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  1. A complete set of 90 days ...before , HEA, the other way and all the variations...to entertain when times get boring.
  2. Kalani, Tiffany and Angela buy their clotses at the same place. "Boobs are US"
  3. TLC take Angela off the show...she is an abuser! and used Michael to put herself on tv.
  4. Brandon is a spoiled turd. Lives rent free and acts like a big baby when he doesn't get his way.
  5. Why does Angela waste the doctors' time? Excuses from Angela ....blame michael for failing.. liar liar ...cigarette is on fire... edibles lets give her cyanide....she is just soooooo gross...and why would michael call you when you get on the phone and scream like a banshee!
  6. This has been the season of the BOOBS! Kalani, Angie, and Tiffany have let them all hang out.....please ladies not a pleasant sight.
  7. I think that Jonah is just TOO LAZY to do any work...and his arrogance is beyond limits...a very surly fellow! Poor Anna is always trying to compete for the respect and love that the parents give to Elizabeth and Jonah..".the real children." She has a hard shell but craves understanding and encouragement...not getting it at home...she knows that she needs to escape the insanity.
  8. DANNNNNyels mom is NUTS... again with the tears ....you know that you are not happy ....DANNNYEl....be true to your self
  9. Dimitri ...HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW? His wedding wear ...white shirt... Vanessa got a song. again with the anklet? what culture is this from? Ash trying to scratch her eyes out while putting on bindi
  10. Did chrisalbell think her family was going to squash her wedding plans and save her from the wrath of the snowjobs?
  11. GOD brought Roberta into his life....Did he find her in a basket on the Rio Grande? ala Moses ? I hope that God shows his strength and SMITES Garrllickk a might BLOW!
  12. Dannnnnnniyel...if everytime you speak or think about Garlicck and his Brazilian Bombshell., you cry....Listen to yourself...DUMP him
  13. She will still be a pig with lipstick!
  14. If Angela were a man, her "southern charm" would be called "sexual harassment"
  15. I think that Angie Baby should be banned from tlc I feel that she used them and Michael to get tv time....it is esp evident with her threats of divorcing him ...because he is not all on board for her makeover and us of communal funds (now that they are married). Please TLC dump HER NOW!
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