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  1. Chanel's father died. Paulina has described him as the only good man she had ever been with. He encouraged her and became a stay at home dad so she could build her company. Lani also described him as a good man. Channel referenced him once talking about how close she and Pauline were before his death. He seemed to be the glue of their small family.
  2. I don't mind Cin in general, but put some respect on Lisa Rinna's name. There is no logical reason for Cin to be front and center. They are supporting characters to Lisa's Billie. They seriously don't think they are the draw here. Lisa, Eileen, Chandler, and Christie are the main draws for me.
  3. This was the period where they made John, Colleen Brady and Santo Dimera's son. So John and Kim were first cousins, making Theresa and Brady 2nd cousins. Once Theresa showed up they had Hope deliver a message to Brady saying that John who was off screen, found evidence that he wasn't Colleen and Santo's son Ryan. The whole Colleen and Santo thing was beyond ridiculous. It really was just a Sami/Ej vanity project from TPTB. They should of just left John as Daphne's son. It explained his conception, his Alamain adoption, and why Stefano hated him.
  4. I could of sworn that Sami said Sydney was in college, or she used the word "school" as an exchange for college. It was when EJ was trying to convince her to stay in Salem permanently. They were making the point that all the kids were grown and out of the house. College would match up age wise since she is only two years younger than the twins.
  5. Lisa's beauty brand is on fire right now. Her products have been getting great reviews. At first I didn't like the idea of her on housewives but she has proven to be successful on the show and sort of play the game.
  6. Yeah, that was really the only reason. So her and Brady who were cousins wouldn't realize it. Then magically another retcon that erased that and made them unrelated to date one another.
  7. Could be. What is confusing is that there has been no announcement about Stacey leaving so presumably she is still with the show meaning there would be no reason to go after Eileen for Kristen/Susan/Banks siblings. That's what leads me to believe she is playing a different possibly new character. Or like I mentioned above there will be some sort of twist if she is playing an existing character we know. Unless she is playing Billie's partner she will most likely be in only one episode like the rest of the recurring cast. Seems like a lot of energy to get Eileen to come do what is essentia
  8. The scenes when Roman found out about Allie's rape. Roman returned back in Salem, Kayla greeted him and said she was happy to hear that Austin and Carrie had got back together, Roman confirmed it was great news and he had a great time visiting with them and Noah.
  9. The show is actually centered around Lisa Rinna's Billie. As an ISA agent she is on a case regarding jewelry. My understanding is that Billie is the recurring character thru all 5 episodes with the characters from Salem interacting with her in the different locations. I'm guessing each episode will feature a different group of Salemites. Also Carrie and Austin are actually back together Roman informed us when he returned from visiting them and Noah. I actually don't think that Eileen is playing Kristen. All the articles I saw conveniently don't mention Kristen at all. All the other
  10. Ally and Johnnie are 23/24 now. Not that bad as far as SORASED kids.
  11. Chad actually faked an illness and, Abigail picked him over Cameron. She found out and dumped Chad. This was when Chad took a bullet meant for EJ and was recovering in Boston. He came back as Billy Flynn. I wouldn't mind another go round for Cameron and Abigail. Or maybe Gabi, Cameron and she also had chemistry. Ironically the more interesting pairing was always Cameron and Chad, their parent's shared history and how they were dealing with it as adult men.
  12. There is also the thing of grandparents and grandchildren having their own relationship, separate from their parent's issues. Bo can have a civil relationship with Victor, and still allow him to have a loving relationship with his children. We saw this scenario play out with Abe/Lexie concerning Theo and his relationships w/ Stefano and Kate. Speaking of which, I need Theo in a scene with his "grandmother" Kate ASAP.
  13. Celeste and Brandon were the ones overseeing Theo's care in Africa. Brandon still lives there as far as we know. They haven't mentioned Celeste in a while. Speaking of, I think it's time to bring Cameron back. He was a decent rival of Chad's for Abby. There was just so much to explore with that character. Ironically the real story there was he and Chad and their shared family history.
  14. I feel like this is something like folklore that just gets repeated enough and people believe it. Lexi has only ever had one affair, and that was with Tek. She had an attraction to Jonah but never acted on it. When she slept with Brandon her and Abe were separated and getting a divorce. Not saying her behavior has been great but even the TEK affair had some nuance to it considering she was dating TEK when Abe came back from the dead.
  15. Did anyone notice Gabi's flub while talking to Steven? She is Steven's aunt not his sister in law.
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