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S24.E07: Week 7: Peru

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Peter and the remaining six women travel to Lima, Peru; Madison and Peter reach a make-or-break moment in their relationship; Kelsey and Peter ride ATVs in the mountains; Kelly, Hannah Ann and Victoria F. face off in the three-on-one date.

Airs February 10, 2020.

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Peter gazes at a street vendor’s paintings, featuring a Don Quixote, and with the vision of windmills, Peter’s voice-overed thoughts turn to Hannah B. Enough already!!

Peter’s biggest fear is that the women have free choice.

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1 minute ago, leighdear said:

Wednesday is the 40th season premier of Survivor, and it's all previous million dollar winners, so NO way anybody would go up against that. 


I’m so excited about that!

Why does Peter still have that bandaid on?

I wish we saw more of Madison this season.  And less of the drama. 

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Madison seems to be the only one in the house that everyone likes and no one ever had a problem with. That makes me like her.

She seems very young, but quite frankly so does Peter and he has several years on her. She's the only one I can see working with him, though I have no idea how religious he really is so that could be an issue. 

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Madison sounds like she’d be perfect for Luke. Just like Madison’s dad, he also said stuff about being the religious leader of the family. I think Peter is trying to say he’s not that religious... But he’s falling in love with her so he’ll get better at the god stuff? Oh, great, Madison wants a fixer-upper so... I guess the show is over?

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Maybe I’m feeling generous tonight, but that was the first time all season he seemed genuine and emotional.  
* I have a right to change my mind by 10 pm!

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Just now, Riplet68 said:

Wait...did she say it back...or ever?  Shes too good for him

Good point. A couple of leads have given a falling in love back in response to the contestant saying it first, but Peter just said it out of the blue.

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I want Madison for Bachelorette, even if they have to recruit a bunch of Seans and Coltons from Virgins R Us.  I don't do religion, but I find her refreshingly normal, kind of like Des.  But if not her, Natasha would be awesome.

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Natasha is pretty and fun. She's the only one of this crew (and Madison, but I think she will "win") who I could stand as Bachelorette. 

She's barely been seen until this week, though, so I'm guessing that's not a good sign. Hopefully she'll be on Paradise and snark on people for me. 

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I doubt Peter can live up to being the headship of a Christian family. But she had to have known finding a good old boy Christian on a Bach series was stretching it. So I kind of question her faith by even being on this show even though she has done nothing objectionable with her behavior.  This can’t be dad approved. Maybe someone can slip him jakes number. 

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20 minutes ago, Meowwww said:

Omg.  “Like like like like” it’s almost like a muscle twitch by now.  Ugh!  Sooo annoying. And the uptalking (ending every sentence like it’s a question). Gaaaaahhhhhh

That was very hard to take.

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I like Natasha, but there is not a single thing aside from her pro forma remarks to Petey about being "all in" that I buy. 

I think she is there solely to head to Paradise.  That's what she wants, I'm convinced.  

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Natasha definitely seems to be one of the most charismatic girls in the house. She's really the only one that I could see myself being friends with in real life. 

However, Rachel Lindsay's season was one of the lowest rated in the recent franchise history. So I highly doubt that she'd get to be series lead. Rachael was a fan favorite from the beginning of Nick's season and got a lot more air time than Natasha. 

I would definitely say that Rachel seems to be one of the most successful post show, with her jobs with MTV, Extra, and ESPN, so who knows. 

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