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  1. Ana tweeted out yesterday that she was on a flight to LA for the weekend. Probably not available.
  2. The highlight of today's show (IMO) was Emmanuel Acho's rainbow analogy in reference to hearing someone comment that they "don't see color". What a pleasant, non-aggressive manner of educating someone on the failing of their thinking. "The goal in life should never be not to see color, but rather see color, be cultured, and give it the value that it deserves at its essence." Lovely comment.
  3. Tonight's episode was SNL-worthy! Has there ever been a game played this poorly before? Bill Whitaker still isn't "working" for me. Nexxxxxt...
  4. Hiya' Saber... I was previously unfamiliar with Bill Whitaker also, but once I read his credentials, I was disappointed in his pronunciations. Being on "60 Minutes" (which I don't watch), he should be well familiar with "YOO-ca-tan", and he had a couple other flubs. Alex made hosting seem so effortless that I have high expectations for whoever fills his shoes. It surprises me how much I DO care who the new host is. Thus far, Anderson Cooper and Aaron Rodgers have been my favs, but I'll be waiting to see how Mayim Bialik and LeVar Burton come through. I like the current champ
  5. Oh nooooooo...Did Bill Whitaker really just say "YUCK-a-tan"?
  6. I know, right? Everyone is referencing his TV shows, but when I think of James Garner, my mind goes to The Notebook.
  7. Tara Setmayer is wonderful, and I've said for years that she'd be perfect for this show. She fits the bill: Republican, conservative, intelligent, informed, and pleasant. She and Ana are proof that you can be a strong conservative without being nasty about it. Regarding Nutmeg's "pink eye", I happened upon an article earlier today (which, of course I can't find now) that was seriously inquiring if MM was showing signs of COVID - LOL.
  8. Sadly, it was both of Manny's parents, both from COVID. His mother passed on 12/28 and his father on New Year's. How incredibly sad for their family. Both were "Doctors, who did everything right (about COVID)".
  9. So Meg-gun says "If people can't work with him (Hawley), he should resign". Uh, Meg...if that were the criteria, you'd be gone long ago.
  10. I was thinking the same about Sunny. Did she just roll out of bed? She looks like the "morning after" a hot date!
  11. Awwwwww, no costumes? YAY! (I've always hated their Halloween show...colossal waste of time and effort. IMO)
  12. If Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed as the ninth Associate Justice, adding only two judges wouldn't do the Dems any good anyway. They need at least four to tip the Court in their favor, for a total of 13. With the addition of ACB, the Court would be off-balanced with 6 Conservatives and 3 Liberals. If Biden adds 2, the Court still leans Conservative at 6 - 5. He would have to add four to make a 7 - 6 Liberal lean. Who knows what the optimum number of Justices is the right one? We've never had experience with more than nine at a time. At what point does the number become cumbersome
  13. Just one more reason I understand and love Joy - I'm a Libra too. 10/4
  14. Chris Cuomo on CNN is a long hauler after his heavy bout of COVID. He speaks of it often and also interviews others who are having the same experience. He's had some very interesting discussions.
  15. LOL - I had no idea that nipple prepping was so passe, and have to wonder why it's no longer recommended. Seems like, for the little effort, there are pretty good results. For those who hadn't heard of it before, basically it was simply "tweaking" your nipples to toughen them by rubbing them between your fingers often and on a regular basis. Then, when l'il Liberty arrives, the sucking action of the BF doesn't chap the nipples and makes BF more comfortable. I must be showing my age by not knowing this is now "out"!
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