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  1. I’m with ya on wanting to scream “breeders!!!” at them, @sandwoman: I had the EXACT same thought. And didn’t Stassi once admit onscreen that they all wanted to have babies around the same time? Much like the whole pregnancy pact vibe, that just creeps me out. Actually, the mere idea of any of these chuckleheads being actual parents now creeps me out. None of them seem remotely mature or compassionate enough to be truly devoted parents. And just imagine having Jax and Brittany as parents…<<<shudder>>> Me too, I once *loathed* the smugly self-satisfied Amazing Ariana ba
  2. I did, thank you and no thank you to my autocorrect: correcting that now!! 🤪
  3. Agreed!!! Love Patricia, love her home itself, but she has wayyyy too many kitschy knickknacks and tchotchkes lying around for my tastes, along with all those fussy extra decor finishes like overdone curtain headers, gaudy large antiques and floral pillows/fabrics everywhere. Quite honestly, her home *looks* like a rich older lady lives there. It’s not remotely stylish or fresh, just very upscale retirement home chic. I know your home is supposed to reflect *you* and all, but the last time I saw her home interior featured on the show it no longer looked as grand and opulent as it once did,
  4. Okay, sorry but I’m gonna completely own it: I pose in pics EXACTLY like the gal does on the right! 🤷‍♀️ But why shouldn’t we ladies do this though? What’s the alternative—should we just look lumpy and dumpy over posed and pretty?? Look how much better she obviously appears when her leg is cocked a bit and her hand on her hip: it’s *such* an improvement over her lazier pose on the left. I’ve posed like this instinctually since my early 20’s because back when I modeled we were taught to “find flattering angles” and pose in ways to emphasize length and leanness. And these days I’ll d
  5. Now hear me out with my explanation here: my 70-something mom has similar issues, ESPECIALLY when she drinks heavily, so I’m thinking I know why this occurs since I’ve witnessed similar horrors with my own eyes. ((And just like Sonja, I’ve shared hotel rooms with her, although I was far more horrified than humored by such random accidents)) Not to be TMI here, but Ramona probably tends to drip a bit if she stands up over the toilet to wipe her poopy butt post-pootage. Add in the digestive effects of a shitload of wine injested by an older broad combined with general drunken lapses of h
  6. I do, especially given Naomi’s hometown ties in Charleston: in some upscale Southern cities like that one, especially among a certain upper-tier class/social scene, landing a “good on paper” sort of guy is seen as the ultimate sign of success for well-bred women like her. Landing a doctor or lawyer is especially important to these types of women and their families. I’m quite sure Naomi looked up to Cameron and would’ve *loved* to have been in the same situation as her, with the perfect doctor hubs to allow her to work at her own pace, and the perfect house with perfect children and cats…
  7. That’s so sad to hear; I really was thinking about reading it because Cameron has SUCH a seemingly interesting backstory with all the MTV stuff and whatnot; why not talk about her wilder past and her crazy times on SC and promoting it?! Why not talk about how she met her doctor hubby and what it’s been like?? I guess she’s dove way too into her local upper class minivan mom lifestyle to dare even sully her reputation with yet more honesty about her past.
  8. Same, @Suzn; should’ve followed that same advice when I decided to contribute to a lengthy discussion on mine about the ongoing nuisance of protestors at the Planned Parenthood clinic near our neighborhood. Suddenly it’s 2am and I’m in bed typing explanations to several pathetically clueless MEN((have you noticed the loudest pro-Life supporters are men?)) about why PP is so important to women of all ages and that abortion is actually only a small portion of the services PP offers to its clientele. Ugh…like spare us all the pointless Bible quotes, the patriarchal shaming of women’s sex
  9. My latest pet-peeve is cancel-culture and the “woke” masses online. And I’m all for holding people accountable for their actions, but some of these virtue-signalers are seriously out of control with their vitriol. Another humor forum I follow I happened to crack a dumb joke with an accompanying meme((I suppose some folks thought it was vaguely sexist, which wasn’t even my intention))...I thought it’d be harmlessly snicker-worthy and didn’t think it would enrage anyone, but cut to a few days later and I’ve got multiple messages/comments telling me to kill myself, variations of what a horrib
  10. Seriously, I wanna be happier for them, but this has starter marriage written all over it. They need to take a page out of Tom & Ariana’s book and really build a solid foundation and life together for themselves before they even contemplate the legalities of their situation.
  11. Seriously!!! And I actually don’t really mind Leah overall, but goddamned if she made for a far more entertaining sloppy lush last season versus the judgy bitch she’s become this season; maybe I’m in the minority here, but talk about a dry-drunk who seriously needs to get back on the sauce! Or maybe her drunk antics came off as far more amusing/entertaining back when she had equally sloppy drunk foils in Dorinda, Sonja and Tinsley to play off of...Tinsley and Dorinda also managed to somewhat soften her edges otherwise, so between both of them being gone and her sober new Season 2 ‘Woke Ba
  12. I’m surprised that no other Bravolebrity gossip forums/sites have posted about Austen’s insane coke rager in downtown CHS this past weekend...apparently he dared to aggressively push a harmless female fan away from him in a bar and she ended up hurting herself. Whether its true or not, it is *such* a bad look, both for Austen and Bravo; these Peter Pans need to stop acting like this out in public. Doesn’t surprise me that Austen pulled that crap though; from what I’ve heard, he can be the meanest of that bunch and very cruel to fans approaching him when he’s bombed enough.
  13. They are, and it’s hilariously pathetic to see. For instance, Jax just posted an HGTV mug on his Instagram stories: like tell me you’re desperate to find a new TV gig without telling me you’re desperate to find a new TV gig. They’re basically the VR version of RHOC’s Gretchen and Slade, an equally icky and thirsty married couple still grasping at some semblance of the television checks/infamy they once enjoyed. ((let’s just pray that “Marriage Boot Camp” is cancelled or else you know we’ll eventually see Jax/Britney on there a’la Gretchen/Slade))
  14. Ditto: very refreshing!! Although I’ve always failed to understand the supposed charms/appeal of Kuckoo Kelly Bensimon...besides her pretentious ditz vibe, she looks like a dude to me.
  15. You said it all, @RedDelicious: and yes, those bags of hers were HIDEOUS!!! Looked like some of the cheap purses they sell at Charming Charlie. And the irony is that they probably started at $300. The worst part of that HS series, beyond all the staged drama/godawful cast, was the way it ended so abruptly with Tinsley quickly saying she was going to go back to Topper, which obviously never happened and made zero sense whatsoever given the show’s original “she’s moving on” trajectory. I remember watching it and asking myself in shock, “Oh, this is the end?! Huh...”
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