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  1. I haven't watched the ep yet and I can't help myself from coming here to read up on things. My heart is already feeling the sweet anguish of them getting to hear their dad's voice. We're so lucky these days. We can take pics or videos on a dime but back then capturing something like that wasn't the norm. I'm such a sap. I can't wait to see this. Bring it on TIU. I'm ready.
  2. Did I hear correctly that the plaintiff, who looks like he's got to be in his 60's, his daughter is 13? On a completely shallow note, the guy defendant is awfully cute.
  3. I have to say Tania looked good with the girls well supported. Syngin has really great hair for a guy. I was surprised Anny was as comported as she was. I wasn't expecting that.
  4. She werks everything! She really is awesome and who I'd want modeling my stuff.
  5. In my world of make believe, I'd sure like to think that too. I just caught Parenthood yesterday morning and even back then Joaquin then Leaf was so damn good. I'm thrilled that Joaquin won last night and loved him talking about River whose death really broke my heart. I dvr'd the show last night and plan on zipping through it tonight. Was there popularity clapping during the In Memoriam because I just can't with that. TIA.
  6. I was cringing painfully and I mean painfully when he opened his mouth with that preposterous explanation. As a gay man he really thought that the 50's was a grand old time for everybody??? Stay in your lane Sergio, make your clothes and leave the pontificating behind you. As smarmy as Delvin was to Nancy, gotta give him props for saying karma to Nancy. Least he knew he was a jerk about things. Was Britney lucky she got that save or what? Her outfit reminded me of Martin Short from Clifford.
  7. Yeahhhh, lol, it'd leave quite a bit to be desired and I know I have a bit of a Boston accent. Not to mention its so hahd to get right.
  8. *from Boston Now, that would be either horrifying or terribly amusing, "Ragnah!!! Use the smaht pahk"
  9. Many liberties have been taken with history but as long as there's no test after the series finale, I'm good. History was never my strong point. Hvitserk certainly detoxed adequately during his jaunt in the forest to the edge of wherever it was he conveniently ran into his walking talking nightmare. I don't like these random people walking up to Ivar and blathering about Dir sending his regards. Someone's bound to hear something and get it back to the psycho in charge.
  10. AMEN! I'm gonna miss her and her statement eyewear. I cannot believe they kicked her off for Victoria who's been making the same dress for the past umpteenth challenges but I knew it was gonna happen. The producers gotta amp up the drama factor. Does anybody know what exactly is wrong with Daeyoung? Poor Jeffrey, taking the blame. So not your fault sweetie. He's a doll. What does an "editorial" look even mean? I've never really understood it.
  11. It was all very unclear who was who in that zoo. They all looked dirty and hungry and just plain miserable. It was hard to give a crap about them nevermind when the killing started. Aside from Ragnar's dive into drug addiction, it was one of my least favorite storylines.
  12. Man alive, I dont recall signing up for a whole hour of Randall Pearson, Man on the Verge. That was rough. Give the man a break.
  13. I couldn't keep track of the families and who was killing who on Misfit Island. They were all so dirty and it was dark and depressing. Be nice if we get some official closure about Floki.
  14. That was a great scene. I remember thinking that Bjorn was going to choose to stay with Ragnar but he made the right choice then. Since then...not so much.
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