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  1. Oinky Boinky

    Samantha "Sam" Bledsoe: 'Bot First…

    If you have ever seen the curb stomping video you might not take her comments so lightly. People should be outraged about curb stomping and stomping mud holes in chests, not brag that you know all about them or say you could do it if mad enough. Something I noticed and wondered if anyone has an opinion about... she wears a black ring 3rd finger right hand- sort of opposite to being a wedding ring. In my circle that means lifestyle. I have heard it also (once) to mean asexual which is 180 degrees from lifestyle. Do we know anything about her dating life or relationships?
  2. Oinky Boinky

    Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    That`s some genius Bayleigh
  3. Oinky Boinky

    Bayleigh Dalton: Fly the (Un)friendly Skies

    Her family said it too. That would be some HOH competition where Bay with the memory eyes just nails everything. Trying to remember back how she did in those memory comps.
  4. Oinky Boinky

    Bayleigh Dalton: Fly the (Un)friendly Skies

    So her family says she is a genius with a photographic memory. Have we seen evidence of this?
  5. Oinky Boinky

    Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Depak Chopra - ugh. those aren't her teachers, they are people whose books and videos she has watched.
  6. Oinky Boinky

    Pushing Daisies Mafia

    Sorry I missed this guys. Been away a lot and busy more.
  7. Great game but boo hooo
  8. I didn`t get to do that. I doppled you and was told you were the drunk and now I was too.
  9. Lets slow things down a bit until we hear from more people. I think just claim villager is too easy.
  10. I know who Drogo was. I doppled him. So I am or was also him Share that advil Dro honey
  11. Maybe I am wrong but I was told I was a fellow wolf with Drogo (yippee) but had to wait to go to the den with him (YIPPPEE) I thought the waiting and being told Drogo was the other wolf meant it was my final incarnation.
  12. No I didn't confirm it. Just read and read trying to figure out who I could pin wolf on if went along with saying I was the revealer - turns out there were not many choices. Finally I just voted without owning to anything.
  13. Thanks team for the win. When Drogo called on me to insist I was the Revealer I was really scrambling to piece together rationale for that. I was going to claim Seer - turns out I could have. Yes having team jump on it was great.