby #4 whose daddy I don't know). All three kids ended up with son-in-law's mother and father due to neglect and drug abuse from the cousin (except baby #4 who is with somebody else). They both got sick so the three kids went to my daughter and son-in-law's. 

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I can't tell you how many road trips I have taken to get something off Craigslist with my husband.

Kathy is that you??!?!  LOL my very good friend's husband has done exactly the same thing, except he has bought stuff off Ebay. He bought a jeep which he drives to this day - the jeep was in Florida and he was in New Mexico. He also bought a flat bed tow truck that was somewhere else (several states away) and drove all the way to bring it home, only to find out they sold it to him WITHOUT WHEELS. Now how was he supposed to bring it home? Oh I know ! A TOW TRUCK!

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I just love when they take over shows to say "Nothing has happened, we don't know, waiting for something to happen". 


So how is the weather situation in CA? I haven't taken time to actually find out what is going on.  


Parts of Northern California (San Francisco in particular) got hit pretty badly, and there are a lot of downed trees, but it was nowhere nearly as bad as they were predicting it was going to be, just lots of rain.

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Stewed squash I also live in southeast NC! Funny to see someone else from the area here.

I will say care.com is pretty much the only way to get a nanny or a job as one. You can pay for different levels of background check on it also. This area had two nanny agencies when we lived here from 08-11 and both closed bc of care.com by the time we moved back last year. ( my mom is a nanny which is the only reason I know any of that)

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Had to chime in about Craigslist as well.  Myself and my roommates use Craigslist for our roommate searches and have never had a problem finding good people to live with us over the years.  Now of course we have interviewed some weirdos, but those are the ones we reject.  The problem isn't Craigslist it is that people don't know how to investigate or do their proper research.  Craigslist is another tool to use, there is nothing inherently bad or good about it.

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Minor bitch fest coming on - not totally off topic. I work at a medical clinic and we had some patients (in a family) come in referred by a lawyer due to personal injury- because these folks had a lawyer they felt they didn't have to fill out any paperwork or show ID or give insurance information - we are not being paid by the lawyer. They kept calling the lawyer on their cell phones and handing the secretary the phone saying "here's MY lawyer, you talk to him". Listen folks, we are not contracting with your lawyer and you still have to fill out personal information and a medical history form for proper treatment. I got the feeling they had called 1-800-CALL-LAWYER-AND-BILK-OTHERS. 

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I don't think it's a matter of choosing not to have one. Most banks now charge for every type of bank account there is, unless you can maintain a minimum balance. That's just not feasible for many people living on the edge. And God forbid you end up in the Telechex system, which is ridiculously easy to do. One small accounting mistake can lead to your name being on it, which can lead to never being able to open an account anywhere, since the banks check that before you can open an account.

It really is much more expensive to be poor. I remember a time when I had no bank account and used to cash my payroll checks at the bank they were drawn on. Then that bank started refusing to cash checks if you didn't have an account with them, even though it was the same damn bank the checks were drawn on! Talk about a freaking scam.

My financial situation is much better now, but I still harbor a lot of resentment toward banks.


I know that truly free accounts are few and far between, but they do exist. These days you probably would have to look for a local or regional credit union. I haven't paid a bank fee [just for having an account] in my life, yet. But I agree with you, though; banks can be a real hassle to deal with.

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Merry Xmas and everything else y'all. 


in an update to the rant I posted previously - the lawyer ended up calling our office and lucky ducky got to talk to MEEEE. . . trying to convince me to have the doctor/physician assistant to call him in order to tell him what to tell a diagnostic center in order for them to perform some diagnostic procedures on one of his clients. Yes. Not to have the medical personnel call the diagnostic center directly (hello doctor-patient relationship) but to tell him which of course as he told me "I've been in the business for 40 years, I THINK I know how to convince them to perform those tests". Guy kept talking round and round, not knowing he got a big Judge Judy fan on the phone that wasn't skerred of or impressed by no 1-800-SUE-EM-ALL-NOW lawyer. And I was trying to tell him we needed some information and he hung up on me. 

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I know that truly free accounts are few and far between, but they do exist. These days you probably would have to look for a local or regional credit union. I haven't paid a bank fee [just for having an account] in my life, yet. But I agree with you, though; banks can be a real hassle to deal with.

