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  1. When this case started I was sure that it would come out that the plaintiff stole those ink cartridges from his job and gives them to a neighbor to sell on Ebay so he's not linked to them and that once the neighbor got her hands on the toners, she decides he "gave" them to her because she knows they're hot and he'll keep his mouth shut since he'll be nabbed for larceny. That's what it sounded like to me, and I wondered why he would come on TV and put himself in trouble. The story just sounded wrong. Turns out that defendant is a sneaky thief herself, holding onto the 'worthless' items that she's unable to sell (she says). Another thing that struck me was the big contrast between the two parties - plaintiffs were nicely dressed and neat, and the defendant looked like she rolled out of bed with janky hair and old house dress.
  2. That horse napping case was all kinds of sordid... I felt icky after hearing about X-rated photos and horseplay, but I laughed like a crazy person when the plaintiff started spilling his guts about him and his wife's nasty shenanigans and confessed that wifey was upset that he was tiny. That whole ranch needs to be raided and all the horses re-homed to sane people. I agree that the defendant had an intense makeup/hairstyle combo going on.
  3. I think the case of the sprained ankle/horses/fence was a raw deal. If someone is on my property and tripped on a rock, then they sued me, I'd be pissed. It seems unfair to me - clumsy equals I pay for your ER bill, do I have to clear every little obstacle so no mishaps can befall any visitor ever? After hearing the details, JJ made the defendant (partly) responsible. Whatever, JJ. I've never been a homeowner, so if I'm missing some statute, I'd be curious to find out how this case fits.
  4. I think the ex-Rikers correction officer was drinking and pilling and hiding money and just forgetting what she did with it. JM's points were valid - why didn't she ever say "I saw you!" in any of her many texts? Also, the issue with the surveillance cameras not catching the plaintiff stealing didn't help her side either. The first time $$ was missing in my home I would have made sure that those cameras were in working order 24/7. She has a broken TV, scratched glasses, a rubber-less squeegee(!), a big leaking fish tank and says "I believe he did it". It looks like she has her daughter drinking her Kool-aid, as she's there propping up mom's wild accusations. Ex-CO better watch her booze and pill intake in that big house and make sure to stash all of her cash in that in-home safe from now on.
  5. That roommate plaintiff was a stealth creep - looking like a church girl in court but being a nightmare roommate. She seemed rational at first, but that calm demeanor was hiding a mess that like to walk around naked in someone else's apartment... I wouldn't want her sitting on MY chairs/sofa. She was also petty as hell calling child services, not paying rent (maybe), destroying cameras, because she felt she was owed an apology. She was a whiner to boot, bringing up her diabetes, hernia problems and having to stay in a hotel because of stress. 39 years old! Immature. 2nd Case: Two words: Plaid pants.
  6. Her recipes today had zero sprinkles, so that's a plus. However, I couldn't wrap my head around that butternut squash-bacon-onion-apple-biscuit mixup. I was semi feeling it until those biscuits went on. Bread and squash.... two food groups that don't seem to relate, in my book.
  7. Why did Ree have to use dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets in today's show? She is so annoying in her infantilizing of her kids. These are grown-ass women in college, with boyfriends, and she giggles at the fun of serving them chicken marketed to young children. I know Ree has a brother with special needs and my opinion is that she grew up in the habit of speaking to him in an upbeat and hyper-peppy way and she just is not able to turn it off. On the other hand, whatever daughter was behind the camera today responds to Ree's perky statements with the deadest monotone I've heard in a long time. Ooof, it was painful listening to Ree sounding like she's on happy pills and her kid sounding like she just woke up.
  8. The first case is pretty sad - 20(?) year old son suing his mom after his DUI. 18 year old sister is alongside Mom as a defendant. Son looks like your typical neckbeard incel. He was released to his mother after one night in jail, for blowing a 2.xx on the Breathalyzer. He came home, then picked up a bat and left the house with it. Mom got nervous and called the police as she didn't know what her drunk son would do next, and he was re-arrested. He decided to move out and now wants various items he accuses Mom of holding: some old printer, 2 cameras and a mountain bike. Son seems pretty bitter for some reason, calling his mother a thief. After questioning from JM, it comes out that the father has 'checked out' on the family and that son is bitter about that too. Then the bombshell - son sexually assaulted his sister when she was younger and that is the main reason that Dad is out of the picture. JM makes sure the sister is comfortable talking about this - she says yes but some tears flow. She has been to counseling and says she's coping better. She also says she no longer wants a relationship with brother. Honestly, at this point, I muted the TV. JM banged the gavel right after - it was so quick I presume she just dismissed everything. Case # 2: Classic older man "helping out" a much younger woman who was short on cash. 59 year old dude is a taxi driver who picks up chick who looks like a hybrid of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj and loans her beaucoup dollars after a couple of sob stories. He trusted her! I was so hoping that JM would mime playing a violin while he swore he had no ulterior motives. Sure, Jan.
