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  1. Have to say it - Nutmeg looked lovely today. Her face seems to be slimming down in her pregnancy, and her make-up was very nicely done.
  2. Not to beat this to death, but I see it was mentioned again on today's show. Yes, it's a lovely gesture, but I hope they spare us the complaints and the "Who's crying now?" when these businesses go belly-up and their benevolent dollars are lost. You know it's coming. "WAAAAAA - I spent $200 on these cards and now they're no good. They left me high and dry." There's not a restauranteur or small business owner who's strapped to the max who will say "I CAN'T go out of business...Sara bought all these gift cards and she'll be disappointed." Not gonna' happen. Patronize them while they're open. Even buy some extra To Go meals and pop them in the freezer for future use., Win-Win.
  3. Thanks. We came into the show "in progress" due to our governor's presser, and I hadn't heard that part.
  4. The suggestion to do it? or the warning not to?
  5. Dear sweet Sara...I "get" that she has a kind heart and a benevolent nature, but I have to disagree with her suggestion that, in order to help small local businesses, we go out and buy gift cards for future use so the owners have immediate cash on hand. It's a nice thought, but if a business is so close to the edge that they need gift card business to hold them up, the chances they'll survive this pandemic are slim. That now leaves all these card purchasers "up the creek" with useless, invalid cards and a hole in their wallet. Better think that one through a bit more, Sara.
  6. To be accurate, that would be "Great AmeriCAIN Hero", per the shirt. BITSY, BE GONE! She's just as obnoxious as ever.
  7. She'll always be "Bitsy" to me. <giggle>
  8. You're probably correct. Notice that VYD isn't scheduled until Tuesday.
  9. Oh Ian, please save the theatrics until AFTER you win, rather than annoying us before you even say a word!
  10. Hmmmmm - NutMeg has a good 2" of roots growing out, I see. Is this a clue that she may be preggo again? Sad news about Cokie Roberts. The show did a nice job with their tribute to her.
  11. Barbara's fans still think of her. Saw this online, and couldn't resist posting here: "STARTING A PETITION TO HAVE BARBARA WALTERS DO THE BALL DROP NEXT NEW YEARS JUST TO HEAR HER SAY: I'M BARBARA WALTERS AND THIS IS 2020." LOL
  12. Imagine the dilemma that Nutmeg would face if she were to find herself to be pregnant after stating so many times that she doesn't want children. Presuming she accepted her plight and bore her child, I can't imagine the agonies that child might face throughout his/her life with such a mother.
  13. Speaking of whom, I've recently read RCD is expecting Baby #9!
  14. It was great to watch you tonight, teebax. You did us Primetimers proud, and we were with you all the way. You've done what so many of the rest of us only aspire to accomplish.
  15. Little Miss Meggie is taking a huge hit in the tabloids this week. https://www.truthdig.com/articles/what-have-we-done-to-deserve-meghan-mccain/ This one is a doozie: https://www.rawstory.com/2019/05/the-view-producers-torch-meghan-mccain-and-her-husband-in-scathing-tabloid-tell-all/ The View's producers are questioning her recent "sick days", believing she was faking it due to embarrassment over her father-in-law's ties to the tRump administration as well as an ethics investigation into his business dealings. They're not too pleased with her. The beginning of the end?
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