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  1. Oh fabulous. Another boring brunette tagging along with the regular cast that they can eventually ice out like they always do. I don’t even know why the show bothers inserting these randoms into the cast. They never last because they never truly fit in with the rest of these women and they usually can’t handle drowning among all those far stronger personalities...cue crying/whining from each and every one of them about how they’re misunderstood and not being accepted by “the group”(mostly Ramona). Let’s think back to Cindy, Jules, Barbara...and now this nobody. I guess Bravo thinks this is a winning formula for the NY ladies, but I’m pretty damned tired of it myself.
  2. I honestly wouldn’t be too bothered if they quit filming the show for good; this season kinda sucked, and the lack of the polarizing yet oddly fascinating presence of T-Rav didn’t help things. What more does this cast have to offer at this point beyond the same boring plots rehashed from this past lackluster season? No point in bringing back Ashley or Landon again, so there’s no real ‘villain’ available to shake things up other than Madison, who ended up making up with everyone by the end anyway. Kathryn has wised up and become the boring mom that Cameron is. Shep and Austen continue to drink/travel randomly while Craig is just chasing his lame pillow dreams. Naomi and Chelsea continue to dreamily follow their boyfriends around the world while quietly working their side hustles. Whitney just shows up and offers bitchy quips whenever he feels like it. Now I’d adore a spin-off show of some sort with Patricia and Michael. She’s the only true star left on that cast, as far as I’m concerned. Maybe a show with her offering lifestyle advice, makeovers and valuable etiquette lessons to various local ladies or fans who write in to her for help? She could be like a fairy godmother of sorts...and maybe some of the SC crew could drop in randomly with their own assistance. Please pitch this to Bravo already, Whitney!
  3. Seriously! So much stringy/sweaty hair flowing, which I’m willing to bet half which is weaves anyway; maybe it was different back in my own food service days, but big/long hair worn down was NOT allowed. Ponytail and bun it up, ladies; of course, we obviously weren’t filming for TV either, so I get it. This crew is supposed to be “hot,” but they just looked far more uncomfortable than they should’ve been thanks to those sweaty locks all out. I can already tell I’m going to hate Courtney since she’s obviously playing up the entitled millennial schtick, grating vocal fry included. Most certainly she auditioned for this show just for exposure and the producers knew she’d instantly clash with Kate. Always had a love/hate thing with Kate, but she typically does her job so well that I can respect her bitchiness. She may look years older than she should, but she’s proof that her gig is better suited for younger folks and often has a short shelf life. I heart Captain Lee. This show just ain’t the same without him. Captain Sandy kinda sucks. I only started watching this show again this past season thanks to Chef Ben’s return, so I’m already missing his snarky presence. This bland chef is once again leaving me miss Ben’s sarcastic quips. The other dudes seem okay so far. I’m trying to figure out which one is this season’s designated drunken douchewaffle mess. And FINALLY, a black crew member! The scenery is absolutely breathtaking so far. It’s always been a dream of mine to travel to that area, hence my jumping back onto this series after quitting post S2.
  4. The most infamous baby-voicer is undoubtably Paris Hilton. She’s now pushing 40 and STILL using that ridiculously vocal-fried baby voice, even though most of us know she actually has a very deep, husky voice when she’s not “on.” I find it pretty creepy overall yet I still hate-follow her on Instagram because her life is so insane; my favorite is when her sister Nikki rolls her eyes at her on IG stories and will make amusingly cutting comments like, “I’m not talking to you like that, use your real voice!” Sad to witness because it’d be nice to see her finally evolve her brand a bit and leave that baby-voiced Princess shtick back in the early aught’s where it belongs. It certainly doesn’t make her look any smarter or more sophisticated and I guarantee that weird voice switch is one of many reasons why she can’t seem to have a stable and healthy long term relationship with a man; that might’ve worked for her once, but after age 23 or so it just sounds really stupid.
