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  1. I want to add my voice to those who love this series. I was hooked from the opening minutes and watched straight through to the end. I even got my mom and sister hooked on it, and we usually never like the same shows. It has such a great mix of fun and emotionally resonant, the likes of which you rarely see pulled off well in comedies. I loved all of the characters. Hoping there will be a Season 2!
  2. How was that family so rich, anyway? There were like 12 people in Walnut Grove, and their store wasn't that big. If the town was growing, you would think the mercantile would have received competition.
  3. At this point, it feels like every Marvel character possible could appear in this movie. Do you think there is any truth to the following rumors (spoiler tagged just in case):
  4. Saving the day all the while saying the same things to Almanzo that Laura says. Why listen to your wife when you can listen to a manly man like St. Charles?
  5. It's ironic that most of the events in those episodes actually did happen in some form (though don't know about the twister), but it was over years, not days. This could have made a decent season-long story arc, but for some reason Michael Landon decided he'd rather pack in all of the tragedy at once?
  6. I think it really underscores how Laura's youth resulted in a power imbalance. They all thought that they could ignore her and lie to her without repurcussions because she was still a child, and it NEVER gets called out.
  7. It's like they forgot how to write her character in the interim. Same for Nellie -- she comes back nice and relatable with no signs of a temper tantrum. The actress said that Nellie's homecoming was actually like her homecoming, that none of the actors was really acting, and it shows. I didn't see Nellie; I saw Alison Arngrim reuniting with Melissa Gilbert and her other actor friends. I really wanted to see flashes of the old Nellie in her dealings with Nancy (the pinching her nose to stop her snoring isn't enough). And yes, Nancy, they do hate you. Nels and Willie, at least. I wish
  8. Just watched "Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow" from Season 8. Almanzo drove me crazy with the way he constantly refused to consider Laura's point of view and shut her out of his decision making. Even after he came around to her perspective, he didn't give give her any credit. If you don't take her seriously because she's so young, maybe you shouldn't have married a child, Almanzo. That said, Laura's acting was terrible, especially her meltdown in front of Grace. And Eliza Jane was plain creepy throughout the episode. I understand her having disagreements with Laura, but why not have
  9. Hmm, some of the comments in this article make it sound as though they will be covering some of the same ground that was covered in WandaVision in Dr. Strange 2.
  10. "Goodbye, Mrs. Wilder" was such a wasted opportunity. Of course Mrs. Oleson's idea to teach French and art history was ridiculous and destined to fail. We can't have her actually succeed and the kids learn new concepts that expand their minds. It would have been so refreshing to have Harriet be a smashing success as a part-time teacher who comes in a few times a week to teach the extra subjects. Also, the whole "farmers kids will want to be farmers" thing seems not only limiting, but a contradiction of Laura's attitude in "Sweet Sixteen," when she told Chad he could be anything.
  11. More watching of iconically dark episodes. I watched "May We Make Them Proud" (aka the Baby Battering Ram episode): 1. Surprised me that the entire fire happened in the first 15 minutes of Part One. 2. BBR was just as disturbing as I recalled. The last close-up of Alice Garvey was the stuff of nightmares. 3. Watching the suffering in this episode made me wonder why Nellie is jealous of Laura. Laura lost a baby brother, her sister went blind, her nephew burned to death, her family is poor and lost their crops/farm/whatever God knows how many times. Meanwhile, Nellie's parents l
  12. TV Show Carrie is the biggest fool who ever lived, but in "Werewolf of Walnut Grove," they really should have told her about their plan to fool the bully beforehand.
  13. Agreed, they should have cast a younger actor to play Almanzo, even though ironically for once they were being book accurate.
  14. They should have started dressing her older way sooner than they did. I don't think it would have changed the urk! factor, though. That scene where Laura was sitting in Almanzo's robe in bare feet was still creepy, even though the situation was innocent. How would she have bathed and gotten all the mud out by herself? They should have indicated that Eliza Jane helped her or something.
  15. Random question: I'm watching "Back to School" again, and there's one scene where Laura, trying to impress Almanzo, appears at school with her hair long and straight. She emphasizes her long hair, and Almanzo says: "Yeah, it looks real good." Laura: "Yeah?" Almanzo: "There's nothing cuter than a little girl in pig tails." That line makes no sense, given that Laura is clearly not wearing pig tails in that scene. Is there anything I'm missing?
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