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  1. I agree! I miss seeing KaShara - she brought life to the squad and she's gorgeous. The two longtime vets whom the camera seems to often zoom in on, Amy and Maddie, just don't have the looks. Nothing exciting about them! Sorry- it's my humble opinion. Lastly, I do agree with her opinion of Caroline as the point.
  2. A few thoughts on the couples: Paul & Karine- she's adorable, Paul's a wacko. Jenny & Sumit- odd, odd, odd. He's not a bad looking guy. Is he really attracted to Jenny? This really must be staged. Laura & Aladin- I don't see the attraction either way. Tiffany & Ronald- No interest in these two- I don't watch when they're on. Corey & Evelin- He won't last in that primitive "apartment" in that primitive village. Let's get real. Deavan & Jihoon- Poor girl just flew for 24 hours (assuming she changed planes somewhere) with a baby, only to end up in a studio apartment with his parents. Girl needed a shower and a good night's sleep. I shudder to imagine the bathing options available (or not) to her.
  3. Me, too. It's got to be him. I call BS on what was said about him having been tested.
  4. I won't watch, and I doubt many will. It will all be the same old staged stuff that we've seen already, with some new staged acts thrown in. No. Just no.
  5. Chantal is comfortable walking around Santo Domingo (or wherever they are) in that dress????? It's unbuttoned to the nth degree, and so damn tight. Ridiculous!
  6. Watching the last 20 mins of this episode again before tonight's new episode begins (though I'll be switching back and forth between that and 20/20). Thoughts: 1. Pedro's mother's short hair looks really good. 2. Chantal's terribly low cut dress- wth?? She looks really cheap. 3. Lizzie was really stirring the pot with Andrei. She married him, and he should come first, not her family. Sorry. He'd do better without all of the BS from her sisters. But again, it's probably producer driven.
  7. They seem genuine, and Larry's mother wins the "most supportive mother-in-law" award.
  8. She was driving a new looking extended cab pick-up truck. They're not cheap. So the dad must have paid for the truck, or they leased it. What's wrong with these people? Dad seemed reasonable on all fronts, in my opinion.
  9. Laughed loudly at "saggy jeans and questionable documents......." !!! But, seriously, these American gals (Ashley, Molly, Chantal and others??) are too clueless to realize that "Caribbean vacation boy toy sex" does NOT equal "marriage and contentment". Clueless bimbos.
  10. Prada Kitty, this is hysterical! But I cannot find the photos. Were they removed? I need to see these monstrosities!
  11. Adding to this, I'd rather have a bit of dirt from my guests' shoes than have someone's ugly feet bare on my floors! Sorry. Also, I don't like my feet or even my socks exposed on other people's floors (or carpets). Yes, I'm a bit anal! As for Amy's BABY photo- what's with the Duggars and Bates' with all of the balloons for every occasion? Balloons are terrible for the environment.
  12. I Googled the Inn also, and rates range from $165 to $335 per night. It's a bed and breakfast, but it still seems high to me.
  13. Yes, and as someone upthread mentioned, it's very good of her to not badmouth Charlie. I saw her on an Oprah "where are they now" episode, and she said that she does not judge him. She's a class act, AND she's so good to animals. Love her!!!
  14. Bitter Apple, another brilliant post. I'm still laughing at your 'super-breeders'. Well, you said it first. It's Brandon, and she's paying the price. Give her a wild ride on a stallion and she'll get knocked up. It's a no brainer.
  15. She's a gorgeous young woman. The most beautiful of the Bates and Duggar girls, hands down! Anyone else agree?
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