  5. Not that I endorse it at all, but so many gold-digging women have kids with guys 55-and-over these days—just look at Mick Jagger and the other RS guys, the late Hugh Heffner, and didn’t both the late Anthony Quinn and Tony Randall both become fathers when they were in their 80’s?! It’s disgustingly selfish to me to knowingly bring a child into the world with a father who likely will be sick/feeble and/or dead before the child even reaches his/her teen years or less. I can’t imagine Ashley raising that kid in that cramped penthouse. It used to look like a cool, modern pad until this season, so I dunno what happened there. Either way, yeah, she’s decided to stand by her ass-groping old man/walking ATM no matter what, so I hope she and her user mama are content with that sad arrangement. I can’t believe I watched nearly an hour of grownup people going back and forth over an alleged ass-grab. Much ado about nothing and I honestly couldn’t care less if he did or didn’t grope some camera dude’s junk. Seriously, Michael’s a freak who won’t admit he likes to sneak booty-attacks, whatever, can we please move on already?! But they can’t...because there’s literally nothing else to discuss. This season was beyond boring, and it took a supposed ass grab, a butter knife and bad-wigged cuckoo Katie to add random spice to an otherwise dreary season. I like Gizelle and always have, but she literally had no real storyline this season. Ditto my fave girl Monique, unless you count her pregnancy. But I love how she regularly puts Gizelle in her rightful place. Robin continues to be a pathetic wannabe a’la OC’s Gina, and Candyass continues to be annoying. Karen just continues to be the lame old pompous windbag fronting her entire supposed “grand dame” lifestyle...seriously though, this cast and show feels beyond tired to me.
  6. Thanks for sharing that article, @Diane Mars; I don’t follow LaLa on SM so I had no idea she was so open about her various treatments...that said, it’s interesting to me that she mentioned how “addictive” Botox is. Botox since she was 23?! That’s so sad to me. Because it’s an endless cycle and she’s obviously caught up in that mentality that her face is supposed to not have one wrinkle or crease. As for her lips, those slugs are not attractive and she’s going to start looking as clownish as Kim Zolciak-Bierman and her daughter if she’s not careful. But she doesn’t look natural or youthful, she just looks ‘done’—like she’s either 25 or 55, you can’t tell because her facial work is so obvious. And the sad irony is that she and so many other reality folks/celebs think it makes them appear youthful but it actually ages them even more! Call me old-fashioned but I like natural creases in faces; faces are supposed to move and show actual expressions! She’s way too young to be doing that to herself and she’s already getting that same weirdly waxy, plastic immobile face that Scheana has; Stassi and Sandoval are starting to look that way as well.
  7. Seriously, what a loser he was. An aging bearded gamer who was content to sit around and sponge from his girlfriend. What was his actual career even? Did he even work?! Kristen has dated so many losers since breaking up with Sandoval that I’m shocked she managed to be as involved with Sandoval as long as she was...maybe fame went to her head and she got progressively crazier as time went on, who knows??
  8. Agreed on ALL accounts, @Babyfoot—-try as I might to be completely over his goofy ass, I just can’t quit Shep. He still makes me laugh on most occasions and I feel like he’s just a harmless goofball who occasionally does/says really shitty things while under the influence...like drunkenly heckling a homeless person and other commenters on social media, making an ass of himself in bars/golf tournament VIP areas, losing one night stands thanks to drunk cycling, regularly hating on Craig, grabbing/kissing random women, throwing out the “white trash” putdown, etc. He has openly admitted to a snobby streak, but I appreciate that level of self-awareness, which is more than I can say for the rest of the cast. And he’s always been very kind to Kathryn. I just hope he shapes up and gets his ass together at some point because he’s coming dangerously close to T-Rav 2.0 territory. Falling off mechanical bulls and ending up with multiple drunken injuries after age 40 isn’t a great look. Maybe he should lay off the booze/drugs for a while before his liver finally gives up as quickly as his once youthful face has.
  9. And of course there’s always her classic, “I cooked! I made it nice!!” (She’s a goldmine, for sure)
  10. Geez, I was just watching that episode today on the RH vacay marathon, where the gals all were ‘celebrating’ Tamrat’s upcoming nuptials in Mexico. I’d forgotten just how much of a lame stick-in-the-mud Gretchen was on that trip—Hell, that whole season!! There she was bitching about how much money she supposedly spent as a hostess got them to go there(yeah right), bitching about Vicki, Lydia and Tamrat leaving her and the equally boring Heather behind to go partying, whining about Vicki trying to overtake “her” trip for Tamrat, desperately playing up to Tamrat.... And I’d been firmly Team Gretchen for all of her first few seasons until she hooked up with Slade. He turned a formerly funny bubbly party girl into a screechy self-absorbed lameass. But of course I blame her mostly for wasting what was left of her youth and opportunities on that loser. She probably could’ve stayed on the show even longer and met a real man a’la Kelly had she not settled for Slimey. Now Laurie I completely respect. THAT is how you catch the big fish!
