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  1. Coltee groping # 2 Brazilian chick’s thigh while slurpy kissing her telling her he wants to take things slow is disgusting. He wants to take things slow so MommaDebbieLove doesn’t know about the new chippy yet wants to get his sex on. He Is repulsive.
  2. God that was sad when his alleged leak proof duct tape cup leaked their hard earned water. edited to add: I’m completely dead with Jake saying about Josh, “He looks like he’s on day 62.” Oh gawd lol I love that man!
  3. I didn’t realize the third hour was gonna be a take on Pillow Talk from 90 Day Fiancée. I like the people they chose for the first ep. Lacy was surprisingly likeable and bless Jake, he didn’t hold back any punches on her. That Bulent is one unpleasant dude. Can’t even be quiet at night with the snoring. I’m wondering how long Makani will get away with her do nothing mode of survival this time.
  4. I was really glad Avery kept her cool when Ash was flipping out. You can’t deal with crazy by adding more crazy. She needs to move along and cut her losses which comparatively speaking are minimal.
  5. And the flowers worked too! They woke up in the same bed the next morning.
  6. I’m only 40 minutes into last nights ep, have to catch the rest of it later, but the couples were on fire! I was laughing and guffawing at so many of their reactions. Only gripe is missing Molly and her bff. I will forever adore Alexei from afar. I just love his dry sense of humor.
  7. When Ash started tanking he took off that very ill fitted jacket to present the gun show and distract all the womenfolk. Glad they didn’t fall for it.
  8. I was pleasantly surprised that Darcy didn’t take Tom’s note. I was really happy for her she didn’t cave.
  9. He was a complete jackass. One second he's saying that he has feelings for her and the next he's saying she's like his sister. I did not like the aggressive silence he laid on her either when she sat down. He deliberately did that to throw her off balance and make her speak first and he was the jerk that called the meeting. The weight comment was pure vindictiveness. There is nobody worth rooting for this season.
  10. I have to admit to a mighty hee hee seeing our guys on bikes. Very Goonie-ish.
  11. I'm really loving how Stevie became a part of their family. The affection Johnny had for Stevie was palpable and heartwarming. She was seemingly alone at the very beginning and not only found her bff but a family too. Dammit show...so good at the feels. Thank you so much! And God strike me down but "Simply the Best" by Tina Turner is playing right now on my station as we speak. I have a new appreciation for this song.
  12. I really hope we get that too. A little future wrap up in the form of a 2 hour movie sans commercials. Not so much to ask for methinks.
  13. Oh God, I just realized, the title Happy Ending...not just about this being the last episode. Well played show. Well played.
  14. My friend and I used to coo, "who's a good little eater?" I can't add anything new to the schmEd discussion. Its painful and cringeworthy and did I mention painful? For the love of God run Rose Run. Lisa is just an awful person. Usman was being extremely reasonable in his questions, trying to convey to her his very legitimate concerns and she just wanted to shoo it all away.
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