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  1. Zuleikha

    Mulan (2020)

    I enjoyed it but only for the visuals. The story wasn't that great. I didn't think Mulan was flat, though. I felt I saw a lot of her conflict between fear of outing herself but feeling dishonorable lying about who she was. The "chi" stuff was just weird. I don't know how the scriptwriters and director got it so wrong when they clearly did research into wuxia dramas. I also don't know why none of the actors in the cast suggested changes. Nothing substantive needed to change... they just needed to tweak the lines to be less chi = Force. If anything, they could have amped up the wuxia aspects
  2. I loved WandaVision a lot and in general thought it was excellently done. But what I haven't seen any of TPTB answer in interviews is why did they make Wanda hurt the Westview residents so much with her sitcom? Given that they knew they didn't really want Wanda to be the villain, it seems like they would have gotten everything they needed from having the residents simply have no awareness of what was going on while possessed. They could even have done something like when the Vision awakened the residents from their sitcom personalities, that's when they feel Wanda's grief washing over and crus
  3. I'm watching it, too. I binged the show and then attempted to binge the manga (but apparently the fan translation I found is missing some of the content). What I liked about this is that it was high stakes, but it didn't feel like torture porn to me. The deaths were generally quick. There wasn't a lot of lingering on physical suffering (mental/emotional on the other hand...). I think it was a good adaptation of the manga as well. It preserved most of the characters and the themes. I think Hatter and Aguni both worked even better on the live action than in the manga. Those actors were am
  4. He definitely gives vibes that he wants out. I hope he's back in s3. He's a compelling minor character, and I'd like to learn more about him. I didn't think it could be Luke who came for Grogu, but now that I've seen it in action, I'm glad it was. As soon as he started mowing through the Dark Troopers, it felt right. I prefer the Uncanny Valley + Hamill's voice acting to a recast with a different actor. The big question is how the show will get Grogu back without needing Luke on screen too long. s3 has to be Mandalore focused. I'm wondering if it will be more arc heavy than episodic. I
  5. I was very impressed by Burr's facial acting here. I felt like I was watching a rage temperature gauge steadily rise. I missed Grogu, but this was an excellent episode.
  6. I am too tired to figure out Boba's age, but we can guesstimate it from the fact that he was 9 or 10 in Attack of the Clones. However, he's a clone of Jango rather than a more typically birthed child, so it's possible that he's not aging naturally. I also think Temuera Morrison looks older than he is. I liked this episode a lot. The return of evil Grogu! But I'm an easy-to-please viewer. Give me fun fight scenes and Grogu looking cute, and I'm happy.
  7. Agreed. It also would have been good to give more insight into what Ahsoka's relationship with the Force and the Jedi Order is at this point in time. I understand the show didn't want to go too far into Ahsoka's history with Anakin or the Order, but why was she portrayed as a straightforward Jedi? Why did she make a statement that seemed to be supporting the Jedi philosophy about attachment and emotion that was shown in the prequel? Wouldn't it have been simpler to have her say she couldn't train Grogu because she had left the Jedi Order and was walking her own path now? I also do wonde
  8. Toddler age. They take them from their families young to break their attachment. The Jedi Order was pretty horrible, IMHO. I haven't seen Rebels, so I don't know how Rebels developed Ahsoka from her Clone Wars days. I was disappointed at how well... Jedi-like Ahsoka was. I thought she was forging a new path after seeing how the Jedi Order lost its way. She knows that there are other paths for using the Force then just Jedi, so I didn't understand why she suggested Grogu would lose his Force abilities if he didn't train. We've seen him do some powerful stuff and a variety of stuff, so I
  9. I wonder if this is another time where someone won on the freestyle. I hate to say it, but Kaitlyn had the best freestyle. You could tell she's been dreaming of doing the Satine number. She executed beautifully and connected to the dance and character in a way I haven't previously seen from her. Justina's was excellent as well, but if she was in fourth, she must have been too behind on votes to have a chance. Nev's should have been sensational, but it just wasn't. All the pieces were there, but they didn't get put together quite right. Same thing with Nelly's. Of course, the real da
  10. Zuleikha

    The Star Wars Saga

    I agree. I still don't understand why the Jedis accepted the clone army when their origins were so dodgy. Also, why did Obi Wan attack Jango when Jango was cooperative and had his son with him? I'm not willing to re-watch Attack of the Clones to see if it would make more sense on repeat viewing. My problem with the trade wars wasn't that a trade war is a bad concept. It was that I didn't understand why I was supposed to care about Naboo specifically. I needed more exposition about the Republic and treaties and how events on a planet portrayed as a small backwater could matter. I was just su
  11. I love Nelly, awkward dancing and all. He's fun for me to watch. I wish he had been on a season where he could do more practice time. I only watch the dances, but he seems like he's committed and trying hard. I wonder how much he could have grown with more practice time. Johnny never did get past the skater bum issue, did he? He was generally good, though. Skai had a good night. I'm glad she went out on a high note, and I'm glad she finally improved whatever's been going on in her legs. Still not great, but definitely improved. Nev and Justina were both gorgeous to watch. Justina seem
  12. I like it. Baby Yoda is adorable, but Baby Yoda also is being raised in very violent surroundings by a killer after an unknown amount of trauma in his early life. I like the show portraying Baby Yoda as a little bit off instead of saccharine sweet all the time. Spiders weren't my favorite, but it was good to have consequences that weren't Baby Yoda ending Frog Lady's line.
  13. I'm worried for Justina because I thought she was weak on a generally strong night, and she's my favorite. She looked beautiful, but the leather pants left her weak leg action totally exposed in her rumba. Skai, by contrast, benefited from the long paso skirt. Her legs continue to be a mystery to me, but they weren't improved at all. However, the skirt kept them hidden for a lot of the dance. Her facial expressions and general intensity were great, too. This was her strongest dance, but I still hope she's next voted off. I just don't enjoy watching her. Nelly is probably the weakest da
  14. I'm not sure Mando is the right person to teach lessons about caring for others. He's kind at some moments, but he also slaughters ruthlessly in front of the baby. Also, he needs to feed the baby more!
  15. He lifted her in the dance you linked. I frame-by-framed it. He may not have been supposed to, but he did. His arms go from bent to straight during the move which provided upward lift at her hips. She has to provide all of the upwardness through her own power for it to not be a lift. An unassisted back tuck is not a lift because there's no assistance on the upward from the partner. An assisted back tuck wouldn't necessarily be a lift--because the partner could just be redirecting the horizontal force--but it's a pretty risky thing to try. It's so easy for a partner to end up lifting instead
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