  11. Holy crap, that shopping trip with Brandi and her daughter was beyond uncomfortable to watch. “Acting out”/faking it for the cameras or not, that’s going to haunt that hateful little girl for years; and what kind of kid would want to be shown being so hateful and rude to her mom on national TV?! If a kid thinks that’s remotely acceptable or cool, she’s obviously got serious behavioral/emotional issues. Or maybe she’s just an entitled little bitch who needs her parents to finally PARENT her and demand the respect they deserve. I’d say she needed those spankings you didn’t give her for the past ten years, Brandi—Brooklyn makes that other monster RH child Milania seem halfway charming. LeeAnn’s weave deserves its own zip code. Totally busted, way too long...who do these 50+ year old women think they’re fooling with the ridiculous extensions down to their asses?? Beavis & Butthead on a Real Housewives episode? Now THAT is why I love these ladies!! Team D’eandra here. She’s apologized repeatedly and wants to move on. LeeAnn needs to quit playing such a butthurt victim role already and do the same. And she handled her doughnut roast like a champ! Cookie Monster would be proud. New Kary is just meh so far. Deliberately messy and try-hard. Maybe she’ll finally grow on me as the season goes on. Kam is beyond pointless at this point. What’s up with Sparkle Dog these days anyway??
  12. Oh my word, they are beyond lit and I am here for their extreme messiness; Craig actually seems sorta stoned as well...let’s hope none of them piss their pants tonight.
  13. What a disappointing ending to a disappointing overall season. I really don’t know what they can do to spice up the show anymore after this point. There needs to be a marriage, someone moving in, a new big business venture, just SOMETHING, because this current SC formula is officially stale and the entire OG cast seems pretty over it all as well. Count me in on agreeing that this show will be lucky to squeeze out one last season at this rate. Kathryn is a shitty friend because she’s too damned self-centered to think of anyone but herself...even over her own children, I dare add. ..she sure wouldn’t be so casually drinking in her “sobriety” if she gave a damn about their future. Even when everyone was trying to show why they cared and reached out to her, she couldn’t remotely consider their feelings, just brought it all back to her own shit(“Thomas will see this in court!”). Shep just digs his hole deeper and deeper...I can’t believe how far he’s fallen. And I never realized how big of a pompous asshole he truly is. I was so pleasantly surprised how Andy completely owned him throughout this reunion; to go from Andy’s crush to Andy’s annoyance is a huge step down. And then Mr. “I’m So Well-Bred, Well-Raised And Know Everything” didn’t even know who Brooke Astor was?! What a jackass. Andddd Danny is still weeping about how she may or may not have the clap. Good lord. In the words of Ashley from RH of Potomac, I don’t think she’s mentally strong enough to hang with this group. Ditto Eliza and her random poor little rich girl babbling. Also CAMERON, if my husband told me to STFU he’d have serious consequences; but then again, my husband actually respects me. Sorry not sorry, but that kind of crude behavior is unacceptable in a healthy relationship.
  14. Amen to all this: Kristen’s special brand of crazy really worked for her the first few seasons when she still worked at SUR, even later on when she was dealing with James. But the last few seasons her presence has seemed just pointless; she’s become a sad drunken/messy shell of her confident former self who’s only there for random shock purposes and that’s about it. LVP still won’t even deal with her anymore and the rest of the cast barely tolerates her; the writing was on the wall when she actually started bitching about not being Brittany’s Maid of Honor: that was fairly pathetic. If she'd had half a brain she would’ve buried the hatchet with James and befriended Raquel. That would at least guarantee her some new interest and a potential storyline, but once again she overestimated her security with this crew, much like her job stability with SUR. Also, I hope she finally ditched that video gaming loser Carter. Edited to add: wonder how this affects her whole involvement with “Witches of WeHo” wine? That seemed to be the *only* thing going on in her life beyond her shitty excuse of a T-shirt line.
  15. I had a definite “why am I bothering to watch this boring bile” moment last night. This shit is so terrible but I’m literally hate-watching it at this point. I cannot fathom why these people are still making good money on TV screens to remain so bland and pathetic. Audrina “Ceiling Eyes” Partridge was the Midge to LC’s Barbi, for chrissakes; do we really still need to see how dumb her commentary is and how horrible her man-picker remains?? All these fake parties, drinking nights out, randomly awkward lunches with people who are only contractually obligated to hang out with each other and fake actual friendships? It’s like watching a Real Housewives episode only with Z-list washed-up Hollywood 30-something’s versus desperate golddiggers and social-climbing divorcées. I’ll give it to Spencer though: he was born for reality television. At least he tries and somewhat “gets it” that his usual character needs to be ramped up onscreen. Go figure that Tommy Lee’s kid is actually among the best human of this bunch.
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