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  1. There are ships out there where I can understand their merits, even if I personally don't agree. And there are certainly those where I can (reluctantly) still admit when I think there's chemistry. But Sawyer/Juliet is something I'll go to my grave never understanding. For one thing, I barely bought them as friends let alone in love - at best, I saw them as stuck with each other so might as well make the best of it. But I remember being so disgusted at how OTT cheesy and OOC Sawyer was when they first introduced it that I couldn't wait to read reviews that ripped the writing apart. Instead, it was like a punch to the gut how they were hailed like the best thing to ever happen in LOST. Sawyer was my favorite character and I'll forever be bitter at the way they neutered him to try to sell me on this horrible ship. And I'll never not be convinced that at least some of the regard was just out of spite because the Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle was more grating by the day. The other thing is, I HATE the use of time jumps to steamroll character development. I often see whining when a love story is crafted between two characters who had limited on-screen interaction but I'd rather see the limited interaction that led to it than be told two characters are in love because of all this bonding they did for years off-screen. To me, time jumps are often a sign of writer laziness or incompetence.
  2. The Jimmy and Kim montage in Better Call Saul, set to Lola Marsh's cover of Something Stupid, is a thing of beauty. Part 2 (it was just uploaded that way) And in honor of Reichenbach day, Moriarty staging a theft of the Crown Jewels along to La Gazza Ladra - The Thieving Magpie - is one of my favorite sequences in any TV show, not just in Sherlock. Hannibal made good use of this music too with Jack fighting Hannibal. It's also on youtube but I didn't know if it was too graphic to post (it has a bit of the old ultra-violence).
  3. The Rise of Skywalker has its problems... oh so many problems... and I know Ben has his haters, but I don't care. This is a beautiful scene and genuinely my favorite across all three movies (and small miracles that Han was one of the only characters I think the sequels didn't ruin).
  4. While I find the plot of The Last Jedi weak and the humor painfully forced (worse than in the other sequels), I have the most respect for it for at least trying to do character development. I do think it fumbled a bit in its approach but in this age of sequels and reboots and whatnot, I don't think there's enough of letting characters be characters and too much of this new character has to embody that old one. If all that matters is being reminded of original characters/dynamics, then I say let the original characters be front and center and damn if they're older - Harrison Ford is 77 and still doing Indiana Jones. And TLJ isn't to blame for The Rise of Skywalker's failings... at least not the cause, maybe a symptom. Different people will have different ideas, that's a risk you run with no overarching plan (from what I saw). A dumb analogy I think of is when there's a station swap on cooking competitions, they're always clueless of what to make from their opponent's ingredients but they're all professionals and it's their job to use the resources at hand and make a satisfying dish. TRoS is still responsible for its own final product and it prioritized fanservice over storytelling. But giving a nod then pulling back, so as not to alienate the other side, just shortchanges everyone; you can't please everyone but you can sure as hell piss off everyone. You want Kylo Ren to be an irredeemable villain, stick with it; you want to redeem him, take the time so he can turn AND be accountable, that's where the payoff is. But I know, that's work, it's easier to rip off Vader's end and call it nostalgia. Or acting like Rey/Finn/Poe were the "new" Luke/Leia/Han just because they happened to be the three main heroes of the sequels, when that was only established off-screen between TLJ and TRoS (time jumps don't equal character development) and their trust/importance was always undercut by never telling each other anything. Real unpopular opinion: Finn/Poe/Rose were more of a/better trio. Of course nothing takes the cake of fanservice, to the point of incoherence, like Rey Palpatine Skywalker. Palpatine being back at all... oh but wait, it's a clone. Rey's his granddaughter... oh but wait, she's the granddaughter of a clone. Her parents loved and tried to protect her... oh but wait, her father was (also) one of the clones, making her (also) clone Palpatine's daughter. But Ian McDiarmid probably can't pass for her father so let's focus on grandfather. Not that this was even all in the movie, some was pathetic overcompensation afterwards. Or that being a Palpatine doesn't define you, that you don't need a name to be somebody (ironically a message TLJ already conveyed in Rey Nobody... which I actually liked) is immediately undermined by Rey taking the name Skywalker because legacy is all that matters. The novelization even said it was Leia's wish that Rey continue the Skywalker legacy (with Poe carrying the Organa legacy and Ben with the Solo legacy). But I get it, 'Skywalker' is more profitable for the brand than 'Rey'. TL;DR: Own your writing choices, don't let fanservice come at the expense of storytelling.
