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  1. Gov. Cuomo knew he better not flinch if he was going to get people to get tested. It basically hurts a lot and they don't remove the long swab that quickly. Just because you're a nurse doesn't mean that you like nurses to do stuff to you. I know a Doctor Who can't even look when his blood is being drawn. Doctors and nurses are people too and they don't particularly like being hurt by medical procedures. It's actually more of a difficulty when you know what the procedure really is and how far up the nose that swab goes. That's why they couldn't use a Q-tip because it's way up into the nasal cavity. I believe people can do things to other people If they would get pretty anxious having done to them. Do you think most heart surgeons would easily let another surgeon buzz them down their breastbone and take their heart out? Only if it was a life and death for sure. Doctors and nurses know how many ways things can go wrong even shoving a swab up somebody's nasal cavity. The way I enjoy the show and I don't even know more then Doug and Jimmy and Austin and his wife. I'm still amazed that this can work for anybody. I'm really happy for the people who are in relationships/marriages that they can work on and grow and develop. I wanted to see more of the new dog.
  2. I thought someone wrote that the show would pay for the divorce if people chose to divorce. The same as they paid for the marriage ceremony. Can anyone confirm this?
  3. I watched the first 3-4 seasons and just came back for this season so this may be of interest to me.
  4. What if she had gotten pregnant? How Reckless Was that is that? Derrick dodged a bullet I didn't know had been shot. From an interview with Mekka https://madamenoire.com/1148911/meka-married-at-first-sight/ Questioner: Was there one lie out of the many Michael said this season that was most ridiculous of all? Meeka: So two things: I thought the mileage lie was extremely weird. I really don’t get, why lie about the miles on your car? And I don’t know if anybody really pays attention, because I didn’t see a lot of people calling it out, but when I watch that scene, he literally volunteered that information to me! .......... And also when he told me that he went to Brazil, when he never went to Brazil. He told his entire family he went to Brazil, he posted pictures saying he was in Brazil, tagged Brazil as the location, and he was literally in Mexico the entire time.
  5. No............... Not remotely true. I believe that the show and Brandon were already in litigation in the early weeks of the show being aired. He broke the contract by filing for an annulment before the show had aired, thus spoiling the show. He was in breach of contract. Of course he would be countersuing. Yes! 1,000 times.
  6. Check out the forum for the wedding episode for Taylor and Brandon and see how many people picked up that Brandon didn't seem attracted at all to Taylor. Also, at the reception, he did that strange thing about smashing the cake in her face which given that he had just met her about an hour ago, seemed to be an aggressive behavior. Some will claim that people have done that at other receptions, people that just got married that have known each other and have had a relationship,but smashing cake in a stranger's face doesn't seem like a nice way of getting to know somebody that you want to get along with for 8 weeks.
  7. Having anxiety does not mean you have an Anxiety Disorder. Anxiety is a symptom. Anxiety disorders have very specific parameters that Brandon does not appear to meet. Brandon clearly has a personality disorder, a probable substance abuse disorder, and his degree of paranoia creates a question as to there possibly being another type of disorder.
  8. Catching up with the Wendy show at home. oh I know now how bad this COVID-19 situation is because those home visits are just as boring as the studio hot topics. Thanks everyone for filling me in on the episodes the descriptions were very accurate and I really have nothing new to observe. I do have to say I wasn't really watching it closely. I do have to mention the Vivica a fox is such a self promoting bore. Viveca thinks she's really interesting and oh so fine, NOT. Like Wendy, she's become so plastic in her surgery face that I don't enjoy watching or listening to her. So so fake and I know Hollywood is fakery but she seems fake in a fakey, fakey way. I just realized it's just because she's not a very good actress so when she pretends to be the Vivica A Fox character that she has created; it has no authenticity because she's a bad actress. I have two more episodes to watch but since I never watch anything about housewives I'm sure it'll just take a few minutes. By the way, Norman is helping Wendi as usual she better give him some money.
  9. Brandon didn't work in a bar during the marriage. If he was working in a bar months later, it was a new job after losing his beer ambassador job. I'm open to anyone that actually has additional information about his work status.
  10. No evidence that Brandon worked there. This was not a love marriage - why should Brandon go after her? They knew each other 8 weeks. He rejected her. Why is he so angry? You do know that abusive men commonly accuse their women of attacking them and they are both hauled into court? The police are not supposed to make a decision who is in the wrong, they just arrest everybody. And they are usually our counter accusations especially by men. Abusive women do it as well, there's just less physically abusive women. I would think Brandon refused to be on camera, high anxiety don't cha know? I'm sure if the show could have gotten his crazy ass on screen they would have loved it for the drama. They just couldn't have them in the same room at the same time. Brandon liked to have control over the videos, even with is having to go to the bathroom in the decision episode. He escaped taping the wedding night. COVID-19 isolate at home after being married at first sight is interesting to me. Anxiety can be a symptom of many mental illness. A beer salesmen who goes to festivals and crowded bars is not consistent with a primary diagnosis of social anxiety. It's not consistent with a secondary diagnosis of social anxiety. It just isn't "social anxiety" although I'm sure he gets anxiety when he does something fucked up in a social situation. Production would have no reason to not have Brandon tell his side on Zoom. You know Brandon was rarely cooperative. He may have made some outrageous demands regarding the interview conditions.
  11. It support the idea that Brandon did not like her from first sight. Nothing else he would know on the first day.
  12. Sound like an episode from the TV show "Unreal".
  13. Taylor didn't have a father involved in her life. That may have predisposed her to stay longer and try to work it out. Even women who have fathers "involved in their life" may not have a loving father, easily take more abuse and more responsibility for trying to fix their romantic relationships. I don't believe that she was hitting Brandon in the bathroom but that Brandon as a great manipulator, could set his own narrative because the door was closed.
  14. I take it that Wendy knows nothing. She just wants attention. If she knew something she would tell it.
  15. He could have packed his work clothes and worn them directly to the job site. Not complicated. He could have let Michael in and not walked away delaying the car leaving. Not complicated. He never takes responsibility for anything. It's always somebody else's fault. Taylor is responsible for his behavior even though he started acting out right after they walk the aisle. He's smushed the cake because he would later discover she was on Instagram?
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