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  1. Ally and Johnnie are 23/24 now. Not that bad as far as SORASED kids.
  2. Chad actually faked an illness and, Abigail picked him over Cameron. She found out and dumped Chad. This was when Chad took a bullet meant for EJ and was recovering in Boston. He came back as Billy Flynn. I wouldn't mind another go round for Cameron and Abigail. Or maybe Gabi, Cameron and she also had chemistry. Ironically the more interesting pairing was always Cameron and Chad, their parent's shared history and how they were dealing with it as adult men.
  3. There is also the thing of grandparents and grandchildren having their own relationship, separate from their parent's issues. Bo can have a civil relationship with Victor, and still allow him to have a loving relationship with his children. We saw this scenario play out with Abe/Lexie concerning Theo and his relationships w/ Stefano and Kate. Speaking of which, I need Theo in a scene with his "grandmother" Kate ASAP.
  4. Celeste and Brandon were the ones overseeing Theo's care in Africa. Brandon still lives there as far as we know. They haven't mentioned Celeste in a while. Speaking of, I think it's time to bring Cameron back. He was a decent rival of Chad's for Abby. There was just so much to explore with that character. Ironically the real story there was he and Chad and their shared family history.
  5. I feel like this is something like folklore that just gets repeated enough and people believe it. Lexi has only ever had one affair, and that was with Tek. She had an attraction to Jonah but never acted on it. When she slept with Brandon her and Abe were separated and getting a divorce. Not saying her behavior has been great but even the TEK affair had some nuance to it considering she was dating TEK when Abe came back from the dead.
  6. Did anyone notice Gabi's flub while talking to Steven? She is Steven's aunt not his sister in law.
  7. Was I the only one yelling at the screen "What about Abe?" He would have Lexi's vote as her widower. Theo didn't inherit Lexi's vote. He and Steven have their own vote. They are older than Johnnie and Sydney. I'm guessing 25 is the age limit. Technically, Benjy' s wife would have a vote as his widow. I think the Abe direction would of been interesting considering he used to work at Dimera, and is on good terms with Chad and Tony. He also could of abstained or given his vote to Theo.
  8. JBC344

    S10.E24: MIA

    This whole Jade situation is completely ridiculous. Now that posters are enlightening us, Christy may have had a hard time filling it, but she also didn't handle it properly. Wouldn't Christy after going to the 2nd pharmacy think it might be a good idea to call the surgical facility for help or call Sean and let them know what is going on. Isn't there a generic version of Percocet they could of given her to substitute? Who made the damn call to send Christy in the first place? Why wasn't Jade sent home with a couple of pills to get her through the night?
  9. While I appreciate Kail's idea of getting Isaac involved, as usual it was Kail half assing(?) it again. It seemed the point was to give Isaac an activity that he could focus on and use his creativity since he couldn't do basketball and jui jitsu. Picking the floor and tile from Kail's approved choices which took all of 10 minutes does not an activity make. Hey Kail, why not really let Isaac "help" you with the whole house. Take him with you when you meet with the builder. Take him with you to the tile and ceramics store. Let him "help" you pick out the appliances and furnishings. Find a
  10. I believe he is back in jail. We last saw him trying to kill Ben and Ciara after the explosion. He got knocked out by falling rubble right before Ben got Clara to the hospital.
  11. I just think they wanted to establish Jennifer's longer stay in Boston and since they had Cady on set they figured they would shoot those scenes and air them when they needed.
  12. Was Julie being supportive the end of that storyline after she wasn't supportive in the beginning of David and Valerie? The history that I have read and the history that the show referenced was that Julie was not supportive of interracial relationships back then.
  13. Count me in on the killer isn't a main character train. I'm going with either Angelo, himself or ordered. There is a small part of me that thinks Charlie's dad did it.
  14. Are people really that baffled as to how Rhodes is getting paid? He is obviously being paid through an off shore account. Whether Vincent is in jail or not I doubt he would be sitting down and writing a check to his fellow kidnapper and mailing it every month. I also didn't understand his loyalty to Vincent. If Rhodes is only in it for the money the ransom alone that he would get for Ciara would be worth the risk in this case. Hell of a lot easier than waiting around for Vincent's money to run out.
  15. Maggie is Lucas's aunt and therefore Allie and Henry's as well. Despite the fact that it is through marriage they have always been connected. Now that Maggie's granddaughter and her great great nephew live in the same house seems logical she would/could take both. Henry Horton is related to 95% of Salem at this point. What good are the relations if they can't babysit. 😊
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