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  1. I just heard the news and am astonished. Now, I know nothing about Irina other than she is a supermodel and Bradley's baby mama, so I guess I shouldn't really be surprised, but I'm not seeing the appeal w/Kanye. Early Kanye? Yes, but not current Kanye. If he would stick to taking his medication(s) it would be one thing, but he doesn't think he needs them and I could not handle being around someone so erratic.
  2. My husband is a chef and worked in various NYC restaurants over the years and has had some interaction with various celebrities. Off the top of my head that I can remember. Jerry Seinfield - not really friendly and wouldn't really interact with any of the staff. On the flip side, Adam Sandler is very nice and would take the time out to talk to people. Wolfgang Puck is really nice. Jerry Orbach - I can't remember how he was personality wise, but that he's cheap. Ben Stiller - my husband didn't like him, said he was a jerk
  3. I like the color and the skirt, but I don't like the jacket/top. Its too boxy IMO.
  4. I enjoy a podcast every now and then depending on the host and the subject matter/guest. There isn’t any one podcast I listen to regularly. But I tend to like listening to comedians podcasts. It’s nice to listen to while I’m working and on my commute since I have a good 45-60 minute drive. I am neutral on Dax Shepherd, so I have never listened to his podcast before but listened to this episode since folks here seemed to enjoy it.
  5. I really enjoyed the podcast w/Prince Harry. He is very well spoken. I do see some people in the UK criticizing some elements of it - I don't know why. But nothing he said seemed like criticism of his family. He was just speaking his truth and the environment that he grew up, but I don't know I guess some folks in the UK just seem to want him to stop talking all together, which is unfair.
  6. Yeah, I don't mind it either. Actually surprised that purple and green work together.
  7. I think Kate gets its right most of the time. I'm surprised that wide leg pants don't work on her figure.
  8. Yeah, I don't think thats a new picture. I know Meghan is super into yoga, but I don't know anyone who could hold that position 7-8 months pregnant. Yeah, I don't see the big deal about Charles' choice of pictures.
  9. I think when they first met in College they were probably equal looks wise. The years have not been kind to Will.
  10. Kate looks great. Will looks old. The front on pic is not very flattering to him. His forehead looks exceptionally long.
  11. Harry is okay. I don't think he's HOT, but he's okay. I felt bad for Harry growing up, because William was such a beautiful child and it must suck when your sibling is so much better looking then you. But as others have mentioned already, I find Harry to be the more attractive looking adult.
  12. Agree with this (quietly taking a break vs announcing your “departure”). I like Chrissy but she just goes overboard sometimes. Not everything going in your life or mind needs to be shared.
  13. I liked the fashion from "Hart of Dixie." I thought all the ladies looked good on the show, especially Zoe and Lemon.
  14. Such a shame it was cancelled so early. So many questions left unanswered. I think the biggest question for me was what was Ned's father's deal. He gets the biggest AHOLE of the year award for abandoning Ned at the boarding school after his mother died. Why did he abandon his half-brothers as well?
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