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S18.E11: Olympic Game Plan

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Designing for a client can be tough, especially when your client is a star athlete with high expectations. In this challenge, designers are paired up with a real athlete who will be competing to be in the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic games. The designers need to make them their dream outfit for a victory night celebration, using all of their specialty skills to make the perfect proportions for their clients' unique bodies, all while keeping their own point of view amongst a tough client challenge.

Original air date: 2/20/20

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I follow Tatyana on Instagram. She posted a preview of her dress. 
ETA: Nancy didn’t buy red so I guess Tatyana’s photos I posted are not the competition gown. 




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1 minute ago, raven said:

omg Geoffrey's dress looks hideous!  I'm worried for him.

Hate giving them a one day challenge for people who aren't professional models.

I agree that Geoffey is in trouble. His dress is awful. 

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I don't like the color of Nancy's.  Is that black? grey? green?

Geoffrey's didn't look as awful as I thought it would.

I'm not really impressed.  I think Sergio will win, he didn't make an ugly garment and he made it well.

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15 minutes ago, raven said:

It's a total coincidence that Victoria gets a client who wants cut outs and asymmetry!

And that they made sure Nancy wouldn’t make wide leg pants.  I think she did a good job with the train.

Ouch Geoffrey.  Not good.  

Victoria’s is way too short but Karlie said “leg goals” so probably a top.  Ugh.

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1 minute ago, raven said:

oh wow, they're praising Geoffrey!  I'm so relieved.  It helps that his client is so happy with it.

I think the judges have learned not to be too critical when discussing the runway when the models are "real world" people.

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14 minutes ago, LennieBriscoe said:

I don't want any designer to go home tonight, for nature of the challenge, for the way the athletes felt in their new dresses,  and for all the great results....even Geoffrey's! 

Good call!!!

Congrats Nancy!

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