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  1. Seriously!! I’ll never understand how such a lameassed She-Hulk bitch like Katie was ever a cast member on this show, especially since she’s gotten even *worse* as the seasons have worn on. Not only does her body get puffier with every season, but her attitude gets snottier too. Stassi only latches onto her because she knows Katie is dumb enough to easily manipulate into remaining as her one sole minion. And I get that Katie is annoyed with Kristen right now, but it looks like she takes such unnecessary deviant pleasure in taunting and mean girling Kristen. Like dude, this is your supposed “business partner”; you’re supposed to be promoting and helping sales despite any personal issues, so it’s no wonder that joke of a wine business is currently sputtering into oblivion. It was obviously just a little publicity whim they pursued as a random vanity project a’la RHofNYC’s Ramona Pinot Grigio; although Ramona Singer is savvy enough to keep promoting this project. So Katie’s not only bitchy, but lazy AF too. I'm convinced she’s too busy lying around feeding her stoner munchies to even bother ever considering actual work. God forbid she ever gets pregnant...the idea of her and dim pussywhipped prettyboy Schwartz parenting anything beyond lizards and dogs is so frightening. Obviously I’m looking forward to seeing Schwartz say next week, “this is why I don’t sleep with her anymore.” I don’t doubt it; they’re such a horrible match.
  2. It’s shocking to witness how many people not only so casually refuse to wash their hands when next to perfectly working sinks, but who randomly stick their fingers in their mouths in public. Like I’m constantly having to remind my teenage students to wash their hands/keep fingers out of their mouths. Cheetos/Taquis are even banned at my school because of red-dusted fingerprints around the building becoming such an issue. After 20 years working in education and a bit of healthcare, it’s just ingrained in me to constantly keep my hands washed and nails short because of the grime that can collect under there. Which brings me to another pet-peeve: nail biters. Can we specifically address nail biters with the whole “wash your hands” demand? Because I’ve known a few nail biters, and they’re nasty. Like I have such a phobia around nail biters that I don’t even let them touch me or my stuff because I know their fingers are freshly nibbled and constantly germy.
  3. Hells yes, hah!!! I also sadly remember the infamous dead baby scene from “Trainspotting”, which is probably when my immediate distaste for parents who wanna get wasted around their young children first began... ((shudder))
  4. How could I forget the parents I saw at 8ish the other night headed up with a kid in a stroller to a fashionably clubby bar with a DJ?! I legit wanted to ask them if they were lost and/or high.
  5. Because I’m a rather social lush, I go to breweries, wineries and bars regularly. Seeing kids/babies at these ADULT places eerily more frequently is a phenomenon that has greatly risen in the past ten years. There’s even one local brewery that has a playground for kids in the back, no joke...speaking of actual kids, one night I went to that playground brewery because I heard they were hosting baby goats during happy hour. I fucking love baby goats and was so excited at the idea of snuggling little goats while slurping a Saison! I was pretty incensed when I arrived to what looked like a drunken Mommy & Me party, complete with endless toddlers and small children chasing after completely indifferent goats. Comon now. I had to ask a bartender the other day why a CHILD was sitting in a seat at a crowded bar while other adults and I were desperately trying to order? He shrugged and said the kid’s dad was “the head brewer” and I’d have to take it up with him. Ridiculous. Not too long ago I was at a jazz club around midnight, and some gal was walking around with a toddler with headphones on. Are you fucking kidding me?! I completely quit going to a local winery on the weekends after I got tired of telling parents to please make sure their kids would stop screaming so much that I couldn’t even enjoy relaxed conversation on the vineyard picnic grounds with my friends over our wine. Sure, I get that parents deserve their time to relax and have a pint too, but why must the rest of us ChildFree folks be forced to endure their choices?! I don’t go hang out at the local Daycare, Chuck E Cheese or park playgrounds getting drunk, for chrissakes. Some places need to be ADULTS ONLY, period! Drinking around children is a major buzzkill and I really don’t understand folks who don’t get this; you wanna get buzzed with all your equally insufferable parent buddies and their litters, fine, please host backyard parties or hang at family friendly places, not the local winery or bar with the rest of us saner adults. Its only a matter of time before they’re going to allow kids in stripclubs, at this rate.
