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1 minute ago, candall said:

It's a long drop from glamorous high stakes poker impresario.

I remember he was hoping for a position as "six-figure CEO."

This reminds me of the guy in another show who said he owned the Yoga studio and when the girl came looking for him the people at the studio told her he was the janitor.

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Just now, Pepper Mostly said:

What is Kayla's malfunction? Kevin the Neaderthal shrimp is not into her. 

Is he the only dick in town?! She’s cute, she’s on Tinder, get some new dick, damn!

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3 minutes ago, WaltersHair said:

Dr. Zhivago!!!

That's right! Good catch!

3 minutes ago, Auntie Anxiety said:

Well, Kayla is quite articulate, yes? Those texts were so beautifully written.

So beautiful. I think I might cry. The tenderness, the longing, the poignant pain!

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5 women married this loser. Damn. 

People in my town think it’s sad I’m single. I’m not. Not going to saddle myself with a Chazz just to say I’m married.

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"Do we have a guest list?". Oh you are adorable Mr. Guitar Player. 

"I have an amazing hot wife and she's mine and she actually loves me". Ladies and gentlemen, the King of Delusion Daonte is dead. Long live King Chazz. 

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2 minutes ago, Pepper Mostly said:

Looks like standing room only, nearly thirty people!

All moved toward the stage so they can be seen. 

1 minute ago, Keywestclubkid said:

how many of those people weren't family? 

There's production assistants.  People who heard there are free chicken wings.  Someone looking for a bathroom. 

1 minute ago, kacesq said:

When did she curl her hair?

While she wasn't actually listening to Chaz's band? 

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