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  1. Ansel Elgort did sing four years back. I think he had a minor hit with Thief and that's all I know. Probably that's why Spielberg hired him.
  2. The one where Pat made fun of the guy with the lisp last season was even worse.
  3. I definitely want a Fleetwood Mac bio. You know, before Stevie, Christine, and Lindsay, I think it was entirely all male before. The women came later. Mick and John are the only ones from that old era that stayed for years! You know there is a Heart bio in the works? Can't wait! What those two sisters went through and dealt with such sexism is so infuriating. I can't believe all the shit that went on through the decades...!
  4. All I remember from Denise Richard is that during the divorce trial, she proclaimed that Charlie Sheen exposed her siblings to child porn on the internet and that always sends a chill down my spine. I mean, exposing child porn to your kids?!? How low can you go...?!?
  5. Denise Richard's daughter alleges abusive household in TIk Tok statement video after actress's sources says it was normal parenting behavior
  6. Joy Reid rules! Nicki Minaj drools! Bravo! Nicki, sit down in a corner. You must remember that your husband have more skeletons in his closet, but that is another story. Go, Joy!
  7. Ben Afleck pushes man away at Venice airport I don't blame Ben one bit! When I was in Italy, a persistent horse driver came to me rather fast for me to ride in those old carriages and I went away to a safe corner. Of course, he didn't understand it and even though I was on vacation, I just felt vulnerable. I do have autism, though. I am not against going to another country and I love Italian food, but I had a very different experience. So I don't blame him for that. I know it is not right, but people that do this sort of thing, I don't have sympathy for.
  8. Jeff Bridges had Covid and he described it as kicking his ass pretty good Jesus. And I want to thank Jeff for sharing this story with us. You are the Dude!
  9. Lashana Lynch opens up dark reactions to her casting in No Time To Die
  10. Doctor Who actor Tanya Fear reported missing for three days amid family worried
  11. I saw Rose McGowen on the news recently and I think she on the road to crazy town...I think she made too many enemies. My opinion.
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