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  1. JBC344

    Braxton Family Values

    My understanding is that Trina's first husband, father of the boys is a dead beat who has no contact with the boys so in that instance there would be no need for Von to meet him. With Gabe I can see it. Since Trina and Gabe's sessions with Iyanla were beneficial he supposedly is still in the boys lives, and the youngest one is barely legal. That and supposedly Trina and Gabe are very friendly. Gabe actually past away a few months ago. This particular episode was taped months ago.
  2. JBC344

    The Wendy Williams Show

    First off, I am thrilled that we are seeing a "happier", less stressed, in a better place Wendy. With that said today's show was a freaking mess. First off, she couldn't keep the members of Migos and Travis Scott straight to save her life. Even when the co-hosts were reacting to her making that mistake she quickly dismissed them and couldn't read the room. Poor Norman whose main job it is to correct her these days, when he did, she still dismissed it and said her point remains. Oh and Wendy, Offset (member of Migos) is not Cardi B's "baby father" he is her husband and they have a child that was born during their marriage. Wendy always used to be so uppity about marriage and titles that now when people do have them she still reduces them to "baby fathers/mothers". Now on to Britney. What the hell was Wendy talking about. Now there is a story brewing about Britney and whether she is voluntarily seeking help but Wendy couldn't get one damn fact straight about this story. I also thought it was pretty ironic when Wendy would talk about people not understanding her getting help whether voluntarily or involuntarily when she through her own talk show has made fun of Britney in the past and her mental illness. Taping her head and talking about how Britney is "touched/few screws loose/not well" etc. Now onto Dee Barnes. This was hands down the absolute worse interview Wendy has ever done. I actually have been waiting for this one. I have known of Dee for decades and especially heard of her assault and have waited to finally hear her side of the story. Wendy completely killed that moment for me and others. What the hell was Wendy's problem with rushing Dee through the interview? Then she kept asking her to name drop celebrities who were at a party 25yrs ago, and kept actively getting upset at Dee when she couldn't remember. The worst moment when Dee was recanting the story and possible rape. Dee clearly didn't want to go there and here was Wendy pushing her. Then had the nerve to say at the end of the interview that she was mad at Dee for not telling the "whole" story. Well maybe if you Wendy weren't getting so hung up on what material the stairs were made out of and who was at the party maybe she would of felt more comfortable. What the hell was that incredibly awkward exchange with Wendy agreeing to publish Dee's book and the eventual movie of her life? I'm sure Dee has a great book in her but the whole exchange was so clunky. And why would there automatically be a movie from the book that Wendy is compelled to produce for someone who she literally just met? Wendy was truly horrible today!!!!!!!
  3. Is the show really pretending that Rafe who helped raise Grace/Sydney/Allie and Johnny as babies/toddlers doesn't know what to do with a baby and needs Lani's help? The only thing competent Rafe has done on the show in the last ten years is be a great step-father.
  4. I know most people prefer Charlotte Ross but she isn't that much younger than Kassie is and she certainly doesn't look like Shane's daughter either. For me I just have to handwave ages when it comes to soaps.
  5. Good for Casey I wish him well. I know he doesn't live with Chandler anymore but I do hope that he is still good friends with Chandler and Camilla, and they are a good support.
  6. I know we have had Rex call Will nephew but I don't think we have heard Will say "Uncle Rex". Probably the same reason he doesn't say Uncle Brady, Grandpa John, or Grandpa Victor. All names he rightfully would of grown up saying despite biology or divorce.
  7. So cute. She looks just like Kirsten.
  8. JBC344

    Got Questions?: We've Got Answers!

    They are still best friends they just don't seem to share many scenes together unfortunately. Actually both Sami and Roman visited Theo and Abe, while Theo was in the hospital. It was a sweet scene. Harkened back to Sami growing up calling him Uncle Abe.
  9. Interesting. Where I'm from Haley is a strong representation of undocumented immigrants. Hence the complexity.
  10. JBC344

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

    He counts the Kill Bill movies as one.
  11. You actually just described most undocumented immigrants!!!!!! Do they? I think that there are a lot of people who don't know how complex immigration is. They either fall on two sides, undocumented immigrants are the boogymen or ICE agents are soulless xenophobes. I'm not the biggest supporter of this particular story because I find it missing some really interesting beats but I do like what the character of Haley represents as a "face/profile" of most undocumented immigrants.
  12. Not that I would put that above Ron, but it seems so random. I'm trying to speculate how that would work out. I always got the impression that Ted was married a significant amount of time, which would mean he and Kristen were married during the interim of her escaping the harem and coming back to Salem. Since Diana knows Ted's wife, and also has been keeping tabs on John and Marlena she would know who Kristen is. I imagine that she would of used that information in her plans than as a random throw away line to Ted. Also wasn't there a reference that Ted and his wife had lost a child? I wouldn't put it past Ron to make Ted's wife a previous character, I just haven't been thrilled with what he has done lately with the few he has brought back, even though I like the "idea" of incorporating them. If not Kristen and a previous character what are some other guesses? A few of us in another Days thread have been talking about her recently but I could see maybe Greta Von Umberg as Ted's "deceased" wife. Now that raises just as many questions as Kristen being the wife but it would add an interesting layer considering Greta was Hope's "surrogate" daughter, and both women have been switched for one another before, and do look similar. Side Note: Does anyone beside me find the whole "Ted's dead wife storyline" to be a retread of Aiden's storyline?
  13. JBC344

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I really think Wendy is begining to crack. I feel like she desperately wants to burst at the seams. Between her comment last week about "What kind of man beats a woman" and her interview with Tasha Smith. Her interview with Tasha seemed like a coded counseling session. For those that don't know Tasha was married to a con artist who was after her money. Sound familiar? Wendy seemed really interested/excited/inspired by Tasha living her life as a strong independent woman.
  14. JBC344

    Us (2019)

    Well sure. Unless he is using the/a twist to explore the/a theme. Personally I'm not 100% sold on the Jason/Pluto switch, but I recognize it as an option with just as much interest and confusion/potholes as the Adelaide/Red switch.
  15. Probably because when Eric and Nicole were first an item Brady was still a toddler, but yeah we aren't supposed to talk about that. Then again to be fair, Eric was with Nicole first, but Nicole and Brady have a much more substantial history.