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  1. Sun-Bun

    Pet Peeves

    I hear ya, @Katy M. I’ve complained probably way too much about children on this forum. I don’t mind children and get along great with them as a teacher for the past 15+ years. But time/place and parenting consideration is everything with me: like the lines between adults only/kids included places are getting more blurred every day and I DO NOT appreciate trying to relax and have a drink around kids at a bar, poolside or not. I’ve been to several breweries this last week alone and literally had to order drinks standing at a bar while some kid sits beside me on a barstool. Like are you fucking kidding me?! First of all, that used to not even be legal. Second of all, why aren’t the bartenders telling parents to cut that out? That’s usually when I start cursing and/or loudly talking about inappropriate shit; if you’re the type of parent who’s dumb enough to plop your kid down at a crowded bar while adults swarm around the kid trying to order drinks, I’m the type of adult who’s petty/passive-aggressive enough to make you wish you never did. I also agree with you on public pools being different, I get it. Hell, I live right above my building’s pool and have come to accept that screaming kids and that pool go hand in hand, even if it does feel like free daycamp for residents’ extended family members that I help pay for with my monthly HOA fees. But yeah, you just reminded me of how upset my girlfriends and I got on our girls trip last month with children’s incessant pool diving. We were staying at a lovely upscale resort with poolside bar service and were looking extra forward to enjoying several bottles and a quiet night at the pool together to watch the sun go down. 7:30pm, tons of kids screaming and playing at the pool still, diving incessantly. Okay whatever, it’s summer, we knew kids are going to be playing later at the pool. So we dodged the diving kids and continued our adult fun regardless. One of my girlfriends even went back to the room because the kids were giving her a headache and she said she’d be back out in an hour. 9:45pm rolls around, we’re on our second bottle, my girlfriend comes back up and all those screaming kids(aged 5-12, it looked like) were STILL out there raising Hell with their oblivious parents. We finally gave up on a quiet poolside night by 10:15 and left those families out there to continue hogging the pool. Never once did any of those parents stop to think that maybe the other adults at the pool sans children finally wanted some quiet time, nahhhh, we were just there to witness them making sure their kids would be properly worn out by the time they hit bedtime. Beyond annoying and thoughtless; those are the kind of parents I loathe.
  2. Sun-Bun

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    Agreed so hard! I think Cam is living the life that ALL these girls want, which makes her own ongoing protestations and complaining all the more annoyingly asinine. Naomi in particular seems determined to lock Metul down on a level I don’t think even Cameron crossed with Jason—-when Naomi started telling them, “I could never find anyone as good as Metul again...” I was cringing and saying ‘Girl, STOP!! Your insecure desperation is showing!!!’ Even if she feels that way, don't say it on national TV to haunt her forever, ughhh!!! Speaking of desperation, I never thought we’d have to rely upon insane Ashley to liven up an entire season, but here we are. Holy crap what an evil nutbag she is. Although I enjoyed how uncomfortable she seemed to make every person there, even the hostess!! I smelt total producer schemings with that move. And why in the fuck is she always so damned hoarse?! Is she an early onset COPD candidate or something?! Can’t stand that squeaky, raspy voice of hers and her phony earnestness that quickly turns into full on bitch mode. Count me in on the Chelsea bod lovefest: she is insanely lean and I want to know her secret beyond just genetics and strict workouts!!(she must barely eat, seriously)
  3. Sun-Bun

    S02.E05: The Runway Runaway

    Well this show went from mildly humorous(Jon is officially the Yoda of this show...and drunk Jeff lying on someone’s lawn, ripping his shirt off and hopping into a random car made me snort!) to downright depressing in warp speed...oh Jeff...he has some really sad issues going on. The guy is clearly so lonely and lost, aimless and depressed, and obviously using excess booze to numb himself—those shots of his dirty house with empty bottles everywhere were beyond troubling. And for a big dude like him, it’s frightening to think how much he must put away to get *that* messed up. I really hope he’s gotten professional help since then to deal with all his demons. Poor Kelsey’s hair is so awful because it doesn’t soften her harsh facial features, just accentuates them. And I appreciate the fact that she chooses to keep it natural/non-extensioned and doesn’t relax or straighten it, (especially with the humidity of NOLA), but surely she could find a more flattering way to wear it? Maybe loosen up those tight curls somehow?? She was doing wayyyy too much at her party too; you don’t even attempt to engage with someone as extra and as ready to pounce as Tamika. I really liked how Justin ended up handling that situation and telling Tamika that she’d need to make it right. Jeff running from and shouting at the cameras at the end...yikes...
  4. Sun-Bun

    S06.E08: New Craig, Who Dis?

