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  1. So the vampires finally know the truth about Guillermo! Too bad they were more upset about their lack of clean clothes. I love that the Nadja doll survived and randomly appears to people. The house was disgusting after just one week. Imagine what it would look like in a month.
  2. So Nadja's mini-rant last season about witches was actually true! I love that they are her go-to excuse for the troubles in her life. I laughed at the pervy smiles Nandor was giving to the camera, and Nadja's shrieking about no one being able to tell long-haired brunettes apart. Who knew about Nandor and Lazslo! I liked the continuity between episodes and seasons. I'm glad to see that Guillermo talks back more to the vampires. I laughed big time when Colin Robinson tried to insert himself in the semen extraction and Guillermo's non-belief in him being well-endowed.
  3. LOL at Lazslo being the original creator of popular songs. The language was pretty dirty this episode, I wasn't expecting the song about cream. Nandor really doesn't give a shit about humans, it's hilarious. I would love to see him discoing in white platform shoes. From the end, are we to assume he actually turned his old familiar or was the familiar playing a prank on everyone? Guillermo actually stood up for himself! I wonder how long his terms will be met by Nandor. I loved his disinterest in the desperate/horny familiar.
  4. The first story confused me a bit. How did the scarecrow go from trying to kill the boy, to following his orders? When I saw the boy sewing, I thought he was making his own scarecrow companion. The second one made me jump! When I saw the actress breathing in the chair, I thought it meant the body would get up and walk around. Seeing her randomly appear in different slumped poses was creepier, though. Her outfit didn't seem appropriate to me. It looked like she was on her way to a picnic or something.
  5. Carol was creepy! I was laughing at the staredowns between Nandor and Guillermo. I wonder if Nandor is rethinking all the put-downs he's given Guillermo. Trolling by an actually troll (complete with a giant pixelated groin) was hilarious. It's cool seeing all the different supernatural creatures. I loved the little movement Guillermo made when Simon presented the garbage sculpture.
  6. It seemed like the guy that played the hobo was still in rehearsal mode. His first few lines were off. The story was sad, though. The roommates from the second segment were psychotic. Even though the stoner belatedly tried to step in, he was still ok with torture. I had to look away when I saw them doing something in his mouth. I'm too squeamish!
  7. I loved Laszlo's "human disguise" and his nonchalant mentions of his kills. I expected for him to have been gone for months, not just a mere week! Colin's come-ons to both Nadjas were hilarious. I can't believe the play for the puppet was a serious attempt. I loved all the reaction shots when the duel took place, and when they explained why Laszlo skipped out on the debt.
  8. The second story was better than the first story again. I didn't really understand why the werewolf infected the soldiers if she felt it was a curse. The finger, ugh. Both episodes had some gore I had to look away from. The narrator was quite full of himself. He was turning his nose up at a job, when the bill collectors kept calling! I laughed at his encounters with the police, though.
  9. That took a really dark turn! I was expecting for Villanelle's mother to be truly remorseful about abandoning her as a child. Knowing that the "heart-breaking" reunion was all manufactured is very creepy. I knew cracks would come after what her little brother told her, but I was not expecting a mass murder. The ending scene on the train was the most emotion I've ever seen from Villanelle.
  10. Besides the unexpected powers of Colin, I liked seeing the paintings that the other three had. I laughed when Nadja mentioned she was in Guernica, of course she was! I also loved when she chastised Nandor for looking at her "floral" painting, and he mentioned that it was shoved in his face. They've been dragging out Guillermo's confession of vampire hunting, I hope the others find out about it this season! It was kind of sweet/sad that Colin had a drawing and a picture of the 4, and keeps bringing the picture to work.
  11. I think this is the right thread for the AMC series that premiered tonight! The first story was pretty cheesy, but the second was something else. I had to put a pillow over my eyes. Seeing the head outside the dollhouse was creepy as hell.
  12. It was an interesting format for the show. I liked seeing the vignettes. I thought I saw her in the pub at the beginning, but wasn't sure. I know a lot of people finally got what they wanted, but yikes at the execution. Constantin is cold-blooded, I think all the double-crossing will catch up to him eventually. I feel terrible for Carolyn's daughter. Her mom refuses to acknowledge her in any way.
  13. Tonight had some creepy moments! The 70s vampires were bizarre and hilarious. I laughed when Guillermo ended up throwing the lady out the window, and the "oh shit" moment of the camera guy. It's weird to think of any of the vampires having an email account. I half expected for the joke to be the chain email was sent in 2009, as well.
  14. Poor Guillermo! Not only was he losing sleep taking care of the assassins, but Topher was taking credit for his work and the vamps made a joke wishing that he was dead instead. I loved seeing Benedict Wong as the con artist necromancer. The ghost episode was hilarious. I wasn't sure if Laszlo could see Jeff's ghost, but I love that he ran back to get the warrior for assistance. The ectoplasm from his ghost was disgusting! What language were they using in the spell book? Was it just made up? I figured Nadja's ghost was speaking Greek, but was Nandor's ghost using a real language? That doll was spooky as hell.
  15. That Game of Thrones cameo and dragon made me roll my eyes. It's weird seeing HBO shows reference each other. It's going to take some time for me to get used to the slow pace of things. I guess the rest of the season will be 1 episode Dolores and 1 episode Maeve/Bernard. It's creepy Delos copied all the employees to use in anyway they like.
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