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  1. I listened to 11/22/63 as an audiobook. Overall, I found it very good. There were a few parts that dragged IMO but the general concept was excellent. My biggest pet peeve was the character of Sadie being voiced like a man with a ridiculous Southern drawl. I get that the narrator was a man but geez, it really took me out of the book hearing comments that were supposedly made by a feminine woman in a very male voice. And it made me not like the character.
  2. I guess I should have clarified - - Younger Associate was an incredibly caring and hot man. Who Heroine threw away because, well, who wouldn't to take back a lying, cheating, older Douchebag of a husband? Isn't that what we all want? I guess according to Danielle Steel, it is.
  3. Not sure if this would be unpopular or not but I was a fan of Danielle Steel's back in her heyday (80s) - - until I read Lightening. What a piece of shit! If you haven't read it, it goes a little something like this. Heroine is unbelievably beautiful but doesn't know it. Of course. She finds out she has cancer so her husband, being the douchebag he is, bails. Because HE can't take it. Heroine is an attorney and a younger associate in her office who lost a sister to cancer steps in to provide her with support, take her to chemo, etc. A romantic relationship develops. Yay, Heroine.
  4. LabLover, was Tamra at the RSM festival today? I drove by there and would have stopped if I had known old Tams was there. No wonder there were so many cars parked on the street . . . Tamra: OC's Trucker with Tits
  5. Information, please on the Northam incident. Where was I? I have no idea what this is.
  6. Did anyone watch the episode this past Monday on Tiffany Sessions? I lived in Georgia when Tiffany went missing from Gainesville and I remember it being all over the news. Just sadness realizing that her family has never at least had the closure to find her body and give her a burial.
  7. Please save me a seat on the Disliking Carrie Bradshaw bus. I find it unintentionally humorous that Carrie was supposed to be the "Everywoman" of the show because I related to her least out of the "girls." She was far and away the most self-centered one. I get that the books are told from her perspective and she's the star but it really is an ensemble show and Carrie was a selfish bitch. I didn't find her unending girlish squeals and screams endearing and I hated her so-called fashion sense. I also hated how all the women seemed to think they had to have a man at all times. I still
  8. So many good answers here. Let me add American Horror Story to the mix. I enjoyed season one, even with the flaws. Season two I found excellent and exceptional and it freaked me the eff out. Even with some plot holes and issues, it was do-not-miss tv for me. Season three had me wondering WTF happened. I was so annoyed and it was so bad, I didn't even finish the season. Just took it off my DVR.
  9. Admitting you've slept with Dean is the new version of admitting you slept with Lohan. It's the ultimate Walk of Shame.
  10. Yes. Instead of throwing a glass at Kristen, Ramona should have hurled it at George. Seriously, Bravo. I don't want to watch this disgusting old man molest people. I don't care that he's ancient, I don't care that he lost his wife or has that one-legged bitch as a daughter. No excuse. He's vile and he should have charges pressed against him. And an engagement party at the Museum of Sex? Way to keep it klassy, Aviva! As if George isn't enough of a red flag, that shit should make Cody take her crazy nails and run for the hills (or at least back to Miami). Add me to the poster
  11. That comment was beyond disappointing. Tori's had six weeks to come up with an answer to that. She would have been much better served to say yes, now I realize how much pain I caused my ex-husband and Dean's ex-wife and I am truly sorry. Somehow I don't think if Dean had used that line about why he boinked Emily G. or anyone else, Tori wouldn't find it acceptable. Although it's clearly perfectly acceptable for her to use. WORD. That woman annoyed the shit out of me during the "show." Nevermind that she shouldn't have been counseling Tori and Dean as a couple after years
  12. Too bad Dean didn't consider that backyard wailing about how he's fucked up too personal. I hope he doesn't start a trend of cheating cheaters who cheat thinking it will all be okay so long as you sing a really bad song about it. Oh, and get your broken wedding vows inked on your body.
  13. What in the fuckity fuck was THAT? Are we supposed to believe those two or three softball questions that Brooke chick lobbed at those two "let's tattoo our broken wedding vows on our ribcages!" assclowns were the ONLY real questions coming from the viewers? Bitch, please. And OF COURSE Tori isn't going to "ambush" Dean with the question of how many women he's truly slept with on the side. Was there ever a doubt that she was going to stick it out? Ugh. The only genuine person on this "reunion" IMO was Wolf. He looked discouraged and pissed.
  14. psychoticstate


    I have an account with Audible since I spend over an hour in the car for my commute each day. I'm listening to Stephen King's "Salem's Lot" right now. Great listen!
  15. I think she is darling but Collette is such a pretty name, I hate that they are calling her Coco. Exactly. There is no reason for Vicki to go home shopping with them unless they want her opinion (which it seems they clearly do not) or she's helping them to buy it. I'm not faulting Vicki or Briana if Vicks is helping but Briana needs to shut it with criticisms about Vicks and California.
  16. Ryan also has an ex-wife with a child, as I recall, so I'm sure he's got child support payments if not spousal support. Didn't Briana own a condo in OC? If so, that could be where the majority of the $400K is coming from.
  17. Yep! For all her talk about not wanting to live in the Coto version of OK, Briana sure seems to be looking for exactly that. My understanding is that houses are very reasonable in OK and just because they qualify for a $400K house doesn't mean they have to buy one.
  18. We hear you've been missing work, Peter. Well, I wouldn't say I've been missing it, Bob. PC load letter? What the f**k does that mean? It's a Jump To Conclusions Mat! The thing is, Bob, it's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care. The ratio of people to cake is too big. Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays! Classics. All of them. Every one. Office Space should be required viewing for anyone working in an office. And yes, I have a red Swingline stapler on my desk.
  19. I'm with you, Fozzy Bear. I used to like Brianna as well but since last season (i.e., since she married that controlling, quick-to-anger POS Ryan) she's really turned into an annoying, whiny, entitled little shit. And no way does Ryan qualify for $400K, no matter how many times he's been deployed. Either Vicki is helping them or Brianna had money socked away from when she was working.
  20. I agree. It didn't take itself too seriously (how can you with Gary Freaking Busey?) and had enough tense moments to make you jump here and there. I also love Christine. Keith Gordon is so perfectly cast as Arnie, it's like King envisioned him while writing it. I remember watching the miniseries/tv movie of Salem's Lot when I was younger and it scared the bejeebus out of me. I still get the willies remembering that boy scratching at the window, asking to be let in. Yikes. I think my favorite SK book into movie is The Shawshank Redemption. Just an excellent film all the way ar
  21. Dying. Seriously, I laughed out loud over this. Robert Downey, Jr. Robert Downey, Jr. Robert Downey, Jr. I also love Colin Firth in . . . anything. And Robert Downey, Jr. As far as my classic movie star crushes - - William Powell (love him in the Thin Man movies) and Jimmy Stewart top my list. Not the best looking men necessarily but their personalities just do it for me. Bastet, I love you. And I want you to take me with you in that time machine headed for the 30s.
  22. Office Space. Never get tired of it and never get tired of quoting it.
  23. I love, love, love Robert Downey Jr. to the point of obsession but I really disliked Sherlock Holmes. I wanted to like it -- I like SH, I like period pieces but I thought it was boring as f**k. (Do people cuss at freely here as at TWOP?) I am also a classic movie nutjob but I have never understood the f**k and awe over Citizen Kane. Boring! On the other end of the spectrum, one of my absolute favorite movies is Sliding Doors. Love it - - love the "what if" possibilities, love John Hannah as James and even love Goopy Gwyneth as Helen. It just works for me on every level. I a
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