    I am almost 100% sure that Cam had a kid just to make her husband happy and to solidify her marriage. Hate to say it, but I’ve had a few friends in the past who told me for a fact that they also did NOT want a baby and/or weren’t necessarily yearning to be mothers, but they went ahead and gave their husbands a kid/s for similarly strategic reasons. A guy like Jason is hot property in a little Southern city like Charleston, where there are quite literally 5-10 pretty girls for every 2-3 shlubby dudes. He’s a handsome and personable young doctor from a good family and I’m sure she knew she’d landed a big fish when she met him. Not that she’s not a hot property herself(physically/personality-wise, at least), but I’m sure she’s well aware of the fact that she was a firmly middle-classed gal with no higher education when she met him, so there was likely a bit of insecurity from her end already. And I’m sure she felt that if she didn’t go through with bringing him a child into the world that he would have a probable cause to leave her later, especially if she felt she was getting older and her looks were fading(hence her constant mentions of getting old and needing Botox...at 35!!!). I don’t doubt that a few younger local floozies likely would or have already thrown themselves at him. I hate to be blunt and I don’t doubt that she loves Palmer, but bringing a child into the marriage was Cameron’s marital insurance policy. She definitely played her hand with that game smarter than Kathryn did, at least!
  5. Sun-Bun

    Craig Conover: Work Hard(ly), Party Harder

    Correction: that was Season 2 Craig. He was still at least *somewhat* keeping up appearances and coming into the office for the gig enough to just get a stern warning for his social life affecting his professional life in Season 1. He finally was 100% allll out of fucks by S2 and got fired in spectacularly deserving fashion by that sleazy lawyer. And when it became abundantly clear that he was lying about his law school status—-I don’t even think it was fully revealed that he didn’t graduate from law school until S3 with Naomi, but there was already speculation that he hadn’t fully graduated by the time S2 was halfway through(remembering the disastrous visit to Craig’s parents’ house via a very tattletailish Whit).
  6. And they’re all at his parents’ fancyassed NC house too! Looks like they had a really nice and chill family weekend there. Now THAT is the Shep most of us like to see: sweet, easygoing, being a goofy uncle just sipping beers and kicking back with his kin.
  7. Sun-Bun

    Craig Conover: Work Hard(ly), Party Harder

    That’s so true, @chlban; working regularly at some sort of job is better for some people—a lot of us simply *need* that daily structure and routine or we’ll flounder and get to feeling quite aimless and/or depressed. Craig isn’t the type who seems to be able to healthily manage working at his own pace like Shep or Austen. Austen likely worked on a varied schedule and managed his own work hours back when he was still a beer rep. Shep in particular is used to a life of traveling and pursuing his hobbies like golf, surfing and partying, and he seems content doing just that in between filming/promoting this show and doing what he needs to do for his mailbox money(checking on his bars and rentals, ShepGear, etc). Craig was always seemingly a go-getter who was used to working hard until this show suddenly fell into his lap and introduced him to the 24/7 partyboy lifestyle. I do remember Craig doing some volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity and doing various charity pursuits here and there, even participating in races back when he was still with Naomi. Seems like she was the one responsible for his whole “Craig 2.0” persona—-too bad his pillow-making pursuits aren’t keeping him on his toes in the meantime. Good luck on your job search, btw; I’ve been there myself and know how tough it is to suddenly shift gears and get back on a random job hunt. I was let go from my last gig over something completely frivolous and am still convinced that part of the reason I had a target on my back is because of my age(I’m a young 42 yet I was one of the oldest folks on their main staff, go figure). Maybe consult your local career service as well so they can help you find some leads and dust off your resume—-that helped me so much and I was back on my feet in no time thanks to them. And I’m happier and better paid than ever at my new workplace, so just remember that most doors close so even better ones can open!
  8. Sun-Bun

    Four Weddings

    Fascinating article about this show(which I will admittedly binge watch if I happen to see it airing all day when I’m home); juiciest part is that the honeymoons are indeed nice, but the taxes/plane fare aren’t covered and they have to occur a year or so after the weddings...hmmm: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thelist.com/25422/untold-truth-behind-four-weddings/%3famp=1
  9. Cheers to old broads!!(and I’m no spring chicken myself) Just like Ramona, I just cant help but love Sonja—-wouldn’t feel like the same show without their ridiculous(often while drunk) antics. But I agree, she’s way too old to be drunkenly falling over like that. Which reminds me, it’s amazing that she hasn’t sustained more injuries over the years thanks to her drunken hijinks. Sure, she breaks her tooth, but she’d better be careful and make sure she doesn’t break her hip while she’s at it!
  10. Sun-Bun

    S06.E08: New Craig, Who Dis?

