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  1. Even if the numbers are a little lower they'll make a fortune! This is a very successful franchise. Any doesn't cost a lot to produce compared to the money they make. Every episode has a lot of upside financially if the numbers a little smaller still a great upside. That's OK they know that everyone will complain but watch. Complaining part of the fun. Sorry if you refuse to join in the fun.
  2. Are usually think that Wendi is being paid for promotion especially for the housewives franchise. Some other things that just seem to be strangely promoted, for example, occasionally Braxton family values, or some other low value programs. I am especially suspicious when she goes back and makes sure you know exactly what time it is and what is the channel. That behavior seems strangely promotional. I was surprised that Gary didn't pamper her at all or pander to her ego. She's so tone deaf though that she didn't pull back the first time. She could've done that and later tried to talk hi
  3. Eric is very traditional and once they have children he'll be fine with her being a fulltime at home mother. He's the kind of man that wants to be a provider and her type of job or her income while she works will probably not be very important to him.
  4. I had a problem getting to know Haley. What did we ever learn about her. She seem to be smart but shallow. She likes to travel........ and ??????? Doesn't seem like there is a lot of money to be had. The Australian version didn't pay much when this was written. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8027321/Married-Sight-TV-producers-decide-reality-stars-paid.html The Lakes are already rich. He has a goverment pension from the service and a good paycheck from an airline. The family has planes! A lot of people want to be on TV. You can make a living from Social Media i
  5. Both! Someone in a manic phase may look like the are high. We all agree that he isn't normal.
  6. I hate all the talk about the housewives. It seems like she must be getting money under the table for the housewives shows from Bravo. I mean do people really care about all of these people? This is from someone who's never watched any episode of the "Housewives of……".
  7. I don't think Haley has that understanding, "that basically anyone who has sex can realize that it takes a few times to sync up with a new partner, especially if you were drunk the first time." I would say you need time and repeated experiences. For women, if you don't find an instantaneous sexual or emotional connection, it's going to take some time if ever to have great sex. In my experience, most women need some connection including just sexual attraction to have "good sex" the first time having sex with a new person. From everything we saw before the marriages and during the marriage
  8. It's hard for me to imagine that Haley is a playful and giving lover. If you're having sex the first couple of days that you've met someone, you're really hot to trot and the sex will be great even if the relationship isn't. Most of these couples shouldn't have sex right away unless they can't keep their hands off each other. Since you're already married and you'd like to make the marriage work having sex later rather than sooner in my opinion is a better strategy.
  9. The Jo Malone bag was a paper bag that Jo Malone perfume came in. The perfume is expensive though.
  10. She has a BS in Civil Engineering : www.heavy.com/entertainment/vincent-briana-mafs-season-2021-atlanta/amp/ (scroll down for the details)
  11. These are things that naturally come up 4 weeks in. Eric does not seem to be fronting. They are very hot for each other. They are only half way into processing the differences outside of bed. They will have time to see what things are negotiable. I wouldn't start selling my house after 4 weeks with a heavy drinker. I'd be looking for them to slow down the drinking. I can't sell when they don't know if they want children because I know that's a deal breaker. He is a carnivore eater, sometimes Keto eater. There are no body odors. Some people have brief 2-4 day breath chan
  12. Wendy adores attention. She wants to be in the news or at least gossip pages. It also promotes her show. She is pushing this narrative. And on today's show, Wendy decides she wants to go to lunch or dinner with some young lady that presents alternative gossip on her show, so "they" can attract the men. Devious Wendy wants to lure those men in with that young lady. The gossip lady wants to be featured on Wendy's show so I think the young lady will definitely hang out with Wendy. Wendy looks so delusional thinking she's the same age as this girl and the same level of attractiveness as t
  13. Wendy has lost over 100 pounds from her highest weight and any bikini picture that doesn't look horrible it's something that is photoshopped. When you lose over 100 pounds if you are not in your early 20s, your skin does not spring back. You look good in clothes but unless you have a body lift your nude body is not going to look good. She's had a breast lift and a tummy lift but unless you have a body lift it's not going to look good. I've been following Wendy since she was on the radio and I became a fan when I was recovering from botched. She was then talking about the eczema, seborrhe
  14. It's not enough money for Paige to just be doing it for the money. She can still get the money anyway as long as she allows them to film her she doesn't actually have to meet with the idiot. She still doesn't want to fail, she thinks God has her in this to help Chris or make Chris better.Her version of Christianity is "that God doesn't give you anything you can't handle." Involved in a toxic Christianity mindset. And she's really desperate to be a mother and be married. I've worked late with many women who are easy to manipulate because they themselves don't consider lying. I don't thi
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