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  1. I didn't even recognize Joy in that first picture. Her face looks different.
  2. Wow, I had no idea they already had baby #2
  3. I wouldn't be surprised and I do agree of your assessment on her.
  4. That's a little rude. If you don't like the food, fine but there's no need to publicly make those type of comments.
  5. I am happy for them both, especially Nikki as she has always wanted to be a mom. When she was with John, who didn't want them, she tried to convince herself that she would be okay with that. I'm so glad that things have worked out for her. Also glad for Brie and Bryan as well. I was a little surprised that Brie hasn't popped out another one yet, because I thought they wanted a lot of kids. But I can understand personally how frustrating trying to get pregnant can be.
  6. They are now expecting a baby as well. Nikki's twin sister Brie is also expecting (her second child) - their due dates are around the same time. I'm happy for them both, especially Nikki as she has wanted to be a mom for a long time but John Cena didn't want them.
  7. Tessie is definitely the prettiest of the daughters. Her eyebrows are nice and normal looking too. Tessie - fight against the gaudy make up and the draw on eyebrows!
  8. Not necessarily. All the other royals do not work on behalf of the monarchy on an equal level. I think someone had posted previously the # of engagements each royal family member does during 1 of the years and it was remarked on that Princess Anne does an insane number of events. While Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie don't do as many. I guess the uproar is because its Harry, whose father will be King one day. I would not be surprise if the move was instigated by Harry. But I knew Meghan would get most of the blame for it.
  9. Grace is my girl name, if I should ever have a daughter. Annette is my MIL's name so she would probably approve of Grace Annette. Anyway, congrats to Abbie and JD. Ugh to the monster bow. I
  10. I would agree with this if they were completely forgoing anymore royal duties, but they are looking to go "part-time." They will be still "working" on behalf of the royal family, so at least for those events they still need the tight security and whatever else that is required when a royal family member does a public event. I guess that needs to be ironed out with the Queen/Prince Charles...etc
  11. At the end of the day If Harry AND Meghan think this is the best thing for their family then I think its a great idea. They are choosing to take a part-time role which a lot of other royal family members do. I don't think its that big of a deal. I also don't blame them considering how nasty the British press has been to them. I can see them especially reducing their role now that Archie is here and if they plan on having more children. From the statement it says they will be working towards being financially independent. I guess that will take some time to achieve since they will be still be doing events and working with their patronages on behalf of the monarchy, just part-time. I don't know how anyone can hold the fact that Meghan is not close to her family against her. We've met her family, at least the Markle side and they are all certifiable. I also hate how the majority of folks are holding Meghan accountable, because Harry has no mind of his own and just does whatever she wants. [rolls eyes]
  12. That poor baby and shame on those idiot parents for posting these pics of him when he is not feeling well and in distress. Fame whores!
  13. Are fundies single handily keeping the denim skirt industry alive? I guess it’s easier to spot them that way. Nurse is all skin and bones
  14. Wow, the hair on all the older girls look completely fried. Not sure why Jill felt the need to brag about their unappetizing looking christmas dinner. Outside the overcooked ham, everything else was in the same color family. Not a green vegetable to be seen.
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