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  1. it's an unusual national emergency. It's a very prolonged one, and for the most part, all we get are numbers rather than actual visuals of the pandemic. We only know that someone has COVID if they make it known. So the person next door could very well have it and you may never find out.* Those of us who were around when 9/11 happened: we saw the attack happen, we saw the aftermath, we were actually looking at the visuals of that emergency. But with coronavirus, we often don't have anything solid to look at, besides those horrible numbers. For some folks, if it can't be seen, it's not quite real. Meanwhile, "caution fatigue" (as it's being called) is a thing, and people won't stay on high-alert forever. For me, the stay-at-home advice is very easy to do; it's pretty normal for me. And I don't have to go back into the office (yet) either. But I see the more social animals getting out there, and I cringe, but I also know it's inevitable. I feel bad for the doctors/scientists because I can feel their frustration through the TV screen. They feel like they're failing in their communication, but this is not a "Big Bad" that you can point a camera at and say, "Look at how nasty and potentially lethal this is." So they can't get through to people who aren't educating themselves anymore, or would just rather pretend it's over. (*There's also the fact that we are still far away from herd immunity, so we're still in the beginning stages of this virus, which explains why lots of people don't know anyone sick.)
  2. I am 100% with you on this, @TattleTeeny. My work says we won't be going back into the office until end of summer (or maybe later), but if they were going to ask us to return before I was ready, I was all prepared to say (and hopefully not in a snotty way), "Please explain to me what exactly I'm not doing, that you need me in the office to do it?" Because the WFH thing is going just fine, and they actually get a little OT from me (which they are not paying for) because I don't have to do the commute, so I'm fine with putting in a little extra time. I realize there might be workers who are frustrated with lousy wifi connectivity at home, or just would rather talk to colleagues in person (albeit 6 feet away, now). But those of us happier working remotely, and still doing everything we're expected to do, should not be expected to return if we're not comfortable about it. (We would also be asked to wear masks at my work, and yeah, imagine doing that for a full 8 hours!) I hope nobody is forced back into their office if it's not necessary... for instance, because some supervisor is paranoid and doesn't trust his/her people. That's just obnoxious.
  3. rubaco


    One of my favorite episodes. Harry the Hat was a great character.
  4. General question for bakers: Is vanilla a pandemic scarcity (like flour), or did I just pick the wrong store to stop at last night (not a bottle in sight)? I normally buy vanilla once in a blue moon, but I've been baking wacky cakes one after another lately and now I'm nearly out.
  5. rubaco


    That's my memory as well, but it's been some time since I watched any episodes that specifically mentioned his baseball days.
  6. And I would add season 2's "To Catch a Neighbor," because... George Clooney. And season 6's "Snap Out of It," which I think is underrated.
  7. I guess Megan didn't want to play a second game. (Either that or she can't math. Hey, I can't math either, but even I saw that she should bet 0.)
  8. Fred Willard has died of natural causes. I've been watching him since the 1970s (Fernwood 2Night).
  9. You might have the option of a virtual visit. I'm going to do a virtual visit with my doctor (it's just the semi-annual checkup), although they gave me the option of going in. Even with the safety measures they are taking, I said no thanks. The only reason to be there in person is to have them check my blood pressure, which is never an issue with me. So you might want to call and see if you can do telemedicine.
  10. It's "Walk of Life" by Dire Straits, isn't it?
  11. We've all seen a lot of weird things over the past few weeks, but I just saw a news clip from (I think) Miami where a man, when asked to put a mask on in a store, reacted by screaming obscenities and saying, "There is no pandemic!" Imagine the arrogance, to think that you know more than all the doctors, scientists, epidemiologists in the world. Look, nobody wanted this to happen. We're all muddling through it in varying states of shock and coping in our own ways. It's hard on all of us. But don't insult every living scientist by insisting they don't know what they're talking about. Whew, sorry, just had to get that off my chest. Edited to add: Rant not directed at anyone here.
  12. Apologies, I truly didn't intend to add to anyone's anxieties. It's just that I'm a mystery buff and that info from Cuomo seemed like some weird equivalent of a locked-room mystery. But a lot of the theories that y'all have come up with make perfect sense. Everyone has a different definition of what "lockdown" actually means.
  13. Not a political post, but I was listening to Andrew Cuomo's press briefing today. He said there are about 600 people still entering the hospital per day, despite the lockdown that's been going on for weeks. So they started a survey trying to figure this out. Survey says (in my best Family Feud voice): the vast majority of these new COVID-19 patients have been at home. Most not working (or, if they were working, it was from home). Yes, Cuomo and his people were surprised. He doesn't understand it. It's been on my mind all day. Did these people lie on the survey? Claimed to have been at home but actually were out & about at times? Did they have exposure in their grocery-store runs? I am almost obsessed with this puzzle. These people got sick enough to need the hospital... how did they get the virus? (I know nobody has the answer. Just had to share the interesting -- or unsettling, I should say -- info.)
  14. I didn't recall that Ken got away with just saying "Who is Jones" for FJ. Hmmm. (Big fan, so I'm glad he did. Just... pondering.)
  15. Thank you for the video, BooksRule. It made me cry, that's how powerful a memory it is for me. The '70s were fun and TV-filled. For my contribution to this thread: "Ed." And because that's such a generic title, I always feel the need to elaborate: the show with Tom Cavanagh as the most likable bowling alley-lawyer ever. It's so weird that nobody airs this anymore. It lasted 4 seasons, and Julie Bowen went on to become a household name (more or less). C'mon, Cozi TV!
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