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  1. I frickin' love Andrei!!! Chef Bordy!???!! I wanna change my handle here to that. I am so happy to see that he and the sister appear to be on decent terms given how rough they made it look during their season. I wanna hang out with Annie. She is so much fun and spot on in her observations. She's making David look good.
  2. I heavily dozed off during Jenny and Indian Forrest Gump and pretty much missed whoever came after that. I dvr'd it but there's not a couple in this group that is gonna make it so why bother. They've just all made such complicated messes of their lives and involved kids in their drama to boot. I appreciate their efforts for providing me with mindless entertainment though so I'll applaud that.
  3. I agree and I love her makeup. Not the brightest bulb but very pretty.
  4. Taeyung is gonna be 20 and JiHoon is still gonna be spouting excuses.
  5. Liam is such a turd! I get his mom ain’t all that but he is heartless and way too gleeful he was right.
  6. I wish I could remember where I saw it on twitter, paraphrasing but something went, looks like Ben now has two child support payments to make. Well, I thought that was a stellar observation. Akinyi has the nerve to be all upset with Ben over not telling his family yet that he's sorta kinda married after the hazing she and her family put him through? The nerve. I knew the box Tom was holding was too big for a ring. I was hoping maybe a bracelet or something sweet but nope, a key! A frickin' skeleton key to god knows what! Probably to his dog's dog house for all we know. Tim. You couldn't be arsed to get it up all during your vacation and now its Jenifffffffer's fault? You douche. Caesar. Just give all your money for the rest of your life to the thing that you love. its been working out real great for ya, That was a very nice party Mykull and Angela were given. Too bad he can't expect the same when he gets to 'Murica.
  7. So funny that you'd address BSG here because the opening of this completely reminded me of that early ep where they were jumping from spot to spot bec the cylons were chasing them down. Somebody, for the love of Mike, tell me how they got batteries for flashlights and pills for Carol to pop several years into the ZA? Makes no sense at all, whatsoever.
  8. I liked the opening. I liked the bitch has got to die. Feel bad for poor Saddiq and his ptsd. I still can’t look at Negan without thinking of Glenn and Abraham. Good thing I like the guy playing him. Nothing they can do will redeem Negan. At all.
  9. And the showrunners will be shoving it down our throats how awesome it will be and we've never seen anything like it before.
  10. Bahahahaha! I love this spot on description! I know Nicky's not gonna make any major changes but I do hope he'll eventually come to appreciate Kevin and what he's trying to do for him. I'm enjoying the misfit fun bunch adventures between Kevin, Nicky and Cassidy.
  11. I just shook my head at that scene. She needed Tom's sister to help her ask that question and then he gives Darcy a slobber kiss in front of her to boot. Not a pretty scene. I'm picturing a heartfelt half assed proposal while Tom's dancing the salsa with multiple strangers, spitting out words each time he swirls by Darcy punctuated with a hand smoothing his poof of hair.
  12. So hugely annoying Shaun does that faux shock/gasp/clutching her pearls. Move in for the kill! Finish them! All Evilyn has going for her a tight little body that the guys drool over. There is not one admirable quality about her whatsoever. These men that are so enamored of her are just as stupid as her boobs are perky.
  13. Thank you all! I 'member now! I wasn't impressed with that particular storyline it would seem. I didn't even know that was the name of the place. It was entirely plausible given the writing on this show that I completely missed a person named Grady.
  14. I really don't remember this myself. What was grady? We're not talking Anthony the Turtle are we?
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