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  1. Robert Wisdom (Uriel) has a small recurring part in S2 of "The Alienist", as the owner/bartender of a saloon.
  2. At the end of the 2nd episode tonight, did it look like the red-haired nurse had black teeth? I was distracted during the show, so did I miss something or does my TV needs adjusting?
  3. I'm ready for the Dateline expose of the case of the NYC entrepreneur, Saleh Fahim, who was dismembered by his 21 year old assistant Tyrese Haspil. When it first came to light, there were conspiracy theories all over, that the guy was the victim of a hit by the Nigerians he had dealt with in his business in Africa, or that he'd made enemies with either the Russian or Italian mobs. When the real facts came out, most folks were wondering why this millionaire hired a 16 year old to handle his finances and about the tens of thousands that Haspil stole from Fahim. I'm curious to find out more about Haspil - the whole story is insane.
  4. Seeing that musk ox butchery was so visceral. I know what needs to be done to get meat from the farm to my table, but watching a man take apart a huge beast hits a place in my brain that fascinates and disgusts at the same time. I have mad respect for Roland - he switched his brain to caveman and took care of business. Plus, he was ready to tangle with a bear to make sure that it didn't plunder his hard-won catch. Hardcore. I was all "oh, honey, no" when Kielyn went on the water with her "boat". Lashing a couple of branches onto a oil drum ain't gonna cut it.
  5. I thought the same thing... her stomach sure looks bulgy, but I figured it was just the angle or a very loose shirt.
  6. The actress was the demon who spoke with Dean and taunted him with the info that John was suffering in hell. Ouch. For your second question, the answer is numerous re-watches, plus, that the actress was/is striking and beautiful and did such a good job with the role that it made an impact and made her hard to forget (for me, anyway).
  7. Just saw the actress who was the crossroad demon in "Crossroad Blues", playing the proud owner of a GM luxury vehicle.
  8. Just finished the three episodes and was left confused about whether or not the couple were really cheating. I was convinced by what was shown during eps 1-2 of people definitely doing things to help get a leg up while playing WWTBAM because the brother needed money and other reasons, but the trial and their lawyers evidence totally made it seem that all the actions shown in 1-2 was folks who were innocent and manipulated by the producers to be the scapegoats for their unfounded(?) finger pointing. So confused.
  9. Really? I honestly didn't pay that much attention to names since it's the first episode and the contestants faces are so new and haven't made enough of an impact to differentiate. Too bad for him.
  10. The dude who rigged up that old boat into a heated bathtub is a bushcraft genius. Hopefully he keeps being smart and doesn't lose his ferrous rod... unlike the guy who went home.
  11. After watching today, I've determined that this show is skewed to a niche demographic. Molly's chirpy demeanor and love of sprinkles seems targeted to a younger audience -- early 20's females who are looking for fun recipes to serve to their friends/boyfriends. She seems marketed/coached to be relatable to those girls as the friend who can cook some standard dishes for palates used to dorm food and to be cute and upbeat to viewers. She made various pizzas and calzones today - standard millennial food. Molly is sold as the young blogger whose cooking skills got her a husband, baby and her own show! She's something the young audience can dream of becoming and Molly going to play to their mindset has become stale. I'm way out of Molly's demo and I'm watching more out of habit than looking for recipes that seem new or exciting. People "of a certain age" have probably made the stuff that Molly pushes and moved on to more refined food. Dishes like tater tots, pizza, sloppy joes and janky dessert salads don't float my boat.
  12. I was kinda surprised when he said he didn't have an answer because it seemed a pretty standard Ebay transaction kerfuffle, but the X factor is that the seller has blamed Covid-19 and related Post Office setbacks to a missing shipment. Harvey said this is such a new problem that he can't say legally what the next step would be.
  13. When this case started I was sure that it would come out that the plaintiff stole those ink cartridges from his job and gives them to a neighbor to sell on Ebay so he's not linked to them and that once the neighbor got her hands on the toners, she decides he "gave" them to her because she knows they're hot and he'll keep his mouth shut since he'll be nabbed for larceny. That's what it sounded like to me, and I wondered why he would come on TV and put himself in trouble. The story just sounded wrong. Turns out that defendant is a sneaky thief herself, holding onto the 'worthless' items that she's unable to sell (she says). Another thing that struck me was the big contrast between the two parties - plaintiffs were nicely dressed and neat, and the defendant looked like she rolled out of bed with janky hair and old house dress.
  14. That horse napping case was all kinds of sordid... I felt icky after hearing about X-rated photos and horseplay, but I laughed like a crazy person when the plaintiff started spilling his guts about him and his wife's nasty shenanigans and confessed that wifey was upset that he was tiny. That whole ranch needs to be raided and all the horses re-homed to sane people. I agree that the defendant had an intense makeup/hairstyle combo going on.
  15. I think the case of the sprained ankle/horses/fence was a raw deal. If someone is on my property and tripped on a rock, then they sued me, I'd be pissed. It seems unfair to me - clumsy equals I pay for your ER bill, do I have to clear every little obstacle so no mishaps can befall any visitor ever? After hearing the details, JJ made the defendant (partly) responsible. Whatever, JJ. I've never been a homeowner, so if I'm missing some statute, I'd be curious to find out how this case fits.
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