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  1. When it wanted to, Scrubs really knew how to pack the emotional punches. The saddest for me were with Dr. Cox, probably because he was one of those characters who was usually so above it all. And this:
  2. The sneaking around is actually the part of Monica and Chandler that I didn't like. It was fine at first but they dragged it on so long and the "they don't know that we know that they know that we know" got so absurd that it was just annoying. I know it's one of the most popular but it's one of my least favorite episodes of the show. I also think Monica and Chandler were aided by Friends being an ensemble show. There wasn't always the pressure to write them something to do, some episodes could focus on them while others could focus on the other characters. I think that made it easier to make them the stable couple of the show. Although ironically, while I don't dislike the pairing (despite how I might come across), I still preferred both characters as individuals before they got together.
  3. Gotta be honest, I'm looking forward to when they can't be dominated by Game of Thrones. I'm happy for the actors but I hate how a season as awful as S8, according to both fans and critics, can still get all the love because it's just that 'big' of a show and was on its last season. They can get away with mediocrity that others can't and probably got chosen over shows that were more deserving. Or maybe I'm just angry that the Starbucks cup and water bottles got snubbed. Otherwise I'm thrilled for Chernobyl and am really pulling for Jared Harris. I'm also happy to see the love for Better Call Saul but I'm surprised at Rhea Seehorn getting left out when the rest of the core cast (not that I'm not happy for them) got recognition. Actually, it's the same surprise I have about Fleabag in that basically everyone except Andrew Scott got nominated.
  4. I guess we're in for plenty more Helping Hands and Living Scenery. I liked last year when they had just done away with celebrities and there was more variety of games. Still looking forward to the new season though.
  5. With a name more common than Daenerys, or a title more common than Khaleesi, I could do that. But when it's so unique, I don't think just liking the name would be enough for me to use it if I didn't also like/believe in the character because their association is so entwined. But that's me personally.
  6. For my money, this was where Dany's ending was headed but the things to actually push her over the edge were pretty much crammed into these last few episodes. So it wound up looking like it came out of nowhere when, I think, it didn't have to. Of course, I think to the people over the years who named their kids Khaleesi (or Daenerys, though I heard Khaleesi was more popular), they'd say it wasn't hinted at at all. But I can't help wondering if those that went with Khaleesi just liked the sound of it better or if they didn't realize that was a title, not her name. So I don't know if everything was a matter of not hinting enough or not paying close enough attention??? I guess if I've learned anything, it's that if I were to name my kid after a fictional character, I'd make sure the character was from a story that was already finished.
  7. Phoebe's said that she isn't planning a S3. It's too bad but I also think it's strangely right, with Fleabag essentially leaving us behind as she walks away from the bus stop. I have to admit, I was hoping it wouldn't go there with Fleabag and the Priest. I enjoyed the buildup and all but thought it was being set up to amount to friendship, which sounded so refreshing to me because I don't think we see friendship valued often enough in comparison to romance. So when it happened, I was a bit disappointed because it felt so... generic. But the ending was perfect, and the only way I think it could've ended between them. The love is there, but the Priest would never have been able to give up the church without losing himself in the process. That's where he's found his faith while for Fleabag, she knows now what it is to be seen and I think it's being able to find faith in herself. The speech was also fantastic. Phoebe did such a great job of capturing the different aspects of love, the reality being that it's not a fairytale. But also that there's all kinds of love, it's not just romantic. There's familial love, love amongst friends, love in one's faith, and certainly self-love.
  8. I'm the same way. I enjoy GoT, and happily talk about it with the people I watch it with, but the online discussions move way too fast for me. I tried at first but I just can't do it. The thought of actually going through all the replies and *trying* to find something new to say already sounds like a chore. I'm also hard pressed to name a favorite character myself. There's definitely ones I like but I think enjoy the various interactions more than any one character, so the heated debates about which character is right or better or whatnot doesn't really interest me.
  9. Boy am I glad I cheated and looked at the thread. I liked Ruby and Kim-Joy grew on me, so I was really hoping one of them would win. Oh well, at least I know not to watch the episode. It sounds like the challenges were disappointing as well.
  10. Wow. Paul went an episode without giving out a handshake. I loved all the Hawaiian shirts in honor of Jon. I honestly didn't see a difference in Rahul responding to criticism vs. getting complimented. He got lucky Manon strayed too far from the briefs, or at least that's all I can think of to justify sending her home instead, because it sounded like he did worse in every single challenge. Ruby was really the only choice for Star Baker. I think everyone left has won it now, which it's nice when more people get to experience it.
  11. Sorry to see Jon go, I'm sure his attitude didn't help matters but he was so obviously out of his element that I think he couldn't find the balance of expanding his horizons with being true to himself. His showstopper also had no chance of winning me over, in the debate of whether citrus and chocolate go together, for me orange and chocolate is the worst offender. I'm wondering if the handshake has just become a gimmick for the show now. Still nice to get for the contestants but Paul doesn't even seem to be fighting it anymore. I also thought Ruby should've switched the order of her cakes but that's because I thought the top cake looked bigger than the bottom one.
  12. I had to hear my entire life how smart/pretty/nice/great-at-everything my mother was, usually followed up with "Oh, but you're nothing like her", that it drives me crazy when my every move or behavior gets traced back to her. I don't doubt that Rahul's self-deprecation is real but I know as much about his life as I do any other contestant's that it just doesn't sit right with me to base whose self-deprecation deserves sympathy, and whose doesn't, on assumptions. I certainly hope he wasn't a victim of bullying but, harsh as it may sound, he's no less painful for me to watch.
  13. The chandeliers looked more like baby mobiles for cribs, IMO. I felt for Terry. From his struggles throughout the competition to missing a week due to illness, I'm happy for him that he made it this far. It was heartbreaking to hear him talk about his wife, it sounds like baking has been a real outlet for his grief. I hope he keeps at it. I'm really not enjoying watching Rahul look in anguish even while the judges are praising him. Honestly, I think he's worse with the faces than Candace was (if I completely ignored when she pursed her lips, I could find a sense of humor). And since it is praise that he's getting, thus not going anywhere, I can't say I'm thrilled with potentially having to look at that all season. Well... halfway there.
  14. I actually thought Dan would win Star Baker this week but I hope the two in a row give Rahul more confidence. I worry he's in danger of approaching the level of some past contestants who were annoyingly negative about everything but then *surprise* do great. That always put a damper on watching. I think Paul's been more liberal with the handshakes in recent years, I wonder if that's actually been an effect of changing networks. I still think the best bread show stopper in the entire show was the lion, and even with the shout out at the end of that episode, I don't remember it getting a handshake (I could be wrong though). I was sorry to see Antony go. I saw it coming but he just seemed so lovely.
  15. I've never understood it. I've heard that pudding was considered a coverall term for dessert but if that was the case, wouldn't nearly everything on this show, except for bread pretty much, qualify as a pudding? But then it seems that's not right either or else they wouldn't make a point to dedicate a week to puddings and the judges would never critique when something isn't a pudding.
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