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  1. Like you, I am done with this season (although I lasted 2 more episodes than you) and I will be done with the show entirely if Bravo does not replace both her AND Malia next season. I will continue reading here hoping beyond hope that karma comes a-calling but I have no faith that it will. I fear the most we will get is the backlash and vitriol that is being spewed toward Bravo, Sandy, and Malia and I truly hope it doesn't let up as they ALL deserve it after this disdainful display.
  2. I'm out! I was in no way a Hannah fan but this played out all sorts of wrong and, like someone earlier said, if you make me feel for Hannah you must have done something outlandish. I started out liking Malia but find her quite irredeemable at this point and can only describer her as an underhanded, despicable, snake. And I can not abide by her calling to action the deck crew by referring to them as "boys" that is so unbelievably hypocritical, disrespectful and disparaging of her. Never have like Sandy so she did nothing but solidify my already extremely low opinion of her. Found Aesha di
  3. I fear you are right and if that's so, I'm out. I DO NOT watch Big Brother for social commentary rather as a welcome escape from what is troubling the world. Yes, some of those things sneak in but it's usually in the form of a house guest displaying who they are (racist, bully, homophobe, misogynist, etc) vs a discussion about the state of the country or a dialog that turns into a public awareness campaign.
  4. Just to clarify, those weren't my words, @Lizzing said that.
  5. yeah, we had some weather come through. A Derecho blew in around 4:30ish. We were in the basement for almost an hour. My ex was traveling from Iowa and reported no less than 6 semis had toppled over!! Very strong winds.
  6. You've said this before, I still don't understand why? I would love to know what is so horrible about backing into a space and is deserving of being labeled an "asshole" or now a sure sign of being satan??
  7. "Dirty Hands" is a badge of honor and pride among tradesmen and other blue collar workers. In fact there is a common mantra often spoken and even printed on merchandise and worn as sign of solidarity and support for the very rewarding work they do. "Dirty hands, Clean money" expresses the pride and fulfillment that comes from hard and often dirty work that so many people do and that is so vital to life as we know it but is often overlooked and even disparaged by those living clean and shiny lives. So no, I do not think it is a stupid name. What “DIRTY HANDS CLEAN MONEY” Really Mean
  8. might you be willing to share, either in small talk or PM me? TIA
  9. They also said this (emphasis mine)...
  10. I like it too and might even consider wearing it. I hesitate admitting such things here as generally speaking all-things-Brown equates to poor taste or worse and I'm not really fond of calling myself out with such labels.
  11. What did she say? or link please. I tried to find it but was unsuccessful TIA
  12. Don't worry I thought the same initially. I also am not a snarker, you may remember a while back when I was trying understand the difference between snark and judgement as I don't see a difference? So my need for understanding made me research and realize that the "J" for "Judging" is misleading. It's not really judgement in the sense we usually think of it rather it's more about how you are internally as described below: "This fourth preference pair describes how you like to live your outer life--what are the behaviors others tend to see? Do you prefer a more structured and decided
  13. Alright, I'll play. on the 16 personalities site, I came out as an ISFJ-T and although not a perfect description of me, it is pretty dang gone close. On the other site mentioned here, I turned out to be an INTJ - that description was way off. So I took it again thinking through every question and trying to be brutally honest and I came back as an even stronger INTJ!! When I looked at the description of an ISFJ it was so spot on that I was almost moved to tears at the accuracy (I felt very understood - weird that understanding by a website that didn't even assess me as an ISFJ would be movi
  14. What?? Why? I've never heard this. I typically don't (other than into my driveway) but I do pull through whenever possible so that I'm facing out and that somehow makes me an asshole???? Really? If I was better at it I certainly would back into spaces because upon arriving there are far fewer blind spots providing excellent awareness and visibility versus backing out where there are blind spots abound.
  15. sharkerbaby


    Without focusing on whether the two pieces compliment each other, from a conceptual point of view, what's the issue with adding versatility to one's wardrobe by wearing a shirt, sweater, or other over a dress to it gives the illusion of a skirt and top? It's actually a quite common suggestion from fashion advisors.
  16. The article states that amount is after insurance is applied. Public schools do not, at least in none of the states that I am familiar with. Colleges and Universities do but lower grades do not.
  17. This one of the most ridiculous complaints Sandy raises about the chefs (this isn't the first time). I don't care if they're on a super yacht. I don't even care if the guests compare experiences later. Does she think luxury hotels change their menu with every guest turn over or even every week? Using her logic they better change out the water toys with every new charter else guests will be disappointed that they weren't getting a unique experience. If Malia spoke to Pete directly before chatting with Captain Sandy, they didn't show us. We only got talking head complaints f
  18. @Kyanight you already read and reacted to my previous post but wanted to add that my assessment of the last season by saying it was "satisfying" truely doesn't give it justice but I didn't want to spoil by indicating if it was a sad, happy, depressing, horrifying, etc ending so could only come up with satisfying as a neutral yet encouraging word to use.
  19. Clone Club!! We are "sestras"! Like all the seasons the last season was a bit tangled at times, overall I enjoyed it quite a bit and the ending was satisfying. I came out wanting more Clone Club though. I think it's time for a re-watch; it looks like it's available on Prime so guess what I'll be starting this weekend? 😀 I know what you mean regarding the shock scenes, you'd be watching totally engaged then suddenly eyes widen, mouth drops, and your thinking "whoa, really? They really just did that!". There also were quite a few hysterical moments scattered throughout (which often wer
  20. I don't have HBO either but saw the trailer for the show - it does look good. In addition to Matthew Rhys it also has Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black!! I'll wait a bit but two fantastic actors from two of my all time favorite shows, might have to bite the bullet and get an HBO subscription. (also has John Lithgow, who I also love).
  21. That first post looks a bit like a backhanded response to Mariah's intolerant tirade from a few days ago. It's pretty much the polar opposite from Mariah's rants as of late.
  22. A little peak into the paranoid part of my psyche: that "numb" feeling mentioned above, I believe that is becoming rather prevalent and should be foreseeable as overexposure to anything can easily lead to desensitization. My fear here is that it's a little like "attack therapy" in that people can be beaten down to such a point that they are then susceptible and willing to accept far more than they would have been otherwise. It's almost like we are being conditioned and our way of life as we know it (and perhaps value) will never be even close to what it once was, and I'm talking in ways o
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