Credit unions are the best. When I first went off to college, back in the days before debit cards so having checks with a local address was essential, I didn't know any better and signed up with one of the banks that had a table in the Student Union during orientation week (I think the law has cracked down on them since). Over Christmas break, when of course I wasn't checking my local mailbox, they implemented a minimum balance - $25 - and a fee if you didn't have that much, and then an overdraft fee. Of course I hadn't left much money in that account, so I'd got hit with both fees. Cancelled that account damn quick; by that time I'd discovered there was a university-associated credit union for students.


I don't know why they thought it was a good idea to gouge college students - it had to be intentional because this was a small town whose population doubled when school was in session, so there was always a large turnover of new marks - but it didn't seem like a good long-term plan.

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banks can be a real hassle to deal with.


I hate banks. I hate my OWN bank. However, I'd hate myself more if I, like some litigants we see, kept large wads of cash on my person, in my car or under my mattress and it got stolen or burned up.

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I know that truly free accounts are few and far between, but they do exist. These days you probably would have to look for a local or regional credit union. I haven't paid a bank fee [just for having an account] in my life, yet. But I agree with you, though; banks can be a real hassle to deal with.

I have two banks: a local credit union and USAA. I recommend USAA to anyone who qualifies. My CU does have a minimum balance, but I think it's only $25. My point was more about people who've messed up bank accounts in the past. It can be a huge pain for them to even get an account, much less get one without a minimum balance. You get in that Telechex system (even if it's due to no fault of your own), and it's a freaking nightmare to get out of.

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Craigslist is the DEVIL, y'all. I'm so afraid of Craigslist that when I actually go on it on rare occasion during my lunch hour at work, I clear my cache on my computer. Craigslist for JJ litigants is like the deep Interweb or whatever the hell ya call it, the place where you can "buy anything" including drugs, nasty porn, guns, bitcoins, all that stuff I think I understand but really don't. We've had a recurring rash of Craigslist crimes here in Florida where people meet to sell something but the buyer shows up with a band of thugs and basically beats the heck outta the seller and steals whatever stuff was in the deal. 


People have to be smart and careful when using Craigslist.  I moved one time and wanted to get rid of bedroom and living room furniture.  I sold some and gave some away since I didn't want it any longer and I didn't want to have to move it.  The town I was in was small and had a low crime rate and I lived close to the police station which probably helped.  Still, I was willing to let the people come only in the daytime and I spoke to everyone on the phone to get a feel for them.  Since then, I also sold a dvd/vcr recorder/player.  I told the first person interested that I would meet at a police station.  To me, that wards off anyone who is up to no good.  If someone has to come to the home to purchase something, it's a good idea to pretend that a lot of people will be there (brothers, cousins, male friends) and possibly a couple of big dogs.  If people are up to no good, they wouldn't risk having to deal with all of those people.

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My son-in-law's college roommate tried to sell something on Craigslist (I think it was an Ipad). They agreed to meet at a rest stop on the Florida Turnpike in the daytime. When the roommate got there, apparently he was nearly mugged by two guys and the only thing that saved him was my very large buff son-in-law showing up (for the uninformed, the rest stops on the Turnpike are heavily traveled AND usually loaded with cops). Another case here had two guys beat up a Marine and put him in the hospital for a gold chain. 

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Lol, you guys are hilarious.  I'm a gay man, I have never used Grindr myself but a lot of my friends have.  Tinder is actually the straight response to Grindr.  Grindr came first then Tinder.  


Another thing about Grindr (not sure if Tinder has this) but there is a GPS component, that tells you how far away the closest person is.  For example, if going out to a club, party, or just your office, you would turn on Grindr and it would show you all the other gay men who are close in distance to you.  This happened at a party at my house, my roommate's friend, a gay male, was showing me his Grindr profile and when he signed on it notified him that there was another interested guy on the site who was 20 feet away.  Which then prompted me and my friend to visually comb the party to pick out the guy, which we successfully did.


Technology at its finest.

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I'm a straight female married to the same man for the last 10 years. After reading this I am extremely happy I found Mr. Milz long before apps that would have told him (and any other male---wacko stalker or nice guy) the physical distance I was currently located. Dating has become creepy, imo.


Yep. I wonder if my husband and I would have ever gotten together if the first communication I had from him was a dick pic.

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Apparently that method was profitable for little Murphy in luring in a sugar daddy.


lol..being this is the Judge Judy forum, I'm certain you meant that literally and figuratively.

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So who hated the giant-eared, double-chinned, smirky, slimeball "breeder"/kitten peddler? I'm sure she doesn't want any buyers coming to her place and seeing the squalor in which she keeps those unfortunate cats. Ugh.


Hey Angela, you are needed in the big room. This snark is too good for small talk.

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