  5. More excerpts from the novelization (longish thread): https://twitter.com/thislilstangirl/status/1239704343760207872 Just Rae Carson (author of TRoS novelization) - imo - being funny about the "gratitude kiss": https://twitter.com/raecarson/status/1238524861338628097
  6. I found some screenshots of the passage with the kiss and Ben's death if anyone's interested: The kiss His death For my money, I don't think gratitude says anything one way or the other about feelings towards the person one's in gratitude to. One can be grateful for something towards someone they're in love with, they can also be grateful for something towards someone that they're not in love with. I do think TPTB's trying to have its cake and eat it too as not confirming Reylo but not denying it either. Personally, I wouldn't take a moment to take in the other person and only then kiss them, and for a lot longer than a peck, if my thanks was platonic. But since this was Ben's POV here anyway, I take it as his gratitude that Rey didn't just walk away once she'd been revived.
  7. I mostly lurk anyway, and will go right back to it after since I'm more of the "I hope Adam Driver doesn't get back problems from carrying the weight of this trilogy" variety, but as a movie itself, I think it had some good ideas but didn't really follow through on them. (The consequence of trying to appeal to everybody, rather than writing for the good of the story, being the constant backpedaling/half-measures so as not to step on any toes, then nothing reaches its potential.) I think they should've started Ben's redemption earlier, I remember sitting there feeling like I was suddenly watching a different movie. It's like the movie simultaneously dragged on and was rushed with an ending that had no time to let the emotional weight of anything settle. They were just scrambling to get the characters to where they needed to be at the end. But as I love all things Han Solo, naturally my favorite scene was Ben imagining talking to him again. How it acted as a callback to TFA when killing Han, instead of cementing Ben's allegiance to the dark side, it tore him up more than ever, now it acted as the final push for Ben to drop the Kylo Ren persona once and for all. And I think that's how I have to treat these movies, enjoy the moments I liked, and take each movie for what it is, rather than hoping for a consistent whole. Because as a followup to TLJ, TRoS doesn't really work just as, as a followup to TFA, TLJ doesn't really work. It's like no one could agree on the story this trilogy was trying to tell. As for the novelization, I'm not bothered by the use of "gratitude" but I am annoyed at how both sides seem fixated on the word without bothering to look at what it was for in the context of the whole quote: "A kiss of gratitude, acknowledgement of their connection, celebration that they'd found each other at last" (also that the paragraph came from Ben's POV). Gratitude doesn't negate love but neither should everything have to be explicitly spelled out, there's room for interpretation. It also seems to give context to Rey not seeming to mourn him because just after he dies, she hears Ben's voice saying "I will be always be with you" and she whispers to herself "No one's ever really gone." The Palpatine thing though - UGH. He's a clone, Rey's his granddaughter but her father was also one of those clones (which wouldn't that make Rey his daughter?! Or his clone self's daughter?!)... I don't know, the more they seem to try to justify it, the worse I think they make it. I'm with Elijah Wood on that one, it needs to stop. I do find it curious though, per the novelization, that apparently it was that Leia wanted the Skywalker legacy to live on through Rey, the Solo legacy to live on through Ben, and the Organa legacy to live on through Poe. Sadly I feel like new footage with Carrie Fisher was needed for that to work.
