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2 minutes ago, PrincessPurrsALot said:

Please tell me your face tattoo is either misspelled or backwards.  Those are the signs of quality tattoos. Antoine can attest to that. 

Misspelled AND backwards. Its some quality work, I'm sayin.

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Just now, Gobi said:

Daonte, and I can't emphasize this enough, is delusional.

He just loves to be on TV. 

DAONTE oozes sex appeal. Girl. That's not sex appeal. You'd better encourage Daonte to see a doctor toot sweet.

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Just now, Keywestclubkid said:

does anyone else think it was super sad how sad she looked talking about him being her 2nd chance .. its like she has convinced herself that he is the best she can do 

Yeah her self esteem is pretty low if Chance is her prize. 

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5 minutes ago, SemiCharmedLife said:

It's surprising Daonte is worried about a male friend.  It wasn't a guy that stole Nicolle's heart...

This is Daonte.  He did call her a "handsome gentleman".  Since his only experience with genitals that are not his own seems to be with Nicolle Jr. I'm not sure he understands how sex, gender, or anything really works. 

4 minutes ago, LEILANI2 said:

Chance might be the worse for me out of all the felons, I  don't trust him around those girls.

I don;t trust Chase around anything or anyone.  

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2 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

she is sounding like a battered wife ..sometimes he might do bad things and over react but he loves us ...

She's not looking good. He's probably gas lighting her or has her on drugs.

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Just now, Auntie Anxiety said:

Kevin decided to change into his summer weight saber skin.

Just as long as we don't see him prancing around in his underwear. My retinas are still seared from last season. Shawn AND Stan baring all gave me a trauma.

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7 minutes ago, kacesq said:

Yes Daonte...she is with you because you’re so awesome and not because she wants to get back on TV.

Of COURSE!!!  She only loves him for his stellar personality!! They're gonna get along like long lost cousins.  Hopefully, Doante's MOM is gonna read him the riot act for getting with ANOTHER prison bae.  Can't this guy find a normal, non-prison woman with say, oh I don't know; A J-O-B??? Or is that too much to ask??

Old Cro-Magnon Kevin looks exactly the same.  He and Tiffany are cruising for CHICKS??  Why not just that old GF that won't leave Kevin alone??

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