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  1. I did. Unfortunately, my local news-radio station spoiled it for me that morning. At that time, I had to listen to the news before work because of needing to hear the traffic report. With no warning they said Ken's winning streak would end on that night's show. I am still pissed all these years later. I was mostly OK with Matt, but never really connected with him quite like I did with Ken. Great run for him, though. I really wanted Jessica to win.
  2. Love, love that scene, @mojoween. I keep Friends on in the background while I work from home, and each time this episode plays, I have to stop what I'm doing to take in that scene. I have to echo Ross's astonishment when he says "What was wrong with Mona?" (This happens in the Alec Baldwin episode where Phoebe lists the disastrous relationships of the others.) She is so nice, and she certainly liked Ross a lot, despite the fact that he was preoccupied with Rachel's pregnancy. Phoebe should have picked on the woman with the filthy apartment instead.
  3. One of my all-time favorite drama series. Sure, when "ER" came along in the '90s, that instantly made this show seem a bit antiquated. But the storytelling is still outstanding. Fantastic writing, as expected for a Brand/Falsey show. Two scenes leap to mind: After Mrs. Hufnagel died, the mortality conference where Dr. Craig admitted he was at fault. Just rewatched that scene now. Downright riveting. "We lose patients for a lot of reasons that we can't control, but when we lose a patient because of our own ineptitude, it's unforgivable." And the "Sweet Dreams" episode - Dr. Mor
  4. "We still planning to head out around the third quarter?" Dr. Rick and his group at a football game.
  5. So happy that Ken gets part of the season to host. (Mayim gets the rest.) Source: https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/jeopardy-mayim-bialik-ken-jennings-host-mike-richards-1235066317/
  6. In case you don't hang in the Guest Host thread, putting it here too: Mike Richards is out as EP.
  7. Mike Richards is out as Exec Producer.
  8. Based on the clip I just pulled up on YouTube: I Love Lucy, Bewitched, Mary Tyler Moore, Home Improvement, Happy Days, ___ (??), MASH, Seinfeld, Gilligan's Island, ___ (??), Cheers, Frasier, Blackish, Friends, ___ (??), The Simpsons, Arrested Development Obviously I need some help with those 3 blank ones! Also feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on any.
  9. Agreed. Now that's what you call a humorist (she reminded me of Erma Bombeck, whom I loved as a kid for some reason, and went to see her speak at some point in my teens). This type of comedy seems rare these days, so thanks to @BooksRule for sharing that. I'm sorry this wonderful woman has passed (chin down).
  10. For Pete's sake, in this whole search (as in any job search), there had to have been a runner-up when TPTB were making their decision. And if the runner-up was really Mayim Bialik, and for some reason she can't do the "regular" show, then there had to be someone in third place. Just proceed to the next person already. But I'm thankful they did the right thing re: Mike Richards. "When someone shows you who they are, believe them." This is Jeopardy, after all, an American institution - and they can do better.
  11. Ugh, so distressing. The guy who initially seemed bland and boring but acceptable might be the reason I give up a decades-long TV habit. I just don't think I want to watch him. Way to go, J!
  12. Chess board = Pete Best? Is there some connection I'm missing, or was Frankie just too high to make sense? It was a surprise to me to see new eps pop up for this show when I was going for my nightly fix of Bojack. I've only caught this one so far but I laughed a lot.
  13. Do you mean where to see the list of Ken's games? The Jeopardy Archive has that. Ken began in season 20 and went into 21. (Sorry if that's not what you meant.)
  14. Well, it wasn't the Dark Ages. Those of us who were on TWOP had a pretty active Jeopardy! forum going. Most of us enjoyed watching Ken, but of course there were some folks who didn't like his dominance and/or his long run. @M. Darcy was among us and competed against the guy for one game, there was a poster called DragonScribe who was a writer on the show, and there were times when Ken stopped by himself. Proof.
  15. @Scout Finch, I really felt your anxiety in your post and have such empathy. I'm sure I would have also left, in that situation. We seem to have two schools of thought at this point in the pandemic: those who figure we have to learn to live with the virus, and those who aren't ready yet to get back to "normal" (even the "new normal"). Like you, I'm not quite ready to be among a lot of people indoors. Just popping into the grocery store (masked) for 10 minutes still freaks me out a little. I recently backed out of a planned group lunch with 4 friends. And I'm lucky to still be working rem
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