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  1. I was in another room, so I was half listening, when I thought I heard her say something about her brother. From what I picked up, I figured I was hearing wrong because it would be crazy for her to air all of her family's dirty laundry on live TV out of the blue, right? Not Wendy! She went in hard on him again at the tail-end of Hot Topics. I felt bad for the staff - you could cut the tension in the studio with a knife. I have no idea what her brother is saying but she really needs to leave that kind of stuff off the air but her outburst shows how low she will go. To emphasize how angry she is at her brother, she said that she likes her ex-husband better than him now. Okay, I admit that it's kind of interesting to see this mess play out. Again, she threw me for a few seconds talking about her mother as if she is still alive. EDIT: The irony of it all... she opened the show letting us know it's MLK Day, the man who stood for peace and love and seconds later she's reading her brother to filth.
  2. When they first presented Lloyd in the prison scene, I was intrigued by the actor and his performance but I lost all of that after seeing him in episode 5. He went from interesting to clown act.
  3. I felt the same way and searched back in the forum. Dateline did this same story back in July 2019! Why would they present this as a NEW story and not as a follow-up? Are they running out of material and have resorted to rehashing their own stories? Geeze.
  4. I watched this for the first 30 minutes, so I missed what Phil advised for this nightmare child. Bootcamp, psychiatric eval, tough love, give him back to adoption agency?
  5. @ForumLou, I'm confused. Monday's show was a new live show, not a repeat/pre-taped in December. Wendy said "Happy New Year" and we're back with all new shows".
  6. This is from memory so it's short: HT stories were: talking about the new Batchelor and how Wendy finds him hot but he lacks something. She declared that even though he's biracial, he will probably pick a white woman as his final choice. We learn that One Direction boyband member Harry Styles is dating actress/director Olivia Wilde, who is 10 years older - Wendy says "it won't last". More from yesterday on Tyrese and his divorce and how much the ex-wife should ask for. We hear that the upcoming guest is going to show various craft ideas - Wendy tells us how she likes to do beading and other crafty things in her down time. Virtual guest was actress Meagan Goode.... Sorry - no details. She's barely on my radar so I muted it. Later, the crafty guest (name?) came out with various household items that she'd created. This segment was so stupid that I bailed quick, so I only saw a folding chair that looked like she'd glued magazine pictures onto the backrest, and an old-school vacuum cleaner where she somehow replaced the dirt collection bag with what looked like an old Louis Vuitton tote bag. I turned the channel at this point. If you want to see any of that mess, various segments from today are on Youtube already.
  7. I watched and it was business as usual - new year, same old format. Wendy looked okay and was very perky, almost hyper. She was all over the place during HT - jumping from story to story and going off on tangents left and right. The only 2 things that got my attention was when Wendy talked about her mother. Two or three times she spoke about her mother in the present tense - she talked about her outfit and said (paraphrase) "my mother said it looks good". For a sec, I said to myself "huh?". Later in HT, she said something along the same lines, talking like her mother is alive. I guess Wendy's coping mechanism is that Mom was/will always will be with her. I get it. The other thing that got me was Wendy did a story about Tyrese Gibson and for the millionth time intimated that Tyrese is on the downlow as she did a story on his recent announcement that he's getting divorced. Wendy was shady, saying that his three-year marriage was only to stop the rumors that were out there already. I wonder what Tyrese said to get on Wendy's nasty side.
  8. I don't follow any WW related media, so if there was any kind of announcement on her schedule, I don't know, but the Zap2it online TV listings have a new show for tomorrow - 1/04/21. We'll see, as all TV is subject to change.
  9. The Tom Cullen actor needs to tone it down... he was on the screen for 5 minutes and it was giving me a headache, my laws!
  10. One of her recipes today seemed to be a spin on Waldorf salad. Molly's version had oven-roasted broccoli florets, sliced red onion, halved red grapes, chopped celery and golden raisins, which was tossed with a mayo/vinegar dressing. The last bit was a sprinkle of sliced almonds. Nyet.
  11. It's hilarious that Wendy has the lady-balls to throw shade at legend Dionne Warwick for weed when Wendy was a cocaine vacuum for X years. The nerve of her.
  12. **Just in case you haven't been watching, Wendy brought up Dionne Warwick last week during HT and said some things about her - she implied that DW was a big weedhead back in the day and probably still partakes. A few days later, DW said on Twitter "Wendy Williams better stop talking about me". Wendy got a brief mention on Saturday Night Live last night. One of their skits was "The Dionne Warwick Talk Show", with a cast member posing as Dionne. On her talk show she has young musicians as guests (Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, etc.) but is so old/out of touch, that she doesn't really know who they are and quickly dismisses them off the show. When (fake)Harry Styles sat down, she asked him "why does Wendy Williams keep talking about me?". Taken aback by the question, Harry replies "I don't know who that is!" When (fake)Billie Eilish sits down, DW says "do you know anyoen who can put a hex on Wendy Williams?". Billie just looks confused. It was just funny that whoever wrote the skit decided to throw in the brewing Wendy/Dionne feud.
  13. She has two: her older sister is named Wanda, and a brother named Tommy (not sure whether he's older or younger).
  14. Oh, man. So sorry for your loss, @druzy.
  15. I don't recall seeing Firpo (first name?) on any other court show, but as soon as I clapped eyes on her, I said to myself "she went to the surgeon and asked for the Kardashian special, with extra lip plumping". Sheesh.
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