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  1. I thought Daniella was an oddly-costumed carpet, so her outfit makes so much more sense realizing she's the parrot. Clearly, I don't remember the movie well... does the parrot sleep a lot? Whatever the justification for the choreography, I agree that the lifts were pure magic. I also agree that the dancing between the lifts was mediocre. I've been meh on the men compared to the women in general, but the Miz is high up on my list. He's a solid dancer, and his performance quality/charisma is high. Plus, he is throwing himself all in on the costuming! In general, the dance level is high eno
  2. I finally saw Black Widow and liked it a lot. Like most, I think it should have been made and released years before it was, but I'm glad it happened. My two quibbles are: all the actors were good, but why not hire actors who actually speak Russian for roles that require Russian? (but I don't speak Russian, so maybe they all nailed the Russian. It just seems strange.) Why not establish as canon, finally, that the Black Widows are altered and have super powers? The stunts that Yelena and Natasha do in the movie are ridiculous for non-powered people. Also, they soak ridiculous amounts of
  3. Who the heck hears Slave 4 U and thinks foxtrot? That was such a weird concept. Suni continues to have problems with facial expression, but her physicality is gorgeous and it's not her fault she got such a weird combo of dance and song. I don't know why she couldn't have done an Argentine Tango, which at least would have the right performance vibe. Olivia Jade continues to impress me. She has real dance talent. Matt James and the Miz also impress me. Talent on the lady's side is so stacked, but I think either one of them could be a surprise contender. JoJo's hair was the surprise sta
  4. My understanding of Olivia Jade's role is that she had next to no interest in college. She was complicit, but I have a hard time finding a lot of outrage in a teen girl doing what her parents told her to do. She's also an influencer, which is one of those things that makes me feel very old. I don't get it, especially with someone like her who has so much wealth to draw on. But I am an old relative to the existence of influencers. Still, I expected her to be lazy and obnoxious and instead she must be working very hard to be dancing so well. Isn't Amanda generally wearing heels when
  5. JoJo is good dance wise, but she is not meeting my high expectations. However, she is a radiant ball of sunshine. The matchy-matchy dresses worked nicely for Latin, but I really hope they switch it up in the future. Olivia Jade's VW was beautiful. Who knew she had such capacity for hard work? Suni's movement is pretty, but she still looks nervous and uncomfortable to me. I don't care what gymnastics taught her about emoting. She needs to break through it. I don't watch the intro packages... is Sasha putting her in performance classes? That's what she needs and there are still virtual cl
  6. What goal? She initially thought he was a threat to destroy Earth. That did not seem to be the case at that point in time. There was nothing for her to focus on and no reason for her not to have fun with the dreamboat alien. When she did have a reason to worry about things, she was focused and smart. She saved the day by figuring out how to reach Heimdall and Frigga.
  7. I was shocked in a good way by Olivia Jade and in a bad way by Suni. Suni's legs were so beautiful, but she was so visibly nervous. Game face would have been better! Also, that song seemed hella slow for a jive. Olivia Jade has a lot of gawkishness about her, but she performed well and made it all fun. Both Amanda and Jimmy impressed me with their week 1 tangos. That's a hard dance for week 1, but they were so good. Matt James also impressed me. He was another one who was just really fun even though the actual dance technique could use work. JoJo is So.Much. Visually she was too much
  8. I don't watch the show live, but I'm usually able to find all of the acts on the official AGT YouTube page. However, it doesn't have a paired act with Lea Kyle and anyone else. Is that true that she didn't do one? Or does the AGT page just not have it? I am so suspicious of Aidan Bryant's official story. His lines and flexibility are ridiculous for a claim of two years of self-training. Maybe if he has years of ballet or a related dance form that doesn't get stated in his official bio or if one of his parents is a dance instructor/trained dancer? But his style is also very classic modern ci
  9. But why does it matter if Dormammu eats the universe when the universe is just going to break and be undone anyway?
  10. I saw it in the theater. Assuming I don't end up with COVID, I'm glad I did. It had beautiful visuals that were much better seen on a big screen. The bus sequence alone was worth it! It didn't feel particularly to me unique story wise since it echoed a lot of beats from Wu Assassin. But fortunately, it was much better than Wu Assassin. Katy felt like a really fresh character for the MCU, so I'm glad we're going to see more of her. It is very hard to imagine anyone other than Awkwafina playing her. I'll be interested if she ends up with powers. This movie was crowded with story, so I resp
  11. I totally forgot about the corpse-devouring ants or wasps or whatever that Wasp used so effectively at the beginning. Now I'm wondering why she didn't keep those around. They seemed the most effective way to deal with superheroes.
  12. How/why did zombie Thanos get to Wakanda? That doesn't make sense. If zombified Thanos had enough of old Thanos to want to collect the Infinity Stones, he would have followed to Lehigh. He wouldn't be able to anticipate they went to Wakanda. I get Vision not being able to save Wanda because of her powers. I don't get Vision seeing the only thing he can do is feed her bits of Black Panther and nothing else. Wouldn't it make more sense to try and lure some random people to keep her calm and then try and capture/cure the superpowered Avengers? I agree the show needs to figure out what tone
  13. Yes, I know. That undermines the concept of Absolute Points, though. The previous explanation for paradox was that it doesn't happen because of timeline branches. So let's say (under previous explanation) Dr. Strange successfully went back in time and changed events with Christine. Time would branch. The original branch would continue on with a dead Christine and a Dr. Strange motivated to study the mystic arts. There's no paradox because he does the things he needs to do to lead up to the point where he hops back in time and then onto the new branch. The new branch would continue on with a
  14. I can understand them not locking in the director because directors can be replaced. I don't understand Feige et al not locking in actors for the key characters who have unfinished stories... which is basically all of the main characters. All I want from s2 is for a satisfying resolution: Sylvie's nexus event, Mobius on a jet ski, canon-explanation of why Loki variants can look so different/Sylvie seems to be the only female variant, and Loki to make any significant actions or choices that resolve the plotline in the finale.
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