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  1. As a dim-sum lover and frequent flyer at my local fave dim-sum joint, I’ve had my fun with chicken feet. They’re a tasty delicacy, but yes, messy AF to eat; that said, I’d sure hate to be seen on national television spitting out little chicken feet bones, so I don’t blame some of the women for being leery about eating those in this situation. Dim-sum has soooo many other delicious dishes that even those picky women would enjoy, so I think Tiffany tossed in the chicken feet purely for shock value. I don’t blame her for being a little frustrated with these gals’ refusal to eat certain things though. Adult picky eaters admittedly annoy the shit out of me too, and to see someone as rich and well-traveled as Kam have the eating palate of an 8-year-old feels like such a waste. Surprising to see Stephanie dissing Tiffany’s gorgeous home tour though! Was that a smidge of misplaced envy and/or competitiveness? I just LOVE to watch these women show off their homes and closets, so I had no beef with her at all over that. Tiffany deserves to enjoy all the beautiful things her career path has afforded her; most Real Housewives were either born into or married into their wealth, so it’s refreshing to see an honest hardworking professional on here. Go figure that the cast member who suffered with a bad bout of Covid was the one getting shit blown directly into her nostril from some so-called “shaman.” I continually agree with everyone about how much better this show is without Me-Anne hijacking every scene! And we all know she would’ve gone apeshit on Tiffany, so it likely would’ve been a repeat of all her uncomfortable scenes with Kary from last season too, so I’m eternally grateful that her nasty ass was tossed out like the trash she is.
  2. Leva reminds me of a few “Friends Of” Real Housewives who seem so cool and fun onscreen until they’re eventually brought on as actual Real Housewives and you quickly realize that they’re only likable in small doses. I’m guessing she got bumped up to main character status after the mass exodus of Cameron/Naomi/Chelsea, hence the sudden onslaught of screen time for this otherwise somewhat unlikable newbie. Damned shame, because I really enjoyed Leva at first, and I’ve NEVER been a Kathryn fan, but she’s truly worn out her welcome for me with the constant preachy virtue-signaling.
  3. RIGHT?! I think Kathryn is and always has been dumb as a bag of hair. Like it used to crack me up on the first season how Thomas would drunkenly drool at her, “Yurrrr so wise beyond yurrr years...” And she’d just nod at him smugly because she knew she had that ol’ coot already wrapped around her finger. Too bad she seems to have fried her young brain cells on so many various substances over the years; she just seems so mentally stunted and too self-absorbed to even understand anything beyond what benefits her own vapid little existence.
  4. Your teeth are not tools, Kathryn. And that’s about all I remember about this super lame SC episode featuring all these super lame folks. Shep acts about as over everything and mentally checked out of the onscreen antics as Cameron was during her last season; I think even he’s had enough of pretending to enjoy these tedious events and may rethink returning, IF this show is even picked up after this dumpster fire of a season. Danny does seem really unwell and it’s become extra uncomfortable to watch her onscreen...whoever here said that she acts like she’s on the verge of a breakdown hit the nail on the head! Hope she gets some help soon. Pringle seems nice, but I really don’t give a shit about him and his self-imposed single dad struggles. Every time he gets his own scene, I have to ask myself why he’s even onscreen. This episode was sorely missing Patricia, even though I’ve officially grown bored with her and Michael. I really wanted to like Madison better this season, but damned if she makes it almost impossible. Ditto Leva; I admired her drive, political views, and work ethic, but she needs to curb her constant preachy attacks on Kathryn already. It’s like she and Madison are both awfully damned full of themselves in similarly smug, ruthless ways. Congratulations then, ladies: you both helped ruin a once delightfully fun show.
  5. Caroline just announced on her IG that she got Covid. She and her new boy-toy fiancé have been traveling around the world needlessly for months now, so I’m not surprised.
