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  1. DkNNy79

    The Royals

    Is it just me or does she look much thinner?
  2. Yeah, I don't think there's anything wrong if you have a specific way that you want your death handled. But if you know you want to go a certain way, then I think its up to you to make sure you have the funds set aside to pay for it and it shouldn't be a burden put on your family. Now with that being said, I don't know if his family wants a huge funeral with fancy caskets because he was a "celebrity" or not. He might be fine with a simple casket and simple service.
  3. Agree! Hubby and I are both planning on getting cremated. We don't see the point of a casket and being laid to rest in the ground. No one is obligated to give to a GFM account. Even if someone was a fan, that doesn't obligate them to give to your GFM account and to call them "fake fans" is BS. He's 55 so I'm assuming his kids are grown. Why does anyone need to support someone else's grown kids and their kids (grandchildren)?
  4. DkNNy79

    The Royals

    Ditto. I think if she would just lose the puffy sleeves it would’ve been much better. It looks perfect from the back and ugh in the front. I’m not a fan of puffy sleeves in general but to put it in a wedding dress? No, No, No
  5. I didn’t know this about her until I found about her beef with Keri Hilson, who has kinda been blacklisted for speaking out about it. I’ve never been a Beyoncé fan. I would say I’m indifferent towards her and her music, but I was definitely side eyeing her after this revelation.
  6. This feud is very puzzling to me, because we don't have any details. The 4 main cast members seemed so close. Its one thing that Meghan and Debra are at odds, but if what Meghan is saying is true she is indicating that Will and Sean are in Debra's corner. I mean, they may be neutral - I don't think I've heard either of them say anything taking one side or the other.
  7. If they both have stated they have recordings to back them up, it would have to be produced in any court hearing I assume. So, one of them is being stupid.
  8. Ditto for me. Going to McDonald's was a special occasion for us. My mom thinks she can cook better than everyone else, so we never went out to eat at restaurants (plus she didn't want to pay others for something she could do - i.e. cook). She is an amazing cook and can eat Vietnamese food every day for the rest of her life, but us kids wanted variety. The only non-Vietnamese food I ate was what I ate in school growing up. I don't think I had sushi until after college and similar to another poster, I only eat California rolls and Tempura rolls. The thought of raw fish skeeves me out.
  9. I was watching some clips and I saw Cat and Monica there - I was so surprised they were still playing. I haven't been watching USA/college softball as closely the past few years so I wasn't expecting to see anyone I knew.
  10. Hilaria needs to go away. Stop doubling down on your non-sense. Sounds like she doesn’t have anyone with a brain advising her.
  11. DkNNy79


    Why do you think that is? They can't handle the pressure? Is it all mental with the guys? The US women have been so dominant the last decade and I keep waiting for the US men to do something and they just never deliver.
  12. I just heard the news and am astonished. Now, I know nothing about Irina other than she is a supermodel and Bradley's baby mama, so I guess I shouldn't really be surprised, but I'm not seeing the appeal w/Kanye. Early Kanye? Yes, but not current Kanye. If he would stick to taking his medication(s) it would be one thing, but he doesn't think he needs them and I could not handle being around someone so erratic.
  13. My husband is a chef and worked in various NYC restaurants over the years and has had some interaction with various celebrities. Off the top of my head that I can remember. Jerry Seinfield - not really friendly and wouldn't really interact with any of the staff. On the flip side, Adam Sandler is very nice and would take the time out to talk to people. Wolfgang Puck is really nice. Jerry Orbach - I can't remember how he was personality wise, but that he's cheap. Ben Stiller - my husband didn't like him, said he was a jerk
  14. Agree with this (quietly taking a break vs announcing your “departure”). I like Chrissy but she just goes overboard sometimes. Not everything going in your life or mind needs to be shared.
  15. I liked the fashion from "Hart of Dixie." I thought all the ladies looked good on the show, especially Zoe and Lemon.
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