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  1. Technically she's right. As most people know, all grains are seeds but not all seeds are grains. In this case buckwheat is sometimes called a "pseudo grain", it's also sometimes referred to as a "super seed". There are only a few seeds that are also so considered "pseudo grains"; I can't remember them all but I'm pretty sure quinoa and wild rice are two of them. Digging back here but I think to truly be a grain the plant has to be part of the grass family, so wheat and barley are grains. Buckwheat is in the same family as rhubarb (although I can't remember what plant family that is), so s
  2. free upgrades probably. Anecdotally, it seems to be a more frequent occurrence than it used to be.
  3. We are in the same stage of life and in shockingly similar circumstances (only real difference I see is my close relative death was someone other than my father). We just have different perspectives and view points. Oh, and I in no way consider myself a martyr!
  4. I look at this from the another perspective. For context, I fall towards the older range of the 2nd highest risk category plus I have multiple co-morbidities so I am of even higher risk of dying should I contract COVID plus I have lost a very close family member. The chances that we are going to eradicate this virus are minuscule, we MAY get a vaccine but even that will NOT be 100% effective, and like all viruses, this one will mutate perhaps for the better perhaps for the worse. Let me repeat that; the virus is NOT going away, at least not for a very long time no matter what we do. Whether
  5. Love the Chris' roundup - very on point and I couldn't agree more with all of them!
  6. Captain Lee is a class act and spot on on all accounts. He is the only reason I will continue to watch "original recipe" but not the others Rob's a pig. Make that Rob is a disgusting low life pig.
  7. Our CSA pick up (I've done 3 different ones) has always been at the Farmer's Market. This was fabulous because I could pick up my "take what we give you and be gone!" (TM@Lovecat) boxes and shop for anything additional I wanted. Personally I MUCH prefer the TWWGYABG (awkward abbreviation) arrangement precisely because I get things I am unfamiliar with using and likely would not buy of my own accord. These unknowns have been mostly hits with only a few exceptions.
  8. As was earlier pointed out Malia only has 2 stripes so even though she is head of her department, Bugsy still outranks her. And though is not clearly defined here, on most luxury yachts the Chief Stew oversees the galley and thereby the chef as well.
  9. Holy Hell! I need to get my butt in gear and get to freezing my fat!
  10. Up until now I have not read any of Mariah's social media ramblings and have ever so gratefully followed along with @ginger90 's reposts. (THANK YOU GINGER90!!! you do the work and spare the rest of us!!) But, I did take a look at her twitter to see what her latest rants were about and was quite happily surprised to see that most of the replies were actually contradicting and trying to get her to be at least a little more open to other thoughts and opinions. I fully expected to see nothing but praise and adulation so color me surprised. Now granted I didn't spend a heck of a lot of time t
  11. That symbol is actually quite common and has seen a huge resurgence recently. There is quite a bit of history behind her Twitter avatar and in fact actually accurately represents her activism and what she rallies behind. It is known as the Black Power fist, has been adopted by the organization Black Lives Matter, and is generally used as a symbol of black nationalism, power, solidarity, socialism, and radicalism. Here are three links for additional info. The first only allows you to read a brief bit before throwing up a subscription request but is generally viewed as reliable the other two
  12. Not any more so than The Villa. Both are equally plastered with plastic dollar store party wares. I like the pool at Casa Amor better though so in that sense that location is preferable.
  13. At least Nicole living in Michigan has a high probability of being a Spartan fan and/or has close family who either attends or graduated from MSU. (btw, I bleed green!)
  14. ehh, I'm betting this is all producer manipulation and editing. I get the sense that he's just as into Cely as she is into him. And I really hope I'm not wrong because he's by far my fav of the guys and I like them as a couple.
  15. Yep @laurakaye, and that is the time frame where I went from having some empathy for Meri to finding her an insufferable boor. From there my esteem continued its steep downward trajectory mostly leveling off at irredeemable despicable human being in response to her emotional infidelity with the catfisher and her subsequent gaslighting, blame shifting, and self-victimization.
  16. She's not the one who determines if she takes it or not, the registrar makes that decision at the time of admission to the program.
  17. Interpreting the "small print", I believe that course is the grad school version of a remedial writing class. In other words, if her writing was "less than" going in she was required to take the class to "catch up" to the level of her peers so I agree it should not count towards the attainment of her degree. Now the question is did she take it and the lessons still left her lacking or did she somehow bamboozle the registrar into believing her writing skills were better than what they actually are?
  18. Am I making it up or at the beginning of the season (possibly 1st episode), didn't Rob say he and his girlfriend were in an open relationship so he was free to pursue anyone he chose? Then when he saw Jess may reciprocate the girlfriend status suddenly changed to ex? True or am I trying to start drama where there was none? PS. I have quit this season so I have not watched the last two episodes and apologize if new and more accurate info was given.
  19. The laws do vary by state and in some aspects quite considerably. They are generally referred to as "cottage food laws". I have a very small cottage food operation so I have looked into it for my state as well as a few states that are on my potential relocation destination list. Here's a summary site but should not be relied on as authority. It is a good source for consolidate links to individual states laws. https://www.pickyourown.org/CottageFoodLawsByState.htm Here's another good summary site: https://www.farmtoconsumer.org/cottage-foods-map/
  20. I'm flabbergasted that so many reply to her posts giving her credit and declaring her so amazing, profound, and enlightened when in fact everything she posts is just variations on standard talking points championed by every social justice warrior and literally distributed with instructions to promote them by the causes they advocate for. So if they agree or disagree with her statements then they need to realize they are actually agreeing or disagreeing with the cause not just complimenting or bashing woke Mariah.
  21. Yes you can... diagonal lower left to upper right.
  22. That is a GREAT point, that never even crossed my mind. To take it a bit further, if she truly believed they were illegal (including the CBD pen aka "pot pen") then Sandy just made herself an accessory and perhaps a supplier. I just watched a short video (1st of 5) on Bravotv.com with Sandy again trying to explain away what she did. Once again she mentioned zero tolerance and that NO ONE can take ANY drugs while on board because of "maritime law" (you know the one she made up in her head). Does she forget we've been watching and know for certain this hasn't been an issue with other cr
  23. I'm trying that! I bet it provides a lovely flavor backdrop for pretty much everything. Curious though, none of those need to be refrigerated so do you do that to keep it from separating perhaps? All have different melting points so on the counter butter may be soft but solid, bacon fat would be semi-solid, and EVO would be liquid.
  24. Me too!! I had mine when I was in preschool when I moved on to 1st grade I also graduated to actual weaving, knitting, and crocheting! Still do yarn, string, and rope crafts to this day!
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