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  1. Mz Anthrope

    S06.E10: The Winds of Winter

    The scene where Tommen jumps through the window reminded me of the scene in Dead Poet's Society where the actor takes off Puck's crown and sets it on the window sill. I knew what would then happen. And, although I haven't yet had a chance to read through all of everyone else's comments, I've started rewatching and had a horrible thought. I am wondering if Cersi figured Tommen would be in attendance on the trial, so his being dead was a forgone conclusion to her? His having jumped out the window was just a different way for him to have gone. Understandably, he was running late, and FrankenMountain at that point held him back, but she may have only found out about his still being there from the person who'd been to his room previously. So, she planned on his being dead one way or the other... ? I teared up with Davos confronting the Red Witch. His love for Shereen was more than evident even before. She had nothing to say to anything - nothing with any stick to it. And I really didn't like the look between Sansa and Dickfinger. I don't think that bodes well for Jon. Lady Mormont - you are one fierce, awesome being. I hope she doesn't die an ugly death on here. FrankenMountain torturing the woman who'd taken such pleasure in meeting out 'justice' to Cersi is going to be ugly, but did anyone see what he might actually have been *doing* to her when she started to scream holy terrors? We couldn't figure it out. His arms, to us, didn't look like they were moving at all. My husband and I are both feeling the timeline whiplash. I get that characters were being developed 'along the trail' in the beginning and I really enjoyed the relationships formed. Watching Brienne and Jaime, Bron and Tyrion, and the Hound and Arya was some of the most enjoyable storylines for me. And I get the action is having to move quicker because winter has FINALLY arrived, but damn... the Varys left, is now in Dorne, but wait, he's now on the ships with Dany and crew. Takes something from the enjoyment for us. Really good episode over all and fancheered several times :-) It would be delicious to see Arya slake the life from Cersi, but I am wondering if Jaime's going to beat her to it.
  2. Mz Anthrope

    S06.E09: Battle Of The Bastards

    And I am *doubting* you get to enjoy the spoils of war. Poor Wun Wun probably wasn't allowed back at the whore house.
  3. Mz Anthrope

    S06.E08: No One

    I am really disappointed in this episode. Between the non-intrigue of Arya's story (although happy to see she has her balls), Riverrun with its non-battle (I really wanted to see Blackfish kick some major ass), and the Hound only getting to kick out a stump from under two. And meh on Dany coming back. Only intrigue for me was Varys and Tyrion. Most Famous in the World indeed!
  4. Mz Anthrope

    S06.E07: The Broken Man

    With regards to Arya, I am dubious it was her. I've never seen Arya walk with her hands behind her back, nor have I seen her so direct and aggressive with a flat tone. That's more Jaqen to me. The height is different, but the walk, the direct and somewhat flat expression (with the exception of that one glint/eyebrown lift and smirk) all said "not Arya" to me. Personally, I think he of no name could see the envy and ego of the Waif and is setting her up. I don't think he cares about WHO it is that's killed, just that another face is needed. And I think the Waif is being tested just as much, if not more, than Arya. She's had a bug up her ass since Arya arrived, and everything she's done (the fighting with Arya without being directed to do so, the petulance, etc) would seem to me to speak of HER not being ready to serve the many faced god. Lady Olenna - how I love thee. Let me count the ways! Giving it so directly and succinctly to Cersi was just effing beautiful. I hope it didn't give Cersi the idea to have her thrown in the stockades before she's able to leave (which I fear she might now that she has some kind of possible retribution for having the mic dropped down her on face) and that Olenna is able to get out to work with Margery. With Margery, I could tell between her discussion with Loras and her shift in demeanor with the Sparrow King that she's playing the long game. And I agree with the person who'd posted that they suspect HS is attracted to her and she's playing it. When she sat down after having read from the Book of the Mother, she laid her hand palm up and slightly open... I took it as a subtle invite to the HS. I don't know if he's aware of the game she's playing and has no interest in her, but is feigning to get more control of her, but I am personally thinking he has something for her. I also agree with the posted who'd noted the Hound's 'inner boy' coming out at times. I noticed his awkwardness clumsiness in brushing off the Septum's hand poking at where his leg had been broken. I thought he must have accepted and started to trust Ian's character because he wasn't afraid of him, was kind and encouraging, and would even laugh at the Hound. Sad we only got Ian for one episode. I am hoping we have movement soon. And that we get to see Tyrion and Varys again. Did anyone else get the feeling that Dany is becoming more like the Mad King with her speeches? Edited for spelling correction
  5. Mz Anthrope

    S05.E10: Mother's Mercy

    When is Jorah going to come clean about his new 'condition' - gray-scale? And when is it expected in the disease's progression that he's going to begin going batshit crazy? I can just see him out there with hair boy searching for Danarys and the insanity begins. And has Gilly been over swaddling Baby Sam?? The kid's not grown WHATSOEVER since they arrived at the wall. Does the focus on these stories this season mean that we're going to getting back into the neglected storylines like Bran and Company? Just a Hodor to all my Hodors, btw. And I dig that GRRM really is into sex, but is the Sand Skanks story going to go anywhere? I mean... with purpose? Can we please see the Mountain back with Arya in some form? I think I really enjoyed her character the most when those two were together. And I am going to stop here because I feel like I am beginning to sound like the announcer at the end of the Batman tv show episodes...
  6. Mz Anthrope

