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  1. https://definition.org/fake-reality-shows/
  2. My fingers are crossed for this heh. I need more from them than one playoff appearance in several seasons, a terrible coach that time left behind years ago, and an "I don't want to talk about it move out west.". Yes they doubled their worth with the move, but I don't want them to become the Bengals. No offense to Bengals; I mean Bangles fans. I don't honestly care what act is on during halftime. I'll watch whether I like them or not. I never could stand Beyawnce and I watched her do the same act she's been doing for 20+ years. Hell I'd even watch the reincarnate of Lawrence Welk a
  3. I suppose if he were able to find any team desperate enough to sign him, then he would prefer a team with a chance to make the post season. Who knows what goes through these older/retired players' minds.
  4. https://start.att.net/news/read/category/sports/article/thescore-chad_johnson_willing_to_sign_with_eagles_for_free-rthescore I can't decide whether to take this seriously or not. Either way, it provided a well needed laugh after this past week's games.
  5. As infuriating as it is, some teams will play down to their opponents level and play up to others. Just when you think (whatever your fave team is) they have this game in the bag, they'll end up playing like some type of junior varsity high school football team and you're tearing your hair out by game's end.
  6. Tori Kelly an American Idol contestant that was eliminated during the Hollywood rounds when she was 16.
  7. Pass rush. Pass Rush. PASS RUSH. Cris Collinsworth is going to have me grinding my teeth down to the gums by mid season if he cannot learn to pronounce pass rush. Gah! Two obvious offensive holds for the Packers right in front of Rodgers shown during replays in the fourth, but somehow the refs couldn't see them. (insert eyeroll) Can Carrie Underwood take a season or twelve off from performing the theme song to SNF? Pretty please.
  8. Hannahlei may have picked up votes from last week, but it's been Jensen since the top 10; maybe before. It's always been my belief that the judges' critiques go the way the votes go and anyone/everyone should know by now that Nigel is privy to the results/votes. ymmv
  9. If Hannahlei doesn't win, then this finale will be a travesty imho. Of course, it's more than obvious that the judges (via the producers) are all about a Jensen win. Jensen who still dances heavy no matter what genre (including her own). Slavik and Gennessy were put through as fodder and had to be slightly steamrolled the last two weeks (mostly Slavik) to keep them from claiming the prize. They are both still horrible at hip hop. No natural rhythm or bounce. It was all too loose and flailing about imo. Slavik also has no hip movement whatsoever. He's a bboy (breakdancer) and not a hip hop
  10. I wish I could give this quote a million likes for the mere mention of past competitors. Oh how I miss them as well as actual critiques. Heck, even Dan Karaty (ugh!) would give technical critiques after a performance. Now it's all fluff and outright favoritism. Could it be anymore obvious that the show wants Gennesy, Slavic, Jensen, and ? as the final four? Not quite sure as to who the second male is the preferred finalist. I don't care and haven't cared who wins this show anymore. I just want to enjoy the performances each and every week without the interference of TPTB. ymmv
  11. Tonight's episode was sponsored by the letter H for hyperbole. What was with all the over praise for the performances? At least Twitch was more subdued with his critiques tonight versus last week. As another post above mentioned there were lots of bobbles and out of sync portions yet the standing O's and OTT praise for partner chemistry and storytelling that I was ready to throw my flip flop at my tv screen. (no tv's were harmed during tonight's episode) I get the judges (producers) have an agenda but they're taking all the fun out of the show for me. Imho no dance tonight was flaw
  12. Could the judges be any more obvious with their faves? They're not even cleverly trying to hide it like they normally do. How big was Twitch's paycheck for him to become a parrot for TPTB? Gennesy's (sp) hip hop was not good nor great unless suburban dance recital is the measurement for good/great hip hop these days. It was lazy, had no natural rhythm/flow to it, and there were points she and Slavic were not in sync. Yet that garnered a standing ovation. Goodbye Chelsea. We hardly knew you. I'm beyond tired of Travis Wall already and the lives just started.
  13. I feel absolutely stabby every time she spins around with the colored rings. Just please stop!
  14. http://start.att.net/player/category/entertainment/article/people-what_we_did_was_a_scam_the_apprentice_creators_giv-vtime Does anyone know if there's any validity to this article? If this is posted in the wrong forum I will delete it.
  15. jhlipton I don't know either way about the validity of that video, but I truly don't and never will believe any reality show is 100% authentic.
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