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  1. patty1h

    Masterchef (AU)

    Every episode I say SHUT UP, LARISSA! at least 4-5 times. Sick of the sound of her encouraging remarks to her colleagues.
  2. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I got a rerun too - it was the show that originally aired Monday, which was Wendy's first day back after hiatus. She did come out crying that show.
  3. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Wendy seems high today - very giddy, laughing and sniggering all during HT, acting all distracted and frantic. Did y'all catch the 60 seconds of strangeness from the audience? For those who don't watch: First, Wendy stopped HT to say there was a fight in the audience! It must have been a quick one, cause there was no audible ruckus. Then, Wendy decided to compliment a well dressed middle-aged woman in the audience who was dressed in an outfit usually seen on Park Avenue socialites -- some tasteful gold chains over a Chanel logo top and a big black Kentucky Derby-ish hat and one of those snap open fans; she snapped it so we could see it was black lace. The woman was given a microphone and started speaking in a heavy accent (maybe Spanish) about her psychic telling her to come to the show, that her wife in Europe was sick blah blah. (Then again, I'm not sure it was a bio woman - I'm 50/50 on that. The cheekbones were outrageous, though.) Wendy was thrown off for a second by the "wife" comment - she made a point to ask The Socialite "did you say your wife?". Wendy got a "uh oh, this one is a kook" look in her eyes. Then I guess she sensed that this was going to get out of hand and shut it down by saying "this is not a political show" and the woman's mike was cut. The one exciting minute in the whole hour.
  4. patty1h

    The Walking Dead in the Media

    Just saw a preview for one of the upcoming shows for the Fall season on Fox. It's called "Prodigal Son" and there was no mistaking the actor onscreen with the pretty eyes... it was Tom (Jesus) Payne. Not sure if he's the lead or co-lead, but it also stars fellow British actor Michael Sheen. I got a vibe that it has a supernatural/scifi theme from the clips they showed. I loved Tom Payne on TWD - he was seriously underused and I'm definitely going to give this new thing a look.
  5. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Hot Topics has turned into ME! Topics this week. 90% of the segment has been blah blah me, I, me. O.V.E.R.K.I.L.L. on her life. She spent a whole two minutes on Mariah Carey and turned it onto herself re: them both having/wearing shirts with their own faces on it, then two minutes on Meghan Markle, but then it went into how Meghan came to the WW studios looking to be hired back in the day. Dang, did Abby Miller go overboard on the tanner or what? She was almost Oompa Loompa orange.
  6. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Someone on a gossip forum wrote something that made me laugh and also go hmmm. Their statement was "isn't it lucky for Wendy that she's involved with a guy with access to a prescription pad". You can take that two ways -- he can get her meds for her illnesses OR he can get her access to the controlled stuff. EDIT: For those who watch live here on the East Coast on WNYW/Fox, the show tom'w (7/10) will be preempted by the Woman's Soccer team parade. However, I see that the local channel My9 will be airing the show at 10AM.
  7. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Two days in and I'm sick of her name dropping and star f**king - Kris, Kim, Kanye, Naomi, ASAP Ferg (who?). She's invited to Africa and yachts and to Tiffany's and rolling out her new comedy show with her stories in between acts. What addiction and health problems? After regaling us with her exciting new jet-set life full of fielding calls from this one and accepting safari invites from that one, she tones it down for a second to assure us all that she's still just lil old Wendy from NJ. All I could think of is that time she was on Howard Stern's show and accused HIM of "going Hollywood" and befriending celebrities. Hypocrite much?
  8. patty1h

    S04.E06: Into the Black

    Pretty sure that the gabby woman said something about having a minivan she used to taxi her many grandkids around and Smurf picked up that was her vehicle.
  9. patty1h

    S04.E06: Into the Black

    I am just a sucker for cute guys. I got misty when Deran told Adrian that he loves him, right after killing and burying the guy who said that Adrian is most likely a police informant. Fingers crossed that he loves him enough to not kill him by the end of the season.
  10. patty1h

    S03.E02: Chapter 21

    Question: Did Oliver and Melanie's characters get killed last season? I only half watched the last few eps of S2 and notice that neither one has been seen so far. Thanks.
  11. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Saw on Youtube a video of Wendy doing a photo shoot, getting ready for her return on 7/08. Didn't someone here say that Wendy was extending her hiatus and that Jerry O'Connell is supposed to do a week(s) of shows before Wendy returns? I'm not on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. so no confirmation from those. I went to the Wendy website and the "request tickets" link comes up blank/no calendar of available seats. However, there is this statement: To attend a taping of Jerry O with Jerry O’Connell, please request an August taping date. So, is Jerry filling in during August or is he getting his own show? I'm confused.
  12. patty1h

    S06.E04: The Moose

    I didn't notice until today that Jordan sounds drunk or stoned. Did he sound like that from the beginning or is he getting worn out from the environment and sounding slurry?
  13. Actor Billy Drago died today - he played the creepy doctor who harvested organs for eternal life in "No Rest For The Wicked". EDIT: The episode was actually "Time is on my Side". Thanks @Myrelle
  14. patty1h

    S05.E04: Skidmark

    It's been 4 episodes since the new season started and I still have no clue what they need another airplane for. To rescue some other group? Where? Who? Why? Another question: Is Dwight gone for good? That was underwhelming if he was one and done. Last episode they showed a helicopter like the one that took Rick away. I'm a little curious what happens with that, but I'm hating the groups "we gotta help everyone" edict. They just need to find a place and settle down.
  15. patty1h

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Just saw on TMZ that Kevin Jr appeared in court to face the charges against assaulting his father. I didn't watch more than 2 minutes but the spin by the TMZ vultures was that Wendy didn't bother showing up to see her lil darling plea his case in front of the judge. **He plead not guilty**