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  1. I think we might’ve had the same Grammy!! Mine refused to give up her car keys until she was 92 and showing slight signs of the dementia that eventually overtook her. When she was consecutively reported for nearly causing two major accidents in parking lots, she FINALLY relented and gave up her keys before it was legally forced on her. The worst came a few years later when we had to take away her phone too because she’d call up 911 just to chat and complain—aging is so brutal on so many, but I’m just grateful we her family were there to help her not hurt herself or others before she finall
  2. That’s really sad and disappointing to read—no offense to the other actresses, but Melanie is the most realistic looking character of them all given her character’s typical middle-aged suburban mom trajectory! Wouldn’t they *want* an actress to look the part versus looking like every other typical over-40 too skinny/too Botoxed actress out there? I found it beyond refreshing to see someone like Melanie cast in that role and I wish we could see more of this realism in future castings—it boggles my mind how Hollywood still apparently expects *every* adult female to be a size 4 and under.
  3. Here’s a few fun reads for ya! https://www.realitytea.com/2021/12/31/lala-kent-randall-dirty-disgusting-dark/ https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2021/12/lala-kent-randall-emmett-was-awful-in-bed-like-just-so-terrible/ https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/pictures/everything-lala-kent-has-said-about-randall-emmett-after-their-split/
  4. Seriously, she just wanted to make sure to slide in there and secure that bag with her baby mealticket. I can’t believe Randall couldn’t see that and didn’t get himself fixed secretly, especially while he’s having to shell out child support for his previous children. LaLa just looks even more pathetically shallow attacking him now though; funny how his looks and demeanor didn’t matter to her BEFORE…
  5. You can bet on Leah coming back; they’ve hyped her too much on Bravo and she represents a younger, hipper audience. I think Luann and Sonja are safe too; I think Ramona is the main wildcard here. They know she makes for wacky TV but they also know how problematic she is, so I’d bet money Bravo is using this time to let her bad buzz settle down a bit. I’d be shocked if Eboni comes back, but I think she’d be much better on her own, without Leah attached to her hip. I’m sure they’re sniffing around for quality newbies as we type. And like most folks, I would LOVE to see Dorinda back. Beth
  6. I’m convinced Katie is basically a big ol’ pothead and has been for yearssss now. She seems fried every time she’s onscreen; OR maybe she’s just on some prescription downers of some sort. Can’t blame her too much; imagine being married to a man-child like Schwartz! A pot habit would help explain her complete lack of motivation on the show to do anything other than lay around and whine at Schwartz all day. Or the fact that she evolved from a spunky skinny model type to a slovenly “luscious” lazyass. Or the fact that her Pucker & Pout blog pretty much nosedived as soon as her role gre
  7. Isn’t that the WORST?! You almost wonder how in the Hell some of these “Senior” workers managed to get where they have for this long in life. I’ve had a few managers/bosses that similarly made me shake my head in confusion over their sheer incompetence. No excuse for the ignorance and/or thoughtlessness of some professional clowns somehow in upper management. Speaking of clowns, I certainly felt like one yesterday: Saturday night I went out with some friends bar-hopping, and looked over after my last drink of the night to realize that my entire credit cards/ID holder had been STOLEN from
  8. Right?! I’m so proud of her for finally walking away from his mess in such a classy and mature fashion. That whole story of him blowing up at her family over the holidays proves what an egotistical asshole he truly is; this time with the future in-laws is when a guy needs to be on his very best behavior! So if he’s ALREADY getting that obnoxious with them, she was right to see the foreshadowing there and get out as smoothly as possible while she still could. Good for her! And he *really* needs to look into seeking far more serious therapy/anger management for his future relationship
  9. Good lord, Noella is beyond EXHAUSTING and awkward AF—I originally thought I wanted to like her because being so extra on reality tv is almost a fun requirement, but she’s not even remotely amusing or fabulous, she’s just sorta cringey and somewhat off. That whole creepy whispering scene didn’t help make her remotely relatable either, “laryngitis” or not. And the fact that she’s trying so desperately to create drama and sound bites/gif moments is very obvious(“little girl”?! Is she taking notes from cuckoo Mary from RHSLC??!); if Jen’s thirsty to her than Noella is officially dehydrated w
  10. Let’s not forget the irony that Stassi & Jax started off as the star couple on this show…and were both equally deplorable, of course. ALL these folks were equally deplorable in the first seasons, actually; wasn’t Scheana considered the only sweet naive heroine of this entire bunch? It’s just kinda funny how the show tries to play up this faux narrative of all these current cast members maturing into better, smarter people with new professional directions, when really they’ve only gotten this far in their current lives thanks to easy paychecks from the show and influencer incomes/appear
  11. Juliette is a badass rock star ❤️. Not sure if that’s her singing Agreed!!! I love how JL brings that same alterna/riot grrrlll energy to almost every single role she plays. if you ever saw her rockstar turn in the late 90’s movie “Strange Days”((she played an ex-lover of Ralph Fiennes’ character)), she was fantastic in it and even got to sing several sexy PJ Harvey songs.
  12. Okay, Google to the rescue on this mystery: https://www.stereogum.com/2172073/craig-wedren-anna-waronker-share-yellowjackets-theme-song-no-return/music/
  13. I’ve been fast-forwarding through the theme song for this very reason too; I know it’s supposed to be of the era, like angsty 90’s chick-rock a’la Ani D’franco or L7 with alterna-MTV video imagery, but it’s just *not* my jam. And now I keep wondering if it’s actually Juliette Lewis singing the theme song? She’s a rock singer and the gal’s voice sounds a lot like hers…vaguely curious.
  14. Dream RHONY Cast: Dorinda, Ramonja(I can’t bear the idea of these two drunken loons being separated), Carole Radzi, Tinsley, and Olivia Palermo. Friends of: Nicky Hilton, Lu and Eboni. As much as I do enjoy Bethenny, I hate the way she sucks all the energy out of every scene and how everyone in the cast desperately plays up to her. She’s at her best when she has someone to regularly feud with, honestly.
  15. I’m watching this because I admittedly always have had a very begrudging fascination with Paris Hilton. Can’t stand her weird baby-voice that fades in and out of her actual voice, her pet-hoarding and past-racist/sexist comments concern me, and her style/home-decor is so damned tacky, but I still find myself oddly intrigued with her for whatever reason. I’m actually enjoying this drivel for its oddly fluffy dose of escapism; it’s fun to see Paris’s real estate porn, and I love watching her interactions with Nicky and Kathy. I have a newfound respect for Nicky now, actually: she seems to ha
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