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  1. Puffaroo

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    My beloved Judge Judy has become a chore to watch -- so much repetition, explaining over and over again, maybe to spin the case out longer? It's not much fun any more.
  2. Puffaroo

    S09.E05: What Comes After

    Wow. Just... WOW.
  3. Puffaroo

    S05.E06: Flaming Hot Cheetos, Literally

    I need a ha-ha emoji for this post! Seeing Poussey made me get all misty. *sniff*
  4. Puffaroo

    S04.E11: The Final

    I'm late to the party; I just discovered this show on Netflix. Love it! I really wanted Kimberly to win, but in the end I was happy with anyone who wasn't Resting-B*tchface Ruby!
  5. Puffaroo

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    He was? I don't remember him. Who did he play?
  6. Puffaroo

    S01.E07: The Final Escape

    Isn't this the first time we've seen them do that, the bribe? And WOW, I wonder what the future relationship will be like with the snitch!
  7. Puffaroo

    Last Man Standing

    OMG, the girls singing in church at the end was just *horrendous* -- honestly, they reminded me so much of the TV ads by local auto dealers, who all seem to employ shrill young women for shilling (or maybe shrilling). Take it down half an octave, all the dogs in the neighborhood were barking! The choir robes were ghastly, too. Really, along with what everyone else is saying about this show, it has truly jumped the shark.
  8. Puffaroo

    S01.E06: Poking the Bear

    Aw, MAN... I was really rooting for David and Emiley. I'll watch this edition to the end just to see who wins, but after that I'm out. The hunters are way too full of themselves and obviously have some horrendously unfair advantages.
  9. Puffaroo

    S01.E05: A $250,000 Gamble

    I did, too, but I made the assumption that the newspaper was from somewhere else. Am I wrong?
  10. Puffaroo

    S01.E04: Fight, Flight or Freeze

    Why in the world stand out in clear view so much? It's like the two guys on the boat -- get inside, fer cryin' out loud.
  11. Puffaroo

    S01.E04: Fight, Flight or Freeze

    I'm guessing the team starts are staggered. These particular customers had a camera team with them. That would make me watch them leave.
  12. Puffaroo

    S16.E16: Leaving It on the Line

    She and Heidi were the only contenders who seemed to take it seriously.
  13. Puffaroo

    S16.E16: Leaving It on the Line

    Heather looked like the reincarnation of Divine. And what a classless person she was!
  14. Puffaroo

    S16.E16: Leaving It on the Line

    I haven't researched this myself, but I remember reading somewhere -- possibly here during a previous season -- that Ramsay won't select a fat girl.
  15. Puffaroo

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Between that and Heaven'Leigh not knowing what quarantine is, I'm thinking we have GOT to improve our public education.