  6. So the “word on the street” is that Cameron hasn’t signed on yet for the new season and hasn’t done any filming yet either. She’s either holding out for more money or is likely not wanting to return; makes sense when you consider how close she grew to Naomi and Chelsea, who both definitely aren’t returning. Also, supposedly Eliza tried to hold out for more money/a bigger role and was quickly given walking papers. Probably doesn’t help that she’s still very Team Ravenel/Ashley, of course.
  7. God YES!!! It’s like this huge wheeze she guffaws out repeatedly and it’s so fake and overdone. It’s like she’s thinking to herself as she wheezes it out, “I’m such a silly and relatable goofball, y’all!” But it comes off like an awkwardly nervous habit that refuses to die.
  8. I can attest that this situation has happened to me—normally I’m on Team LeaveMeAVoicemailOrImNotCallingYouBack, but I was involved in a horrible car accident several months ago(I walked away with just a few bruises) and my phone was smashed up along with my car. So I was literally begging paramedics and the other party who hit me to use their phones, and calling the only two phone numbers I knew by heart: my husband and my mother. After repeatedly calling my husband from that random phone, like literally about 5 times in a row for a good ten minutes or so, he finally picked up with a huffy, “Who the Hell is this?!!” Thank god he did, and he felt awful about his usual stance on ignoring random unknown calls, in retrospect. Emergency calls do happen, we all have to remember. Persistence paid off in this case, but it made me rethink my former stance on answering repeated calls from unknown numbers a bit(although I’m not afraid to leave voicemails and always do!)—such a damned shame that robocalls and sales calls/scams/political ads have forced us to be leery about answering random phone numbers though. Current pet peeve I’m dealing with: entitled assholes in my condo community who don’t seem to understand what RESERVED parking means. My assigned spot was an extra $5k when we bought into the building, so naturally I’m extra possessive of it. Nice spot, yet there’s still PLENTY of parking available throughout the parking garage for those who didn’t buy in, along with their guests. I’ve only had several folks park in my spot in the past, to which I left a polite note to please move or I’d have to have them towed. After that, it wasn’t a problem and they’d always be gone by the time I checked back. Cut to the other night around 9pm, someone is parked in my spot. Never mind the painted RESERVED word going across it and the RESERVED sign in front of it. I leave my usual note and figure they’ll be gone by the next morning, at least. So I leave for work around 7:30am, they’re still parked there. Then I get home from work over 8 hours later, they’re *still* parked there with my note still attached. Nearly 24 hours parked in someone’s Reserved spot?! Oh now that’s some kinda nerve/entitlement—for the first time ever, I called a tow-truck on someone. Then posted it on our building’s Facebook page to remind folks to please understand building rules and the consequences of breaking them. Now I’m scared of retaliation because several hours later someone pulled a fire alarm in our building and several neighbors blamed me for putting the towing “victim” on blast and said to expect my car getting keyed/tampered with...um hello?! Why am *I* in the wrong here? Is this the world we live in now?? I suppose everyone should just park where they want around here with no repercussions?! Hey, let’s all just park in those coveted handicapped spots and the fire lanes there, while we’re at it!! Ugh. I just really hate people sometimes.
  9. Not to be Captain Obvious, but Ericka is totally evolving into a salty old drag queen on her Instastories; she’s always caked up in her thick makeup and droning on and on about whatever lately in that nasally, mannishly-low voice she must get post-performances. NotThatTheresAnythingWrongWithThat, but it’s just interesting to see how much she’s changed in just the past few years on her social media; she seems less interested in showing what a hot, youthfully girlish minx she is for her age and seems to have now fully embraced her ongoing role as a GLTBQ icon, that’s for sure.