    Unspoiled Speculation: Well, I DIDN'T Read It In A Book

    Moved to another thread
  7. Mz Anthrope

    S05.E10: Mother's Mercy

    I am only on page 1 of reading all the comments, but to me much of this lame fail of a season seems like it could have been written by the same dudes who write the scripts for the WWE story-lines. Stupid sand idiots. Numerous gratuitous/reaching/telesgraphing/plunked in for some reason scenes. Lack of continuity or heaped with hints and tells that it's a relief to have the scene finally come and go. Have to say - LOVE the WW scenes, Tyrion and Varys, and how much Jon has ... HAD... grown. Those story lines were most likely written by Jim Ross, maybe. Wow. For me, a disappointing season. I am more sad about the fact that I don't have that "I HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE YEAR TO FIND OUT X?!?!" feeling after the last episode. Oooo... new season of True Detective might take this bad taste out of my mouth. Thanks for allowing me what's most likely not a popular view rant :-) Edited to correct : Telegraphing instead of telescoping. Damned depressing even my rant looked stupid
  8. Mz Anthrope

    S05.E09: The Dance Of Dragons

    So, when is Jorah going to 'be honest' and 'trust Dany' by telling her he has grey scale? And Arya's storyline died big time for me after the Hound. Who's to say the thin dude isn't a man in disguise testing her? And thank you again Tyrion for your 'what the many gods...' expressions when checking out the dragons. Did anyone else, after Dany took off and they were panning back to the remaining four, think it was a lot like the Avengers pan in the first movie when they were all standing around in the street?
  9. Mz Anthrope

    S05.E09: The Dance Of Dragons

    Effing beautiful... I am still sore deep in my skull bones
  10. Mz Anthrope

    S05.E08: Hardhome

    I still need to keep reading everyone's posts (only up to page 2 of comments so far), but I keep thinking about something Stannis said offhandedly at The Wall He was looking at the dragon glass and said it was plentiful where he came from/grew up. So, could this possibly be a major banding together of leaders to defeat the White Walkers and the Dead Army? Dany and her dragons, John and anyone with Valaryian steel, and Stannis sailing back to his homeland, get as much dragon glass as possible, and arm as many as are still alive? And Bran - who knows what may be doing -- maybe a lot of Dr Xavier stuff and looking around to find other wargs or something? I dunno... Those three, to me, just seem like the ones really rising to the top right now. Who knows what the eff is going to happen next week.. Dany could marry Tyrion and Jorah kill 'em both then infect all of those around him and everyone move back to Stone People Creepville so he can at least be where Dany's family hailed from. (and yes, that massively unlikely rabbit hole was kind of fun to run through :-D ) Just wondering how, if at all, this will all arc/play out. And count me in as being someone who's wondering where Varys is. He might just be keeping tabs on Littlefinger. By the by - speaking of peeps long since heard from... what about (and pardon, but I've forgotten his name) the dude who Red Witch seduced that Onion helped get away by boat?? Okay, back to reading some great posts :-)
  11. Mz Anthrope

    S05.E07: The Gift

    Damn! LOL Directly into the pocket :-D
  12. Mz Anthrope

    S05.E07: The Gift

    Without question. The Sand 'fight' (can't even call it a faux skirmish) was sad to be kind. For all the writers/directors have delivered with previous fight scenes, seems like they're letting the interns take the reigns this season
  13. Mz Anthrope

    S05.E07: The Gift

    My husband wondered the same...lol Very sad to see him go. Loved his presence.
  14. Mz Anthrope

    S05.E07: The Gift

    From what I could tell, Sansa picked up keys while walking behind Ramsay on the boards. I was *waiting* for the Sparrows to remember Lancel's confessions. He'd 'unburdened' himself when he'd joined, thus freeing him (paraphrasing big time). I am wondering if the High Sparrow knew this all along and just used Cersi's visit to maneuver his way into authority and the castle. Tyrion cracks me up! Very sad to see Aemon go. Loved his character. He brought much and did so with quiet dignity. Yep, Sam's pretty much got Ghost at his back and that's about it from what I can tell. Jon's gone, so there's not a lot of protection. Very interesting to see Marjery's true self come out. Not one bit of whining... just really bitter determination. Not sure how long Stannis is going to do right by his daughter. Missing my Hodor, but thanking the Seven there's no fricking Bran
  15. Mz Anthrope

    S05.E06: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

    How I would *love* to see Cersei captive to Olenna and Olenna get very close to Cersei's face and say, "It was me, you ignorant twat, who killed your boy... and I wasn't the only one who enjoyed watching him die!" And with regards to the Sparrow's and their high morality, wouldn't Lancel have admitted, in his confessions/coming clean, to have killed the King per Cersei's orders? I am wondering if that's ever going to come into play and snag her. I doubt it given she's the Queen Mother, but...