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  1. That's not unusual when it comes to the Cape. Rarely do people who know and love the Cape distinguish which specific town is in mention. We'll always say "We're headed to the Cape for the weekend.", not "We're headed to Eastham..." Or in answer to "Where are you vacationing?", we'd say "the Cape", not specifically Eastham, Orleans, etc.
  2. Sunny's readings of the disclaimers has made my day!
  3. Yale vs. Harvard! Congratulations, Matt!
  4. A FOUR year contract! Whoopi Goldberg Signs On to Host 4 More Seasons of The View (msn.com) (Hmmm - for some reason, the link won't post.)
  5. Has anyone else noticed the resemblance of a smiley Matt to...Rachel Maddow? Once seen, it can't be unseen!
  6. Question to all: Who makes the determination to ask for a "BMS"? Does the query come from the host, or from the judges by way of the earpiece? I always presumed the judges were asking for the additional info, not the host him/herself.
  7. LOL - If that's the reason, she needs to "snap out of it"*! I admit to tears when I sent off my two, but that was Day #1, not two weeks later. *TM Loretta Castorini (Cher), Moonstruck
  8. True, but this is a sudden change in her appearance. More than the weight, I think it's her hair that is changing her appearance so much. A month ago (when the last season ended), she looked groomed, fluffed and perky to the point where many viewers were commenting about how over-the-top she appeared. Now, just a few weeks later, she looks fatigued and drawn and, dare I say, depressed...like she isn't bothering to put in the time to groom and dress as she once did. Despite the passings in their family, she was still always put together even while going through the brunt of it. Maybe it'
  9. Possibly, in which case I feel for her. That's a difficult phase. It might also explain why she looks so fatigued. I hope there's nothing more serious going on.
  10. It's a rare day when Whoopi is the most "put together" panelist, but today was one of those days. Sara had her haunted eye look, Joy looked like she just rolled in from yardwork, and WTH is with Sunny's "look" this season? Sunny hasn't looked well since their return...her weight is up, her hair is funky and her make-up is shiny and off. Not long ago, she was glammed up and ready to hit the nightlife. They all looked better when working from home. What happened to the show's hair and make-up staff?
  11. A tie/tiebreaker at least gives him another shot. A loss is a loss. He was lucky, especially considering the FJ subject material. I'm surprised Nicolle wasn't all over that answer!
  12. Matt's really grown on me, considering that I didn't care for him at all at first, so I was "quivering" (Crossword Clues: Q) at Final Jeopardy. Nicolle had her chance...had she answered correctly and with a Matt miss, she would have been Champ by $1. I was surprised Matt bet that buck - it could have cost him dearly. His smart bet was $0. What was he thinking? Edit: Going into FJ: Nicolle - $13,600; Matt - $27,200.
  13. The Examiner steps in with an article that sounds like it was written by Me-Again herself. The comments are priceless! https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/meghan-mccain-s-haters-broke-the-view-for-good/ar-AAMfkPB LOL - The MM haters "broke" The View...not Me-Again! Guess that's their View.
  14. Oh dear God, no! Anyone other than S. E. "Sippy" Cupp, please. She's another Repug wind-up doll that just goes on and on and on...
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