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  1. Okay but can Mer get with cute dentist? She and Riggs had more chemistry with their other partners this episode than each other. The show needs to not force it. Not like it won't though. Riggs is not the person I would expect/want Meredith to ~move on with. Also didn't appreciate Meredith getting snippy with the pilot. I'm pretty sure she knew best when it comes to landing a plane.
  2. Even if the girls saw the cyclist the second they got there, they had zero chance of catching up. Shamir was finishing his round and they had to re-do the windows. It may have been closer but I don't believe they would have surpassed whiney-balls-mcgee after his 6th trip. Re: "flip a coin" - I wish we could have seen the exchange because part of me thinks it went down like 'oh it'd be nice to not kill ourselves out of the gate' 'yeah we should just flip a coin' 'hah yeah sure' which the boys thought yeah, sure whatever happens while Ashton took it to heart. At the end of the day, I take more offence to a lie that gets a team eliminated (though understand that lie more because it saves the team) than one where it doesn't affect the outcome whatsoever. But you know RACE. Why do people trust others on this show ever? They'd all hate me because I'd keep my mouth shut and/or lie constantly. I also think a long rant happened on the mat - Phil went from YOU'RE TEAM NUMBER WHATEVER calm face to sour face in the matter of a cut and I was caught off guard with it because I don't really remember a time when he's been that snippy with a contestant.
  3. I was hoping there would be some clause that since he purposely destroyed public property, they'd get disqualified. What a giant baby. Speaking of babies, Brooke - you don't need to try to 'keep up' when running because your elbow hurts. Scott is high strung, yes, but I'd rather be paired with him then hear her complain all the time. Ashton needs to get over that grudge because it was the tiniest thing. But I'm glad she's finally appreciating her partner despite him not looking like she wanted him to. I'm angry about the girls leaving - it seemed it had nothing to do with them and entirely on getting on the last flight (which was a travel agent booking) and getting stuck in traffic.
  4. Dan Levy has been tweeting from the writer's room so it is a go!
  5. I, sadly, am not. Men would have picked smaller women probably with the belief they're more agile for those types of challenges (I believe one commented on how one of the women looked like she could dance for those challenges), or purely because they wanted a pretty girl (and some don't like women taller than them). Women would have picked a man for ~strength and the belief they'll be better off with a man and may have look directly at them, rather consider her insane strength
  6. I'm not going to know these names for awhile so forgive me I find it funny how even though they're strangers, people teamed up in a way that made sense as if it were a regular season. The cop and the firefighter, the two 'weirdos' (who I hated in the first five minutes and now I love them), the two pretty people with the pretty names, the model and the surfer, the butcher and the auctioneer. Lots of uniforms this year - marines, cops, firefighters, drill sergeants, K-9 whatever.... The girl with the gay Harvard guy was the other Type A right? So they're going to implode. (I wrote this before the rowing and wow did not take long). Seth and Olive - I thought they wouldn't work well because cop + firefighter might be too hot headed but he seems super chill which chillled her out, so I like them. Also like snowboarder and army dude, also both chill. I have hopes for the all girl team - they may murder each other but they're also tough as shit and would be great if they would get it together. Also thought that them getting to ride with Phil would benefit them in some way, but they still got 2nd flight. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the stranger theme but also I still love the show I'm okay so far.
  7. CBS, small note - when you have your big emotional scene at the end with subtitles, try to not cover the bottom of your screen with a giant ad for another television show. I'm assuming he said his mother was dead?
  8. It was mentioned, when Randy brought in the dress he said it had extra length which she needed. I don't quite remember the final pan up and down, but it seemed like she didn't need anything added to it. The one thing that caught me off guard was when Shay said he attaches himself to loving families because he didn't have a loving mother of his own. Again, way unprofessional but explains why he cried last week over pregnant bride and her daugther.
  9. My head itched so much during this episode But it was also probably my fav this season. Everything with Alexis and David was amazing. Loved Stevie and Patrick ganging up on David at the store. Loved David exclaiming over everything in Stevie's apartment. Them talking about missing each other made me realize how much I missed them together.
  10. He's a consultant. I know because he states nearly every talking head that he is THE FIRST MALE CONSULTANT EVER so he has to be in a different category than Randy. I'm also pretty sure thats a lie because I was watching an older episode and I swear I saw a male consultant during those morning meetings.
  11. Randy's mom is a trip and I love her That bride's mother was a terrible, horrific person. What a sad excuse for a mother. Robin the consultant was also great Shay can leave at any time.
