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Which Golden Girl Are You?

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I thought this would be an interesting poll!  Take a vote and share why you voted the way you did.


Remember, not your favorite "girl" - the one who you are most similar to personality-wise.


I would say Dorothy.  Always been the level-headed wall flower type.

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Dorothy, definitely.  I'm quite sarcastic, and give the same form of answers to dumb questions she does (e.g. Rose asking the black-clad Dorothy and Sophia if they're going to funeral prompting, "No, Rose, we're singing back-up for Johnny Cash" -- that's exactly the sort of thing I do).  I'm also a big reader, intolerant of intolerance, and enjoy quiet time at home. 

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Even though I hesitate to share… I voted for Sophia. No, I am not in my 80s, but I'm hoping to get there someday! I like to make up stories, I can be sarcastic, I love Italian food, and the biggest similarity: I have no edit button. I just say whatever I want to. 


I also have an irrational love of balloons. "Hey. Where's my balloon?"

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Dorothy, level headed and sort of a home body no nonsense person.  

Yeah, Dorothy is probably who I identify with most, but I enjoyed Blanche thoroughly.  They were all a great mix and balanced each other out very well.

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I'm kind of like Rose in regards to not putting up with bull and tend to think good of others, kind of like Dorothy with sarcasm.


Just took the first brainfall quiz: You are 76% Golden Girl, which makes you a "Truly Golden Girl."


Took the second: Which Golden Girl Are You?

You are Rose.



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I'm 74% Golden Girl which makes me a "Trusted Neighbor". I can live with that.


It says I'm Stan in the "Which Golden Girl are you?" which it gave me this: You are a little introverted and do not crave attention. You tend to keep just a handful of close friends and cringe when you have to go to big gatherings. You like the free things in life- like a beautiful sunset and the laugh of a child. You are super sensitive and this means your feelings can get hurt a little easier than most. Your friends love and respect you.


Doesn't that sound more like Dorothy than Stan?

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Here is what it says for Dorothy:


You're a strong, domineering and intelligent person. Sometimes you can get a little sarcastic and impatient with people, but that is only because you want to get to the point. Your family and friends are gold to you, and although you may tell them things they necessarily don't want to hear, they know you've got their back. You are the best kind of friends to have!

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I'm a Dorothy which is no surprise. My fiance is a Rose whose favorite character is Dorothy, and I'm a Dorothy whose favorite character is Rose. It explains pretty much everything about our relationship.


My mother recently said, "If I'm old enough to be a Golden Girl, I might as well be Blanche. But I'm probably Betty White's character, aren't I - the bubblehead?"


I said, "No comment."

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Forgot to post the description of a Blanche:


You've got it going on, baby! You have confidence, charm and a sex appeal that will never fade. When you want something you go after it...and you always end up getting it. Deep down there is a softer, more vulnerable side of you, but that is only shown to the people who are lucky enough to be welcomed into your heart. You steal the show wherever you go!

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As per the Brianfall Quiz, I am 82% Golden GIrl, which makes me a "Truly Golden Girl".


As per the other quiz, I am Blanche! Which...what? I always saw myself as a mix of Dorothy and Rose.

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I'm 89% Golden Girl and the second quiz says I'm Sophia: Her description is as follows: Wit and quick comebacks are two of your strengths. You think on your feet and sometimes can shock people with your truthful insights. Yes, you can be very honest with people, but this does not mean you do not care about their feelings. It is quite the opposite- you care very much about the people close to you and try to shield them from pain. You may be outspoken, but nobody could ask.


I have actually always identified more with Dorothy than anyone else.  I don't necessarily consider myself a bookworm, but I do try to be well informed, and I am very sarcastic.  My friends say I am great with one liners and facial expressions (just like Dorothy).  

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