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  1. Amen!!!! Eric/Nicole were each other's first love, but I agree that they weren't the love of each other's lives. Or I should say that Eric wasn't the love of Nicole's life. Now Eric who we haven't seen in a significant relationship outside of Jennifer and Greta 20 + years ago. Nicole may in fact be his greatest love by default.
  2. I like the symmetry of Shawn D being the one to figure out Gina. He was the one who figured her out originally as a teenager and the one who killed the actual Gina the last time she was impersonating Hope.
  3. Not that this solves anything but Sarah made the comment to Xander that she and Adrian got turned around somehow, missed an exit etc. That explains why the cars were going in the opposite direction.
  4. Omg!!!! Ben as baby DJ? The internet would explode.
  5. I would actually put the "Horton" side above the Brady one here. Will is also Maggie's great nephew, and up until Daniel, Lucas was always Maggie's surrogate son. Not that Maggie would want anyone framed but she certainly wouldn't want Will framed for her.
  6. I would say worse than that considering Will spent a majority of his younger years raised in the Kiriakis mansion with Lucas, Kate, and Victor. He even shared a nanny with Phillip as babies. But that was well before they turned Victor into a caricature of who he used to be.
  7. Not that I agree with bringing Kristen around, but didn't Eric tell her that he "forgave" her? Forgiveness in the sense that Eric doesn't want to hold onto any anger towards Kristen for his own sanity and health. I believe it happened in the chapel once Kristen's pregnancy was confirmed, I believe it was what prompted Kristen to tell Eric that Sarah was pregnant. Again, certainly not a reason to bring Kristen by, but I would think the writers would of recalled that exchange and had Kristen sort of use it as a reminder to everyone that she was trying to be better.
  8. Oh God, Alex North!!!!! What a ridiculous way to bring back Wayne Northrop. They could of come up with a different role for him then giving Marlena a random abusive never before mentioned first husband. The only good thing that storyline did was unintentionally give some texture to the Marlena/Kate friendship when they were younger. It also help most people forget the previous absurd storyline of mid fifties Marlena being pregnant by Roman.
  9. Chad didn't kill Madeline. She died after a fall down the stairs. Now she was probably distracted because of an argument she had with Chad, but it wasn't like they were struggling with one another. But yes, I agree that all the charm Chad used to have is all gone.
  10. Oh I knew you were joking, but like you mentioned I wouldn't put it past the writers to then have Kristen wonder if Steve was her birth father. One thing I did like was Kristen mentioning that she is the only living daughter. Nice little touch/reminder.
  11. I personally loved John and Kate together. One of my all time favorite Days scenes is when they decided to end their engagement and go back to Roman and Marlena.
  12. Unless they are retconning Kristen's memories she knows who her bio father is. She may not have many memories of him but she has always known who he is and was aware of his death.
  13. I thought she was sort of mocking the idea as in. "Really Steve, your going to pretend to be my bio-dad". Also I'm sure Kristen may not have strong memories of her bio dad, but she wasn't a baby when she went to live with Stefano and Celeste. I think she knows her bio dad wasn't a 10yr old Steve.
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