  6. Right?! Working from home thanks to Covid has helped me realize just how much I don’t miss the constant scrutiny of others, especially when it comes to eating habits. Like just this past year or so at work, I’ve opted to do intermittent fasting from 7am-3pm. Not only has it helped me keep my weight down, but it’s helped me be more productive and do work tasks/pleasure scrolling at my desk when I would normally be shoving down lukewarm leftovers in the lounge with gossipy coworkers. Yet you wouldn’t believe all the “How can you just SKIP lunch?” “Is that even healthy?” or “That sounds like disordered eating to me..” comments I’ve gotten from people. And those comments are usually from people who could stand to engage in some intermittent fasting, quite frankly. But if I don’t make comments about your constant snacking/bigassed lunches, please kindly refrain from discussing my own fasting habits...and considering how many of my frequently snacking coworkers have gotten infected with Covid at my workplace in the past year, I feel vindicated and much better off just saving eating *anything* for when I’m safely at home.
  7. Loved the first episode and LOVING the lack of random crazed mania courtesy of Leanne: *such* a healthier and lighter dynamic among these women without her sucking all the energy out of the room! And despite how lackadaisical the ladies seem so far about Covid protocol, it was still far more refreshing to watch their production’s take on the pandemic’s effects versus the OC’s production dealing with its effects. And THANK GOODNESS we don’t have yet another couple of annoyingly blatant deniers on this cast, a’la OC’s Kelly & Elizabeth. Loved seeing Kary comforting Brandi and explaining her take on Brandi’s tasteless joke. Honestly, I felt the same as she did about the situation: Brandi was just trying to be goofy on SM with an ignorant joke, whereas Leanne’s ongoing racist remarks against a fellow cast-member were coming from a place of hate and bigotry...there’s a difference. Still, it’ll be nice to see Tiffany take Brandi to task about it and help her understand how personally upsetting jokes like that are to people of her race/background. I’m normally not a big Kameron fan and I find her Elle Woods/Barbi routine often annoyingly fake, but damned if she didn’t charm me this entire episode. Spastic dogs, vapid ambitions and gaudy rich person garage sales aside, I genuinely enjoyed all her scenes this episode. It’ll be interesting to see if she ends up as the low-key star of this series after the past few seasons have been the Leanne versus Brandi show. D’Andra and her mom finally seem to be in a really good place...I guess a generous gift of 100k will do that to a relationship, eh? Tiffany seems pretty quietly confident, self-assured and not too self-impressed a’la Potomac’s Dr. Wendy...hopefully she maintains that vibe. Damned if I still love the genuine Stephanie/Brandi friendship; it’s always cute to witness their goofy family play dates. I’ve low-key missed these broads!
  8. I’ve seen Kristen in person: she is so short, shockingly skinny and petite that from behind she almost looks like a child, no joke. Her legs looked like matchsticks. I certainly don’t mean to looks shame and/or wrongfully accuse anyone of an eating disorder, but she didn’t look naturally or healthily skinny to me...she looks like a gal who just doesn’t eat period. And after she’s had multiple children and released a cookbook, it’s just an odd look—-must be a California thing.
  9. Given the fact that before the pandemic struck Craig was traveling all around the Southeast to various boutiques doing his Sewing Down South “pillow parties,” I’m willing to bet he’s hustled far more pillows overall than Patricia. He also appeared on HSN promoting them before she was on there peddling her own home goods line, and he’s actually had a few other Bravolebs promoting his pillows as well(RHONY’s Ramona, for instance). It’s kinda funny to me that people compare Craig and Patricia’s side hustles though; he’s strictly about selling pillows and Sewing Down South swag, whereas she has a myriad of assorted products she peddles under her name(items for home entertaining, caftans, smaller decorative pillows, etc). His pillows are a bit more high quality than her pillows since that’s obviously his main focus. Craig’s pillows do look cute and very well made, but all the patterns a bit too ‘coastal chic’ for my liking so far. I wish he’d try out more opulent/assorted pillow looks with more unique varieties, but I can understand if he wants to keep his focus less broad and simply design pillows that fit his ‘brand’/coastal Southern lifestyle.
