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  1. They all look so dowdy. The dresses (both wedding and bridal party) look so old for girls in their late teens/early 20s.
  2. Her hair looks nice on top but then starts to start looking a little fried towards the bottom. But if Jill knows how to do hair and does it for others why does her hair and all her daughters look like crap.
  3. I agree. None of the outfits flatter her. They make her look heavier than she is. The black romper is especially hideous.
  4. It looks photoshopped to me. The head placement seems off to me.
  5. Not a very flattering pic of Jinger. She looks heavily made up and not in a good way.
  6. I like John's voice and think he's really talented. I don't mind Chrissy but yeah she can be OTT a lot and I totally get why people can't stand her.
  7. Wow, just wow. Also, there are cases of perfectly healthy people dying or going through horrible complications from COVID (see Broadway star Nick Cordero). It seems like you just don't know how severe the case can be or how your body will react.
  8. Kinda like Jana's friend/companion/permanent accountability partner Laura. I think I read somewhere that she had a normal upbringing and chose this lifestyle, which I can't wrap my head around. But at least in her case it was 100% her choice and not the case of not knowing any better because of a sheltered life.
  9. Anna seems to have a better relationship with Trent than Amber. Really the only things she's done that I remember is being caught spray painting the school. Although I thought later Anna said she didn't really do it but panicked when caught and admitted it. Am I remembering that right? That was one of the reasons she switched high schools her senior year? She did much better in the new school because it was smaller. I think the implication was that Anna sometimes is a follower, not sure if its to fit in given her stature or what not. The only other thing I remember is that at the LPA in Orlando one of the rules was not to go into anyone's hotel room which Anna did and then lied about when confronted by her parents. I personally don't see going away to college as a punishment. I think all kids should go away to college (if financially able to). I had so much fun in college. I was chomping at the bit to go away to school and it truly is a great way to learn about being independent. Regarding the differential treatment with Jonah regarding college: I think they said initially that they wanted Jonah to prove to them that he was serious about his studies. They didn't want to spend all that $$$$ on a more expensive school. So maybe this means they are more confident about Anna doing well in school? This episode was one of my favorites outside the park incident. Yeah, the guys were being obviously obnoxious and they were obviously acting out because the cameras were there. I guess the way they shot the incident you couldn't really tell if thats all they were doing or if they were shouting other stuff. Lucca was beyond adorable. Emma and Lucca's interactions were beyond cute and I hope those kids make it. I"m curious as to where Lucca lives. I also liked meeting Anna and Liz's LP friends and their interactions. Liz's friend Dace was really gorgeous - her face was flawless. I was worried for her poor ankles though, they seemed to be really small in comparison to the rest of her figure. I wonder if Liz also tends to go for average sized guys because she's on the taller side for a LP. Poor Anna, but her date was cringeworthy. She said one of the qualities she looks for most in a boyfriend is someone who can hold a conversation. Then they show the date she went on and it was just awful. Anna was clearly smitten but that was 100% based on the way he looked because everything else was painful.
  10. Even though she tries to imply it isn't, the whole Allison Roman things reeks of jealousy. She seems to suggest that she is better than Chrissy/Marie because she handles her own social media? I'm sorry but she would trade that away in a heartbeat for more success.
  11. Lots of females wearing pants in that pic, so is Sierra's family considered fundie light?
  12. Wow, they have always been super thin but Nurie looks absolutely skeletal.
  13. That Ryan kid has his own show on Nickelodean and made $25M last yer It boggles my mind.
  14. I still enjoy watching this show. They are my favorite reality family and really the only show I'm watching right now. For me the dynamics of the family seem quite real and normal if they are not put on display for the camera. Is there too much bathroom talk? Maybe, but I think thats just how families talk, well at least we did in my family growing up. We teased each other about. Now, would we talk about this in public? Probably not, but if they're trying to be real and not "censor" themselves just for the cameras I didn't see issue with it. I don't want to see a reality show where everyone is always on their best behavior. Alex was my favorite when the show originated but he really just comes off as a spoiled crybaby who is afraid of his own shadow. Amber does baby him so I put part of that on her. I guess at least he's smart. I didn't have any problem with Trent trying to force him to participate in kickball. It was a safe fun family thing and honestly if you left it up to Alex he would never be outside or try new things. When they've forced him to do something (like zip lining/roller coaster) that he genuinely has a fear of, that is more of what I have an issue with. I think Emma is probably my favorite. While I agree that they need to stop speaking for her and force her to speak for herself. I don't like the way they are going about it. I hate public speaking, so her fear is not irrational. I've taken classes for it and it didn't help. Its just something that I'm not ever going to be comfortable doing. She does need to be able to talk for herself though and not rely on her family.
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