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  1. In addition to the omission of Crystal, there was the weird bit where Darlene mentioned how Conners don't drop dead, but linger to drive the younger generation crazy. Um... Roseanne?
  2. OMG, I thought he looked familiar! ETA, an article describes him as 21 years old, which does not jive with the year he was born on Roseanne (1995). What is with these shows not keeping the younger characters' ages accurate? First Harris, now this?
  3. This is the most I've liked Harris this whole series. Maybe because the actress is done filming Shameless at the moment and has time to do more than pop into a scene here and there to glower. Sarcastic, pragmatic Harris can stick around.
  4. It's such a waste for them to recast for just one more season. They could have easily aged up the Season 3-4 cast.
  5. Here is a well-written essay arguing that Dani's sister and parents were murdered by Pelle. The only hiccup is that I think at the time, Pelle was with Christian and the other men, and Dani's family lived in another state. However, Pelle could have hired a hit man.
  6. I'd like to give a shout out to the 2008-2011 series Lark Rise to Candleford, which is streaming now on Hulu. It's filled with pre-The Crown alum: specifically the actors who played Peter Townsend, older Anthony Armstrong Jones, and the Queen Mother (S1 and S2). And also Mr. Bates pre-Downton Abbey!
  7. But it's so obvious that "Show Yourself" is the emotional successor of "Let It Go." "Into the Unknown" is more of an "I Want"/anticipation song along the lines of "For the First Time in Forever." Now for a trivial question: I recalled the opening scene of the movie, where we saw the king as a young boy. As a boy, he had blondish hair. I thought that typically redheads started red and then went blond (or kept their redness, like Anna), not the other way around. Can a hair expert out there confirm?
  8. Yes, but I wonder why. Maybe they felt it contained too many story spoilers. Otherwise, to me, it's the superior song.
  9. Brn2bwild

    The Batman (2021)

    Yes, but I thought even their shamelessness had limits.
  10. Brn2bwild

    The Batman (2021)

    Another Batman. The last one came out *checks* eight years ago. What is the rationale behind releasing another movie with a new cast?
  11. What surprised me about this was how much I liked Beth. Based on reviews, I wasn't expecting her to make much of an impression at all. But unlike other movie versions, this Beth could be playful and sometimes resentful. I loved how during their trip to the sea, she said to Jo: "I'm very sick, so you have to write." I liked Claire Danes's Beth from 1994, but she always seemed so stiff, awkward, and serious. The 1949 Beth faded into the woodwork, and I can't remember anything about the other Beths I've seen. The 2019 Beth seems like she's part of the sisters unit, not just someone expected to die later in the story. On the other hand, I felt like this Laurie was the weak link of the movie. Even though he is one year older than Florence Pugh and one year younger than Saorise Ronan, he always seemed like a teenager next to them, and never came across as a desirable match. That he is still one of the stronger Lauries (Christian Bale being the best) says a lot about how bad the Laurie character has been over the decades. Peter Lawford's colorless Laurie from the 1949 movie comes to mind.
  12. Still don't understand why "Show Yourself" isn't getting more love. I think it's a better song than "Into the Unknown."
  13. If so, it's weird that he would want the daughter of that child to be killed, then. You would think he'd want to reunite with the offspring of any child he created.
  14. The timeline seems a bit weird for Rey to be Palpatine's granddaughter. Her parents in the flashback looked quite young, no older than Luke or Leia might have been at that time (and probably younger). How could Palpatine, who quite likely would have been the Emperor by that time, have spawned children in his hideous state? I think it would have worked better if Rey were his great-granddaughter and Palpatine had a normal family before he fully embraced the Dark Side.
  15. This looks good. Am I wrong that she pronounced her father's name differently than in the cartoon? "JOE" rather than "ZOO"? Is that because she's saying it the Mandarin way (as opposed to Cantonese), or because the animated movie's pronunciation was just wrong?
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