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  1. Rooting for Peter. I prefer Hermine to Laura but I thought the judging was fair based on the judge’s comments on their 3 dishes. I had a feeling Hermine was going to get the boot. It’s sucks for Hermine because she has been very consistent but as we’ve seen it only takes one bad weekend to kick a good baker out.
  2. Exactly. There are valid criticisms, but yeah Meghan cutting out her toxic family is IMO not one of them. If I were in her shoes I would've cut them out as well. They were shown not to be trust worthy and selling stories to the press about her.
  3. So she's taken him back twice after he cheated on her? Does she really think his cheating will end? I guess at this point she must accept that he will always cheat. Such a shame given how she successful she is and she doesn't think she deserves better.
  4. I am happy for them and can’t wait to see what programs they develop.
  5. I don’t think it’s confirmed but there is speculation that they are bringing an extra (not announced previously) pro on in the dwts media thread, They tend to move a lot which I find so stressful and exhausting. I guess it’s not as bad when you have money and can hire people. I think when total divas started Brian and Brie lived in Phoenix. Then I think they moved to Washington. Then they were in San Diego and now back to Phoenix. I think this all happened during Birdie’s lifetime because she was born in Phoenix. So she’s only 3 and has lived Iin 4 different homes.
  6. I just read (TMZ) that Nikki listed her house for sale $2M (which is next door to Brie). I don’t even know if she’s lived in it for a year or not but she custom designed it so I’m curious as to why she’s selling. If Artem is going to be on dwts obviously he will be in LA, but he still has his home there and the show is only for 3 months. So why not keep both unless they are planning on living in LA full time. Nikki definitely overshares and Artem is not comfortable with it. I definitely think they rushed the engagement and baby but Nikki has always wanted to be a mom and Artem wanted a baby as well so I guess they just went for it.
  7. So they had all this money on renovations for the house but evidently didn’t spend any of it on Nurie’s wedding. Not on her flowers, or her cake....
  8. If not for her heart condition Alyssa probably would've had #4 already. I'm putting my money on Kendra to challenge Alyssa for youngest to reach 4 kids. Carlin is too preoccupied with her looks and SM to be popping that many babies to challenge. Fundie weddings are so boring I wouldn't want to watch it, other than possibly to snark. No mainstream music, no dancing, just getting ice cream in a parking lot to eat 😉 Also, the attendants have no life experience, what interesting things do they have to talk about?
  9. While I've read both books I haven't watched the show yet. I just found the books really disturbing (not enough to stop reading them) and I don't think I can handle reliving it.
  10. I wonder if part of Harry and Meghan's frustrations is the attacks that Meghan has received from the British tabloid media about any sort of mini-transgression they perceive Meghan to have committed and yet, Prince Andrew has for the most part been spared or at least not been scrutinized as much. If I were in their shoes that would absolutely piss me off.
  11. I read an article about that. The pastor said the revival was so great that even knowing what happened they would do it again...[shakes head]
  12. I think it might be a couple of those things, especially #1. Two of Nuri's brothers were groomsmen. We actually haven't seen any pictures of the bridesmaids right? Jill just doesn't have any good taste, so whether the wedding budget was $200 or $5,000 it would've probably been a sad, sad affair. Another poster elsewhere mentioned that of course when Jill had her vow renewal she got a new dress, real flowers and a nice cake? (I don't remember). Yet, her eldest daughter got fake flowers, a thrift shop wedding dress from the 80s/early 90s and some small homemade cakes. They got stimulus money for the kids and probably chose to spend most of it on unnecessary chotcki's for the house rather than put some of it towards the wedding. For fundie courtships, they waited a while to have the wedding and this was the best they could do?
  13. Nathan and Nurie look really happy, so I am happy for them. That dress is 80’s/early 90’s awful and definitely not surprised that they bought it at a thrift shop. Nathan wore an off-white monstrosity of a suit so he would fit in with the Rodrigues’ style (lack of style more like it). Nurie’s bouquet looks tacky. I think she should’ve just stuck with all purple flowers. Did she put rhinestones in it? Her makeup looked so much better than what she normally wears. Her hair was meh as usual.
  14. Not a fan of her dress. I don’t like the poufy sheer sleeves. I also think she should’ve put her hair up. I think the tiara would’ve looked better that way. At least she looks happy. Best wishes to the couple!
  15. Wow, it doesn't look like anyone in the food court is wearing a mask. Not even the employees. Have things relaxed that much in Ohio? We're all still wearing masks in public in my part of NY.
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