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  1. I think she was saying that she doesn't have any car service apps (like Uber or Lyft) on her own phone, so she has to call her son to get her rides using the apps that are on his phone. I see so much wrong with this situation - she still has Kevin Jr tied to helping Mommy out, even long distance. This allows her to play helpless and allowing the boy to step up and be her knight in shining armor, but it also has an element of control. None of this is necessary IRL - she could get it together at 54 years old and learn to use your phone for Uber, get one of her lackeys on the show to help her, like Norman, Suzanne, that DJ. She could get a personal assistant or get an account with a reputable car service. Time to stop having son being tied to the apron strings.
  2. I wasn't enthusiastic about the premiere and am not looking forward to the brothers and limp-dick Cas running from ghosts everywhere and dragging demonJack around casting spells to get them out of trouble. He's like a new younger version of Crowley. And, PLEASE, no more Lucifer!
  3. I glanced up during Ask Wendy and the camera came kinda close to her face... has her top lip always looked like that? Check it out - it looks swollen and misshapen and lumpy, in a way that I never noticed before. I usually watch from a distance, but today I was about 6-7 feet away from the screen and got a closer view. Either she got some recent lip injections or have I just not been looking close enough. ADDED: What happened during the cooking segment? I looked away and suddenly everyone was laughing and Wendy got this embarrassed look on her face. I was watching on DirecTV Now app and haven't figured out if/how to rewind.
  4. Nicole Beck is a contender for "Dumbest Cougar of 2019", letting some young dude use her and then being surprised when she finds out that he was using her. Being a cougar is not a crime but you gotta know how to play the game so that YOU don't end up looking like a victim. (Not speaking from experience, just common sense 😉)
  5. Faux Pas alert: Wendy was talking about Jenny McCarthy, who says she doesn't want to cohost the New Years Eve TV countdown this year, so that she could be home with her 17 year old son. Wendy ranked on this decision, saying basically "you're a single mother and that's a good check". Wendy seems to have forgotten that this frequent guest is married to Donnie Wahlberg. I was very surprised when Norman didn't correct her.
  6. Now knowing that she's not protecting a human child, it should be easy for Jo to give her back and keep her family out of danger, right? Or course not!
  7. That striped suit was a spectacle - it looked like what a pimp would have worn in a cheesy blaxploitation movie from the 70's. It also looked like his belly was fighting with his belt and losing. Speaking of losing, my dude seems to have lost a bunch of his lower teeth. Ewww.
  8. This show is trying my patience now, after watching Malcolm hanging out of a window after waking from night terrors, tethered by wrist restraints, while his mother stands on the sidewalk below. Really? Also, the show is using a plot device that makes me angry, which was used all the time on the original CSI: the person whose job is basically a desk job but somehow is always out in the field interacting with cops, solving cases, fighting psycho killers. William Peterson was always out doing a cops job instead of looking through a microscope. That always bothered me and PS seems to be following this setup.
  9. She started the show saying that she had 2 surprises to tell us, then she spoke about getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (big whoop, she spoke about that before). Maybe I zoned out, but I didn't hear anything about the 2nd surprise. The previews and my cable guide said today's guest was Wayne Brady, but out walks Mario Cantone instead. It sucks if you can't even manage to get a Wayne Brady to show up. Mario must be her standby emergency guest because I remember him coming out another time(s) when the real guest didn't make it. I hope he at least gets paid for this.
  10. This old battle-ax wanted big money for sitting on her ass and not paying rent. She was despicable for taking advantage and trying to play the system to the last cent. I bet she looked long and hard for a new apartment.... sure. She was dead-eyeing the judge when she started to figure out she wasn't getting a bonanza - if looks could kill! There was something going on with her mouth that was making me nauseous - looked like her lips were coated with white glue or something. yuck
  11. Dom's situation is messed up - the Dark Army still has her under their thumb. That scene with the dinner guest threatening her and her mother was intense.
  12. Maybe Wendy just isn't one for taking care of business herself. For years, she probably had Kevin doing all of the heavy lifting in her life - taking care of the legal and financial stuff, putting documents in front of her and telling her "sign here" without her worrying her head about the details. She was too busy being 'soft and pink', lounging around the house, designing clothes for HSN, occasional clubbing on weekends with the husband, etc. She now has to sit down and try to sort out lawyers, managers, publicists, where I bet Kevin took it all on as the man of the house. I can see her making poor choices about dividing assets using her heart instead of her head and experienced legal/financial counsel. That probably why she may be opening her wallet to the ex. This all me thinking out loud - I didn't read the article up above.
  13. Remember how she cried and whined on the air for days after she got caught in that snowstorm last year? I can only imagine what she could have been like at home. If she can get that neurotic and dramatic to the public after the fact, she must have been a hot diva mess at home and the Kevins had to deal with it. I'd be wanting to get away from that, too.
  14. I was thinking about the setup of the show after watching Norman correct another Wendy error last week. It highlighted again how unprepared Wendy is that she has to have Norman AND a teleprompter AND Suzanne to help her through HT. To need that much help even after going over stories in the morning meeting Wendy always refers to, where they pick what she's going to talk about that day, is inexcusable for a professional host. At one point, she had to have TWO dudes there to keep her on track, before the white Norman got the boot. It also shows that she's happy with the quality of the product she puts out. Also, she makes a mistake or doesn't get the audience on her side, she shrugs it off with a 'witty' remark. I don't watch any other talk/entertainment shows (Rachael Ray, Kelly & Ryan, GMA, The Real, etc.) so I may be wrong - maybe they all have a guy just off-camera to help the hosts, but from what I've seen when I've tuned by these other shows, they keep it tight and don't let the audience see them floundering and flubbing. She needs to get off the celebrity train and the manhunt and get her mind back on the show. I think I have to accept the fact that I've become addicted to watching a flaming train wreck.
  15. If there's one good thing about this case, and what helped the investigation, is that three of the people involved put so much of their life on paper or video. Susan's diaries, journals and letters in the safety deposit box gave a deeper look into the marriage that looked so idyllic to much of the outside world. Josh and his dad's penchant for video also helped the world to see them for the deviant, violent and messed up freaks they were. If this info never came to light, it would probably be hard to imagine what these seemingly "normal" men were hiding.
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