  8. When it wanted to, Scrubs really knew how to pack the emotional punches. The saddest for me were with Dr. Cox, probably because he was one of those characters who was usually so above it all. And this:
  9. The sneaking around is actually the part of Monica and Chandler that I didn't like. It was fine at first but they dragged it on so long and the "they don't know that we know that they know that we know" got so absurd that it was just annoying. I know it's one of the most popular but it's one of my least favorite episodes of the show. I also think Monica and Chandler were aided by Friends being an ensemble show. There wasn't always the pressure to write them something to do, some episodes could focus on them while others could focus on the other characters. I think that made it easier to make them the stable couple of the show. Although ironically, while I don't dislike the pairing (despite how I might come across), I still preferred both characters as individuals before they got together.
  10. Gotta be honest, I'm looking forward to when they can't be dominated by Game of Thrones. I'm happy for the actors but I hate how a season as awful as S8, according to both fans and critics, can still get all the love because it's just that 'big' of a show and was on its last season. They can get away with mediocrity that others can't and probably got chosen over shows that were more deserving. Or maybe I'm just angry that the Starbucks cup and water bottles got snubbed. Otherwise I'm thrilled for Chernobyl and am really pulling for Jared Harris. I'm also happy to see the love for Better Call Saul but I'm surprised at Rhea Seehorn getting left out when the rest of the core cast (not that I'm not happy for them) got recognition. Actually, it's the same surprise I have about Fleabag in that basically everyone except Andrew Scott got nominated.
  11. I guess we're in for plenty more Helping Hands and Living Scenery. I liked last year when they had just done away with celebrities and there was more variety of games. Still looking forward to the new season though.
  12. With a name more common than Daenerys, or a title more common than Khaleesi, I could do that. But when it's so unique, I don't think just liking the name would be enough for me to use it if I didn't also like/believe in the character because their association is so entwined. But that's me personally.
  13. For my money, this was where Dany's ending was headed but the things to actually push her over the edge were pretty much crammed into these last few episodes. So it wound up looking like it came out of nowhere when, I think, it didn't have to. Of course, I think to the people over the years who named their kids Khaleesi (or Daenerys, though I heard Khaleesi was more popular), they'd say it wasn't hinted at at all. But I can't help wondering if those that went with Khaleesi just liked the sound of it better or if they didn't realize that was a title, not her name. So I don't know if everything was a matter of not hinting enough or not paying close enough attention??? I guess if I've learned anything, it's that if I were to name my kid after a fictional character, I'd make sure the character was from a story that was already finished.
  14. Phoebe's said that she isn't planning a S3. It's too bad but I also think it's strangely right, with Fleabag essentially leaving us behind as she walks away from the bus stop. I have to admit, I was hoping it wouldn't go there with Fleabag and the Priest. I enjoyed the buildup and all but thought it was being set up to amount to friendship, which sounded so refreshing to me because I don't think we see friendship valued often enough in comparison to romance. So when it happened, I was a bit disappointed because it felt so... generic. But the ending was perfect, and the only way I think it could've ended between them. The love is there, but the Priest would never have been able to give up the church without losing himself in the process. That's where he's found his faith while for Fleabag, she knows now what it is to be seen and I think it's being able to find faith in herself. The speech was also fantastic. Phoebe did such a great job of capturing the different aspects of love, the reality being that it's not a fairytale. But also that there's all kinds of love, it's not just romantic. There's familial love, love amongst friends, love in one's faith, and certainly self-love.
  15. I'm the same way. I enjoy GoT, and happily talk about it with the people I watch it with, but the online discussions move way too fast for me. I tried at first but I just can't do it. The thought of actually going through all the replies and *trying* to find something new to say already sounds like a chore. I'm also hard pressed to name a favorite character myself. There's definitely ones I like but I think enjoy the various interactions more than any one character, so the heated debates about which character is right or better or whatnot doesn't really interest me.
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