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S10.E16: "Until Decision Day Do We Part"

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Im gonna say this and it will sound harsh. Meka, if you say yes, then you deserve all the pain this man will cause you. He is a sociopath who knows how to mess with your head. There have been red flags waving since the flight to your honeymoon and they havent stopped waving since. Say No thank you, take off the mic and run out the door. You do not deserve this.

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Good for Meka. She doesn’t even know where this man works! How’s he going to say he came into this open & honest when they JUST talked about his lying?

... He can not believe in divorce all he wants, but he’s still getting one.

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I don't feel sorry for Michael at all. He's been a total dick to Meka. On Unfiltered she said he was constantly ignoring her. He even baked some cupcakes & offered everyone there, all of production, one except for Meka. He said he hadn't made enough for her to have any.

He's a POS & deserves to be alone.

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2 minutes ago, LennieBriscoe said:


Thanks.  He wasn't disappointed.  Not at all.  He and Brandon probably went somewhere to have drinks and celebrate.   

I hate those block heel shoes and I'll be so glad when they go out of style.

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katy is real.....


a real BITCH....looks at the half filled glass of wine.....

doesn't see half full


complains that she doesn't like the type of wine.

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I hope I’m wrong, but I’ll go on record as saying that I think Katie will reluctantly decide to stay with him “to see if love grows.”  I can’t explain this drama and extra commercial break any other way.  Poor Derek.

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Sometimes I hate being right. 😕
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Derek, rethink this! She will crush your dreams under both heels! 

3 minutes ago, Retired at last said:

Did they have Derek answer first?

Yes, and the fool wants to stay married. 
welp, say goodbye to your dreams and your happiness Derek. 

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