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  1. Also was a very popular child actor of the 1940s who worked with legends like Elsa Lanchester, Reginald Owen, etc. The only former 1940s child star who is still around is the legendary Margaret O'Brien! He was one f the main actors in the original Secret Garden, which was made in the 40s and featured Margaret O'Brien, too.
  2. General Hospital star leaves soap after vaccination mandate protest and a transphobic tweet emerged What a piece of work.....he shall not be missed!
  3. I am with John about Avatar....overrated POS...
  4. Emilio is out of the reboot Mighty Ducks show due to a vaccination mandate Well, he must be drinking that kool-aid way too long. Bye, Emilio!
  5. What the hell is with these breaks? Two weeks or three weeks....what gives?
  6. Natalie Wood's sister claimed Natalie was raped by Kirk Douglas. Not surprised since it was well-known. Disgusting....
  7. She was promoting misinformation with Scott Baio on that movie of his by some Christian company or something. I hate say it, but karma, my friend. Pure karma. I don't have sympathy with those that spread misinformation. She knew what she was getting herself into.
  8. 10 grandchildren?!? Who is he fooling? Especially after he killed paid family leave...
  9. I mean, look at what Stevie Nicks did three months ago. When I look at these artists' and their pretty well-documented lives, I wondered if they are immuno-compromised at this point. I mean, Stevie did drugs for how many years and she is in her 70s. I know she is no longer a drug addict, but still... The Stones....forget it. They were doing drugs as long as our parents were around and practically were already still on drugs when our parents were entering in their 20s. So I am wondering if a lifestyle they lived should be scaled back or something. I mean, Jon Bon Jovi and all those 80 hairbands
  10. I understand, but, man....I see very good bands trying to reschedule after some band member got Covid and it seems to be quite a hassle. I love concerts and I have been to so many, dating back to 1999 with Tommy James and The Shondells...I am just uncertain what next year will bring and whether concerts will make a comeback at all.
  11. I don't get it! Why are these musicians risking their lives and they get Covid, despite being vaccinated. I think they should cancel their tour dates. It seems reasonable. It looks like people like Bryan Adams, Jon Bon Jovi, and Ed Sheeran are still not taking precautions. You think it is wise at all to keep touring or not? Your thoughts!
  12. Jon Bon Jovi, I am disappointed in you Adam Levine was right! Jon, how could you?
  13. Now I am wondering who could play Armand....I know Timothee Chamalet is out of the question. He has too many moves to do for Dune. Way too big and he is doing a sequel for Call Me By Your Name. I really remember reading that Anne Rice doesn't want a 17 year old because they age out the roles. The only one that would be ideal is Romann Berrux, who played young Fergus, in The Outlander. He is practically now in his early 20s and has a very youthful face. I would love to see who plays Armand. I think they are looking at those born between 1996 and early 2000s. I would believe that is their plan.
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