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  1. FuriousStyles

    Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story

    The thing that surprises me most about watching this doc is seeing how inept the prosecution was. Much like in the OJ trial, it seems everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I'm left wondering did they do ANY prep work with any of their witnesses. Watching that trainwreck of a performance by the medical examiner was really hard. And apparantly he changed his opinion about what happened 3 weeks before the trial? I just can't.
  2. FuriousStyles

    S05.E03: Are We On The Same Team? 07.15.2018

    Yall need to just go ahead and do a Masters of Sex meets Power episode. Lol
  3. FuriousStyles

    S05.E01: Everyone Is Implicated

    I thought it was pretty clear that Tariq running to the bathroom to text Dre was part of the "plan". The mutual nod when Tariq came to walk the casket down between him and Ghost kind of confirmed it for me. Angela MUST get fired by the end of this season. Forget future cases. This bitch is breaking all kinds of protocol and using somebody else's name to do it (yet still using her own computer). I'm interested to see what the NYPD Internal Affairs lady will come to up with.
  4. FuriousStyles

    S03.E03: A Generation Too Late

    I think the legal issue with Chuck is that he had some insider info on Ice Juice? I remember him telling Ira that he (Ira) should talk to Charles directly about getting the money so that Chuck wouldnt be involved. So much for that, right? Not only that, but Chuck struck a deal with the other billionaire, who's name escapes me right now, to feed Axe the info about his involvement with Ice Juice. There's probably some ethical/legal issues there as well. I was hoping when Axe made the $30 million offer, Ira had countered with $75 million or even $50 million. It just bothers me that Axe has been able to dictate what happens so easily. And that woman Ira wants to marry? I dont even know why anyone would want to marry someone they KNOW only wants them for their money. Ira is a smart good looking guy. He can have his pick of women. I just needed to see more about that woman to understand why Ira wants to marry her. This show does a great job in highlighting that wealthy people really do live in a completely different world from the rest of us. $40 million is considered broke? $300 million is not enough to live on? So does Wendy know that Chuck knows that she slept with that guy while they were on a break? I left the previous episode thinking yes...as his reaction during that masochist scene was a little too much. But IDK.
  5. FuriousStyles

    The NBA

    I've kind of been ignoring the Mark Cuban story since I heard about it. Not because I dont believe it or I dont care, I think I was just kind if numb to it. Like geez, another rich white man with a decent reputation and personality is accused of mistreating women or looking the other way as someone else did it as it relates to Cuban. But I just finished watching the PTI segment about this where they said Cuban allegedly stuck his hand down some woman's pants and penetrated her while they were posing for a picture. Um WHAT? That is insane. I dont know if there are receipts out there like with Donald Sterling, but this could be biggg problems for Cuban regardless.
  6. FuriousStyles

    NFL Thread

    Congrats to the Eagles. I realized my hatred for the Pats runs so deep I found myself rooting for the Eagles. I cant believe I did that. Ugg. I need a shower. The Eagles can definitely get a ransom for Foles. But why trade him? Who knows what Wentz will be when he gets back. I say Wentz is the odd man out at this point. And usually I know they say you dont lose your job to injury...but damn it...the backup just won a superbowl. And Foles made some damn good plays to do it.
  7. FuriousStyles

    NFL Thread

    Ditto....and especially if the Eagles make it too. As a Giants fan thats a no win for me. I cant root for either side. I really might just sit out the whole SB this year.
  8. FuriousStyles

    NFL Thread

    So I have to suffer thru 2 weeks of the sports world slurping all things Patriots....and God help me I dont see either team coming out of the NFC having enough experience and poise to beat them...so most likely we're looking at a 6th SB championship...and back to back at that. Im so disgusted.
  9. FuriousStyles

    NFL Thread

    Came here to say the same thing Morrigan. I dont want to get too happy just yet because I feel like I've seen this movie before.
  10. FuriousStyles

    NFL Thread

    Damnnn...just when I was thinking I pretty much only got one game right.... But yeah that Saints defender just muffed. I mean, what a terrible attempt (if you could even call it that) at taking Diggs down.
  11. FuriousStyles

    NFL Thread

    I picked the Vikings to win...so I guess itll be the Saints in the NFC championship game...against the other team I didnt pick to win...the Eagles.
  12. FuriousStyles

    NFL Thread

    The onside kick for sure. But more than that IMO, Tomlin will have to answer for his team's mentality in how they were possibly already looking ahead to playing the Pats. He's always prided himself on getting his players to focus on the task at hand and being down 21-7 in the 1st QUARTER showed that the Steelers didnt come ready to play. With that said, kudos to the Jags and Bortles in particular. They are a defensive team for sure but this wasnt a defense dominated game as the 45-42 score indicates. Bortles did what he needed to do and made some really big plays. Im also happy for Tom Coughlin. I wish he was still the Giants head coach but I hope he has continued success.
  13. FuriousStyles

    NFL Thread

    So I picked the Steelers to win the Superbowl...just mostly because I hate the Pats more than them....but I am thoroughly enjoying seeing the Steelers get romped right now. I hope the Jags finish them off even if it means my bracket will be blown to hell.
  14. FuriousStyles

    The Official PTV 2017-2018 Football Pool

    Divisional Round AFC Game 1: Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots Game 2: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers AFC Championship: New England Pats vs Pittsburgh Steelers NFC Game 3: Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles Game 4: New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings NFC Championship: Atlanta Falcons vs Minnesota Vikings SUPER BOWL: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Minnesota Vikings
  15. FuriousStyles

    The Official PTV 2017-2018 Football Pool

    Saturday January 6, 2018: Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams Sunday January 7, 2018 Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints