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  1. Lauren's mother was only shown in that brief clip while drilling Lauren on how to breathe. Her name (Lana) was shown on the screen. I didn't see her on air after that, so maybe she left - and Michelle took over.
  2. Michelle was a good replacement for Lauren's very aggressive mother, who sounded like a drill sergeant while calling out when and how Lauren should breathe.
  3. Anna has the Duggars by the balls. She knows it and they know it.
  4. How many siblings does Kendra have now? Is it correct that her mother was about to give birth as Kendra announced baby #1? The Caldwell Family Instagram main photo shows Kendra's mother pregnant (again?).
  5. I was distracted with the Chopped desert episodes last eve, so I missed Counting On. It doesn't seem I missed much. It was in very poor taste to have filmed Grandma Duggar's service.
  6. I also thought of Cesar's eggs on the paper plate (cooked on the older coil top electric stove) and no way is that Maria's scene. Maria! She's goooooood. Damn. Cesar still doesn't get it- he must be acting- nobody can be that thick. She'd meet her match in Jesse perhaps, but he's too smart to fall for her scams.
  7. Pasha Kitty

    S14.E13: Game Day

    I don't understand why Charlotte is inserting herself into the final decision making and stepping on the director's toes (Kelli's). Oh right- Charlotte's daddy owns the team. When Kelli said she had to sleep on the decision, Char commented "sleep well Kelli" (ending with a laugh). What a mean woman. The Jones family is lucky to have these girls- it should not be the other way around. Pay these girls what they are worth, which is no less than $500 per game. Overall it was a fun season to watch, less the contrived drama toward the end.
  8. Here's the link to Grandma Duggar's house: https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/1935-Dowell-St_Springdale_AR_72762_M78916-40322#photo1 Last property transfer info (cut and pasted below): Document Type: Intrafamily Transfer Recording Date: 8/30/2019 Sales Price Code: Transfer Tax on document indicated as EXEMPT. Buyer Name: JAMES R DUGGAR, MICHELLE A DUGGAR REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST Buyer ID: Trustee Seller Name: JAMES R DUGGAR, MARY L DUGGAR REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST Seller ID: Trustee Document #: 2019-00026157 Contract Date: 8/29/2019 Inter-family Transfer: 1
  9. Bitter Apple, is Erin expecting baby #4? Aside from Carlin, who else in the Bates/Duggar clans are expecting? Did Anna have baby #6 yet? Thanks. I'm not up on the baby brigade at the moment !!!
  10. I agree! I miss seeing KaShara - she brought life to the squad and she's gorgeous. The two longtime vets whom the camera seems to often zoom in on, Amy and Maddie, just don't have the looks. Nothing exciting about them! Sorry- it's my humble opinion. Lastly, I do agree with her opinion of Caroline as the point.
  11. A few thoughts on the couples: Paul & Karine- she's adorable, Paul's a wacko. Jenny & Sumit- odd, odd, odd. He's not a bad looking guy. Is he really attracted to Jenny? This really must be staged. Laura & Aladin- I don't see the attraction either way. Tiffany & Ronald- No interest in these two- I don't watch when they're on. Corey & Evelin- He won't last in that primitive "apartment" in that primitive village. Let's get real. Deavan & Jihoon- Poor girl just flew for 24 hours (assuming she changed planes somewhere) with a baby, only to end up in a studio apartment with his parents. Girl needed a shower and a good night's sleep. I shudder to imagine the bathing options available (or not) to her.
  12. Me, too. It's got to be him. I call BS on what was said about him having been tested.
  13. I won't watch, and I doubt many will. It will all be the same old staged stuff that we've seen already, with some new staged acts thrown in. No. Just no.
  14. Chantal is comfortable walking around Santo Domingo (or wherever they are) in that dress????? It's unbuttoned to the nth degree, and so damn tight. Ridiculous!
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