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  1. She can do what a lot of broadcasters and celebrities are doing - start a podcast! She can move to FL near family, and set up a little in-home studio and sit there and talk. She can set her own schedule, have remote guests, do Hot Topics, just like she did on WBLS back in the day. She could pull in an income by getting subscribers or advertisers. Go crazy and invite Norman to be her producer and they can sit there and kiki like crazy.
  2. New story from the UK tabloid "The Sun" -- Wendy Williams rushed to hospital for "psychiatric services". What in the world!? Read about it here
  3. Today was Catfish Wednesday, with the title "In Love or in Denial?" We meet Fran, another old fool who lives under a rock, knows how to use the internet and dating apps, but appears to not know a thing about catfishing and believes that a young, hot dude has nothing better to do than court her long distance. He strings her along with promises of a big windfall down the line, but needs regular doses of $$ from her - she doesn't see the irony of this. No amount of family truth penetrates her thick skull. She confesses that she's in love with the idea of someone loving her. She got sto
  4. If you have HBO and like scary movies, you can see Jake Abel (Adam Winchester) in a movie called "Malignant". I caught a review on Youtube and I saw it's from James Wan, who has a bunch of famous movies out (The Conjuring, Aquaman, etc.) and this looks pretty gory and spooky. Only thing I can tell you about Jake's role is that he plays an abusive husband and has a scene where he punches his wife. Oooof. You are warned.
  5. Here's a guess on how Wendy can explain looking crazy and still get sympathy from her audience: She went to have a unnamed medical procedure done (gaining sympathy), and the person who was supposed to look after her belongings had an emergency and had to leave! So, Wendy is ready to go home but she didn't feel like waiting and was given a spare robe and some socks, and left. Then she'll make a big joke about how those damn paparazzi just had to be waiting outside her building and turn it into a hilarious moment of her crazy life. 99% of the time when Wendy is papped, she is with a male bo
  6. Whenever I see these photos of Wendy looking crazy, I wonder what the shows producers are thinking about their "cash cow". Who would feel confident when the star they have money invested in is seen looking like the female Tyrone Biggums (Dave Chappelle's crackhead character). That pic doesn't look like "health challenges"... I see "just got released from Bellevue". I didn't even notice the bind clip in the hair but that puts this to another level of WTF. What could she be thinking allowing herself to be seen in that condition? Either she's so out of it to care, or very confident in her c
  7. Come on! I think Wendy is just trolling at this point because she does NOT have to appear in public in a flimsy robe and socks knowing the paparazzi is always outside her building. She could have put on a more suitable coverup for out in public and some flat slides instead of socks on wet ground. All of this show seems staged to me and she could have done so many other things than this bag lady act. I'm thinking this may all be a sick ploy for attention, then she can show up on the first day back of the new season looking "healthy" again and the cohosts will clap their fucking hand
  8. I watched the first 3 seasons and felt disgusted with myself for the hours I had wasted on someething that left me feeling angry, confused, like a patsy watching a show that was sold as quality but ended up being more like Goodwill junk. I told myself to not get fooled again but I will probably take a wee peek.. I pray for the strength to not make the same mistake or bail out early if I see a hot mess on the screen.
  9. New season started this week. I caught todays show with the lurid topic "A Former Beauty Queen Sex Trafficked?" The minute I saw this woman making these allegations, I could tell that she was delusional, and it was a wrap when she told some outrageous stories: She won a pageant back in the day and soon she had these male pageant organizers telling her she "had" to go to Mexico. She makes these trips and ends up with multiple men, who she says raped her. She came home with a bunch of money afterward. Soon, she was traveling all over at the order of these mystery organizers. Later,
  10. JJ has been my go-to show at 4PM for the last decade, at least. It has been syndicated on my local CBS channel forever, and I dread the day that it gets taken off their schedule when they run out of new shows (if they haven't already) and/or they find a replacement for that time slot. It will be surreal to no longer sit down and get my 2-hour JJ fix.
  11. New cases! I checked an online TV schedule/guide on 9/05 to see what shows were starting their new fall shows, and it didn't list TPC with new episodes. I then deleted the last two days recordings thinking they were reruns. Kicking myself! At least I have todays to enjoy.
  12. Sierra McCormick (scary blond child Lilith) is in the latest version of ""American Horror Story", which starts its new season tonight on FX. She's listed as appearing in three episodes.
  13. Reading about the GoFundMe thing made me give Biko some really judging side-eye for risking his future on whether he can win a survival contest. I was rooting for him to win and sympathize with his current situation but his decision making was so reckless - it's like spending your whole paycheck on lottery tickets expecting to win the big one. It NEVER happens and smart people know that. Now him/his friend is asking the public for $150,000!?!?. The amount is what make me angry - it's not humble, just grabby. I liked the guy but I won't be contributing.
  14. Oh boy, let's see how this "new boyfriend" turns out.
  15. Congrats to Clay. Not a big surprise it was him, due to his skills/luck. I had gotten a soft spot for Biko as time went on and hearing about his wife/impending fatherhood, and how he had no job waiting after the show, I was hoping for the best for him, but I kinda knew in my heart that Clay had the advantage. I hope that Biko is able to persevere when he gets back home.
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