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  1. COVID? Rehearsals would be too much of a risk everybody breathing hard when they have been lucky not to have an outbreak for the whole season. She looked as big as Lizzo but not as fabulous as Lizzo. I think Lizzo did wear a dress just like that at an award show. I'll look around and see if I can find an image like that.
  2. It would be nice to see him dancing again. I really enjoyed his dancing. I never really noticed when Kaitlyn was dancing; I think sometimes I did some of my chores or got distracted.
  3. It's no accident that all of the dresses are horrible. They are horrible so that we talk on social media and she probably has a clause in her contract for extra money to be criticized for her clothes. Really there's no other explanation no production could be that incompetent.Given that a lot of the dancers are reasonably good and there aren't any trainwrecks Tyra needs to be the train rack for people to go on the media and complain and talk and argue about the show to get the show some traction. Me too. When people talk about Nev, they exaggerates his training, which consists of community dance classes and one semester in college as a dance major. I know in my first semester freshman year I didn't have four classes in my major. But he really loves to go to the ballet and other dance performances have giving him a keen eye and it's clear he loves to dance. Nobody talks about Justina's performance high school and I don't have a problem with that just know that she had some lower level training as well. And of course the bachelorette who danced all of her life, and his mother was either a professional or a dance teacher but I think she was a dance teacher. So what? I want to be entertained and if people love Justina and identify with her that's great. I just watching Nev dance. Can't wait till the semi finals when he saves all of his hair off or we are treated to him going to get his hair ripped out of its roots with the waxer. You know it's gonna happen.
  4. What's she to say? It's done. I do hope she warned him about doing it in the future.
  5. I assume the bumper sticker is a joke. On the back windshield of my car, I had three college stickers. Harvard College, Columbia University, Vulcan Space Academy. I thought it was pretty funny and I wonder how many people laughed or smiled when they saw my back windshield. I figured a lot of people got the joke. My cousin's father bought my car for her and she kept the stickers on. One day she was telling a friend that her cousin went to those schools. She called me angrily because her friend made fun of my cousin thinking that I went to the Vulcan Space Academy. She did know that I was a graduate of the other two universities. I thought my cousin was in on the joke. She didn't know that the Vulcan Space Academy was Star Trek. She took all of the stickers off.
  6. I never understood why serial dater became such a terrible terrible idea. You need to seriously date until you find "the one". Wasting time in relationships that have no value or hope that's a waste of time. You should date until you find a match. Brett isn't that easy to make a match with. With the sarcasm and stuff.
  7. I really enjoyed the last segment of the couples getting together talking about and sharing a little about their decisions. I believe that vacationing/honeymooning together is a good idea for the couples as well as the viewers. I know everything is about ratings since it's a TV show, but these are people and having support of others going through the same process is a gift to them. I truly believe that there are some new lifetime friendships being created. I wish Bennet and Amelia would in New Orleans to take part in the socializing because they're a great couple too. Maybe they'll be back in New Orleans in 2022 when COVID-19 is more stabilized.
  8. Thanks for sharing. While I'm shocked to hear that being around animals makes your skin crawl, it opens my eyes to the other extreme end of how people feel about animals. I think this it's something that then has to be taken into account in picking a partner. While I don't think that Olivia and Brett should've been matched just because they love cats, clearly you could never be a good match for either of them because viscerally and psychologically an animal could not be part of your life, to say nothing of being in the same home. Thank you again for offering some insight into this. I do believe that Woody's objections are not the same as yours. I think this couple would enjoy taking care of a little dog and Woody would be the one finding the best outfits and Halloween costumes for the dog.
  9. Woody, "How do I say this..." "I got you a dog!" Out comes the dog in a Gucci backpack or a baby front pouch.
  10. Dog is coming with in 6 months. He will wanna share that experience with Armani knowing that they're not ready yet for a baby, a fur baby is a good start.
  11. Not a mistake to try when you don't have a reason to try there's nothing that horrible and plenty potential.. There's no reason to start right now in case they're on the purposes of turning everything around. They can always get a divorce. In two weeks they can say let's get a divorce but they might as well try to see what the relationship is when it's not being examined on TV. I've been saying that Karen really fears the judgment of her parents and her church. I don't think she would want them to clearly now because the TV would ask them are you having sex and then she have to say yes. And I think in private she can be doing it and then let people gradually understand that.
  12. Henry has great taste in socks I've noticed. No surprise to get a divorce.
  13. Yes. Typo. Karen really knows how to dress! She did have the wrong shade of foundation on. That threw me off a bit.
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