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  1. All of John's retcons involve his birth parents. Whomever his birth parents are he was still adopted by the Alimains. He is still Vivian's nephew, Nicky's uncle and Stefan's cousin.
  2. Did we ever get a cousins scene with John and Stefan? I'm not remembering one. For all of the trouble it took to insert the character into the show and make him a Dimera they never acknowledge his Alamain side. I would be far more interested in seeing a Stefan vs Nicky battle of the Alamain fortune. Or a cousins battle of Stefan vs Brady. For all of John's retconning and changing of history the one constant is him being an Alamain. I would much rather see John and Jake scenes then a retread of Chad vs Jake/Stefan.
  3. Stefan should of just been Stefano's nephew. Him coming in as a wealthy established businessman to rival Chad for the company would of been more than enough.
  4. Technically both posters are right. When John first joined the priesthood at 18-19, it was under the guise of Stefano. John was a priest in New Orleans because that is where Stefano and Celeste were stationed. This is where he met and became friends with Rachel. So yeah he was under Stefano's control, but was an actual priest just the same.
  5. Lucas and Adrienne were a real couple. When their relationship ended, Adrienne eventually got back with Justin, Lucas fell off the wagon. While off the wagon, Bonnie came back and switched places with Adrienne and slept with Lucas once or twice. On Bonnie's last visit is when she tried to pass off Emily as her and Lucas's baby.
  6. I always loved that house set. One of my favorite Salem houses.
  7. It was EJ. Back when Ashley Benson was playing Abby she had a "school girl crush" on EJ. Jack and Jennifer warned her to stay away. This was back when Jack and Sami were really good friends.
  8. Thanks!!! I originally thought they disappeared as well. There is an old Ebony cover with Tammy Townsend (Wendy) along with other black couples. One of the couple's is getting married. For some reason I "remembered" the cover as Tammy and Thyme (Jonah) getting married on the show, and thought I had missed it. Crazy!!!! Speaking of, why can't we get Jonah, Wendy, and Benjy Carver back? As well as Theo, Jett, Celeste, and Cameron. I miss the Days when there were more than 3 black people on the show!!!!
  9. Just wanted to add that weren't Jonah and Wendy the first black couple on Days to get married? They haven't been around forever but I believe they were the first since Abe and Lexie were married off screen.
  10. I think Tarek probably moved in Heather so soon because Christine has remarried and had another baby since they split. Just screams of an insecure man. Not sure why Heather would attach herself to a newly single father. Tarek is barely "reality show" famous and he doesn't even have a current show. Maybe they are trying to pitch a show together and trying to capitalize on what he had with Christine. Tarek buys and renovates and Heather sells? Two strange people.
  11. Eric is random in the grand scope of the character and her relationship to the people of Salem. Not that I'm discounting Eric being Sami's twin but Eric has never really been a constant relative in their life. Like I mentioned in my previous post Allie is related to half of Salem. Her goal we see is to come to Salem and hide out, especially from her domineering mother Sami. Going to the one person in Salem who has had a favorable relationship to Sami and is on good terms with her seems like a "random" thing to do. It especially seems like a random thing to do when you have other relatives in Salem who while not on bad terms with Sami but also have "complicated" relationships to her, whom Allie is also close to; Will and Kate. Relatives who would gladly understand where you are coming from and help you get your life on track. Rafe and Allie were very close when he was her stepfather. So close, when Rafe was switched with an imposter it was a plot point because Allie sensed that he wasn't the same person. Even after Sami and he divorced he kept a relationship with Allie going through Lucas allowing him to see and spend time with Allie. Rafe also came to Italy to help out with Johnny a couple of years ago. Now if the circumstances were different and Allie was a well adjusted young adult, whom wasn't in conflict with Sami, coming to Salem for a family visit and wanted to stay with her Uncle Eric I wouldn't find that "random" at all. But from what has been presented to us, I find Eric of all the relatives for her to pick, random.
  12. I'm liking the introduction of Allie, but like many others I'm baffled as to why she went to Eric and by extension Nicole. It just seems so random. I can actually understand not going to Roman, John, and Marlena but there is no way in hell Allie wouldn't of made a B line for Kate and Will. I get not wanting to be exposed by being at the Kiriakis mansion, but I think it makes far more sense for Allie to have contacted Kate and Will and if they in fact were hiding her out. Hell even her going to Rafe for help considering how close they used to be makes more sense than Eric and Nicole.
  13. They address this in the first season. I believe she started in LA, but moved to Miami based on her husband's work. Since they started having kids her family is more Miami based now.
  14. I think this is one area where real life and "production" coincide. Production makes it seem like they are working together daily but in reality they are probably filming a few days out of the week. So the hugs are probably oddly "real" since it's most likely been a week since they've seen each other. In terms of events, Mary's 2nd "real" bachelorette was a sticking point because she didn't invite all of the work friends. Amanza and Chrishell, her real friends were at the "2nd real party".
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