  12. Except they did in this episode? The first was her mother's father (grandfather? father...the age seems to be father) and they showed the tree when she was reading off her father's email - 'my grandmother was such and such and her father was such and such'. I'd write it out but I literally just hit delete on my PVR when I clicked on this post...
  13. Lisa Kudrow was on Conan last week and he said that he was approached and provided some of his background to the show because he was interested, and as far as he knew he descended from some farmers in Ireland. He joked that he never heard from them again. Lisa was like "well turns out you are descended from a bunch of farmers in Ireland." So I'm sure it's both - celebs who are curious and those who are approached but if there's nothing interesting, they're not going to show it. (also fun note, Conan stated the only thing his test showed was that he is 99.8% Irish)
  14. Okay, this episode may have been my favourite this season. The voicemail scene killllllled me. I love when the episodes end with the family together - tweeters will now go in the books with the hangover diner scene and the cinnamon rolls as one of my favs.
  15. The one thing that has always bugged me about this show is that the protein outweighs everything. Sheldon had flavour, good sides, good heat, met the challenge but messed up the fish. Brooke cooked her fish right, but had no flavour, bland sides, nothing of the culture. And yet he goes home? Sure. I dont see how that works, if I go out to dinner and the chef screwed up 80% of my plate but my meat happened to taste good, why would I reward that?
  16. I agree that something is off this season and I'm not entirely sure what it is either. For me, David and Alexis are my favourite characters, they never fail to crack me up, and I feel starting with the city council stuff last season, and now the motel, the focus has shifted to the parents. I do enjoy them, but they don't make me laugh like the kids do. I miss their adventures. I hope the general store means some good David hi-jinks in the next few episodes. The only part of this episode that stood out was the conversation between David and Moira when she kept repeating his questions back to him, and also the last scene with the cinnamon buns.
  17. Agreed. I barely watch Talking Dead anymore and it's been both because I find the show itself not interesting enough to talk about anymore, and Talking Dead is a joke. Guests used to be able to critique and speculate and bring up Wtf moments (like when Dave(?) brought up how there's no zombies anymore, the change in fast s1 zombies vs the rest of the season) and now they address these things as YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND THE POINT (aka the cliffhanger of last season). The show doesn't need anyone kissing it's ass and I get that Hardwick is employed by AMC to essentially promote the show, but I'm not tuning in for an hour long promo for it anymore.
  18. What in the revisionist history hell? are the judges really going to pretend that they didn't have issues with Coryanne for the first 3-4 weeks of the show and how her having a super model mother should have prepared her better? How she had a single good photo and she's been coasting at the bottom this whole time, while Paige has won challenges and consistently been at the top bunch? Are we also going to pretend that there are other models who never change thei facial expression in photos (looking at you Courtney) I also do not get the love for Tatiana. That Tyra pic should have sent her home. That was some awful caught in the headlights, bad pose garbage right there.
  19. I agree that this wasn't their strongest episode. The kids are my favourites so I tend to glaze over any of the town hall stuff. But having all four have separate storylines made them all feel a bit unfinished. Though this cracked me up as an extra -
  20. Charles was debating sending a text, Gina said go for it its what you've been trained for, hugs him and walks away. She stops mid-street to read it, turns back and says good one, and then blam. To be Continued.
  21. I knew Erin and Dexter would cry EDITING.
  22. When the judges share the same opinion as the 12 year old, you know you're in trouble. Erin's intro to her collection was an embarrassment "so like, welcome to like my collectionnnnnnn, and like, there's only one wayyy, it's project runwayyyy". Her faux 'aw shucks' grated on me all season. I feel like she cuts out random shapes of fabric, throws some sequins on it and then realizes it has to go on a human being.
  23. heh, I believe he stuttered and then said 'there's only one g-' before Jeff cut him off, so I assume he was just going to say only one girl aka his daughter
  24. I think he worked a bit in the beginning - him and Dave were on the outs at the Gen X tribe (which always surprised me because he seems stereotypical as one of those 30 year old men who automatically fits in) and he managed to turn it around on Paul and Lucy (whether that was more Dave's work, who knows). He also managed to flip Adam (though it seemed an obvious choice) against Figgy and Taylor. So he's done some work, just not much since the merge where the battle of the cool kids went into battle of the nerds and is now where it is. His name has often come up, but somehow it always flips to Hannah or someone else entirely. The fact that he is the slightly older version of Jay, it's surprising that no one has really talked about him being a challenge threat (though looking back he didn't do exceptionally well during the challenges - coming up short during the three tribes challenges and being competent enough to not lose it terribly).
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