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  1. When Laura served up yet another underbaked/unset dessert... it just showed again that this wasn't her time and she should have been gone weeks ago. She seems like a lovely woman and saying she was out of her depth is not ~hate. I very much am the baker that cannot decorate or make things look good, which is why when friends/family told me to try out for Canadian Bake Off, I laughed. So I understand her, I'm sure I'd go for her bakes at a potluck because they would taste the best and I really do not care about presentation. However, this is a baking show. This is a show for home bakers, sure. But near the end it is always about presentation, and learning, and showing that you learned. They harp on ~making it look good all the time so for this year to just waive that requirement (for a single baker) is mindboggling. I thought Peter's showstopper looked the best because of the separate layers. David's top layer looked like a bunch of things placed randomly on a plate. I think he's a good winner because he showed growth and also new techniques and he took everything in stride. What a weird season this was.
  2. This was sort of a nothing special. Seeing older clips made me reallllly want to rewatch some older seasons. Simpler times. It would have been much better served as the actors talking about what the show meant for them, fun stories, whatever. No need to recap 15 years babe, we've been here the whole time.
  3. I CACKLED when Jared walked through that door with the gray wig. It was the one moment where I was finally tearing up but that took me right out of it. Otherwise... eh. Big eh. I would like to have imagined/hoped that pre-COVID there may have been a plan for Dean to see other characters in heaven, bringing back some old favs and they couldn't do that now. Otherwise it felt kind of empty. Dean/Bobby was sweet to me but I couldn't even get through Dean's death because I was just like oh. oh really. this is how it is. that's just it. Cool. coolcoolcool.
  4. They weren't individual cube molds - they had 8 per sheet (Hermine had the same ones) and when he was talking about how costly they are, he had already cut them up into the individual cubes and then was slicing them open. So he wasted 27 pounds... rather than 216 😄
  5. This was nonsense. Laura becomes last in the technical and showstopper that looks a mess (AGAIN) and slips through? Just because the judges had higher expectations of Hermine? Laura has screwed up week after week with underbaked and messy bakes and the judges say nothing. It's just mindboggling. They can get rid of a contestant who used a little too much chile pepper but Laura can serve up an underbaked cheesecake that's a blob on the plate and gets excused.
  6. I was waiting for them to show the silo with Bobby, Charlie, etc... like... we gonna pretend the only people the boys know on earth don't matter or are we to assume they were zapped back to their own worlds? I guess I'll say that might be COVID related as well with them not wanting to bring back all the actors...
  7. I don't understand. I had to double check if this was the finale. I don't... understand. And am very... whelmed.
  8. Nah, Will or James had one on his head and it broke just by his hand holding it. It' was most likely that sugar/fake glass that is used in movies. I remember someone gasping and saying ow after one broke but I can't imagine it could do much damage and may have just been a reaction to the thought.
  9. Thus the issue with the Harvard Nerds mentality - they keep spouting get rid of the strong like we did last week while not realizing there are a number of ways to be strong. Yah, brute strength can help when you need to drag something up a mountain, but not when you need to shop for items in another language, figure out how to cook, eat a bug, read a clue properly, etc. "Get out a strong team" is a strategy that can be played out midway through the race once you realize who is strong. Re: the clue - I'm pretty sure it said "keep your items with you until you need them". So while it didn't explicitly state 'those items you literally just had in your hands', I think it was clear enough that, if actually read and focused on, would make sense but if skimmed, would not.
  10. They had a point though - they weren't u-turning them because they thought sharing information was mean. It made them realize they prioritized other teams over them and therefore when push comes to shove, they're going to get shoved. It was the Olympians last week, Frank and Jerry this week all because of the two of them being friendly with the blondes. It could easily be Will and James next week. Of course you're going to aim for the team who has shown they are willing to help others along that aren't you.
