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S24.E07: Week 7 - Peru

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4 minutes ago, Kiss my mutt said:

Did you know Kelly is the most mature in the house?  Gurl, that ain’t sayin much. 
I just can’t even with this chick. 

She is the one he met before filming started.   She must think she’s pretty hot in the sack.   She is sooooooo overconfident.    No way does he want a woman who has a better profession than he does.  

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3 minutes ago, Ms Blue Jay said:



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Hannah’s hysterical that she has to keep dating Peter! I feel for you, girl! Hang in there one more week and you can be Bachelorette!

Glad to see smug Kelley go.
Just baffled all around by keeping Victoria. The “playing hard to get” thing must really work!

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He kept 2 23 year olds.   He doesn’t want an equal.  

I think those 23 year olds are perfect for him. He is a Mommy-dependent, indecisive goober.  



I know that people think that Kelly was "smug" but it didn't bother me one iota.  I thought she was totally right about everything she said.  And hilarious.

Do I have any hope that she'll be my the new Bachelorette?


Gosh she'd be refreshing.  But could she stomach saying all those stupid lines about her journey, how she knows the process works, and and how she knows her husband is in the room. 

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First time I’ve actually rewound the previews. Looks like some definite drama. I’m happy (and surprised) that Madison’s storyline wasn’t that she’s a virgin. 
I’ll be really pissed if they cut the scene of Peter’s mother crying. 

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I’m so happy to be past the point in my life where I equate drama with passion, though in fairness I figured that out before I finished my teens. If a girl can’t make it through a single date on your magical journey without crying, she’s probably not the girl for you.

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Hannah Ann crying because that was "so hard."  Honey, sitting around waiting for a man boy to announce whether he's going to keep you or not is not exactly cry-worthy or really all that hard.  Good Lord, Girl.  Grow up a little, adult for a while and try and make it on your own paying all your own bills then you'll really know what truly is "so hard."

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How do we know if Peter ends up doing what he really wants or whatever he needs to do to stop Mamma Weber from drowning in her tears? There's a real difference Peter needs to make the decision for himself.

I wonder if Madison gets to the end and then bolts before the FRC because she realizes Peter ain't anything like her father.  I'm still trying to think what would make Chris Harrison look all stern faced and Peter take to his bed with the smelling salts?  

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Okay, so here's my theory for the rest of the season. 

I truly think that the producers were unaware of all the negative press that Victoria F. was going to get while the show was on the air. They may have been aware of some of it (not all of it) but also thought it wouldn't blow up the way it did. 

Considering the air time, the emotion, the group dates she won, I think it's pretty clear that they were positioning her to be a major candidate for Bachelorette. Now that doesn't seem to be possible.

They showed more of Peter's mom's performance of the year, and really the only 2 people she could be saying that for is either Hannah Brown or Madison. Everyone else she simply doesn't know. 

So all together my theory is this. Things come to ahead unexpectedly with Victoria F during hometowns. Victoria F and Peter break up.

Since this is the season of comebacks, during the proposal time either Victoria F or Hannah Brown come to speak to Peter, my money is on Hannah Brown. The mom gives the big emotional speech, ultimately he picks Madison. This leaves Hannah B. still an option for a 2nd Bachelorette season since there is no fan favorite from this season. 

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35 minutes ago, Mu Shu said:

Who is the hot young waitress? 

No one. There is a joke that a man would prefer to date a hot waitress rather than a homely woman who has won the Nobel Peace Prize.  

Why are we just now finding out that Madison is a devout Christian and a virgin? I am glad that she chose not to be define by those things.  However, she probably should have told Peter earlier on. He had the right to know.  

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17 minutes ago, clubsauce said:

Oh Peter. A scar can make you look tough, but only when you don’t point it out every five minutes and WHEN IT WASN'T THE RESULT OF A FREAK GOLF CARTING CRASH. 

It also doesn't help your street cred to be shown huffing and wheezing like he was on the Kelsey date.  I'm fat and old  and I don't make those noises.

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1 minute ago, EllenB said:

It also doesn't help your street cred to be shown huffing and wheezing like he was on the Kelsey date.  I'm fat and old  and I don't make those noises.

I was trying to cut him a break on that, thinking that the air may be thinner on those hills/mountains?

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I’ve only watched sporadically and tonight’s episode makes me think that Victoria woman is a dramatic mess.  Yet he picks her.  Boys can be so stupid.

Kelly is lucky.  She needs someone stronger.  They kept focusing on her certainty that she would be picked — I figured she would be gone.


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