  10. Ugh...I’m still so annoyed by the unfairness/disorganization of our Covid vaccine rollout. ESPECIALLY when I heard about that pharmacist arrested in Wisconsin who willfully destroyed over 500 doses or so! Who’s to say such an insane thing won’t happen again thanks to some whackadoodle suddenly wielding so much power?! Several teachers I worked with who now teach in smaller state counties got the vaccine last week. Meanwhile, those of us teaching in the larger metro areas have to wait for all those little counties to give out their doses. I’d GLADLY drive numerous counties away to get it if I were allowed to do so...it just feels so damned unfair. Frontline workers like me should be allowed to go anywhere in the state to get necessary doses if we’re willing to wait in line to do so. I feel like time is running out and we’re going to get more psychos like that Wisconsin monster succeeding in wasting and/or destroying perfectly good vaccine doses the longer we wait to distribute it all. I’d gladly jump in the car and drive/wait 4-8 hours to get that vaccine like yesterday!!
  11. Right?! As if he’s not annoying enough in general, he affects that idiotic lazy Kardashian vocal fry. I wonder if he realizes just how much small dick energy he projects when he whines about his daddy issues, almond milk, and juice cleanses.
  12. I hate to looks-shame, but yeah, bad styling/fugly eyebrows aside, those poor kiddos look exactly like their creepy Count Daddy...I’ll bet Lu never dreamed his genes were THAT strong.
  13. Oh yes, I know people like that too. They get off on people thinking they are sooooooo busy. Ditto...back in my early 20’s I had a musician ex-boyfriend like this. SO MUCH BUSIER than anyone else in the world, oh so very busy! Everyone should’ve been so impressed by how insanely busy he was!! He’d call/email me maybe 1-2x a week and we’d get together for dates maybe a handful of times...I eventually found out that he was just super “busy” getting busy with several other women, of course. So I’ve been naturally dubious about any of those “so busy” types ever since: sorry Lisa, I’m still not impressed and don’t believe you’re nearly as “busy” as you’d like to rasp to the rest of us seemingly lazy peons otherwise. Gosh, how dare Meredith’s husband miss his adult son’s 10 second black prison jumpsuit fashion show! What an unsupportive parent he truly is to not leave work and fly across the country to watch such a grand debut!! Now I’m officially rooting for him to run away to Ohio forever and leave BOTH of those weirdos behind. Heather, go out and get your freak on, girl. Be a slut and have fun; you don’t need permission from anyone, especially not your kids. Being an older single mom has gotta be rough dating-wise, especially if you’re a successful business owner stuck in boring SLC... Jen might soon become my fave if she just spent the rest of the season trashing Brooks like he deserves. More scenes of her taunting him with “her vagina” too, please!!
  14. But yet to folks like me, the ultimate gift card lover/gifter, it says, “I want you to pick out exactly what YOU want from this place because I don’t trust myself to do it right.” And I am *so* cool with that. Better to just let me pick out my own gift versus someone getting me something completely lame and me having to go back to said store and swap it out later(which I often end up doing after every Christmas/birthday). Gift cards work well for online shopping too!
  15. Amen to that! I’m actually RELIEVED when people give me gift cards, especially to the grocery: groceries have wine/beer, so that’s how I usually use mine. I know some people hate Starbucks/Wal-Mart/other random gift cards, but they’re perfect for regifting; and even if you don’t drink coffee or tea, Starbucks also has good breakfast/lunch food and other assorted beverages there to drink. I’m admittedly picky about gifts and have been disappointed far more than pleased with the “thoughtful” gifts people try to surprise me with as an adult...my husband included. Being a teacher, it’s also kinda funny to discuss with other teachers the “gifts” we receive from parents annually(although I don’t really get them anymore). Note to parents: your kids’ teachers ALL just want gift cards for Christmas gifts and we will sometimes even secretly trade them out between our fellow teachers later. Please don’t give us mugs, ornaments, candy, scarves, jewelry or baked goods(admittedly, I’ve tossed out baked goods because I didn’t trust the cleanliness of the kitchen in which it was made). And I know it’s “the thought that counts” and I’m always grateful, but I can’t help it if I often receive gifts as an adult and think to myself that I’d rather have just gotten the money actually spent for said gift. I’m otherwise easy to buy for because I make sure to tell everyone I like three things for gifts: fancy/bougie candles, gift cards and booze.
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