  11. I have disliked the Harvard team ever since the first episode where they claimed they'd be overlooked because people would see them as nerds, who then proceed to talk about how smart they are and how they went to Harvard at every turn. There are always those who can dish it out (help others to the determent of others) but can't take it (be on the receiving end)
  12. Being torn between two people at the end of the whole thing 2 months in vs saying "screw all you 20 other men, how dare you criticize my one true love" 2 dates in is pretty different. The guy/girl near the end know its 50/50. She is treating the guys like pests right now. She eliminated a guy last week because he didn't seem interested in getting to know her, to turn around this week and say to another guy who blatantly said "I would like to get to know you better" and ignore him to ask more questions about Dale is not being respectful
  13. I think the difference between what is happening here vs other seasons where there has been a front runner is that the other bachelor/ettes have the decency to still treat the other contestants like human beings. I don't need Clare to carry on making out with everyone to prove a point, but she acts like us vs them and every man is there to just break up her and Dale when they're just trying to get to know her. She also has incredibly low self esteem, masked by 'I'm a strong woman.". Dude who got kicked off mid date was leaving regardless the second he didn't lean in to kiss her back. She said how embarrassed she was that he "pulled away" (he didn't) which is the exact thing she pulled when no one grabbed her immediately on the first date. Then suddenly it became about consent and him 'forcing himself' on her to kiss her once he realized what she was trying to do. Clare, I'll let you in on a secret - when you're walking away from someone and you suddenly turn back and get in their face, even if it is to kiss, it's a reflex to flinch. When he did it, it's rude. When you do it, he's not respecting you. Dude wasn't expecting it. He already said how nervous he was and suddenly it's his fault he couldn't read your jacked up signs that you wanted nothing to do with him.
  14. Nah, rule breakers and their consequences depends entirely on how much the lead likes them. Clare clearly needs someone to drop everything and run to her side, which is why she's liked him since they spoke before the show. If that ended up being some dude she didn't like breaking the rule of crashing the party which we've seen in the past, (say the dude she kicked off), he would have been pushed back and eliminated.
  15. Strange, both Treehouse of Horror and Bob's aired last night in Canada. I wonder if that means everything will be shifted and Canada will always be a week ahead?
  16. Now sitting with it overnight... what is the thought behind Dani accepting possession being the thing that broke the curse? It's not like the Lady (I dont remember the character/ghost name) was... wanting to explore, wanting to leave, wanting to see more. They told us themselves, all she did was wake and walk so why suddenly did she break her 100 year cycle? Why was she allowed to leave the property? Why did she care? I also don't get why, in a show full of doubles and ghosts wandering around, they introduced Uncle Henry's... who? I expected him to be dead as well since they introduced him talking to himself in the middle of that revelation. Why was he memory walking? He hadn't been at the house for years.
  17. Classic move by "The Haunting of..." I am incredibly disappointed with what this show turned out to be. There were moments where it could have swung so amazing and eerie and spooky but then it just faceplanted into nothing. I feel like they overcomplicated things. Which is like they did too much but also nothing at all. Also a classic move of showing the 4 scary bits in the trailer and then there was nothing else. I also wasn't captivated at all by the characters. Hannah the most, followed by Peter and Jessel. What I find strange is that this whole haunting surrounds the lady in the lake and other then her episode, she showed up what... twice? Ultimate.. meh from me. The whole 'not really a scary story' isn't for me when it's what's promised.
  18. I agree with y'all. I came here for a spooky time and instead getting depressed mourners and an asshole child. I had high expectations I suppose but this episode for HH was where we got tall top hat ghost and I've only been creeped out so far by the things they showed in the trailers. It's the haunting of Bly Manor and I've really yet to see any haunting happening. If the show picks up, which I am still having slight hope for, I do not see myself rewatching these first four episodes at all.
  19. She said with the girls 'it made me realize something... that I didn't want him to pick me'. Stupid me for thinking Bennett chose Laurel as a eff you to Carrington, good guy move, when he was just wanting Kiersten to be jealous. I should have known better.
  20. I do find myself incredibly bored with this season. No one is really that into each other. They themselves are boring. They're never really that tempted. Snooze. I end up watching it on mute half the time and do other things.
  21. Blond newbie looks 10x better without his gross facial hair. Good choice buddy. I don't remember what more Johnny did other that the kiss after the challenge because someone else kissed Mercades during the 'everyone grab someone to kiss passionately' but that was also like 10 episodes ago. I can understand, from his perspective, just saying 'yeah we made out in bed' to not lie persay but just not hurt feelings because being like 'yeah we made out for 23 minutes and hands grabbed here and here and also there and also the sheets were covering us' seems unnecessary? But also I live for the drama so bring it
  22. It's interesting that one of the girls could simply say "I don't think Conner's speech was about you' and Mac bursts into tears but she gets VOTED OFF and not a single tear was had. Perhaps because it was about her this time?
  23. Good.... lord. Not everything is about you. Not everything is so mean and so hurtful. Anytime someone tries to explain the other side, she just cries. I don't understand how she can have fans let alone friends
  24. I love how the second Conner said "she makes me feel heard and understood" everyone there, including Mackenzie, was like oh, so it's Moira... cackling
  25. Mac tried to pull the tears on Conner and him being like... you got your girls so like, shoo. Maybe he does have a backbone! Run Conner! Fast! Not straight to Moira's arms but nonetheless! I love how the story of what Jalen keeps changing when she tells it
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