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  1. Isn't Skai an actress? Shouldn't she be able to fake like she's enjoying herself? I haven't been watching, so I thought you all were exaggerating with the Barbie comparisons. But nope. That was the most unpleasant, uncomfortable dead-eyed and pained expression that I've ever seen. Johnny's outfit was weird because it didn't match his partner's, and the fringe should have been at his hips. Latin dance costuming does not lack for flamboyance possibilities, so I don't know what anyone was thinking. I thought every individual component of Justina's costume was hideous, but somehow as a holistic thing it was beautiful. I also loved her dance. I didn't like the choreography of Nev's jazz, but I was surprised at how good he was. Derek and Hayley were sensational. I loved how much flamenco Derek incorporated into the paso doble. Does anyone know if the footwork tapping was really him? It was all fast enough that I couldn't quite tell, but traditional flamenco shoes have nails pounded into the soles to make the tapping sound. I would think that would create a problem for the paso doble part.
  2. I always assumed that's what we were supposed to think. It was showing Diego didn't actually want to hit Hargreeves. Now that we know about Lila, I think she's responsible for him missing in that earlier fight with the Swedish brothers. For me, it's as simple as this: I see Five as a carefully controlled monster, intentionally using his monstrousness for what he and I both see as the greater good of stopping an apocalypse. I think the show also sees him this way. Therefore, I feel harmoniousness about it all. By contrast, I think the show sees Vanya as a traumatized woobie who is not responsible for the harm that she's done. I do not see Vanya this way at all. Therefore, I feel irritation every time the show pushes this POV on me. In addition, I feel confusion about the character of Vanya because I don't know who the show thinks she is or why she behaved as she did last season compared to this season.
  3. Yeah, killings for the Commission were the opposite of averting the Apocalypse. The Commission was preserving the timeline, including the Apocalypse. But it was still killing on assignment for a perceived greater good rather than for personal cruelty or indifference. If the writers cared, it's trivial to write a reason for a violin to be laying around the farm. Sissy could have been a fiddler and played to calm Harlan instead of using records. Heck, Carl could have been a fiddler and had some depth to him. Then part of why they let Vanya stay and be the nanny is because her violin playing calms Harlan. Now that I'm writing it out, that would make the whole Vanya/Harlan bond make more sense. I didn't get a good sense of why Vanya would bond with Harlan given that nothing last season hinted at patience, aptitude, or experience working with a non-verbal child prone to meltdowns.
  4. Because he said it doesn't mean it's true. He can't know because it didn't happen. To me, that line is more a reflection of his own self-esteem issues and the way Reginald's upbringing has caused Luther to take on too much responsibility for the sibling dynamics. To me, end-of-s1 Vanya seemed without the capacity to admit to her own dangerousness or to responsibly manage it. I don't think any of the siblings could have reached her. Maybe that's not the way the show wanted to portray her, but that's what I saw. The more I'm thinking about it, the more I'm annoyed about the Sissy/Vanya plot this season. I don't think the show did the groundwork to put Vanya in a romantic plot yet. IMHO, this season needed to show us Vanya meaningfully coming to terms with her guilt and her flaws and learning how to control her power. Also, this is maybe a weird kvetch, but she's the White Violin. I feel like she should always be more involved with music. I used overkill because Vanya killed Leonard relatively slowly while he was no credible threat to her and while he was begging for his life. For me, his very real sins against her still do not justify that. YMMV.
  5. Yeah, it's not about whether the character has ever killed for me. It's the why and the context. Vanya's killed innocents who were no threat to her. (and she overkilled Leonard, who was not an innocent but was also no actual threat to her.) With Five, I feel like the show knows that he is a dangerous killer. It doesn't expect us to treat him like a poor, traumatized woobie. He gets to stay a protagonist because he only kills on assignment or in self-defense. He's not cruel with it. Also, in both seasons, he is the primary plot driver of actively saving the world. He's a person with a deep capacity for violence, but also a strong desire to better the world. He has enough control that he channels his violent tendencies for the greater good. The other non-Vanya siblings who have been violent have only been violent in either self-defense or vigilantism (okay, that's just Diego).
  6. IIRC, he didn't start treating her differently until she broke his monocle and her power directly threatened him.
  7. I don't think the show has fully figured out who Vanya is as a character. The amnesia felt like a cheat to avoid dealing with the weight of her descent into amoral psychopathy at the end of last season. But I think we should be seeing her struggle more with her anger, temper, and envy. Those seemed to be core parts of her non-drugged personality. Instead, it felt like the show wanted us to see her as a basically nice person, who is only dangerous when outside forces cause her to lose control. I don't buy it. I think what we saw last season is much more like Five. I think her arc this season would have felt more consistent if the show let her be the villain in the Carl/Sissy/Harlan story.
  8. My fanwankery is that it's because Klaus intentionally summoned him and they spend so much time together. It's a different relationship than Klaus has with any other ghost.