  10. I agree with you on all accounts, @eXiled: so eloquently stated...Monique could’ve merely laughed in the face of Candyass and the others’ pathetically desperate theatrics, but she sadly fell for the easy bait. Not a good look and definitely not a wise move; I’m sure Chris was just as disappointed by her physical altercation. And I love me some Monique, so it’s indeed sad to see how she’s gradually lost her chill game with every season—like my favorite Monique moment was on S2 when she first met the girls as a group; as usual, salty Gizelle was trying her best to throw shade, and when she got Mo opening up more about how she was shopping for new homes in Potomac and asked “You don’t have a home?” Mo barely skipped a beat and calmly answered, “I have four homes.” THAT is the confident and cool Monique I fell for, not this trash-talking broad who claims she’ll “drag” her other inconsequential, hopelessly bougie cast members. She came on this show with all the necessary RH trappings, enviable lifestyle and charming gorgeousness to match. And I liked how she first seemed so composed and classy, yet still fun and sassy, like Potomac’s answer to Cynthia Bailey. But if you wallow in the mud, you’re obviously going to get dirty; and it’s quite disappointing that she ever lowered herself to the likes of Candyass’s trashy levels. Now I’ll be forced to quote Nene Leakes on my true feelings for Monique post-fight:
  11. Kristen seems to go through “friends” and employees like Kleenex. I’m thinking there’s an obvious pattern here. Not that I don’t side with her on the Kelly thing, but I also don’t doubt that Kristen’s usually a shitty excuse of a friend as well, considering how she only seems to know how to talk about herself and her own life. Speaking of shitty friends, that was rather pathetic that she and Heidi and Adrianna(aka Ceiling Eyes) were sitting there still bashing Lauren after all these years. I don’t blame Lauren one but for focusing on her career and choosing to step away from reality show fame and aimless losers like those broads. And how quickly Kristen forgets how many times she and Tweedle-Dumb/Tweedle-Dumber repeatedly wronged Lauren.
  12. She had a malignant mole removed from her chest there, I know that much.
  13. Seriously, what was the appeal of that loser for Brittainy? He’s a shlubby, boring old D-list country singer-songwriter with a few crappy music trophies and awards to his name, for chrissakes. And oh god, da fuq was up with that shitty apartment of his? Yuck!! Hell, even the cast’s shitty apartments from the first few seasons of “Vanderpump Rules” had more style. I hope those were partial tears of joy Brittainy was squeezing out as she moved out of that gross crack den. I was happy to see that Jay took his glittery new gay friends to Bolton’s(and not those lame HC tourist traps Hattie B’s/Party Fowl); it’s my vote for one of the few legit hot chicken joints in town. Although I’d bet money that those pussies only ordered Mild; real hot chicken is redder and darker. Plus, it’s just insulting to dunk your hot chicken into ranch! I see they also went to some of the lamest honkeytonk bars downtown. Of course. And I hope they at least bought some boots and things after that ridiculous scene they created at Luccheese. Those boots usually *start* at $1500-2000, so hopefully the staff working that day weren’t denied their rightful commission for those buffoons to act like such annoying twats in there. Speaking of annoying, glad to see that famewhore Kelly finally gone. What a pathetic thirst trap she ended up being; she’s way too basic to be remotely interesting. And the idea of Jay even remotely having any supposed illicit interest in her is just laughable. I actually don’t mind Justin. He’s a little extra for extra’s sake, but he still seems genuinely sweet and his boyfriend is adorable. I suppose anything is an upgrade from the stench of cackling basic that was Kelly. Kristen’s severe skinniness continues to bug me and I’ve seen her in person; it doesn’t look healthy or natural. I know she’s always been tiny, but good lord, she’d look so much prettier and less angular/harsh in the face if she just put on a few extra pounds. They need to force-feed her some hot chicken the next time they make it over to Bolton’s, seriously. They live nearly an hour outside of Nashville in the Franklin area, btw(aka, “Rich Republican Assholeland” to us locals). I can’t imagine having to make that trek nearly daily and why Jay insists on living all the way out there, but it’s the best public school system in the state so now I’m curious if their kids will end up going to public or private school.
  14. No joke, I went to SUR several times this past Thanksgiving because I was staying with extended family who happen to live down the street from that whole strip—I was hella surprised at how stupidly fun the place is! Also much smaller there than I expected. Didn’t try any food but I did have the sangria, which was damned delicious. Didn’t see any cast members or Vanderpumps either, but I saw some dude who looked like a younger Sandoval, so there’s that. Speaking of which, Tom-Tom was closed every time I tried to stop by. Pump is just a sleazy good time, ditto The Abbey, if you’re into rocking out like you’re at a 90’s-era gay disco.
  15. Damned straight! Worse yet, if you dare post a comment either on Facebook or Instagram that another poster/s doesn’t agree with, so therefore they start to attack your profile/profile photo. It’s creepy and weird, and what other people on a public page may or may not look like to you shouldn’t affect overall opinions like that. And I feel you guys on the messy people thing. Slobs make me so queasy.
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