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  1. Not that this redeems her, or even if I had faith that Ron and staff could pull it off, but I don't hate the idea storyline of "Rachel can change Kristen". Up until Kristen's breakdown in the 90's she was good/sweet character. It was her miscarriage of John Jr., Peter's presumed death, and Rachel's (Mom) death that caused her mental breakdown pushing her into being a villain. Not saying she would ever go back to pre-breakdown Kristen, but I wouldn't hate a layered redemption storyline that at least made Kristen a more "gray" character.
  2. I don't remember a lot of Carly and Lawrence, but didn't he always have a "dark" side? He raped Jennifer, and tried to kill John when they were kids. Is physical abuse that much of a stretch?
  3. Carrie and Austin are not together. Carrie revealed it when she came back for Caroline's funeral. That is also when she slept with Rafe. Austin also confirmed it when he did the digital series with Chad and Abigail.
  4. Yeah Anna was very much the "Sami" of the show. I've always been annoyed that they never explored the dynamic that Sami and Anna were so much alike juxtaposed to Carrie and Marlena being alike. For all the "Mommy angst" Sami had, Carrie could of given her a run for her money if the show was ever interested in exploring Carrie as an individual character. When Anna returned to Salem during the Brady/Dimera war storyline I thought for sure they would develop a relationship between Sami and Anna.
  5. Far more interesting scenario!!!!! The fact that they established that there were 3 babies born that night keeps making me think there is another twist in the works. It always made no sense that they dismissed Rex being the father as if there was a significant time lapse. Sarah ended her marriage and slept with Eric the same night. She was pregnant less than two weeks later.
  6. That would actually make a lot more sense. As outlandish as this whole "essence" plot is, the only thing that is consistent is that HoGina and Stefano are operating as their characters from the mid 90's. I'm not sure why this hasn't been addressed as a plot point but we have consistently brought up that Stefano hasn't been interested in Marlena in well over a decade and one of their last scenes was him trying to kill her avenging Kristen's "death". This whole Queen of the Night/ Maison Blanch is the epitome of mid 90's Days. As for Princess Gina, the last time she was on the show she wasn't interested in John. Before her death Gina was madly in love and had just married Bo. She was impersonating Hope and had settled into living her life that way. She and John were friends and she had Greta in Salem. If would of made far more sense for her to "wake up" and ask where Bo was. After mourning him if she wanted to settle back into being interested in John then fine. Seriously next we are going to have 45yr old Sami visit Salem and reveal her newest scheme to trap Austin. She Will drug his once a day men's multivitamins and arrange for his AARP membership to get delivered to her apartment. When things eventually implode with Eric and Nicole, Kate will swoop in and offer Nicole another 5 million to lure Lucas and Ally back to Salem. Truth be told all jokes aside I wouldn't hate a Lucas and Nicole repairing. EJ was too dark, Eris is too saintly. I think 40's something's Lucas and Nicole are a nice fit.
  7. Tori for me is one of those actresses that needs a good director and material. For as much as people rag on her (which I believe has a lot more to do with her status) when she is good people generally respond. Her performances in House of Yes, Trick, and So Notorious have always been lauded as something special. As for 90210, Shannen and Jennie had the flashier roles, but Tori's Donna is arguably the most relatable character throughout the whole series.
  8. Lol, I was just thinking with their history (and half of Salem), John and Marlena should have those microchips implanted for when pets get lost. I believe the posters above are talking about the actress Kristian (Hope), not the character Kristen.
  9. God this plot has seriously run it's course. Now Stevano wants Kate dead? The only ally he actually had. Kate was fine with him being around her only request was that he didn't mess with Marlena. The biggest question is "Where the hell is Greta". There is no way in hell Gina wouldn't of arranged for Greta to be in Salem by now. Or when Gina was revealed, Jack would of immediately got in touch with his former best friend to let her know what was going on. The more interesting plot would of been for Gina while pretending to be Hope lured Greta back to Salem while she was living with John. That was always her goal for her and Greta to be a family with John. That was the goal since the writers have clearly forgotten that Gina did get over John and fell madly in love with Bo, but we are not supposed to mention that since it messes with their inaccurate plot.
  10. If I remember correctly I believe that there was one scene with Marlena and Lani once she revealed who her mother was. Just that one though. Old Days would of had Lani getting close to Marlena while keeping the secret of Abe being her father.
  11. Not that I would put it past Ron to make Ben a resurrected DJ, but it seems like his age would be the biggest deterrent. Bigger things have made less sense but Ben would have to be in his late 40's if they were going to pull off him being DJ.
  12. I also really love their daughter being named Rachel. Not only on Kristen's side, but a nice nod to the Black family as well. Not that Brady would remember much of Rachel, but she was special to both John and Marlena. A nice nod to a simpler time in John's life, even if he doesn't remember all of it. John was a great comfort to Rachel when he was a young priest.
  13. You are 100% correct. This is why a lot of us fans were on Kristen's side back then at least initially. The way John and Marlena were carrying on with each other was totally disrespectful to Kristen. Especially when you consider the fallout of their previous affair. My pleasure!!! I'm glad DisneyBoy was able to fill in my gaps. I loved the character of Rachel and thought it was incredibly misguided to kill her off. The push and pull she had with Kristen, her budding sweet friendship with Marlena, and her rich history she had with John, Stefano, and Celeste was far too interesting to kill her off.
  14. Kristen and Peter's biological parents were revealed back in the 90's during the Maison Blanche/ Aremid storyline. Rachel Blake and her husband (no name) were best friends with Stefano and Celeste in Aremid. This is after Celeste had Lexie and arranged for her sister and brother in law to adopt her behind Stefano's back. Anyway Stefano and Celeste had ceased being a couple but she still worked as his assistant. The Blake's were their good friends. Stefano became obsessed with Rachel and wanted her to leave her husband. Rachel refused. Stefano set their house on fire. I don't remember if it was 100% clear if he tried to kill both of them or just the husband thereby coming in as Rachel's savior. Anyway both of them "died". Hence Stefano adopting Peter and Kristen and them going to live with he and Celeste. In the Aremid storyline Rachel was revealed to be alive and was the "woman in white". She had PTSD and would roam the old Blake house as a shut in. The town folklore was that she was a ghost. Anyway Celeste recognizes her she is forced out of hiding and reunites with Kristen and Peter. She also develops a friendship with Marlena. This is the point where Kristen starts to have her mental breakdown and Rachel sort of becomes the Angel on her shoulder versus Stefano as the devil, each of them trying to influence her. When accompanying Rachel out of town to get reconstructive surgery to fix her scars from the fire Marlena was kidnapped by Stefano their plane went down and Rachel was killed. Thus entered the middle phase of Kristen losing her mind. Fun fact: When John was a young priest he was planted in Aremid at the same time by Stefano of course and became friends with Rachel. Damn I miss the storytelling of the 90's.
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