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  1. Because like most of the gals in LA and otherwise, she’s probably bought into all that “preventative Botox” bullshit; and honestly, look who she hangs out with. Every single one of those gals in her crew are into premature plastic surgery; probably got Groupon deals on local Botox. Not to mention her man Sandoval is a longtime lover of Botox himself. It’s such a shame though, because she once had that completely natural California girl beauty. Now she looks as hard and plastic as the rest of them; and don’t even get me started on how much LaLa has ruined her once natural beauty as well.
  2. Thank you, @Gam2: that’s exactly what I meant. I’m insanely curious about the finances of reality show stars, especially the younger/poorer ones who suddenly make big bucks after several seasons and act like they’ll be rolling in dough/endorsements forever.
  3. Me too, @hoodooznoodooz; I’ve always admired and enjoyed Carole(still follow her on SM) so it really saddened me to see the way she so cruelly dismissed Tinsley. I could understand her beef with Bethenny because I’m sure a close friendship with BF gets too exhausting after a while, but why openly freeze out someone as sweet and harmless as Tinsley? I remember watching that scene with Carole and Tinsley post-Cartagena where Carole rather haughtily told Tinsley that she basically could’ve gotten them all killed on that boat ride and that Tinsley probably didn’t take it as seriously as she should’ve because she was used to being physically abused and making excuses afterwards. It really threw poor Tinz (and us viewers) for a loop because it was such a randomly cold assessment...maybe she was just getting tired of Tinsley and her relationship drama by that point or she was getting on Carole’s nerves for not being “deep” enough by then, maybe she just considered Tinz another disposable coworker she was over by that point, I dunno...it just looked really bad on Carole’s part to ditch her like that. But I totally miss Tinsley on this show and her absence is already apparent. She’s by far one of the kindest RH’s ever by all accounts from those who worked on the show with her, which is one reason why she got such a loving and positive mid-season send-off and favorable edit. And I’m willing to bet money that the main reason she and Scott broke up a few times was because he didn’t want such a long-distance relationship and she wasn’t ready to leave the show/NYC yet without a full commitment from him but he likely still wasn’t sure about the full marital/live-in commitment yet either...it was probably a very tough back-and-forth. That said, I’m also very happy for her. Meanwhile...Carole is still having regular coffee with Adam. Take that as you will.
  4. Stassi is and always will be a classist, elitist snob. Even worse, a Southern US snob (which explains so much of her recent behavior in hindsight). I’ll never forget thinking it was hilariously pathetic and petty for her to make that comment back then, seeing as though they *all* were working as servers/bartenders in the same restaurant so who even cared if one of them went to a private HS versus a public HS at that point?! Obviously she kinda got over the class thing eventually, seeing as how she quickly realized Beau was as good as she was ever going to get, a tattooed pussy with a vague career who’s content to ride her coattails. And S1 Stassi would *never* have befriended the hayseed former Hooters girl Brittany either.
  5. Yeah. On the one hand, I’m glad he was able to find a way to make a sorta-career out of his sewing hobby; the “pillow parties” he’d been doing at various boutiques was a cute idea and he was wise enough to market it all under his “Sewing Down South” vanity label. On the other hand, like most reality show stars/Bravolebrities, this vanity business will likely have a very short shelf life and it’s basically overpriced flimsy products that will only be valued while said reality celeb is popular and his/her show is still airing. Craig sure wouldn’t have been able to make this HSN appearance of his a reality without “Southern Charm”, of course; same as all these vanity businesses. Which makes me wonder if he would’ve gone on and furthered his law career if SC hadn’t have been picked up for more seasons. I do wonder if these folks like him, Austen and Kathryn have been smart enough to save money made from this show, especially with its precarious future and the harsh reality some of the “Vanderpump Rules” OG cast members who got fired are now facing.
  6. One of my coworkers posts a selfie on Facebook/Instagram every other day or so, coincidentally. What cracks me up about it is the fact that she’s a 40-something fat divorced mother of 4 and not very attractive, bless her heart. (ever seen the film “Crybaby”? She’s basically an overweight Hatchet Face) Not that I’m saying only hot people deserve to take frequent selfies, it’s just that she apparently thinks she’s a sexy supermodel when she poses for these selfies(boobs practically falling out of a too-tight minidress and all), and I find that total lack of awareness/deluded sense of self-confidence both oddly admirable and hilariously horrifying. Apparently I’m not alone with this sentiment since she usually only gets 3 or 4 likes on these selfies anyway; I’ve even caught a few other coworkers snickering about her oddly amusing thirst trap selfies. I would normally feel somewhat guilty about sharing this, but she’s smugly bougie AF and has made some vaguely racist/tone-deaf comments, so she kinda deserves the stealth selfie-shaming.
  7. And got backlash for it from some of the BLM peaceful protestors who spotted them and said online that the crew was getting in their way, trying to make those gals(all dressed in their Sunday best, no less) appear to be allies there to help join the protest too. I’m surprised the crew didn’t make them special picket signs to match their dresses and wedges. Tone deaf= SC producers. Word on the street is that one of the guys(not Shep!) has to be sent home from filming because he had COVID-like symptoms and ended up testing positive. My money is on Craig since he’s been scoffing at the whole masks/quarantine stuff so hard and has been radio silent all week on SM. Although both he and Austen have been eerily silent, so who knows?