  9. I think a lot of her staff have fled because they're no longer getting paid. Why should Boof keep doing her bidding if there is no incentive, like a paycheck. He probably hung in for a while to be a nice guy but gas costs money. I think Wendy wants to appear like a strong, independent woman. She would have been smart to get herself out of the big, lonely apartment and get closer to family. She can do that TV remote segment from anywhere - move to a place near your family in Miami for some support and set up a camera from FL. After this latest setback, she'll see that she needs to rely on those closest to her.
  10. Just watched part 3 and it was kind of a downer. At the end, Lois' daughter made a plea that she wants her mother to stop going to find love online and spend that time connecting with her grandchildren. Lois continued to look blank. Then Phil reinforced her to stop with the dating sites, stay off the internet, and do what her daughter suggested. Lois replied "then I have no life". So sad that she thinks there is nothing if she isn't chasing love from men stuck on the other side of the world. I also think that Phil could tell her 60 times that the money was fake, that Paul Shaw is not real, there are no diamonds and gold and Lois would still mumble "oh, I don't know...". At least she was offered some mental support - it is so needed.
  11. Usually when they run a catfish episode, I watch with a sense of glee and superiority as I watch the victim make dumb choices. My usual mindset is "if you're too dumb to know better, sucks to be you". I realized that I don't feel that for Lois - I kind of pity her because she is obviously mentally incompetent and watching her be in a fog and getting ripped off is disconcerting. I haven't watched part 3 yet but I just wondered something - has Phil every offered a catfish victim some kind of mental health treatment at the end of an episode? On another note, I was listening to the Dr Phil podcast on Chris Watts and Phil gave a psychological breakdown of those women who marry/get engaged to/sympathize with prisoners. He had 3-4 theories and one was the savior complex. His explanation for this mindset fits pretty much like what a lot of these catfish victims are like - they need someone to "save". I think some of them are doing it for the promised jackpot that the scammers hold over their heads in a lot of these cases, but a lot of their motivation seems to be they want to save/rescue the person. 90% of the scammers set up a calamity that prevents them from getting back to the US and the catfishee runs to their bank to get some more money so they can save their beloved. If I remember correctly, didn't Lois say she was trying to help one of the three men she was juggling? I think they must get a hit of serotonin/oxytocin or whatever the hormone is that makes people feel happy. Phil needs to test that.
  12. I just watched part 2 of the catfish episode and I think there's no hope for Lois. She is not working with a full deck and no amount of Phil therapy is going to fix her problem... looking at her crazy rolling eyes was making me feel loopy. My jaw dropped at that blank $100 bill scam, mainly because Lois just sat there in the face of all evidence and mumbles "I don't know" to all of Phil's questions. Her daughter should just accept the idea that Mom has checked out of reality and is on a quest to find the next "love of her life" and she will always find an excuse why these men cant't get to her. I know there's a third part but from what I've seen so far, I can't see Lois coming around to reality. I'm going to watch just to see her reaction when this "Paul Shaw" comes out.
  13. Kinda curious as to why there was no live segment from Wendy's apartment today - they aired an episode from last year instead. Did Wendy have a bad weekend and couldn't handle the camera or was this planned time off? We'll see but my first thought was "looks like Wendy is too hungover to sit up in front of the camera and told them to grab an old show for today".
  14. I hated the movie. I'm a nitpicker and have a hard time accepting movies that throw things at you and want you to handwave basic physics and logic. The whole premise had so many unbelievable things that bothered me that I couldn't let go and just watch it as a story. Perpetual motion train in deadly frigid atmosphere, full of people in a class war? Tilda Swinton in funny clothes? Nope. Too many unanswered questions for me to relax and swallow. I tried the first episode to see if the premise was easier to accept in an hourly format. To soon to tell.
  15. I forgot all about this show until today - ads for the new season were shown during the premiere of Snowpiercer. No firm date just, "coming soon" under the title. I liked this show, the ad looked intriguing, so I'm now excited for its return.
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