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  1. Good for him for graduating past the perennial "best friend of male lead."
  2. Shorty186

    Scream Franchise

    I really love Scream 3, I think because of Parker Posey and her chemistry with Courteney and David. I tend to skip Scream 2 when I rewatch. Not sure why, maybe because they kill Randy. So I'll try rewatching it to see why it's so popular. But the original is hands down one of my favorite horror movies ever. I remember in film school I actually showed a clip of it for an assignment (I think to show an example of refexivity) so I showed the scene where Randy is watching Halloween and then Sidney and Kenny are watching the tape of Randy watching Halloween and my classmates were like, "Yeeees!"
  3. Hmm. So does that mean most of those actors have deals with GAC or is it when they do movies for Hallmark and Lifetime? Because some of those actors are surprising.
  4. Yeah a big let down with adults. And the cartoon storytelling was even weirder. Just re-air the old eps.
  5. Her IG says she has a "masters in marketing." I don't think you can claim that until you've actually earned your degree and ... it's just funny. You'd think she'd have been better at this considering.
  6. Glad it's Serena C and not P especially since Joe and Natasha have a podcast together. Although I don't know if that started before BiP.
  7. Disappointed that Ivan wouldn't say anything about Brendan when Natasha pressed him. Maybe they are good friends, but Ivan your friend is a dick. Don't be one too by being silent.
  8. Please tell me they did not just murder a dog. The cat was an accident but if the dog is dead they are dealing with a straight up psycho.
  9. I really liked the first one. Anything set in the early 90s always makes me nostalgic. So I was prepared to like the second one less because I thought it'd be too much of a Friday the 13th ripoff *and* because the trailers flat out told us Ziggy died. So I was surprised that I enjoyed it even more than 1994. I figured out Tommy was the Killer right away (although I'm pretty sure the first movie showed us his name on the rock), so I was real embarrassed I didn't figure out the sister twist till they were dying and it seemed real unlikely that Cindy would survive her multiple ax stabbings.
  10. I was disappointed she didn't have 1 of the 2 guys she's been seeing as her date. I was really worried something was going to happen to Wesley, especially since Lopez saw him before the ceremony and I also think Shawn Ashmore didn't really get much to do despite becoming a series regular this season. Then they mentioned Jackson was missing, and finally of course it was Lopez herself. I don't think La Fiera wants to kill her though. She wants to gut punch her back. So maybe she'll steal her baby ...
  11. I thought it was strange Jenny didn't mention the meth thing to Blake. "Your brother tried to kill me last night ... after I caught him cooking meth." I wanted to see if Blake already knew. And who was that weird girl sitting upside down? It wasn't the sister.
  12. What's cool is that's a shoutout to one of the original Nancy Drew books by Carolyn Keene called "The Secret of Redgate Farm." I never read it but I read the Nancy Drew Writer's Room twitter. It's nice to know they're aware of cannon. This ep did my shipper heart good. I was worried I was going to have to read into little glances and subtle shoulder bumps and instead we got hugs, angst and Nancy sacrifing her integrity for Ace. Next week's promo looks weird though. Like marketing didn't know how to set up the plot. But this has been a strong season so far so I'm not too worried.
  13. Well Nancy had an interesting pondering when she asked if the lust butterflies were, "intensifying feelings of attraction that I already had - but was repressing," while she nonchalantly looked at Ace. But Ace basically looking disgusted/petrified of her was a real bummer. And if anything, I feel like this ep set her and Tamura up. Like she basically went to Gil at the end to avoid acting on her feelings for Tamura. So maybe this Ace-Nancy thing is going to be a super slow/years long burn. 😕
  14. Can they just put Nancy and Ace together already? Either that or keep the actors in separate rooms because their chemistry is getting distracting.
  15. Wow, so first Hallmark used a crappy cover of Weezer's "Beverly Hills" for Beverly Hills Wedding and now they got the rights to TLC's "Waterfalls" for the new movie Chasing Waterfalls? Maybe they've decided to make movies based off the song rights they can get. There's also a new movie called Don't Go Breaking My Heart but the commercial surprisingly didn't use the Elton John song. Probably too expensive.
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