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S10.E16: "Until Decision Day Do We Part"

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Okay, Pastor Cal! Coming in hot. “So you just here for the show, huh?”

I don’t like Mindy’s shoes with this dress. Too heavy. I’d have gone with a strappy nude or metallic sandal.

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I’m trying to follow what Zach is saying but all I hear is Blah, Blah, Blah. 
I like how  Pastor Cal is scratching his head and not listening at all. 

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"Video sex to keep the fire hot"?! OMG, Katie seriously believes she's a femme fatale! No, Katie; you're a femme banal!

6 minutes ago, TheBride said:

You want to be a movie star. Own it, Zach.

He'd love to be "The Bachelor"! 



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I am glad Pastor Cal brought up the fact that Zach might just be on the show for the exposure.  Had he held his ground during the match making process, it would have saved Mindy a lot of pain and humiliation.

For someone with Katie’s basic looks and temperament, she has an inflated sense of self.  She strikes me as the type who perhaps because of her illness was treated as a special snowflake and was never “corrected” as a child.  Hopefully, after seeing how rude and entitled she comes across, she will make an attitude adjustment. 

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4 minutes ago, Empress1 said:

She is so profoundly unsexy. Just no sex appeal at all.

She’s one of those girls who thinks that because she’s short, young, and has a kinda, somewhat, halfway decent body, that she’s so damn hot.  Decent personality: optional. 

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2 minutes ago, Straycat80 said:

Brandon is not at the get together. Not surprised. It seems Meka and Taylor are good friends now which is good. 

Brandon was a guy who looks cool but his extreme arrogance shows he's really way too insecure to be in a relationship.

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