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S02.E08: No Funerals

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Forced into an impossible situation during her fight with Kirigan, Alina makes a fateful decision that alters her relationship with magic — and Mal.

Premiere Date: March 16, 2023       Netflix

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did Alina cut with shadow in the last scenes? is that her "cost" for resurrecting Mal. did she even realize what she was doing, that she was really resurrecting him? and she looked pleased about the cut too.  if it was shadow, that doesn't look good.  

and was that grisha at the coronation speaking the northern language?  i thought they killed their grisha.

I presume the Shu also have grisha (given their own Saint), so where are they/what are they doing?  Looks like Revka could use an ally, since they will likely have some "rejoining" pains with their two halfs, and a lot of people probably still don't like grisha, even with alina taking away the fold.

honestly, Nina and Matthias' story is so weak, its ridiculous.  Can they just forget about it next year?  or do we have to still deal with Pekka?

David's body was nowhere to be found.  could the shadows fully consume someone, or would there still be a body?  if there's no body, its not 100% that he died, though if he's still around it might not be in the same condition.

and of course Mal has to "do something" now that he is no longer a tracker (though one would think he still has the skills of a tracker, just not the inherent 'special something'), he can't just stay with alina (or does he know something about what happened to her by her resurrecting him?).  

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