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  1. I do think its cool that they can switch out the stones in the tiara to match their outfits but I actually like the plain diamond one the best. Personally I think it looks funky when outfitted with different stones (emeralds, the baby blue stones). It doesn't look as natural.
  2. Does that vary by state? I always thought it was the buyer's responsibility. I bought my first house w/a septic system in 2017 (NY) and my realtor suggested that I get it suspected. So I got the septic tank inspected as well as an add'l house inspection.
  3. I think they also use that more commonly over in the UK. I watched a lot of documentaries/reality shows about UK midwives while I was pregnant and they generally seem to push nitrous oxide over epidurals. I was never offered any of it. I also had an uneventful pregnancy and a slightly problematic delivery (emergency c-section and multiple doses of epidural because it kept wearing off). Would like to have another child but doesn't seem like its in the cards for me and my hubby. I will be 40 in February and finances being what they are it probably isn't a smart idea for us to have another child. We can't afford 2 kids in daycare.
  4. https://people.com/royals/meghan-markle-makes-her-debut-visit-to-the-field-of-remembrance-alongside-prince-harry/ Meghan looks absolutely stunning here. Love her outfit head to toe! Both Duchesses (Kate and Meghan) had public engagements today and both were in blue.
  5. And yet it was Jim that filed for divorce. She had no respect for herself and was going to stay married to the douche no matter how much he cheated on her and was indifferent to their kids. The nanny? How typical... I wonder if she was laughing inside as Meghan and the kids prayed for mommy and daddy’s marriage to get better.
  6. Me too. I think he looks better with the scruff.
  7. What is going on with his hair? It looks like he just has hair in the center of his head.
  8. That was the first thing I thought of when I read Jill's caption about New York Style pizza. I grew up in Rochester, NY. While it is a decent size city and not the boondocks that Manhattanites probably think anywhere north of NYC is, its not as cosmopolitan as any of the boroughs. Just because you got pizza somewhere in the state of NY doesn't make it New York style pizza.
  9. I have 1 kid. Hubby and I both work and we're struggling to pay our bills. Granted we live in NY and not Arkansas but still. We would like to have another child but I don't think financially we can do it.
  10. Also read that up until recently he and his ex were living in the same house. He is now living with Beatrice. Wish her all the best but I definitely gave him some side eye.
  11. Wow, Archie looks just like his daddy. Love the jumpsuit. Wish I could pull that look off but alas, my body is not made for it.
  12. I like Jackson's bed. My son will be 2 this November and I think that bed could work for him. Tori never went back to work after Jackson right? So, I guess she at least plans to be a stay at home mom for a few more years with baby #2 on the way.
  13. I don't understand why people give them things and expensive things at that. This is not a family that has fallen on hard times due to special circumstances (fire, natural disaster...etc). This is just a family who grifts as their lifestyle. All these able bodies and no one works. Not even part time jobs for some of the older kids (I started working when I was 14 - went downtown and got my worker's permit and everything). I would take public transportation from high school to my job downtown and my mom would pick me up when I was done.
  14. I'm pretty sure this might have something to do with why Harry went through his wild phase. Doesn't excuse his behavior but he has admitted that he was a little messed up from his mother's death. Andrew is at an age where there are no viable excuses for his behavior. Considering both their parents I'm surprised Beatrice and Eugenie are so well adjusted as they are. Really no scandals for them right? Just god awful fashion taste/sense.
  15. The eyebrows and makeup among the females in the Rodrigues clan are frightening. Have the daughters not seen any other females with normal looking brows/makeup or must they copy their mother? They couldn’t spring for real hot dog buns?
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