  9. I think we didn't get enough of Carl's POV to be able to judge what his threat and desire to institutionalize Harlan was really about. Sissy did seem like she was overwhelmed and struggling to take care of Harlan. Harlan also appeared to be getting worse post-Vanya's powers. Carl may have simply wanted to simplify his life by getting rid of both Harlan and Vanya, or Carl may genuinely have thought an institution was the best place for Harlan. I think you can make an argument either way based on what was shown on screen. I think that Carl was more wronged than the wronger based on what we saw on screen. He lied to Sissy to go drinking, but she cheated on him in their shared bed with their houseguest and intended to kidnap their son to run away with Vanya. A slightly different Sissy/Carl thought is that I've realized the whole farm thing is weird. Carl's a salesman, so Sissy must be the reason they run a farm. But she seems unhappy about the farm and keeps talking about how her life isn't what she wants. I'm wondering if the writers really thought through the backstory of their marriage and how/why they're on a farm or if the writers just thought it would be nice to have a farm for some of the big scenes.
  10. I assume Diego was using his power while they were running just as he used it to stop the bullets. I wish the show had established that Diego can do that earlier. His power has always been the least clear to me. Overall, I liked this season a lot. It had all the quirkiness that I liked from last season but more coherent character building. It was also surprisingly sweet. Pretty much everyone who survived found some amount of love and acceptance... even the Commission people.
  11. With a lot of television, it seems like writers get tunnel vision on the specific characters they decide write a storyline for and don't think about how those issues would affect other characters in the cast. The lack of attention to how civil rights issues would affect Diego and Lila bothered me, too. Doesn't Vanya need a sound-based trigger for her powers? She rang the tone before exploding the fruit in the dinner, but suddenly seems to have evolved past that. I thought Carl was menacing in his speech to her, but justified. She was actively trying to destroy his marriage and take his son away. But it is in character for Vanya to be self-centered like that. I don't see how the show could do it, but I would laugh and laugh if Lila recruited Diego to run security for the Commission with her. It seems like a good fit for him. It's not a stretch to see the Commission's mission of preserving the timeline making them the good guys.
  12. I'm pretty sure we've seen him use his powers way more times in a row than he did during the fight with the Swedes. I don't want to go back and rewatch the scene, but what I remember is that the Swede did something to create an orange glow on his chest; Five seemed to recognize it and either said or made an expression of "oh shit"; and then neither Five nor Diego could use their powers successfully.
  13. Was I imagining things or did Lila keep teleporting during the fight with Five? I thought she did it a few times, but then Five didn't comment on it at all during his talk with the Handler. Did I misinterpret fight choreography? This is after the Swedes were somehow able to block powers in the fight at the Consulate, but no one commented on that either. I'm so confused what's going on with the Commission and power abilities! They couldn't do anything other than fight really well and use the briefcases to teleport through time last season, right? ETA: I think Klaus lied about Ben because he's annoyed with Ben constantly condescending to him about his bad life choices. Also, he probably didn't want to have to relay messages between Ben and the other siblings.
  14. I don't think Sissy's a serial killer, but given this show, I make no assumptions. I agree that it can't end well. If nothing more, I don't think Vanya's going to be staying in this timeline. I feel like I accidentally jinxed Klaus by complimenting his sobriety in the thread for the last episode. Did Dave see Ben in the end of the restaurant scene? I wasn't sure if that was supposed to be a foreshadowing of the death coming for Dave letting him see Ben or just an artsy shot. I feel like the show wants us to be okay with Allison and Luther because they're not genetic siblings, but do we actually know that they're not? With that whole scattered energy thing in the Reginald flashback last season, I've been thinking of them as actual half-siblings through Reginald. I like Allison and Luther as scene partners, but I can't ship them for this reason. So I'd like the show to clear this up. Did anyone catch what the Swede did to block Five and Diego's powers? Or what caused it to end?
  15. Why do you think Lila was lying? She said her parents were murdered at 4. There's nothing inconsistent with that and the revelation about the Handler being her mum. If the Handler adopted her after her parents were murdered, Lila would consider the Handler her mum. And this show being this show, I wouldn't be surprised if we learn that Handler murdered Lila's parents in order to adopt her so that Lila could be in a position to get the Handler to Five (or possibly JFK, depending on if the Handler's present on an assignment for the time agency people or back in time on a rogue mission for revenge against Five). Klaus only seems to be using his powers to channel Ben. We haven't seen him speak or channel any other ghost. I was wondering about that when he was building his cult because it would seem like an excellent way to do it. I'm also proud of him appearing to still have his drug habit kicked. His scene with Dave broke my heart. When Klaus is sincere, it's so moving. I'm glad Allison went ahead and used her power to save Ray. I want to see Allison's power in action more often because it's cool. Her desire not to use it and earn her way through the world doesn't resonate for me because we never really saw her abuse it last season... just that single flashback montage. I did appreciate how weird Klaus and Luther showing up as Allison's brothers would be for Ray. Poor Luther. He really was the most f'd up by their father. I want movement on Ben's plotline. What could he be so invested in with anyone in San Francisco? There was the implied romantic interest in bus woman, but Ben's always seemed too realistic about his ghost status. Also, he wouldn't be able to communicate without Klaus's assistance, and Klaus seems clueless about what's going on with Ben.
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