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  1. I was watching Aerobic gymnastics a few nights ago and was wondering what. . . the. .. heck? Looked like a cross between those crazy 80s aerobics routines and my daughter's all star cheerleading routines. I started watching with the TV muted as I was doing something else, and then once I unmuted it got even funnier. One group from a Soviet state was performing to "Apple Bottom Jeans" which was sped up to nearly double time. They did incorporate a lot of cheer stunts (basket tosses for instance, which my DD did in her squad). I was waiting for the crazy cheer faces to start!
  2. My kids were competitive gymnasts at a gym that had multiple national team members (one that went to the Olympics). There was a toxic culture back then. My younger daughter dislocated her baby toe during conditioning and the female coach made her do conditioning until I was able to get there and take her to the ER to have it relocated. Her toe was sticking out sideways like a taxicab door yet she was doing V-ups.
  3. After the huge dumpster fire involving USAG and the abuse charges and mishandling, she certainly has to look out for herself. A gold medal would translate into more lucrative post Olympic endeavors. Gymnastics, particularly at the elite level, is ridiculously expensive and difficult physically and emotionally.
  4. I think my co-worker has the same problem with her apartment - she tells me she doesn't bake because her oven doesn't work (the stovetop does so she can cook). She doesn't let anybody into her apartment and has to clean for a week before anybody comes. She had a leak in the bathroom ceiling from the upstairs tenant and was visibly panicked because they had to send a plumber to her place. Like I mentioned, my house isn't the neatest but at work, my desk is pristine because I can't concentrate if it's a mess. Meanwhile, co-worker is back and her desk is blown up again - I honestly think she just
  5. I'm prefacing this by saying that I'm a reformed hoarder myself. I still have some piles of too-many-things in my house, but sorry, no sail cats and no empty pizza boxes or tons of newspapers, etc. But I had to use my co-worker's desk for a few days while she was out of town. She had information and files saved on her computer that I was only able to access when using her desk. So when I needed that info, I slid my chair over and. . .. I had to clean her entire desktop before doing anything. I was literally GROSSED OUT. She had hundreds of paper clips thrown around - papers, post-its,
  6. It was SOO hard to watch. After he peeled off the parallel bars and landed backwards on his knees, I got the willies watching everybody else doing any kind of release moves. I wasn't able to watch the remainder of the competition but I know it will be repeated over and over again on the Olympic channel so I will catch it then.
  7. My niece apparently kept all my mother's clothes when she passed. She was in her early 20s and I have no idea why she would be wearing outfits that made her look like Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond. I'm a quilter and I have made several quilts out of the clothing of deceased folks. I actually made some "memory bears" out of shirts worn by a young man who was tragically killed in an auto accident. The bears went to his mom, his fiancée and their two young children.
  8. It took me a while to watch this episode and man, Debbie, reminded me of a lady I know that will argue and talk, talk, talk until I finally have to cut her off. Her family probably just says "FINE." to shut her up. I was particularly upset about all those brand new shoes that could be donated. It's bad enough she keeps the old shoes, but to deprive somebody who is needy of new shoes is really selfish. Debbie was just so resentful of her father. Hey, the guy's dead, give it up for the family you have living now. Sending Joshua healing vibes and positive thoughts.
  9. I like Becky - she's a hot mess and she's all over the place, but I still like her. DJ is fun for random comments and I enjoy Jackie, again because I've watched the original show so much that she feels like a real person. (I have an old friend who is semi-crazy and comes up with the most bizarre stuff, but we have history). But Darlene's supposed to be coming off like she's all sparkly and wonderful but she's elitist and **sorry for my shallowness** not overly appealing physically IMHO. So what does she have going for her? She's mean or thoughtless to those around her (why wasn't she thinki
  10. Darlene is NOT the new Roseanne. She's not as tough as Roseanne or as funny as Roseanne, and sure not as appealing as Roseanne. Dan was and still is peripheral to the women in the show - plus he's still just going through the motions after losing the love of his life after umpteen years. He's just TIRED IMHO. Jackie is still wacky. I'm enjoying Becky's storyline more than Darlene. Perhaps I don't see Darlene as appealing and in particular, she still seems snobbish that she's back in Lanford working at the same place her mom did.
  11. Enjoy! Rollacoaster, you are my hero! I've looked for that skit for years!
  12. *** waves at Valerie*** I have an older brother who was diagnosed with Asperger's as an adult. And when I heard Elon talking, all I could think about was the weird way my brother talked when we grew up (he's ten years old than me). Plus I have an adopted family member with Asperger's who also has the same affect. That said, I thought Elon did a pretty good job, considering he's trying to read lines written by someone else who has the emotional connection to what's written and he doesn't. I thought the monologue was funny, even with his mannerisms. Murder Durder was funny. The Gen Z skit
  13. So passive aggressive, on top of the narcissism. And dude, please stop buying random junk so you can buy a front tooth. Both he and his wife were therapists, so they had some money at some point in time. Welcome Borealis and AZ Christian, you rock! I also come from a family of origin with such negativity and it's a big SCREW YOU to be able to not only live, but live in such a satisfying manner. Back to Wilhy - anybody figure out why she went Catatonic? She just went stiff and started staring at the wall unresponsively for no reason? Doesn't that happen with some kind of trauma resp
  14. Lecy and John made last night's show for me - it gave me the feeling of the original show without it feeling maudlin. As for Becky's college fund, I have the feeling Roseanne and Dan might have raided whatever meager amount was in there during the prior year when things were super tight. Also, back in the day, going to "community college" was a step down in a lot of people's eyes. Becky would have been smart enough to get into a four year college with her grades. I think even SHE thought it was a step down. And then. . . . waaaahhh waaaahhh Darlene came in. She is just some special kind
  15. Kassa - I had the same thing done after a sudden hearing loss four years ago (the MRI - no tumor here either). But most people don't wander around having brain tumors for no reason (I work at a diagnostic center and they do tons of them for "headaches", just to rule out a brain tumor and yes, we've had a few pop up in younger people). IMHO, if she had a brain tumor bad enough to cause a seizure, she would have known about it ahead of time. It just seemed like one of those "How can we use Molly to make Darlene turn all YOLO? Say, let's give her a brain tumor that kills her off, but leaves a pr
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