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  1. I don't know if that's really spoilery at this point, since it's all happened already.
  2. Just watched it. The creator of the show said Janine would not die this season, and I'm holding him to that! It would actually be kind of funny if June spent the entire episode looking for Janine, before finally giving up and getting on the ship, only to see Janine and learn she'd been on there the entire time.
  3. Where is the sneak peak? I only see Episode 5. ETA: Never mind.
  4. OMG, damn this show for leaving it a cliffhanger whether Janine lives or dies!
  5. It's ironic that Ziggy was the only one who had second thoughts after realizing how serious an undertaking it was.
  6. Based on the clips we've seen of the episodes from previews
  7. Did anyone else think of WandaVision when Aleksander created the Fold?
  8. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I'm not into this pairing. I feel like this version of Dan just drags Louise down. Whenever I see her at the Conner house, I'm like: "What makes her stay?" She seems too together to put up with their crap forever.
  9. Janine's comment that Alma said "We have to wait for June" while they were hiding makes me wonder how long June was gone after being captured. Wouldn't Alma have guessed when June didn't return the first night what had happened, and arranged for their next safe house, one June didn't know about? It seems uncharacteristically naive of her to wait until June could join them.
  10. Agreed. The other characters keep treating her like a stupid child, and she manages to keep on and survive. The same with when she was in the Colonies (Janine has survived WAY worse shit than you, June) and Emily thought she was stupid to find beauty in the women's lives. Yet that ability to find beauty and joy probably helped them survive longer than they would have otherwise. I wonder if they'll ever mention her son who died (it was implied, in the first season, that he died fighting for the U.S.).
  11. I'm surprised they didn't make her torture public, to make an example of her.
  12. But even if she thought June was a monster, you'd think her reaction would be more "Go away, I hate you!" than screaming like she just saw the boogeyman.
  13. One part of the episode that struck me as false was Hannah screaming when she saw June. I don't know how much time passed between their last reunion and the third episode, but Hannah was certainly old enough the first time to know that June was her mom. I could see her reacting with hostility or jadedness, but she acted like June was a stranger. And she looked way too old to be playing with a doll.
  14. Do we know that all the other handmaids died?
  15. I wonder if they were bluffing about hurting Hannah. Did you have a sense of what that glass box was going to be used for (*gulp* gas)?
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