  8. THANK YOU for discussing this here!!! I’m so thoroughly disgusted not only by Stassi’s behavior throughout this ordeal, but her pathetic fans actually sticking up for her and victim-shaming like this. Those fake screenshots being passed around are so desperate. And even if they *were* actually real, it neither matters nor doesn’t make what that crew did to her any more acceptable. At least Kristen has had the good sense to STFU and stay underground to let this all die down, unlike Stassi prancing around for staged paparazzi pics. She’s just another smugly entitled white girl who’s spent her life getting lucky breaks and has never had to endure consequences of her actions. Although the fact that she’s gotten knocked up by a loser like Beau seems like poetic justice. I feel like going off on her Tyra Banks style (“We were rooting for you! We were ALL rooting for you!!!”) because she’d seemed to have grown and matured so much over the past few seasons. I was once looking so forward to the grand Basic & Bowtie wedding! Alas, not anymore. Just like Stassi’s career, I wanna see the show go down the tubes if it refuses to change and evolve with the times.
  9. Random pet peeve, but I can’t help it after a long morning scroll of my Facebook feed today...what is up with people who steal very common jokes and popular memes but pass them off as their own funny quips on their “what’s on your mind” status?! Drives me bonkers because I have “friends” there who will steal popular quote memes, even those I have just posted that they like, and pass them off as their own quotes/quips. And then other dumb posters(they’re usually middle-aged or older and don’t keep up with that stuff) who don’t know any better will comment below like, “LOL you’re so funny!!!” Or “You’re such a hoot, I love all your funny statuses!!” Or “Are you a comedian in your spare time! LOL!!” Well yeah, I guess we *all* would be comedians if we could secretly rip off everyone else’s material, right? Because I’m petty like that, sometimes I’ll post the actual meme/a screenshot of my earlier posting beneath their stolen statuses just to fuck with them. Then it’s interesting to see whether they hastily delete my comment or ignore/don’t see it.
  10. Surely we have the same mother?! Mine was that way about cooking. I’d beg her to help with the cooking while growing up, but she’d merely push me aside and say she didn’t have time or that I’d make a mess or I’d get in her way. I finally quit asking as soon as I hit my teenage years. Now she wonders why as an adult I neither cook nor have an interest in it?! Thank the gods I ended up marrying an amateur chef.
  11. Aside from The Tom’s, Scheana and the new folks/James, none of these worthless skeezes were still working at Lisa’s restaurants anyway(Jax was literally only “working” there on camera), so I don’t know why they’ve been allowed to stay a part of this overinflated cast for so long. Kristen definitely overstayed her welcome, and Stassi was an equally pointless part of the cast after she left. I’m positive that LaLa would’ve been gone years ago had she not involved the main cast with sugar daddy Randall and her BJ’s for PJ’s lifestyle. This show needs to axe these guys from the main cast the moment they voluntarily quit working at SUR/Pump. None of us are interested in seeing able-bodied young women like Brittany, Katie and Arianna trying to justify onscreen why they’ve suddenly decided that they’re “too busy” to work at either place (aka Instagram Influencer payouts/Appearance fees/filming paychecks/book advances/podcast sponsorships are enough). I don’t know why the producers feel that Jax/Brittany still even need to be on the cast at this point, firing or not. No one on the cast or even most viewers like either of them anymore and their smugness is off the charts. They’ve proven to have some debatably prejudiced beliefs that don’t vibe with their setting. Jax might have some chuckle-worthy moments here and there, but he’s not some underdog or likable dude you root for anyway; not to mention he’s too old and stuck in his new married Valley dude lifestyle to even be socializing with the rest of this main cast at this point.
  12. @BookWoman56 , you just took me alllll the way back to my college years, because my former BFF was this exact student. She came from a wealthy family and her mom was a super controlling witch of a woman, but somehow she allowed her daughter to stay in the dorms of our local college we both attended together without too much issue. God forbid when she was staying at home and I dared hang out with her for a night on the town; mom would be blowing our phones up by 10pm demanding she get back home. It’s when she finally turned 21 and met a man online(and she’d never had *any* prior boyfriend/lover) when all Hell broke loose, and she dropped out of college, ran off and married him and got pregnant. Years later and she’s now a divorced mother of two with no education or real job, and who had to eventually move back to the house where she grew up to care for that horrible woman. So I can fully agree that super-controlling mothers do NOT help their children smoothly adjust into adulthood. It’s a shame that so many women still make that parenting mistake though. Arghhh, yes!!! It’s definitely become the new “like”, but the worst is when you hear someone who uses them BOTH of these words peppered throughout their conversations, “like, you know”. As in “like, you know, I think he’s a great guy and all, but...” or “like, you know what I’m saying?” Nope. Shut up.
  13. Oh boy...now Craig’s come under fire from a few Bravo fan accounts for his silence over recent events. He posted this video on Instagram in an attempt to obviously appease the masses, and people were not having it: Methinks it’s finally time for SC to be shelved. Shep and Austen have offered a few random social media posts about recent issues, but the entire cast has been otherwise noticeably quieter than usual lately. Given how friendly they are with the “Vanderpump Rules” cast, I guess they’re feeling a bit nervous lately too.
  14. Seriously though, that kid is so goddamned annoying! I never found him cute the few painfully unfunny times he appeared on the show, and he’s definitely NOT cute at all now as an awkward white 15-year-old begging a victim of his overprivileged sister’s cruelty to help sissy get her cushy TV job back. (Obviously the smug gene of thinking one is far cuter/smarter/more charming than one actually is runs in their family) He and Stassi’s mom are thirsty AF, so you know they’re probably shitting their pants in a panic over this mess. And I think that her family is upper middle class at best. If they had real money, Stassi wouldn’t have been waiting tables in LA; she probably wouldn’t have been working period! Or maybe she’d have been working in a PR firm or some other fancy internship. That said, she’d be wise to start working on a Plan B career plan by now. I could definitely see her selling real estate; that field is stuffed with former reality show has-been’s. I had no idea these two had such a falling out, btw...
  15. There’s even an online petition already going around for Bravo to rehire Stassi and Kristen. I wish I were joking.
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