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  1. Donal Logue has a commitment to another series so I'm guessing he won't stick around after the end of the season. Maybe he can be a recurring character.
  2. Jean Marsh of "Upstairs Downstairs" fame played the robot in "The Lonely." Robert Duvall in "The Miniature" Telly Savalas in "Living Doll." George Lindsey in "I Am the Night - Color Me Black"
  3. Roman Catholic priests take a vow of celibacy but Eastern Rites Catholic priests can marry. Also, if a married Anglican priest converts to Catholicism, he can still be a priest. They also cut a scene of the priest talking to the woman who ran the Home.
  4. They also skipped a rather funny scene where Patsy described a cake that they were going to bake for Sister Evangelina's party. She said it looked like a crown of penises . The actress who played Sally is also in Heidi Thomas's remake of "Upstairs, Downstairs."
  5. Where in the episode regarding the two children with cystic fibrosis did anyone say they were going to be cured? I always thought the relief was about the fact that they finally knew what was wrong with them.
  6. Something kind of interesting about the woman who played Mrs. Rubin in the show. I was watching the 10th Anniversary Les Mis Concert earlier and I decided to check out who played some of the minor characters in the show. Anyway, it turns out she was in the show. She played the woman who bought Fantine's hair.
  7. You're welcome. Just me being a Clever Clogs. LOL! Thomas is my favorite character so I hope he has more of a storyline next season.
  8. Thomas was a corporal and then an acting sergeant. He was never an officer.
  9. She started out as a child singer in vaudeville. TCM shows some performances of her singing as a little girl back when she was known as "Baby Rose Marie."
  10. The prisoner said her fiance's name was Joe. There was no one with that name working on that ship.
  11. Badger

    I Love Lucy

    Lucy and Desi's marriage was pretty much over by the time the hourlong shows were made.
  12. The handy man is Fred. Chummy named her son after him. The mousy nurse is Cynthia.
  13. Badger

    I Love Lucy

    But you can't wear a toaster to a smart dinner party.
  14. I loved the whole Nasir/Agron storyline in the last two seasons; the fans refer to them as "Nagron."
  15. Actually, it was a distant cousin and he hadn't inherited yet. In a way, he was in the same position as Matthew Crawley was.
  16. Mickey Rooney also did an episode where he was the only character: "Last Night of a Jockey." Two of my favorite episodes are "Eye of the Beholder" and "Queen of the Nile."
  17. That was Thurl Ravenscroft who was most famous for being the voice of "Tony the Tiger" in the Frosted Flake commercials.
  18. I liked the episode where Uncle Charley had a tea party for Katy and her sorority sisters.
  19. Badger

    I Love Lucy

    One of my favorites is the one where Lucy buys hostess pants for Fred to give to Ethel for her birthday. Better known as "the checkerboard britches."
  20. "Make Way for Tomorrow" is another great old movie although it never really got its due until fairly recently.
  21. Badger

    I Love Lucy

    I have all the DVDs too including the "Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" ones. One of the bonuses which I love are the radio broadcasts of "My Favorite Husband" which Lucille starred in and which kind of became a starting point for "I Love Lucy." Many of the stories eventually were used for "I Love Lucy."
  22. I watch the British version of the show. Half the fun is trying to figure out what American episode each episode is based on.
  23. "The Patty Duke Show" theme is pretty awesome.
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