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  1. I don't really understand the Diana that we first met in Batman v Superman to this one. In BvS, wasn't it implied that she stayed away from the world after the war, and didn't use her powers? She's using them left and right in this one. I couldn't really get behind the fact that Diana and Steve was using some other guy's body to be together. When I saw them in bed together, it kind of turned my stomach. I want to know how everyone reacted in the aftermath. This was the first wide-scale showing of magic, right? Lord should have been arrested or something, his face was on every screen in the world.
  2. I'm surprised that Diana thought that the Uptown Girl performance would be a good idea. She's been married to Charles several years by this point, and she had to suspect that the dance wouldn't go down well. I loved when the queen made the crack about ballerinas to Philip. He was no saint during their younger years, either. The "private" viewing of the Phantom of the Opera performance was extremely cringeworthy.
  3. peridot

    S04.E05: Fagan

    I hope those security guys were fired. If someone breaks in once, I could maybe understand. But the same guy broke in twice, and it looks like they didn't try to ramp up security at all after the first time! Was Fagan mentally ill, or was he just depressed/fed-up? The system kept bouncing him between two departments about child visitation, and his wife's new boyfriend seemed like an ass. It was pretty creepy to be sitting on the end of her bed.
  4. It's interesting that Thatcher bemoaned the emotionalism of women as why they shouldn't be elevated, but she became completely wrapped up in her son's disappearance and tried to ignore the conflict with the Argentine miners. Her son was an idiot, but I guess it ties into her hypocritical nature - making excuses about what happened to him, calling her mom and daughter weak, and even becoming unprofessional in front of the queen. The story about the kid drinking chilled urine was terrible, but I didn't have much sympathy for him. Was he going to the same school that Philip and Charles went to, where everyone was overly dickish?
  5. peridot

    S04.E08: 48:1

    I feel so terribly about the press secretary who's been serving for over 30 years. He protested several times about the course of action, but he gets thrown under the bus so easily? I would have definitely wrote a tell-all if I were him. It seemed that Thatcher was both isolationist and racist. I hated that she had no empathy for the people suffering under apartheid and was all about the money.
  6. I liked seeing a normal couple react to all the bizarre protocols and odd pastimes. I liked when Denis made a remark that he didn't realize that Margaret was listening to him on the plane, since she wasn't looking at him. The snobbery was terrible, and I felt badly for the Thatchers. I'm surprised that she could leave early without repercussions.
  7. I understand why Charles proposed, but why did Diana say yes?
  8. I'm glad we could see what happened to the monster! Though I wonder how he managed to get to Ardham undetected. I liked the scene where the ancestors were together, summoning Titus. I'm glad that Ruby attempted to do the right thing in the end, though I wonder what Leti told her at the graveyard. I didn't expect for Christina to show up like that at the end. How did Leti come back to life, and is Dee possessed? She killed with no hesitation.
  9. I don't get why Ruby is ok with Tic being murdered. Does she think that Leti will forgive her for letting the father of her child be murdered? Based on what she said to Christina, is she now going to find a red-headed woman and take her skin? The events of 1921 and seeing how abuse is passed through the generations was tragic. Montrose has been been through a lot, I half expected him to commit suicide in the hotel room. The corrupt cop was literally ripping flesh off a black man to staple onto himself?! I'm glad he actually died this time. I really want to see how the team explained the "gas explosion" in their neighborhood. Where did the monster go?
  10. It looked like Homelander was grimacing when she started with her "white genocide" crap to Ryan. Do you think that he would've left her over that, or stayed with her so that she could be a mom to Ryan? That poor kid, let's hope the accidental murder of his mom won't turn him into someone worse than Homelander. I'm glad that Stormfront was taken down. Was she actually tearing up when she saw the bad press and memes?! I thought that Kimiko was killed, I didn't think she could come back from a neck-snapping. I wasn't expecting the Congress lady to be the mystery Supe. It looks like Hughie stepped right in the thick of it. I hope there will be a third season.
  11. The first episode was pretty sad. The wife didn't seem to have a job and kept thinking the soulmates were 100% happy all the time. Finding a soulmate seems too easy and you really don't have a foundation. Her brother married a stranger after 3 weeks, who was already in a relationship. I felt bad for the wife, who realized what she had way too late. I wonder if people are obligated to partner with the soulmate, or can they just say "I'm good"?
  12. I thought Becca was being held hostage by Vought in the fake neighborhood? She should have been honest with Ryan about who Homelander is and why she's wary of him. It's sickening to see the boy embrace a rapist and supremacist as new parents. It seems like the majority of the parents are shitty people - Annie with her guilt-tripping mom, and Butcher with his conniving mother and abusive father. I was afraid that he would throw his father off the balcony. I could have sworn that Lamplighter would last all season and into the next.
  13. I'm glad two major secrets were let out of the bag in this episode. I really don't know why they didn't let Diana in on the secrets. They should have realized that their secretiveness caused Hippolyta to do her own investigation, and they lost her to magic. Diana is just as intelligent, and they should have told her. Those demon girls were scary as hell, they kind of reminded me of "Us". I was not expecting for that to appear as a result of Tic's spell! How are they going to explain that to the neighbors?! I thought Ruby's potion lasted for a day? It seems her skin was ripping off after a short period. Ouch at Ji-Ah and Leti.
  14. Hippolyta's journey was interesting, though I'm not sure who the alien lady was. Dancing with Josephine Baker must have been a blast! She had a lot of scarring on her chest, was that real or part of the character's injuries? It was nice to see that she got some closure with George, even though he wasn't her version. I'm really worried about Diana now. It looks like Leti's pregnant! I would really hate for Ruby to completely join Christina's side and spy on her family and friends for her agenda. How safe is it to constantly drink the blood of dead people? It's pretty gruesome they are just propped up in the basement.
  15. I never suspected Stormfront was married to Vaught. I wonder if she's being honest with Homelander, or is just using him so she'll be safe. A Supe-powered army led by a white supremacist is terrifying. Are we supposed to infer that the bald woman is a skinhead? I can't believe that A-Train is even entertaining joining the creepy scientologist guy, and how is he in seven-figure debt?! When Elena saw the video, I was afraid that Maeve would murder her for seeing the video. I'm surprised that normal people would date a Supe, they have crazy powers and all of them seem to be psychopaths. I have no words about the actual third leg of the inmate.
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