    Isn’t it funny how Shep was just a fun, sweetly goofy good-time guy in the first two seasons, and then he gradually devolved into...THIS?! Whoever mentioned a few posts above that this show has done him no favors is absolutely correct. If anything, I think all the extra money/exposure/opportunities being a Bravolebrity has afforded him has gone straight to his head, and his former slight sense of entitlement has gotten even worse with age. He’s lost his innocent simple Southern boy shtick and become this embittered, entitled snot just skating by on his former pickup lines and status. It’s also been an open secret in certain circles that he pretty much sleeps with any women he chooses now(aka sext’s cross-country trolling for random pussy). So the motivation for him to settle down is a big joke. Not only is he turning into T-Rav 2.0, but he’s also turning into another Whitney, only without the style or class. He used to make fun of Whitney’s snooty, pretentious nature and now he’s knowingly feeding into it. Very disappointing to watch, and seeing Craig and Austen circling their own drains of loserdom is equally depressing to witness. At least Thomas and even JD had actual careers going on.
  11. Sun-Bun

    The Hills: New Beginnings

    @BingeyKohan, I’m a low-key Whitney fan too; I always loved her interactions with LC and she seemed to have her head on so straight. I even enjoyed those two seasons of Whit’s own breakout series, “The City”, even if she did come out of that particular series looking like a flighty doormat. Actually, can we get a “The City: New Beginnings” series too?! I’d watch it just to see Olivia Palermo have a go at them all once again, since she’s arguably become the most successful of that cast since then.
  12. Sun-Bun

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    How? All I’ve seen so far is them gossiping about his comments at the party. Did he somehow try to arrange a group discussion about it, or what??
  13. Sun-Bun

    S02.E04: Housewarming Gone Cold

    These guys are just really cool this season. Even John Moody, who annoyed me so much with his humor-devoid cocky douchedom last season, has grown on me and seems like he’s playing his character up for laughs this season. He’s in on the joke now and seems to have chilled out onscreen. I love Barry; what a sweet, sexy guy and great father. Justin is finally being a better boyfriend and a decent dude who isn’t clinging to single life. Jeff has humbled himself down post-divorce and seems much kinder...I love how he’s become Moody’s little Pygmalion-esque project; and Jeff already looks better! Speaking of Jeff, that date was mildly awkward as expected; although his date seemed extra stiff and aware of the cameras. He must have a thing for high-maintenance prissy princess types, if Reagan is any indication. Speaking of Reagan, wow, the self-absorption is off the charts with that one. Loved how the editors timed her entire two+ hour monologue as her poor friend just sat there like a patient hostage!! I’ll take funny editing like that any day over the weird slow-mo shots this particular series overdoes with its cast(what’s up with that?). Reagan’s new guy is so goddamned gross and weird, btw. I never realized how sweaty and chubby he is until tonight's show. Yikes. She sure did trade down, but I guess ‘love’ is blind.
  14. Sun-Bun

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    Me too—-that entire discussion and this storyline made me really upset and uncomfortable. It reminds me of how I finally had to quit watching RHofAtlanta because I was so damned sick of those homophobic women treating being called or considered gay an insult, yet they could always trot out their own little pet ‘mo friends like show ponies when it suited them. I hope Andy finally told them all to cool it with the gay-bashing. Similarly, WHO CARES if Michael was drunkenly joking about sucking dicks? Why is this remotely considered soooo scandalous by these broads?? Even if he admitted to enjoying dick, why would it matter??? Honestly, it makes them look worse to me than Michael, because it proves how small-minded, prudish and borderline homophobic they really are. Maybe Michael is bisexual; maybe he’s not. Maybe he just appreciates a good-looking man; maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he was just being a goofy drunk purposely pushing the envelope to be wild with his comments; my brother-in-law is from Australia and makes similarly raunchy comments after a few drinks. I honestly think Aussie humor is kinda different like that. Either way, why’s it even matter what gets The Darby’s off in the bedroom? So what if Mikey likes random sausage with his tacos?? It’s their business, and unless they’re bringing in kids or animals, I really don’t think anyone needs to discuss their sexlife further or clutch any pearls over a damned thing. Even my own husband jokes about good-looking men and sucking dicks; doesn’t make him gay, just makes him progressive enough to realize that just because you’re open enough to say things like that it doesn’t make you GAY!!!(and even if it did, why would it matter?!)
  15. Sun-Bun

    S06.E07: Dick Moves and Dick Pics

    Happy to help, @Mindthinkr!! And sorry you got dealt a tough hand like that but I hope you’re able to heal and move on from your own Mr. Negging. I feel your pain though; I had an ex who negged me so much until one day I finally turned around and called him on all his bullshit so hard that he then started referring to me as a ball-buster. Go figure, now I’m happily married and he’s still out there desperately trying to neg himself into a functional relationship! Which makes me wonder if that’s how Naomi’s relationship with Craig devolved...I’ll bet she eventually grew so annoyed with his lazy nature that she started to bust his balls, to which he started on his negging...and well, now she’s moved on to Metul. At least he’s a successful and driven doctor, I guess?