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  1. TheNewJanBrady

    S04.E06: I See You

    Echoing the brilliance of Trapped in a Car and its spot-on spoof of the Beach Boys's trajectory. I actually heard Kokomo at a restaurant the day before and was rolling my eyes at what a low moment that was for the band. (And anyone who enjoyed the spoof too might love the movie Grace of My Heart starring Ileana Douglas!)
  2. TheNewJanBrady

    Season 7 Discussion

    I had the same thought about ceremony size--when they panned out, it seemed small for what a traditional Persian wedding would be, and I wondered if this was just for TV.
  3. TheNewJanBrady

    S02.E08: Nobody Has to Get Hurt

    Back. End. Agenda. Poor Lori but at least she didn’t die/get maimed!
  4. TheNewJanBrady

    S02.E06: We're All Beasts

    Dying. (Of laughter. No pun intended.) And agree about Gandolfini Jr. not really having It factor.
  5. TheNewJanBrady

    S02.E06: We're All Beasts

    Again with too much jumping around between too many characters—do NOT care about the delinquent son and Paul’s club seems shoehorned in like he’s part of a different show, same with closeted gay baths guy. I finally liked Frankie, though.
  6. TheNewJanBrady

    S02.E05: All You'll Be Eating is Cannibals

    I find I do not care about this part of the show at all. Already too many characters and plots going on.
  7. TheNewJanBrady


    I have no idea what to expect and am going to just go along for the ride!
  8. TheNewJanBrady

    Forever (2018)

    I would want to know a lot more about the Traveler (Peter Weller)--how did he know Kase and Maya (forgetting her character name) wanted an out from Riverside? Is he God? A messenger of God? I've never watched The Good Place--is it very different?
  9. TheNewJanBrady

    Forever (2018)

    I found Hong Chau, the female real estate agent, to be so appealing, though. I want to see her in everything now.
  10. TheNewJanBrady

    S02.E01: Our Raison d'Etre

    The hair is sooooo awful! Funny as a one-time sight gag to convey the time jump but I hope they tone it down for future eps.
  11. TheNewJanBrady

    S08.E01: Cake Week

    I keep mixing up Sandi and Prue. Love Noel, tho.
  12. TheNewJanBrady

    Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell And Back

    I demand better disguises for Gordon and hope they employ the costume designer from The Americans for season two.
  13. TheNewJanBrady

    S05.E07: A Christmas Miracle

    Totally agree! I generally dislike the actress who plays Caitlin but really like her with Josh. Probably because Nico would have chemistry with a stick. Was that Miriam Shor singing Lonely Goatherd when Charles heard it in the cab?
  14. TheNewJanBrady

    S02.E10: Every Potato Has a Receipt 2018.06.29

    Thanks for all the thoughts on Florian/Bash—glad others are as unclear as I am. I couldn’t remember the nature of their relationship from season one and figured B loved F but hadn’t told him or consummated it? I did pick up the AIDS reference though. Poor B/F. I wish B hadn’t pretended to be in love with Britannica, especially after she confessed she wasn’t in love with him, but I guess there wouldn’t be a juicy storyline about it for season 3 then. Anyway: LOVED this season, even more than the last.
  15. TheNewJanBrady

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    A chicken chili mole hill, to be exact.