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  1. Except that one of Dany's servants got horribly ill from poisoned honeyed locusts that were meant for her. There were definitely people (such as the Green Grace?) who wanted to see the peace fail.
  2. Brn2bwild

    Hamilton (2020)

    I've seen the show four times (including this), and he's the only person who manages to walk the fine line between flamboyant and menacing as Jefferson. The London Jefferson came closest after him, but the other two I saw made him seem like an utter clown, which lessened him considerably as an adversary. I was really impressed with Philippa Soo's performance. Her singing voice doesn't quite do it for me (too delicate, slightly brittle), but her presence and quiet depth were amazing.
  3. An interesting video (Part One of a series) was posted last week, stating that D&D made last-minute changes to the episode to place more blame on Dany. The script for this episode lodged with the WGA states that when Dany fired Drogon at the people below, she was looking for Lannister soldiers, and that wildfire accidentally set off was what caused most of the damage. If so, that would jive with plausible-sounding spoilers that we received prior to this episode. Dany doesn't come across as blameless, but also doesn't come across as pure evil.
  4. Feels like that one is more suited to go after South Park, but I'm glad Jodie is getting such a prominent slot at least.
  5. The only thing I can think of is that she was one of six in the first example, but was all on her own in the second example.
  6. See the Rotten Tomatoes page for description and reviews. I didn't see another thread about this. This movie was released on March 13, 2020, so it did not get much of a theatrical release, and I found out about it through Amazon's Video On Demand. I found it to be quite powerful, one of the most unflinching looks at what a young woman has to go through to get an abortion when she comes from a state with restrictions.
  7. What I like about the reference to Daria potentially having many spinoffs is that they're acknowledging Daria has a more lasting cultural impression than B&B. While I like the general look of Daria, I felt like the animation overall was staid, so I hope they update it.
  8. Yay! Finally some real news! Comedy Central Picks Up 'Daria' Spinoff Series 'Jodie' As Part of Push in Adult Animation
  9. It's not an unpopular opinion to me. I found myself liking many of the characters more than most of the Downtown characters, save Isabel, Violet, and Edith. I liked that the servants weren't super loyal and devoted, and the one that was only acted that way because she's playing the long game. I don't know if they acted that way only because they knew that the Trenchards were not aristocrats, so didn't have that natural deference for their "betters," as many of the Downton servants did.
  10. This was really effective. The series as a whole was really strong in the back half. I loved Phyllis's last exchange with Alice, and that Alice found some self determination. The last moments with the music and the text stating when the final three states ratified the ERA left a lump in my throat.
  11. The only place I know of offhand is Reddit, which I'm not a member of. Disappointing, because this place seems just like the sort that would be really into this great show.
  12. I find that a little baffling. Julian Fellowes has enough connections to get anyone he wants to be actors in his various series. Don't know why he chose EPIX as the channel for Belgravia, but he probably could have gotten it onto PBS/Masterpiece Theatre if he had chosen to do so.
  13. John Bellasis truly is an idiot if he thinks he can just tell Susan everything, then berate her, and not think that she'd have every incentive to tell her in-laws the truth. Ugh, even if Oliver is not a bad man, he is still such a whiny ass. By putting him in the country, James may have saved his own reputation as well as Oliver's. I guess Charles doesn't know how to swim? I don't know how James and Oliver jumping in after him was supposed to help, unless they were champion swimmers themselves. The quality of the Thames water would probably make them all seriously ill. I don't know if I'd want to see a Series 2, as I find Charles to be a bit bland. However, I'd watch it if it continued to focus on the grandparents.
  14. Welp, time to say goodbye to She-Ra, something that I don't think I'm ready for. An excellent final season for an excellent series. Some specific thoughts: - I thought the friends and enemies blended together really well, and just about everyone had a moment to discuss their feelings or work through their issues. The only ones I missed were Lonnie and Kyle, whom we saw only in that brief scene. - I thought Glimmer's reunion with her dad would be more substantial than: "Missed you, Dad! Now I'm going off to explore outer space once again." And I guess Angelica really is gone (at least on a day to day level). Sniff. - I'm also surprised we never learned whether Eternia is still in existence, but I suppose that's left open at the end. - I loved Perfuma's words about having an open heart making her vulnerable, but not weak. And the general theme that love and friendship are stronger than hate. Now Scorpia has a true bestie! - Interesting how Shadow Weaver pulled a lot of the same mind games with Micah/Castra as with Adora/Catra, treating one as the favorite and the other as clearly inferior. I wonder if Castra/Catra picked up on it. - I liked how the opening credits changed as the season unfolded. And then of course:
  15. What's strange is that you'd think she would be a bigger catch to someone with a title because of her fortune. But maybe that trend didn't kick off until Americans began to marry aristocrats in the 1870s and beyond?
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