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  1. On his blog today, Ken Levine (for anyone who doesn't know, he was a writer on numerous classic TV shows of the '70s, '80s) critiques Levar Burton's week of guest hosting. Levine also mentions that Joe Buck will be a guest on his podcast on Wed. and will explain the process involved with the J! hosting gig, for anyone interested.
  2. This was most likely the case for me, Bastet, because I took the COVID self-test this evening and it was negative. My sore throat was nasty but brief, and I didn't run a fever at any time, but I wanted to feel reassured before I visit my father, who's elderly (albeit fully vaccinated). I would recommend the BinaxNOW test kit for anyone who'd like to test at home. It was about $20 at Walmart and contains 2 tests. It was really easy to use. And now I have another test handy for the next time I have a scare.
  3. I also had a sore throat Monday, so I visited another social media site (are we allowed to say Reddit? LOL, too late) because there's a helpful COVID subreddit where people share their information. Quite a few people who have tested positive mentioned sore throat. So I believe I'm going to take a self-test for peace of mind, because I wouldn't want to infect others, even though I'm feeling better now. For the record, I'm fully vaccinated (April/May) and as of about 10 days ago, I am back to wearing my mask every time I leave the house. I live alone. So you might say, it's probably not COV
  4. "Heartland" is on Netflix. If you have Hulu as a streaming option and if he likes sports, you can't go wrong with "30 for 30" (documentary). So many brilliant episodes to choose from.
  5. Dr. Rick continues his therapy at the airport and at the shopping mall.
  6. rubaco


    Looks to me like David of Schitt's Creek. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong though. I would call M*A*S*H a comedy but not a sitcom. That said, "sitcom" is just the blanket way of referring to comedies on TV, especially back in the '70s. M*A*S*H was breaking the mold by mixing a lot of drama in with the laughs. Hearing it called a sitcom doesn't bother me, but later on the word "dramedy" came along, and that fits better.
  7. Dr. Gupta is, in addition to being a neurosurgeon, a CNN medical contributor. I love him because he eased my anxiety so often during the pandemic with his calm demeanor and (get this) scientific facts. He's doing fine as guest host but he truly rocks as the medical voice of reason on cable news.
  8. So I don't really know much about Ralph Lauren as a person (though I did know that was him making a cameo appearance), but he must be a really good sport, considering what he allowed this show to do. The portrayal of his company, that whole episode where he might have been making out with Phoebe, and the way Joey keeps knocking his clothes. Yes, all in good fun and lots of sitcom misunderstandings, but even so, what a cool guy to be OK with it. Lots of execs aren't nearly that self-deprecating.
  9. rubaco


    I'm right there with ya. He's one of my all-time favorite people. In this particular case, we just had the passing of Ned Beatty who did a memorable guest turn as a visiting colonel. I assumed someone was mentioning that great performance. I always remember his parting "Via con Dios!"
  10. Made even funnier by how incredibly deadpan Tommy Lee Jones is through the whole thing. After J assists a woman who's giving birth to her... squid, and the agents get back into their car: "Anything about that seem unusual to you?"
  11. I am too, but I'm surprised how impressed I am with Buzzy. (Did not like him as a contestant.) Dude really stepped up.
  12. Permanent host to be announced late July or early August. I get that Aaron Rodgers is a favorite of many, but he nearly put me to sleep a few times. And honestly, 7pm is not when I should be nodding off. It's odd that an elite athlete came across as so low-energy. I enjoyed Anderson Cooper, but then again, I've loved him for years. I don't imagine he's looking to leave his real gig. My heart is still with Ken. But yeah, let's get off this revolving door of hosts. It's wearing thin.
  13. In the pilot, Monica introduces Rachel as "another survivor of Lincoln High."
  14. AND they got Howie Mandel to reprise his role as Gizmo's voice!
  15. This is not the first time I've heard that, so it must be true, but what exactly did they think would happen with an empty filing cabinet prop and him flailing his arms around? It also begs the question: how was that scene supposed to end, if not on that particular gag?
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