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  1. There's a blind item that Corey Haim was raped by a powerful A-List actor. I usually don't follow Radar Online or blind items, but after what Corey Feldman disclosed in his book, and the things that Elijah Wood said earlier this year about there being a pedophile problem in Hollywood, I'm kind of having a hard time taking this one with a grain of salt. It's highly disturbing.
  2. So Bono testified before Congress yesterday. Why, you ask? Well, he said that we should send Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Sacha Baron Cohen to defeat ISIS! His rationale was that Hitler got rid of the surrealists and dadaists first, so let's fight them with comedians. Maybe he's just mad that they're all making jokes about him and he wants to give himself some plausible deniability. All I can really think about is the story about when he wrote a letter to Captain Beefheart. He assumed that Don van Vliet was poor since he was an aging, obscure musician, and invited him to open a few shows for hi
  3. Nearly all of my dad's side of the family still lives in Poland, and that happened to one of my cousins in Communist Poland. She was a dissenter, and she was drugged, given ECT and forced into mental hospitals. She survived it, and lived with us for a short time when I was young as our nanny. It was sad, because she was paranoid of electrical sockets because of the ECT and would sweep the carpet with a broom. Back on-topic: this episode did give me chills. Nina's death was a long time coming, but it still ripped my heart out. I loved and sympathized with her character so much. For such a p
  4. I actually liked that there weren't any subtitles in the scene with Penelope, her father and Chip. I don't speak French, but I think it was supposed to make us feel sort of lost, like Chip. We could tell they were arguing over Chip but not exactly what they were saying. Even without Christine, this was another fantastic episode. The scenes with Chip and the street performers were beautifully shot, and it was just a masterfully done sequence. And while I didn't necessarily feel sorry for Penelope, it did humanize her a bit to me. She wanted some kind of identity independent of her father, s
  5. I knew that Chip would eventually find out that Christine sent Penelope back to Paris, but I didn't think he would learn it so soon. I am both looking forward to and dreading their confrontation. My heart breaks for Chip, even though I side with Christine, as she did what she had to. This episode was incredible. The Willie Nelson conversation was so hilarious and surreal. The recurring snake bite gag was just as good as the cricket gag from last week. I'm really going to miss this show when the season ends in a few weeks.
  6. Baskets has been renewed for a second season! http://www.avclub.com/article/fx-still-down-clown-renews-baskets-second-season-232706
  7. You're thinking of El Salvador. The country where women are being arrested, tried and convicted for having miscarriages, because people think they did something to cause them.
  8. Amazing story on abortion, but the sloths? That was a great bit of levity after such a wholly depressing subject.
  9. I don't remember that, but if so, it could be how Chip rationalizes it, the way that Christine rationalizes his suicide by saying he fell off the bridge while admiring the river.
  10. "Suicide is not the answer, usually". This was another hit it out of the ballpark episode for this series. I'm truly stunned at how amazing it's been throughout. Christine and Penelope's little adventure, which ended up with her shipping her ass back home to France, was both deserved and devastating. Chip's attempts at problem-solving were hilarious, and actually had some sort of positive effect on his nieces. I just wonder what will happen when Chip finds out Mama Baskets sent Penelope back home to Paris on a one-way ticket.
  11. I just want Robert to stick around for the commentary and entertainment factor. I'm not attached to any of these contestants on an artistic level at all, but Robert amuses me. He looks and sounds like he just stepped off the set of a Wolfgang Petersen movie. But yeah, when the only contestant you like is one you like because he tickles you, there's not much compelling you to stick around. I'll probably drop it when he's eliminated in the next couple weeks.
  12. I've been sucked in by Neko Atsume. It's basically a virtual pet game, with all kinds of cats you collect and feed and give toys and whatnot. It is stupid, it is adorable, and yet I cannot stop playing it.
  13. Mindymoo

    Super Mario Maker

    I was wondering if anyone got this amazing game for the Wii U? It came out in September 2015, and you can make your own Mario levels from Super Mario Bros, Mario 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U. You can also play levels that people all over the world have made. I've become quite obsessed with the game lately, and even used it as part of a project for my Entertainment in American Life class. I know the Wii U isn't as popular as the X-Box or Playstation, but are there any Nintendo die-hards like me out there who are completely sucked in by this awesome game?
  14. I wouldn't be surprised. Louie Anderson is a brilliant stand-up comedian, after all. And I've read that the Costco and Arby's thing were all Anderson's idea. What I really, really love though? Is that looking at Louie Anderson, I'm not seeing it as "haha, Louie Anderson in a dress". There's no novelty in casting Louie as Christine, because he actually looks like he could be somebody's mother when he's playing Christine. This is no John Waters, Divine as Edna Turnblad affair.
  15. Have you tried FXNOW? I caught it on that app for the first episode when my On Demand was down and was able to watch it at its regular time slot ever since.
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